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Andrew and Louise never exchanged mobile numbers.

Andrew left supposing that what had just happened was a ‘one off.’

His mind was spinning, and for several days he ran over the events to such a degree that he kept becoming hard again.

When he returned to the supermarket, he half hoped that he would see Louise with her trolley, but that hadn’t happened.

He even drove past her house a couple of times, but there was no sign of her, or her family.

And then after a month had passed, a brief supermarket visit brought a heart stopping moment.

Andrew had completed his shopping, all the while peering down the aisles at every opportunity, still hoping that Louise would appear.

On returning to his car, he noticed from a distance a piece of paper stuck under the wiper blade. He quickened his pace, and taking the paper, opened it out, and there it was.

‘079*******7 L xx ‘

A mobile number, the letter L and two kisses.

Andrew felt like jumping for joy.

He unloaded the trolley, and got into the car. He put the number in his mobile phone, and sat there a moment considering.

It was a Wednesday lunchtime. Louise would hopefully be alone, or, at least, not with Steven. Andrew was thinking that she must be wanting him to contact her, and the most discreet way would be a text.

He decided to take the chance. Some sort of non committal message, just in case someone else read it.

‘Enjoying the sun?’ The text said.

Probably a daft message, but he pressed ‘send.’

Within seconds there was a reply.

‘Is that Andrew?’

She must be alone thought Andrew.

‘Yes it’s me. I hope ur ok?’

The text came back from Louise, ‘yes I’m fine. I wondered if you wanted to meet again?’

This stunned Andrew slightly, and without thinking very much, he replied, ‘I would love to Louise. When and where?’

Maybe a minute passed, and Louise was obviously considering.

Ping! The text came back, ‘Steven is in London tomorrow. Would you like to come round about 11am?’

Andrew’s heart missed two beats, ‘Yes I’ll be there at 11am. I will park up the road a bit, and text when I’m parked.’

‘See you then x.’

Andrew felt like a teenager in love. This was something he had hoped for. But this was also going to another level. It was becoming an affair with a married woman.

Not that it was something he hadn’t done before. He’d had affairs in his marriage to Julia when she was alive.

But he didn’t want to be responsible for such a young woman’s ‘breakup.’

He put it to the back of his mind. He was going to find it difficult to sleep that night.

Thursday arrived. Andrew showered, and as it was hot again, he put on shorts and a short sleeved cotton shirt. Leather sandles completed the outfit.

10.45am. arrived and he nervously set off on the short drive to Louise’s.

He parked about ten houses up the road from her house, checking his face in the mirror, he walked briskly to her house.

Louise had been watching through the curtains, and as Andrew walked up the path the door opened, and Louise beckoned him inside.

She looked breathtaking. She wore a floral print dress, loosely fitted, but showing her figures’ curves in the important places. On her feet were summer mules, and her make up was perfectly applied with subtle mascara and lipstick. Her blonde hair hung around her shoulders.

As she closed the front door, she pressed herself against Andrew, and with arms around his neck kissed him longingly.

He responded by placing one hand on each buttock, and feeling her hips grind illegal bahis against his already stiffening cock.

Louise pulled away slightly and said quietly, “I’ve needed you Andrew.”

“I wasn’t sure how you thought about me after last time. I was so excited to get your note,” he replied in his soft, deep voice. “We are getting into unknown territory.”

Louise looked away and downwards, “I don’t care, I want you.”

And without waiting for a reply, she took Andrew by the hand, and led him upstairs.

As he followed her he couldn’t help, but stare at her shapely calves, and her sexy ass as it moved beneath the dress.

Louise led him into the master bedroom. It wasn’t particularly tidy, and there were odd toys, and bits of clothing scattered around.

The bed had a brass headboard, and had a geometric printed duvet and pillows.

Louise again looped her arms around Andrew’s neck and kissed him again.

He felt the softness of her lips, the taste of her lipstick and the heat from her body.

His hands slid from her hips, pulling the fabric aside. He felt the softness, the smoothness of the skin on her thighs.

Running his fingers further upwards he was taken aback when he felt no panties, or thong. When his fingers touched her pussy she raised one leg to allow him access.

Andrew’s fingers slipped between the swollen lips. He probed deeper and heard Louise gasp. He wanted to taste her.

Pushing her back on the bed, he buried his face between her legs and pressed his tongue into her pussy. He lapped at the juices, probing and licking. She lay with her back arched, trying to expose herself to his hunger. When he finally moved to her clit, it was swollen and so sensitive.

Andrew held the little bud between his lips while the tip of his tongue flicked back and forth over its fleshy covering. Interspersed with gentle, then hard sucking, she started to cum.

Louise’s body arched off the bed. It seemed to jump up and down, shuddering, and finally sinking into the duvet.

Andrew’s face was glazed with pussy juices. He raised himself up, and lifted the dress over Louise’s head and unclipped her bra. He lowered his mouth to take each nipple in turn, and gently suckle.

Louise moaned louder and Andrew heard her say, “I want you inside me, God I want you.”

Unbuckling his belt, releasing his shorts and stripping off his shirt, he fell upon her.

Louise raised her legs apart as he entered her. He pushed inside her as far as he could, while her ankles crossed across his buttocks. She could feel the spikey hair on his chest, rubbing against her nipples. As he started to move he kissed her, his tongue pushed deep and hungry.

The bed was making creaking sounds, the brass bedhead starting to bang against the wall.

Louise’s fingernails were dragging down Andrew’s back, making red streaks.

The two of them were oblivious to the world.

Andrew’s brow was covered in perspiration. As he pounded into Louise, it dripped onto her hair, her eyelids, her lips. She could taste it’s saltiness, as she felt him swell inside her. She watched him closely as he closed his eyes, gritting his teeth, he grunted again and again, as he pumped more and more semen inside her.

Eventually, he collapsed exhausted and out of breath beside her. She wiped the sweat from his brow and her own face with a tissue.

She cuddled him as he opened his eyes, and she kissed him softly.

They had both experienced something very, very complete.

They lay there for maybe a quarter of an hour, before Louise got up, and put on a fluffy towelling illegal bahis siteleri bathrobe. She went downstairs, while Andrew put his shirt and shorts back on.

It was now midday and as Louise filled the kettle her phone rang. It was Steve.

As Louise chatted to him, seemingly quite normally, Andrew, sitting at the breakfast bar, fell silent and pondered his own guilty feelings.

The bizarre situation was heightened by Louise coming over and placing Andrew’s hand inside her bathrobe, cupping her breast.

When Louise hung up, ending the conversation to Steve with a ‘I love you’ Andrew scolded her.

“You’re one very naughty girl.”

“Yes I do know,” she said sheepishly. But then Steve was forgotten again as, she made a cuppa.

They both chatted like old friends, as they sat on opposite sides of the breakfast bar, discussing this and that, but avoiding the future between them.

As 1pm approached Andrew was contemplating having to leave. Louise was going to be collecting the kids from school at 3.15pm.

Louise was tidying some mugs left over from breakfast. As she stood at the sink Andrew got down from his stool, and the sight of her ass moving beneath the bathrobe made him move up behind her. He encircled her with his arms, pressing his cock against her bum, and sliding his two hands inside the front of her robe, and holding her breasts.

“I have to go soon,” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh Andrew, stay a bit longer.”

He nuzzled her neck, her hair was still damp from lovemaking. He felt his cock stirring.

As he stroked her nipples, she pressed her ass out against him. He unzipped himself yet again.

Louise bent over the draining board and spread her legs wide.

Andrew held his cock in his right hand directing it to her pussy. He pushed and slid inside.

The feeling of the front of his thighs against Louise’s buttocks was a unique feeling, and when he started driving his cock into her pussy the sound of thighs slapping against buttocks was a sound unique to this kitchen.

Andrew’s lust was also driven by the fact this was happening in front of the kitchen window. If anyone was in the bedroom of the house at the end of the garden then they would have had a front row seat.

When Andrew started to cum he thought briefly that tomorrow morning Louise’s family would be having breakfast in this room, blind to the knowledge of what was happening today.

With a long groan he came again in Louise’s pussy. She muttered, “Oh Andrew.” And then the pair of them stood up and fell into each other’s arms.

It was time to go.

Andrew held her close. They knew today had been special. They wanted it all again

But life would get in the way.

The school holidays started next week. It would be difficult.

“Text me when you can, but don’t take chances,” Andrew said.

“I will, she replied as they walked to the door.

And with a brief peck on the cheek Andrew was gone.

He was exhausted and quite distracted as he walked down the garden path.

So when he heard a voice shout out, “Andrew Morgan, long time, no see!” he suddenly froze momentarily.

Standing outside the house almost opposite was Anita Williams. She was an acquaintance of his wife, and he’d met her at various social gatherings in years gone by.

Since Julia had died he had not kept in touch with the majority of her friends.

He’d met Anita a couple of times. She was a flirt and a gossip. A tall woman, long dark hair, a slim figure with full breasts and long legs. She was also very assertive having been a chief canlı bahis siteleri executive in a bank. She had been divorced for many years. When Julia was alive there had been a couple of parties at which she had made a play for Andrew.

Anyway he felt he had to go over and say “hello.”

She greeted him with a peck on the cheek.

“I didn’t know you knew Steve and Louise?”

Andrew was really caught offguard. He muttered, “Oh I don’t know Steve very well, but I was giving Louise some mortgage advice. A mutual friend introduced us.”

Anita was quick to pick up on Andrew’s nervousness and uncertainty.

“A long consultation.?”

She had obviously seen him arrive at 11am and it was now 2.30pm

“Louise made us lunch,” he replied.

“Where’s your car?” Anita was like a dog with a bone.

“Oh I parked it up the road, someone was double parked when I arrived.” He was quite pleased with his quick thinking.

“Come on in and have a cuppa. I’d love to catch up.”

Andrew felt that if he refused it would add suspicion so he said, “I’d love to Anita, thanks.”

On entering he wondered if Louise had been watching him talking to Anita.

He was hoping all would be well and he could extricate himself from this dilemma.

Anita told him to take a seat on the sofa while she boiled the kettle. In a few minutes she returned with mugs of tea.

She sat beside him, and the inquisition continued. She knew when there was something not quite as it appeared. She knew Andrew was defensive.

“So Steve and Louise need advice on mortgages. Are they moving house?” She was going in for the kill.

“No, just re-mortgaging. Trying to get a better deal.” Andrew was feeling trapped.

“Oh ok, I must tell Steve about the deal I got.” Anita watched Andrew’s reaction.

There was no way back. Andrew decided to partly own up.

“Well Steven doesn’t actually know I’ve been advising Louise.” Andrew stuttered as he said to Anita, “I’d really appreciate it if you were discreet with this.”

He looked appealingly at Anita.

She saw her chance and jumped in.

“Ah my naughty Andrew. So you and Louise have a little thing going?”

Andrew was squirming, “Not exactly. I’m just counselling her.”

“So that’s what they call it now!”

Anita saw her chance.

She drew closer to Andrew and said quietly, “If you need to be discreet about this, I can be the most discreet person you could ever wish to meet…but discretion has to be a two way thing.”

There was very much an innuendo implied.

As if to reinforce that innuendo Anita placed her hand on Andrew’s thigh.

“I’m not entirely sure what you mean but I’d like to protect Louise and not rock any boats.” Andrew tried to sound sincere.

“Andrew you know I’ve always found you attractive. Julia was a lucky woman. I’m sure I’m not unattractive to you.” And with that her hand moved from his thigh, and gently squeezed his crotch. With very little delay Anita hands unzipped him, and revealed his flaccid cock.

Lowering her head she fed the semi limp cock into her mouth. She could taste the combination of Louise’s pussy juices and Andrew’s spunk. She knew the truth for sure.

Andrew moved himself on the sofa, but to his amazement his cock was responding. Anita was very good at blow jobs. He grew inside her mouth, and soon her head was bobbing up and down, and Andrew was gasping and gripping the arm of the sofa.

Inevitably he started to cum. Anita swallowed it all, and when she lifted her head there was just a trace of spunk in the corner of her mouth. She wiped it with a finger and placed the fingef in Andrew’s mouth for him to lick.

“So Andrew we have an arrangement. I hope it will beneficial for you, me and Louise.”

Andrew was beginning to wonder how much more complicated his life could become.

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