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Oh, what a horrible, boring day it was for you! Books, meetings, spreadsheets; not a break all day. The thought of going home to a boring evening was weighing heavy on your mind. As you drove home, thinking this, your car got a mind of it’s own. Suddenly you found yourself in the parking lot of your favorite bar/restaurant. This particular establishment brought back fond memories of a special friend. Here you’ve met her twice, both times were enriching.

The bar was dark and a little smoky. You really did not pay too much attention to your fellow patrons as you ordered a drink. In a daze, you sipped and relaxed. After a few minutes, your mind came back down and you began to look around. Casually people watching, your eyes were suddenly drawn to a woman at the far end of the bar.

She was perched on her stool, having a lively conversation with the bartender. She appeared to be wearing tight black jeans. Her white blouse was both conservative and erotic. As she chatted in an animated manner, the shirt seemed to flow around her. Her hair was long, curly and pulled back at the face. All you could see was the back of her head, but that sight was enough to send chills down your spine.

You suddenly had butterflies in your stomach, your palms got sweaty, your heartbeat rapid and vocal. Could it be?

It took you a second to get up your nerve and walk the illusionary 5 miles from your seat to hers. You stood next to, and slightly behind her, hoping the odds and Gods were in your favor. Just as you were about to tap her on the shoulder, she turned to you.

You looked into each other’s eyes and laughed!

“Well, fancy meeting you here,” she remarked.

“What ARE you doing here?” you asked.

The answer to your question was her in your arms, a kiss presented. You held her warmly and obliged. Oh, it felt so good to feel and to taste her. “Why did I wait so long?” casino oyna you asked yourself.

As the kiss broke, she whispered in your ear with a voice riddled with passion, “Let’s get out of here.” She turned away and settled her bill with the barkeep. She turned back to you and smiled. You smiled and walked out with her.

Not knowing what to do (a hotel was out of the question as you did have to pick up your son from Hockey later), you walked through the dark parking lot mechanically, following her lead. The next thing you knew, you were at your car. You automatically unlocked it and climbed in. She got in the passenger side.

You car was parked in a dark corner of the parking lot. The night was rainy but warm. What to do? Well, it seems she was not so uncertain.

“When is the last time you get it in a car?” she coyly asked.

You laughed and said, “It’s been a long time! I suppose tomorrow my answer will be different?”

She laughed and nodded. You car is small, and you were wondering how this was going to work. And you were already very aroused with the thought. She reached over, as if magnetically drawn to your heat. She smiled up at you and you gave her a sheepish grin. What could you say? She took that as encouragement and started to unbuckle your belt. You set your seat back, always the considerate gentleman… Ha!

In a flash, she had your warmth in her hand. After taking one last glance your way, she dropped her head to your lap. Oh! You liked the way it looked; to see the back of her head, then the side of her face as she enjoyed you. She started by lightly touching the tip of you with her hot, wet tongue. Then she circled your head, slowly, teasingly, hotly. Leaving your head, she took a sudden, long swipe down the face of your cock with her tongue. You leaned back and closed your eyes. She was so enjoying herself; really getting into it. She was slot oyna sucking you with a mixture of rapid strokes and slow, thorough sweeps. She reached down the end of your shaft and licked your balls.

You were enjoying yourself immensely. “Gee, I’ll have to stop off from work more often,” you think to yourself.

She was enjoying you; getting you so close, sensing that, backing off, then building you up again. You wanted to be inside her! You reached a hand over her shoulder and reached under her shirt. Ah! You confirmed your suspicions; no bra! You started to fondle her tits. Her nipples were already hard, which pleased you. When you touched her, she paused mid-suck. You had her attention! Encouraged, you continued to stroke and rub her nipples. She was losing her focus on your cock as she enjoyed your touch. You tried to get into her pants, but could not reach in that position.

“Let’s crawl in the back seat,” she murmured.

Now, small car, stuff in the back… Not possible. Realizing this, she sat back up in her seat and wiggled herself out of her jeans. You got a glimpse; no panties! God, you love the look of her smooth pussy. You leaned over and touched her. Wet! Mmmmm, this is one hot girl. You fingered her lightly and brought your finger to your mouth to taste her. Sweet! You leaned over and tried to eat her out. Very awkward! She enjoyed it, but you could tell she was frustrated and wanted more. You pulled back and looked at her.

“Think you could crawl over to this seat?” she asked.

“I’ll try…” you replied.

Well, after much finagling, a few gymnastic moves and much laughter, you did make it over to the passenger seat. She was straddled on your lap. The windows of the car were all fogged up, and about to get worse!

She leaned over and kissed you. While you were so occupied, she eased herself up and over you, poised over your love spear. Deftly, canlı casino siteleri she lined up and eased on. Oh! The feeling of it slowing entering her tight pussy… The feeling of her hot, wet opening, easing slowly down, then up, then down further, until you were all the way in her. Slowly, she pulsed up and down as you thrust back. Slowly, but with increasing tempo. You were in the rhythm, now. Bucking upward and down as she rode herself to orgasm. As she came, she set herself down hard on you, motioned you to be still as wave after wave of release hit her. Finally, she drifted back to earth.

“Oh, that was great,” she hissed. You love the way her face looks after orgasm, all soft and glowing; eyes half lidded with the release of tension.

You let her settle for a moment more, then took control. You placed your hands on her hips and controlled her moves. Then you fucked her with expert strokes, as you’ve come to know her. Deep and steady. As you got ready to cum, you held her still, thrust one more time, deeply, and shot your big, hot load. As your release came, so did hers, again. Your bodies were still on the outside, but sexual spasms rolled on and on inside.

“Ohhhh. That was great,” you murmured. She laughed.

“Hon, I was hoping you would be here tonight. I’ve been helplessly horny and I know you’ve been so busy. I was hoping I’d catch you. If not, I was hoping the memories of this place would ease my tension. Thanks for being here,” she said.

“Oh, ya, thank me…Thank YOU!” you replied.

With that you both laughed, bumped elbows, noses and knees as you got dressed. You definitely needed the defroster to clear up your windows. The hockey game was over in about 20 minutes, and you know you had to get going. She sensed this and kissed you warmly.

“Bye, Dear,” she whispered. “E-mail me. Let’s get together again, this time maybe with your friends? Don’t make me wait so long this time.”

“You’ve got it,” you said. She got out and walked to her car. As she drove away, you thought, “Wow” and drove off in the rain. The scent of your sex heavy in the damp air…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32