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It had been two long weeks since I’d seen her. The demands of work and family never cease, and they’d conspired to leave me a wound up, teetering mess. Not any longer; we walked together along this quiet trail, her presence itself a relief. It is funny how a week can seem long, but the two months I’d known her could seem so short. Perspective.

We wandered in conversation. Observations about the foliage. Which family member had driven us insane recently. How boring work was. She looked stunning that afternoon. Her long brown hair resting gently at her shoulders. A green peacoat accented with a beige scarf. Knee high boots and brown riding pants that showed off her long legs.

Those legs. The memory of our last night together had stayed with me; I’d just begun familiarizing myself with her body. I remember that night, feeling out of my depth for a few fleeting moments before reminding myself she’d invited me into her bed for a reason. She had spread those legs for a reason. It was hard to forget that the last two weeks.

I could feel the simmering tension as we caught up. Hand holding alternating with caresses. The walk had become more staggered, interrupted by the occasional kiss. The details of our conversation evade me now. I just remember being drunk with a vague euphoria over this newfound flame.

It had been some time since we’d seen anyone and we stopped in front of a picket fence. I offered to take a photo of her. It was an idyllic scene. The girl next door beauty, equipped for fall, surrounded by the kind of color scheme upstate New York features for one week a year. It was like something out of a fashion magazine.

I showed her the photo.

“You look like a model!” I was being playful, but she did. She’d even struck a bit of a pose.

She laughed. “It’s only been two weeks, you don’t need to flatter me.”

“Flatter you? How do you flatter someone you can’t stop thinking about?” At this her face genuinely softened and a warm smile crossed her face. I pulled her close and we met in a long, slow kiss.

“I missed you too.” She whispered. Another kiss. Our bodies pressed together. I was bundled as well, but I could still feel her in my arms. I let my hands gently wander up and down her back a bit as we began to make out by the fence. Lower, lower…

With a gasp she broke the kiss and gasped, staring me illegal bahis in the face with a shocked expression. An eternal second of silence passed, then another. Had I gone too far, too fast?

Her expression broke back into a smile. “You naughty, naughty…” she trailed off as I took the cue to gently knead her ass through the riding pants.


“You’re bad.”

“Am I?”

“We’re in public.”

I made an exaggerated turn of the head left and right. “I don’t see anyone, do you?”

“I guess not…”

I leaned in close. “I want you. Now.” I brought one hand around to the front of her jeans and gently ran my hand across the front.

White heat escaped from her mouth as she exhaled, her look different now. Testing me for resolve. I stared back and nodded. A slight grin formed at the corners of her mouth. “You really are bad.”

“Turn around.”

“Excuse me?”

“Turn around….and keep a lookout.”

“I didn’t bring a condom, did you?”

“This won’t need one.”

“Ohhhh…” she trailed off as a look of understanding hit her. She nodded and slowly turned.

Both my hands reached around her now, gently rubbing the front of her pants. She leaned over slightly and reached out to the fence post for support.

I unbuttoned her pants and slowly unzipped them, slipping one hand into them. I felt a dampness on the front of her panties. She was excited by this!

For my part, the bulge in my jeans pressed against the crease of her rear. Teasing. I rubbed her softly through her panties as I pushed it against her firmly. She responded with a low whimper and more ragged breathing.

I’d have teased her, but I didn’t have time. I pulled my hand out and lowered myself to my knees. I was eye level with her perfect round ass; I thanked God for her addiction to yoga. She was sculpted.

I took her pants by the side by loops and peeled them down her legs. She shivered and I could tell from the goosebumps on the back of her thighs she was chilly.

I then hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and did the same. The were dark, cotton. Simple, but anything on her worked. They met her pants, resting just above her knees. She bent over at a more pronounced angle now, offering herself to me. Her slit was at eye level, decorated with a trimmed strip.

“It’s cold….” illegal bahis siteleri

“Don’t worry…” I gave her ass a gentle but firm little spank.

“Not here!”

“Couldn’t help it.”

“I hate you so much….”

She trailed off because my lips met her perfect, glistening slit.

She sighed as my mouth pressed against her and my tongue began to part her cleft with a back and forth motion. My hands were on each of her ass cheeks as I worked my tongue over her lips and in between them, listening to her cues as best I could.

I knew my time was limited but as I rolled my tongue up against her swollen clit, I raised and lowered my left hand in one sudden motion onto her round, toned ass. She yelped and shook but didn’t protest. I did it again. With a “thwack” I felt her body tense and knew her back had arched. She was no doubt sweating by now, in her stylish coat and scarf.

She began to grind her hips against my face and her juices began to coat me, from the space above my upper lip to the dimple of my chin. My right hand now began to wander towards her sex as I worked rhythmically on her clit, lapping up what I could.

I ran the tips of my fingers along her crack, starting at the top. By now she was moaning. I didn’t know if she was even able to keep watch anymore. I didn’t care. I was eating her out, in public, and I was loving every second.

Inch by inch my fingers worked their way down until they met her rosebud. I teased the entrance of her ass with my index finger as I slowed down my tongue, trying to draw it out. Time stood still; for all I knew we could be on Facebook live right now. I was entranced.

Without hearing a protest I wriggled my finger into her asshole to the first knuckle. She was unbelievably hot and tight, and I could feel her shake from the inside out. My hand smacked her again, then again as I wriggled into her a little further. I struggled to catch all of her as she began to run down.

“Babe I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…”

I withdrew my finger and adjusted my mouth, my tongue running over her virgin hole. I moved my right hand off to the side, cupping her, and moved my left hand underneath her, slickly penetrating her pussy as I began to eat her ass.

” Oh fuck, oh fuck….”

I curled a finger inside her and I tonguedher asshole, flicking and canlı bahis siteleri darting in…


She then screamed something unintelligible as she convulsed and came all over my fingers, feeling her cum dripping out as I continued my double action. She shook and writhed and I stayed buried in her ass as she collapsed and shook against the fence, I slowed down and her hand reached behind me, gently nudging me away.

I took the hint and pulled away, getting to my feet. She was catching her breath, slumped obscenely against the fence,an idyllic fall scene becoming something much more. Her hair was rustled and she was still panting. I looked around as she hastily pulled her panties and pants up, her thighs and sex still glistening. She was going to have a damp trip back to her apartment.

I wiped my face in my hand as she turned around and pulled me close for a kiss on the cheek.

“I can’t believe I did that.”

“I can’t either.”

“I’d never done that…out in pubmic, or the stuff back here…” She was still a little breathless.

“You liked it?”

“I loved it.”

“Anyone see us?”

“As far I could tell, no.” In reality I had no clue.

“Phew…” Her hand reached out and casually rubbed the bulge in my jeans. “Need some help with that? There’s a tree over there…”

I didn’t answer as two of her fingers found my zipper, but my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps off in the distance.

“Let’s not push our luck – we should bail. My place or yours will do just fine.”

She smiled and gave me another kiss on the cheek.

“Mine. I insist.”

The footsteps grew louder and more rapid and another couple appeared from around the bend in the path. They appeared to be our age. A man approached us, his female companion lingering behind him.

“Hey! Are you guys okay? We heard someone screaming from this direction.”

“Uhh, yeah, everything is fine. We’re just heading home. Have a good night!”

I took her by the hand and we quickly walked off. I caught his expression over my shoulder as we made our way up the path, back towards the parking lot, towards the night that awaited us — a look of complete confusion. His girlfriend, on the other hand, wore a wry grin, suggesting she may have figured it out.

Whether or not she had, we were satisfied enough that we’d gotten away with our lurid rendezvous. We made our way right back to her apartment and she practically tackled me when we walked through the door. I knew then that this would be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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