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A walk in the park (part two)As we walked across the road towards the grubby looking block of flats the lads excitedly bounced along beside me .. looking me up and down .. they seemed facinated by me .. i senced the disbelief in his voice at what was happening as he asked ..

Whats your name ? ..

I looked sideways at him .. he was handsome .. fit .. his friend was too ..i tried to smile confidently .. but i was nervous and i think it showed.. “im lolly” ..

It did .. i could tell by his expression and his voice which changed to more relaxed confident tone ..

“Im jack .. this is ben”

I pauced as He held the door open to the stairwell ..  i was sobering and good lolly was raising her concerns in my head .. but i was buzzing with that rush of excitement id craved for the past 4 weeks ..

I walked in and waited for them to lead the way ..
The sound of my heels echoed loudly in the stair well as i made my way up the stairs behind the two lads .. i could hear the muffled hum of base from music .. and i realised we wouldnt be alone ..

Good lolly was raising her concerns in my head as i started to realize i was about to walk into a flat of drunken strangers ..

Jack opened the door to the flat and the loud music poured out ..he gestured with his hand for me follow him and i gingerly walked inside .. i stood nervously in the hall way feeling awkward and exposed in my little dress as ben quickly squeezed past me and walked into the front room to a chorus of male voices shouting “BENNY BOOOY ” .. i heard ben hiss “shhhhh” and the voices fell silent .. no doubt he was exsplaining that they had found a random drunken slut walking the streets and that they was not to “scare her off” as ben ushered me into the dirty kitchen..

“Let me fix you a drink” .. he stood with his back towards me and grabbed a large pint glass anf half heartedly rinsed it under the tap and began pouring diffrent drinks into it .. before spinning round to face me with a cheeky grin and sliding the huge drink across the worktop towards me ..

“There ya go .. youll like that”

As drunk as i was .. I remember thinking to myself how nieve and young he was to think he was being cunning and getting me drunk to seduce me without me realizing  .. i have a son his age .. it was comferting to know i was three steps ahead of him .. hed under estimated me ..

I picked up the glass and studied it at arms length ..

“Whats that ?? ”

Before he could reply .. i raised the huge pint glass to my lips .. and i didnt lower it until id drank it all ..

I slammed the glass down onto the kitchen counter and looked at him exhaleing the fumes of the strong drink the song dropped in the background .. i loved this song .. it was one i knew well … it was avery storm .. and it was called “how i fly”

Consumed by the music ..  I turned my back to him raising my hands into the air and danced into the front room ..

There was three guys in the front room sitting on the sofa including ben .. so with jack who had follwed me down the hallway and was standing in the door way watching .. four guys in total ..

I swayed my hips and ran my hands up and down caressing my body as they all sat there in there seats licking their lips and squeezing there crotches watching ..

A few of the guys called out encouragement egging Jack on as he shuffled up behind me and placed his hands on my hips ..

“Go on son” ..

I bent over with my hands on my knees and gyrated my ass into him looking back over my shoulder as he pulled my hips towards him and grinded against me .. i could feel his cock hardening and i felt a dizzying rush of adrenaline as he ran his hands up my hips and cupped my heavy breasts in his hands .. i felt the mood in the room change  as i continued to bounce against him as he slid his hands down my ribs and started to gather the sides of my dress in his fingers .. i closed my eyes .. as the tension on the material built and my little dress popped dowb over my tits .. and they fell out and hung down .. I straightend my back and stood up straight turning to face bursa escort him red faced with embaressment with my hands over my bare breasts .. he reached out and took my hands interlocking our fingers and pulled my arms out straight .. before throwing them over his shoulders as the music stopped and the room fell into intense silence ..

We pauced for a moment swaying from side to side with his arms around my waist .. i rested my chin on his shoulder and closed my eyes as he bagan to slowly pull up my little whore dress in his fingers ..

He turned my back deliberately towards the trio sitting on the sofa as my skirt glided up around my waist and my bare arse was put on display ..

He mercilessly grabbed the cheeks of my bottom and spread them wide apart displaying my arsehole and clean shaven clam as he brazenly spoke to his pals over my shoulder ..

“What do you reckon lads ?”

i lowered my head and hid my face in his chest as i heard one of the guys from the sofa sarcasticly reply ..

“I reckon she needs a fucking cock up her arse mate”

He pushed me away from his chest and our foreheads met together as he ran his fingers through my hair and stared into my eyes .. our noses touched as my mouth fell open in submission and he whispered ..

“you wanna get fucked dont you ?” ..

I was taken off gaurd by the large drink id downed earlier as it took effect . I swayed backwards on my heels almost toppling over .. i stumbled over to the arm chair opposite the sofa and collapsed into it with my legs spread wide apart sliding my hand between my legs and pushing two fingers inside my sopping wet pussy tunnel .. i relaxed back into the chair and closed my eyes to block out the fact that the room was spinning and slowly stired my acheing clit with the palm of my hand ..

” if thats what you want .. then thats what your gonna get ” .. i didnt even open my eyes as he lifted my legs up and hung them over the arms of the chair .. the next thing i felt was his tounge whipping enthusiasticly around my clit .. and poking into my hole .. i pleaded with him under my breath as he spitefully sucked a mouthfull of flesh on my inner thigh ..

“Fuck me … please just fuck me”

He licked and kissed along my hip .and up my tummy .. wringing my dress into a belt around my waist as he went ..he pushed my tits together and attempted to sqaush them both into his mouth at the same time before he sucked and licked around my jaw line .. he squeesed my cheeks in his hand and commanded me to “show me that tounge” i drunkenly obeyed and poked tounge out keeping my eyes closed to focus on the sensation as he gredilly sucked it into his mouth as if to feed on me like i was a delitious plate of food ..

He waggled his tounge all around my drunken slack mouth .. licking my lips and even the tip of my nose as i heard his belt jangle and the wet tip prod between my hot cunt lips .. he fumbled breifly before he located my juicy spot .. but once he did .. he plunged all the way down into me to the balls with one single motion ..

He began to fuck me .. our pelvises bumped together as i moaned outloud .. ” oh god yes … yes .. fuck me … fuck me like a slut “I realized id under estimated his size as he leant his weight down onto my knees pinning them to the arms of the chair and holding me wide open ensuring there would be no buffer as he slammed down into me .. his friends who was now stood up behind him watching seemed to be encouraged by my defeat as i whimpered loudly ..

They all started to shout egging him on ..



I looked down at my tits as they jumped up and down and growled in defiance ..

“Fuck me .. fuck me .. fuck me”

I closed my eyes and winced as he obliged me and he focused his whole body weight onto his cock.. his tip touched the very top of my cervix causing little pangs of pain to streak deep across the insides of stomach .. i gapsed loudly as his solid shaft jumped inside me .. rinsing my womb with his hot runny escort bursa sperm .. i felt his spunk flood out of me as he pulled out and run down between the cheeks of my arse as he stood up and was quickly replaced by his mate ben ..

“Im next yeah?” He didnt wait for a response ..he pushed his hands into the back of my knees and dragged my arse to the edge of the arm chair and turned my hips until i was face down on the cusion of the seat with my knees on the carpet .. he spread my cheeks open and spat directly onto my arse hole to a chorus of encouragement from his friends ..


i arched my back and presented my arse to him as i looked over my shouder and watched my soft pale hips visibly tremble while he positioned his hardness onto my sizzling little hot spot ..he began to push .. i felt my tight little doughnut gradually give way and spread around his fat helmet as he steadily increased the pressure ..

I hadnt been fucked in my ass for a long time .. and it didnt take long for me to remember why !! ..His cock felt like a burning red hot rod as he sank down inside me .. i yelped out loud “ow ow ow” … inhaling sharply through my gritted teeth and exhaling hard out through my nose in a effort not to scream .. my whole body locked up .. my leg musles tensed as i bent over the chair and just took it ..

He held my hips and began to slide in and out .. i remember staring at my knuckles turning white as i gripped two fistfull of the fabric on the arm chair and squeezed until my arms were shaking ..

The cocky little fucker taunted me as he pushed in and out easilly defeating the resistance of my sucking rectum tunnel ..

“Yeeeeah right up that arse mummy”

He began to bump into me .. causing me to flinch with each thrust .. he gathered speed and i felt the flesh on my thighs jumping as he plundered my arse .. i reached down between my legs and spread the hood of my clit with my middle finger and rubbed it up and down to compensate.. he slammed into me hard .. pauced for a moment .. pulled half way out and slammed back in .. i raised my arms out behind me .. stretching out my finger desperately trying to push his hips and protect myself from another plunge .. when he grabbed my wrists .. folded my arms behind my back and smashed down into me .. i couldnt hold it in any longer and involentarily began to moan loudly ..
“UUUGH UUUGH UUUGH UUUGH” as he mercelessly banged against me making my fat bottom jump and ripple …

Finally .. i sighed loudly in relief as He withdrew his cock and i felt a breeze up my gaping arsehole as he quickly shuffled around the side of the arm chair and furiously jerked his cock onto the side of my face while i reached between my legs once again and whipped my fingers around my stiff clit protruding out from my cunt lips ..

I felt that little tickle i craved so bad begin to intensify .. and i began to orgasm just as his warm runny sperm dropped onto my cheek bone and ran down into the corner of my mouth .. i slipped my tounge out of my mouth and collected what i could .. and savoured the greesy woody taste as my pussy spasmed over and over until my internal mucles ached and i felt completely drained dry…I was completely exsausted as i flopped myself over onto my back and laid on the carpet leaning my upper body against the arm chair with my legs hanging open .. my big tits rising and falling as i caught my breath .. ben pushed his foreskin forward wringing out his cock until a final bead of spunk plopped onto my forehead and ran down the bridge of my nose .. he jabbed his tip at my lips signaling for me to open up and clean his shaft .. i waggled my tounge lazyly licking his end clean before he cupped my chin in his hand and fed his cock right down my throat while i gaped my slack mouth wide open .. i waited until his tight balls kissed my chin and i clamped my lips hard around him sucking hard and cleaning him on his retreat releasing
his bell end mouth with a pop ..

While i was perfroming my cleaning duties .. the third lad had crawled over to me and and was laying on his stomach bursa escort bayan between my legs .. spreading my soft clean shaven sandwich with his thumbs to admire my leaking cream pie .. he slid himself up onto his knees .. The carpet burnt my elbows as he grabbed the backs of my knees and dragged me flat onto my back ..

He climbed on top of me and held my leg as he rolled off dragging my limp body onto my side to face him .. he reached under my arm and dragged my head back by my hair and sheepishly mumered as if to test my reaction .. “your dirty arnt you?” ..

I reasured him .. encoraging him by replying loudly ..
“YES” the tone of his voice grew in confidence as he barked at me loudly …


i replied again eagerly panting … “yes im a fucking whore”

He responded by hocking .. and gathering a mouthfull of spit .. and spitting hard in my face ..
I gasped in shock as it stuck to my lips .. i opened my mouth into a tight circle ans spun my tounge around my lips collecting what i could .. as he threw my leg around his waist .. reached down and held his cock and spitefully rammed it into my spunk filled pussy as i pleaded with him …

“Oh god yes yeeees fuck me .. fuck me like a whore” ..

I laid there limp as his hard cock glided easilly up my freshly fucked pussy .. quickly pumping it in and out .. i felt the remaining lad breathing eagally into my ear as he settled down behind me and he proded his cock in a clumsy motion between my soft arse cheeks ..

“Yeeeah bitch .. get you messy” …i winced and groaned loudly …

“arggh arrrrrgggghhh arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh”

As i felt the little pinch as his cock pushed up my arse and they both immediatly began to disrespectfully pump me quickly at the same time ..

“cmon … cmon bitch .. take it .. take it”

“Im going to cum inside you mummy .. im going to fill you up”

I closed my eyes and focused on the duos trash talk .. both lads spoke to me as they selfishly used my holes at full speed without a thought for my comfort and I was in heaven .. i was completely at their mercy as my body was bounced back and forth between the cock sandwich … my second oragasm was building and my mouth was wide open as i sucked little shallow breaths in and out .. when the guy in front of me spat again right into my mouth .. it hit the back of my throat and involentarly swallowed it down .. it tipped me over the edge and i began to scream as my cunt tunnel gripped and sucked his invading cock .. “ooooh ooooh ooooh yes yeees use me use me use me “

I saw his face react as my orasm squirted onto him washing my hot juices over his throbbing pole .. his cock instantly exsploded inside me soothing my tunnel as he grinded to a halt .. i felt the spunk run out of me onto my thigh as he withdrew ..dropping my leg and rolling away ..

The guy behind me painfully sank his fingers into the soft flesh of my hips .. and pushed me face down on the filthy carpet .. he dragged my arms down by my sides and held my wrists .. mounting me with my legs closed .. he straddled me like he was riding a horse .. sitting on the tops of my thighs .. my arms trapped under his legs as he pressed between my closed arse cheeks .. He leant down on my shoulders and began to steadilly slide up and down my back .. his cock stretching my elasticated ring peice .. the side of my face pressed on the carpet .

i felt somebody hold the high heels on my boots and pin my legs down as they fumbled with the zip .. both my boots where unzipped and dragged off my legs .. and somebody held my ankles together on the floor and slid their stiff cock between the arches of my bare feet ..

I bit down on my bottom lip and spread my toes as the bell end tickled the soles as he wanked himself with my feet .. meanwhile the guy fucking my arse slowly grinded to a halt with three hard deep shoves .. before his cock retreated out of me and i heared him moan in satisfaction as he emptied his balls .. i felt his warm load spit and hit the back of my hair and another splash onto my back and then again on the bare cheeks of my arse ..

I didnt even move .. i was completely drained of energy and entirely satisfied .. so i just closed my eyes and relaxed whike i savoured the feeling of a arse and pussy full of gently cooling sperm …. zzzzz

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32