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In my confusion and hazy excuse for a thought process, Kacie has returned and is standing inches from my face. I roll over enough to make solid eye contact with her, and she gives me this look like ‘surprised to see me again?’

What a view from down here! Looking up at Christie and Kacie is enough to make any man blush, skip a heartbeat, forget his name, any combination thereof or simply all of the above! And they aren’t the only ones in the room either! It’s hard to remember what I need to say at times, and I’m pretty sure the ladies are aware of that.

“Uh, hi?” I say to Kacie like a moron trying to make peace for a problem that hasn’t really started, but that we all know will come soon enough.

She doesn’t say anything back, just fiendishly waves her fingers at me accompanied with a smirk. She manages to lift me up and flip me over with one foot, and for her size, that’s pretty impressive considering I was near dead weight from Christie’s massage. Once on my back again, her foot slides from the far side of my chest back towards her but pauses about half way, taking a detour to my neck. No real pressure applied yet, but the moist touch of her adorable little toes reminds me of something.

“If this is a break, can I go to the bathroom real quIKKKKK…!!” I’m cut off by Kacie’s soft sole suddenly being forced down on my neck!

“You’re not trying to weasel out of this now are you,” she asks in a rather stern tone.

Yep, switch flipped. I cough lightly from the sudden force, but after adjusting to it, “you can’t scare me that easily,” I tell her looking straight up at her. “I don’t think our lovely hostess here would enjoy pee all over her nice carpet though,” I add.

“It washes out,” Kacie says, leaning over and putting more weight on her foot that’s holding my neck down.

Christie chuckles a bit, “yes, but I don’t think the others would enjoy that too much.” Tapping Kacie’s leg, “let him up.”

Kacie somewhat reluctantly releases her hold and steps back, allowing me to think about moving. However, the residual feeling left over from Christie’s back massage makes me look like a fish out of water as I try to get up. With feeling in my legs, but not yet in my arms, my butt goes up first but my face stays almost glued to the floor. Becoming a little disoriented from that position, I flop over back onto the floor, practically rolling onto Kacie’s feet as she scoots back to prevent getting mowed down.

“What did you do to him?” Amber asks from the couch. “He’s not broken is he?”

“He better not be. He won’t be able to pee if he is,” Kacie teases.

I smile coyly as I look up at her, sharing a look with her that she’s not the only one about to start trouble. “I’m good, I just need a moment.” At that point Christie comes over and helps me up. As I head off towards the bathroom, I make this two-finger gesture to Kacie that I’m keeping an eye on her. Surprisingly, she shoots me an “It’s on” grin along with a wink. Oh, so hot~

I close the bathroom door behind me and instantly fall to my knees at the sink, thanking God for this experience. I check myself over, pulling up my shirt and noticing my torso is a flushed pink shade. I stand up and look in the mirror and barely see a mark across my neck where Kacie’s foot was moments earlier. I start doing my business that I came in here for, and in the middle of it, I hear Cindy’s squeal again followed by laughter. As far as I know, there are four ladies out there, so it could’ve been about anything.

Knowing I’m going back out there to be walked on more, I do a few quick stretches and splash some water on my face, cleaning it up from any sweat. I don’t do too much of that though as I can vaguely pick up different scents from the feet that have been on or near my face, mainly Christie’s and Kacie’s, and as sweet and intoxicating as those scents are, I’m not in any hurry to remove them.

A few deep breaths and a light towel off and I head back out. Entering the living room, I walk past two new faces… wait.. what?

“Is this him?” one of them asks Christie.

“It is,” she replies, placing her hands on my shoulder and forearm, “this is Brian. Brian, Ariel and Elizabeth.”

Every bit of courage I had in the bathroom has run for the woods upon seeing these new ladies! Everyone in the room, I’m meeting for the first time today, aside from our hostesses Christie and Cindy as I met them yesterday, but still, all within the same narrow time frame. Somehow though, the way I’m introduced to these two seems… familiar… as if I were experiencing déjà vu.

I’m roughly scanning them over and notice their hair, of all things. Ariel, the one who asked about me, has a very light blonde, almost bleached one could say without knowing for sure, color. Elizabeth, on the other hand, has more of a black color with a hint of brunette as the light highlights it. Ariel has hers stylistically curled, while Elizabeth’s hair is straight. Just something about them struck me differently than seeing Kacie or Amber for the first time by comparison.

This güvenilir bahis has me so bewildered that my mind, which could barely hold a thought moments ago, is now racing trying to figure this out. I merely smile and wave back at them before pulling Christie aside and asking her in a whisper, “What’s going on. Who are they?” almost in an unexplainable panic, as I keep them in my sights just over Christie’s head.

“What do you mean? I just told you who they were,” she whispers back to me.

“You told me their names, yes, but who are they? Friends of yours, friends of hers?” referring to Cindy, “are they joining in on all this?” meaning the trampling thing.

Christie notices the very low level panic building in my voice. “Sweetie, relax. Yes, of course they are friends of ours.” Holding my head steady in her hands, making me focus only on her, “Are you ok?”

Oh she’s good~ Her pretty eyes almost completely wipe out any concerns I start to have. I nod my head, acknowledging her question, followed with a deep breath. Her sweet gaze has pierced into my soul. I can tell she’s looking for something deeper and more reassuring than what I’ve managed to relay thus far.

“That’s it, just relax. They’re just here to have some fun like the rest of us,” she continues.

My response is a cocked eyebrow at first. “How do they know about me? I hardly know you two as it is,” I ask her.

She smiles softly, “I know. Consider us easily impressed. You lasted a good two hours with us on you, so we bragged about it during your slumber. They’re here to see if you’re for real.”

Saying that I’m stunned would be an understatement at this point. “If I’m for real? I’m still having a hard time believing you are for real.” That beautiful smile of hers grows again. “This is crazy.”

We share smiles with each other as I come back to my senses, then this amazing lady works her charm again, telling me exactly what I need hear in order to grow a pair. “You’ve been awesome this whole time, surpassing expectations time and time again, even contrary to what you thought you could handle earlier.” She pulls my face down closer to hers, even closer than I was to Kacie’s before, and asks, “Can you do me a favor?”

“What’s that?”

“Can you continue to be awesome? Continue to relax and enjoy yourself down there, and most of all, prove to these girls that I’m not wrong about you?”

Wow~ What a favor. What a request. There’s only one answer I can give her. “Absolutely~”

There’s that smile of hers again. It never gets old. My focus on her is broken when Cindy comes over to us and asks me “Are you ok? Not chickening out on us are you?”

“Of course not,” I reply, “just getting my bearings straight again.”

Cindy smiles, “good, because I would hate to think they came all the way over here just to be disappointed,” referring to Ariel and Elizabeth.

I poke my head up over Christie’s head and give them a quick, cheesy grin and a wave, then take cover behind her again. Whispering to Cindy, “what would they be disappointed about? Why do they need to know I’m real?”

“Live through this and we’ll explain later,” Cindy replies.

I give her the raised eyebrow look, unsure of why she’d insinuate that I wouldn’t live through whatever they’re planning to do. Looking back at Christie, I take another deep breath. An opportunity might never come up like this again, so I muster up an ‘only-live-once’ mindset, and put my trust in these two again.

“Shall we?” Cindy inquires with a mischievous smile and a tug of my hand towards the living room.

Christie takes my other hand and both girls pull me back to the living room, stopping near the counter where I was laying before and also back in front of their new guests. I can sense how anxious they are to get started again, yet they don’t force me onto the floor. Instead they simply wait patiently for me to get down there on my own. I decide to take this moment to give Ariel and Elizabeth a more proper greeting.

Clearing my throat, “sorry about that, didn’t mean to be rude.” I hold out my hand to Ariel as she’s closer.

Oddly enough, she seems somewhat surprised. “He’s polite?” She asks Cindy as she shakes my hand.

“He is.” Cindy tells her.

“That’s different,” Ariel replies as I’m shaking Elizabeth’s hand. “We’ll see if that changes though after we’re all done,” she adds.

“It won’t change,” I tell her.

She gives me the once-over look, “we’ll see.”

I give her a ‘challenge accepted’ style grin as I return to my spot on the floor. Kacie, who has joined Amber on the couch during my bathroom trip, hops up from her seat and makes a bee-line for the area near my head. Amber is close behind, but leaves a bit of room for Ariel and Elizabeth to get on first.

The new girls haven’t kicked off their shoes yet, and with Ariel already next to my chest, I don’t think they plan to just yet either, plus no one has told them anything about taking them off. Ariel has on these street shoes that have a flat sole and no laces, like a different türkçe bahis style of flats, but not ballet flats like Christie had on earlier. Elizabeth has on ankle boots that have a low, thick heel.

Ariel places her left foot on my chest as she reaches over for the counter. “You should know I’m 150 pounds, and it normally doesn’t take guys long to tap out with me on them,” she warns.

I look up at Christie and Cindy. “Is she trying to scare me?”

“Oh, so you’re a smartass, huh?” she says with a bit of a stomp as she steps up full weight across my chest.

“He’s that too,” Cindy confirms.

With a slight struggle to my voice, “it seems to be a reoccurring theme here.” Ariel’s weight is definitely an eye-opener compared to everyone else, but she’s not fat. She has firm, amazing curves that I can only assume to be muscle weight.

Light laughter fills the room from my remark, and then I hear that line again as if it’s being passed around, “he’s not wrong,” this time from Cindy.

I’m able to laugh this time when I hear it because it seems like a theme in and unto itself. My laugh is accentuated though with Ariel lightly bouncing on my chest, I guess to see if I’ll cave under her weight like she’s used to other guys doing. When I don’t budge, she moves down onto my stomach. The wide soles of her shoes balance her weight out pretty well though, so there still isn’t as much effect on me as I imagine she was hoping for, but she still sinks into my gut enough to get me to fold. It’s not much, just enough to get my back to arch up off the floor.

Ariel notices the reaction in my posture as she’s been looking down at me this whole time, then looks to Elizabeth and motions her to come and get on too. Without a word, Elizabeth approaches my chest and steps up onto it cross ways the same as Ariel did, minus the stomp, which levels me back out flat. With these two new ladies both standing on me, I find it rather unusual that Elizabeth’s weight barely registers to me, especially with her heeled boots in use. From what I can tell, she’s a little more than Christie weight-wise; maybe low 130’s or so. It might just be her contrasting with Ariel’s weight that makes her seem lighter than she really is.

“How you doing down there?” Ariel asks. “Hard to breathe yet? Can you still speak?” she says as she puts the balls of her feet in the middle of my stomach and starts to bounce, softly at first.

“I can actually,” I tell her. I don’t think she was actually expecting me to respond as the bouncing stops shortly after. “You must’ve encountered some pretty weak guys in the past if this is all it took to get them to quit.”

Almost everyone shares a surprised look with her, subtle snickering coming from Christie and Cindy. Even Elizabeth lights up a little more than I’ve seen her do so far. How does Ariel respond? With a rather decent jump on my stomach!

The impact shakes Elizabeth off my chest, only to be caught by Cindy and Amber! It is almost as if she had learned this from Cindy who did the same thing earlier… Or maybe Cindy learned it from her?? Hard to tell at this point, but I am again folded by her feet, so what she did was effective. With Elizabeth off my chest, Ariel steps back onto it, catching my breathing pattern off guard and getting a sizable groan out of me.

“How about now?” sternly rephrasing her question.

Her mistake was giving me a few seconds to catch my breath and steady myself again. I look straight up at her and reply, “Try harder.” Not going to lie, it is partially her looks that makes me want to keep going, but I’m also determined to keep my promise to Christie about being right about me… whatever that means.

Ariel is stunned. I’m guessing she hasn’t played all her cards yet, but the ones that I imagine usually get other guys to quit have had very little effect on me, and I can tell she’s impressed as she looks up at Christie and Cindy. The girls smile back at her, and without looking at me, Christie gives me a subtle “A-Ok” finger gesture that she knows only I can see from my view from the floor.

“Shall we party?” Christie openly asks Ariel, and furthermore the rest of the group.

“Oh, we shall,” Ariel fiendishly replies smiling down at me.

“Fine, but their shoes have to come off,” Amber interjects. “I took mine off, and I like my toes in one piece, so they do too.”

Ariel looks over to Amber, noticing she still has her socks on at least, and also around at the others who are all barefoot. “Do you not like shoes or something?” she asks me.

“You’re still using yours aren’t you?” I tell her, then add “she just took hers off because I asked about her using them when everyone else was barefoot.”

“He’ll even help you remove them,” Amber says as she recalls the memory.

Ariel ponders for a moment as she looks down at me. “Alright, I’ll play along,” she says as she holds one foot up over my face. I hold her shoe by the heel as she pops it loose from her foot and pulls free from it, setting that foot on my chest and repeating the action güvenilir bahis siteleri with her other one. I do the same, taking her other shoe by the heel, but she doesn’t pull her foot free once she pops it loose. She waits for me to slide it off, and in a split second of distraction from setting her shoe down, she plants her foot right up the middle of my face! She gets a slight moan out of me from the surprise. Sliding her socked toes over my face, she stops them when they cover my nose and the ball of her foot is on my lips. “Do they smell?”

Since I obviously can’t speak, I shake my head ‘No’.

“Liar! They JUST came out of my shoes! How do they not smell?” she playfully exclaims.

I shrug my shoulders, keeping my hands up from the floor that still have her shoes in them.

She grips my nose with her toes briefly, then slides her foot up over my eyes, blinding me from any further actions… seriously? Is this a thing they all agree on beforehand? Oh well, her feet are cushy in all the right spots, so even through her socks they feel comfortable where they are. Guess I’ll be relying on my sense of touch again… and someone has not taken off her shoes yet.

The only one it can be, Elizabeth, has stepped back onto me, on my stomach this time and just parks it there. She stands flat on her left foot and props her right one up on her toes.

“Well?” coming from Ariel. When I don’t respond or do anything, she shakes my head side to side with her foot. “Hey!”

“Me?” I reply.

“Yes you! She’s waiting!”

“My bad. I can’t see what she wants,” defending my apparent delayed actions. “I blame you.”

“Ooohhhhh, I really don’t think you’re in any position to be placing blame on anyone right now.”

Technically she’s right, but I push my luck anyways because hey, if I’m going out this way, what a way to go it’ll be! “Well I’m placing it on you anyway. You’re the one preventing me from seeing.”

“Maybe so, but I’m not the one who’ll be preventing you from speaking,” she replies as she adjusts her positioning.

“What?” Suddenly there is a tiny foot pressing down on my neck, followed with pressure slowly mounting up. My voice cracks, “Ahh, point taken.”

The ladies giggle at my statement, and it sounds pretty hot if I’m being honest. I then feel Elizabeth tap my side with her toe to remind me of the task at hand… for my hands. I attempt to adjust myself under Ariel, and what can only be Kacie’s tiny foot across my neck, but that attempt is futile as Kacie simply repositions her soft foot square against my jawline, making breathing a little tricky but not impossible.

With a slow inhale through my nose, I start feeling around on Elizabeth’s boots for a zipper like what Amber’s had. Sure enough, on the inside, I feel one and pull. Once free, she puts all her weight on her toes, which are also in socks, and crosses her other foot over for me to free next. I get that one out as well, but her foot doesn’t return to me right away. I set her boots down between me and the counter, feeling her weight shift on her toes a bit before feeling a bare foot rest on me. Apparently she was playing along with the shoe removal thing, but out of habit, removed her socks on her own and is now standing on me barefoot, and sweet Jesus are they soft! She starts kneading her toes into my stomach and manages to move my shirt up a bit to achieve skin to skin contact.

A soft moan escapes my lips… that are soon covered up by Kacie’s other foot! Oh god, her feet are still soft too and still smell like her perfume! That sexy little minx is standing on my throat and mouth, and it doesn’t feel half bad. She’s so light, she’s still not doing much. I almost feel bad for her, but still love her all the same for trying. I can only imagine Ariel’s giving her support as they are both about in the same area.

“Looks like we’re doubling up,” I hear Cindy say, although I’m unsure to whom.

“What about his legs?” Amber asks.

“He’s going to need them free,” Christie replies.




‘Oh?’ I wonder. That’s a very different ‘Oh’ I think to myself since I’m still silenced and can’t voice any concerns at the moment.

“Shall we?” Cindy asks.

“You think he can handle us on his chest?” I hear Amber respond.

“Maybe, but we’re about to find out for sure.” Cindy replies.

‘Oh shit.’ Yep, I’m going to die. But what a way to go. I’m so ready! Bring it on, God~

I feel pressure on my eyes as Ariel adjusts her foot a little higher up on my chest, like right at the base of my neck, without actually being on it with Kacie’s foot. A foot steps onto my chest followed by the other, coming to pause on my right side closest to the counter. Then two seconds later, another foot is positioned in the gaps on me that the first set left open, followed by applied weight of being stood on. It takes me a moment to register the differences between the pairs of feet through my shirt, but I eventually figure that Amber is closest to the counter because I can feel her socked toes touching my arm, and Cindy is behind her and probably hanging onto her as well to stay on. Their combined weight is super intense! They make it near impossible to breathe, and Ariel isn’t helping either as her weight shifts around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32