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The blaring sound of the airport loudspeaker jerked me back to reality as I descended the jetway, I started my way forward fighting my way through the crowd of fellow travelers pulling my rolling suitcase behind me as my eyes searched the distant waiting area for a familiar face. A few seconds later, I caught sight of my husband, Sam, standing just behind an elderly couple his face lighting with a smile as I made my way toward him. Despite the twenty years that Sam and I had been together he seemed to have hardly changed in my eyes, a rugged six-foot-tall man with wavy dark brown hair combed back off his high forehead, his eyes a dark shade of green and always full of mischief. He was carrying an extra pound or two these days, and his tight Van Dyke beard showed wispy bits of white hair that he hated. As I grew closer, he stepped around the couple in front of him, limping slightly from a bit of arthritis that had sprung up in his knee’s in the last few years. It was a genetic gift from his mother that tended to strike early in his family. Sam reached his arms out to me.

“Jane, it’s so good to have you back,” said Sam as he closed the distance wrapping his arms around me.

“It’s good to be home, the flight was long and bumpy” I replied.

Sam took the handle of my bag and reached down to take my hand in his as we turned to move away following the crowd toward the far end of the concourse.

“So how was the conference? Boring as expected,” asked Sam.

I hesitated as I went to answer, a slight pause I hoped Sam didn’t catch, for a moment a flash of memory shot through my head, of another man pressing his lips to mine our naked bodies joined together. I could almost see my nails digging into his back as he slid his penis inside me repeatedly my cries filling the room as I came.

“Jane? Everything alright?” said Sam concern in his eyes at my dazed expression.

“Ah…No everything is fine, just tired from the trip, slow on the uptake…and yes the conference was just as boring as I expected I’m just ready to get home,” I said.

The ride home proceeded mostly in silence occasionally punctuated by Sam commenting on something that happened at the house while I was gone, the dog getting into the garbage for the hundredth time or how the squirrels had gotten into the tomatoes in our garden once again inexplicably taking just one bite from each and moving on.

Everything seemed so familiar and yet so different at the same time, but I realized that nothing was unusual, it was me that had changed, I had left a faithful and loving wife and returned tainted, a cheater. During the conference I had attended, I had met a man, Jack, an unbelievably handsome and charming man, and he had wanted me. I can’t deny that I was flattered, men like Jack that look like Hollywood stars don’t come on to women like me, at least it had never happened before, not to say that I’m an ugly duckling or something I would say I was well above average looking for a woman my age.

Still, a man like Jack, who had been turning heads at the conference for days and could have had any woman he wanted, to have him pursue me had been thrilling in a way I couldn’t entirely describe. Yes, there had been some alcohol involved, at least at the onset, not that it excuses what happened, how I had ultimately given in to his advances, how I had let him take me over and over in my hotel room. The unfortunate part was that at the end I wanted it to, the feel of his muscular, athletic body against mine, his mouth hot on my skin. The way it felt when he moved inside me, how he brought me to one orgasm after another, it had never been that good with anyone before, even Sam.

“Earth to Jane…you really must be tired I don’t think you’ve heard a word I’ve been saying,” laughed Sam as he turned onto our home street.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I do need some rest, traveling always takes so much out of me” I replied.

“No worries, we will get you right inside for a nap, I’ll make us some lunch later if you get hungry” replied Sam.

We hit our driveway a short time later, and Sam unlocked the house leaving my suitcase in the entryway as he made his way to let our dog, an overfed and rather round looking Pug named “Max” out into the backyard. I made my way to the bedroom and shrugged of my shoulder bag before stopping to stare at myself in the mirror of my dresser, surrounded now by the familiar trappings of home I felt the guilt of my actions back in San Francisco even heavier as if a weight was pushing down on my chest. I kicked off my heels and laid sideways on the bed as a wave of fatigued past through me. I lay there lost in thought for a while, remembering the last time I was sprawled across a bed like this as Jack slipped his tongue inside me, licked my pussy all over, and sending waves of pleasure crashing through me…

“Jane! Would you like some lunch I have soup ready?” shouted Sam from the other room.

I awoke with a start not realizing I had fallen asleep. It took me a moment to realize where I was and then with a creak of the mattress springs I rose and walked with a slightly drunken lurch toward the kitchen rubbing the sleep casino oyna from my eyes. Sam was puttering around the stove putting steaming hot soup into matching mugs with crackers on a small plate and cheese chopped into neat squares nestled among the crackers. We sat at the small breakfast table as we sipped our soup, Sam eyeing me over the rim of his mug.

“A little sleep did you good, but then you always look beautiful when you wake up,” said Sam.

“Ha! Time for a new set of glasses for you, but thanks,” I said with a chuckle.

“So do any networking in San Francisco? Meet anyone interesting?” Sam asked innocently.

My mug almost slipped from my grip as I fought to regain my composure at the simple question. Meet anyone interesting? Like a tall, handsome stranger with a massive cock that knows how to use it, the thought flashed through my mind and vanished.

“Umm…no…It was the usual clientèle, same folks we see at these conventions all the time” I replied hoping my voice didn’t shake like my mug.

“Yeah, I suppose so,” said Sam.

“Maybe we should go out to dinner tonight, you know to celebrate your return,” offered Sam.

“O.K. honey, you picked the place I think it’s your turn anyway,” I said.

I finished my soup and excused myself to change out of my travel clothes and into something comfortable, longing to feel my usual cotton pants and t-shirt I wore around the house on my off days. I was standing in my bra and panties with my back to the door when I heard Sam clear his throat behind me.

“There’s a sight I missed,” he said as he eyed me from the doorway.

I turned to face my husband as he came across the room to stand in front of me; he slid his arms around my middle and pulled me to him brushing his lips across mine before pressing them tighter, kissing me softly but with a palatable hunger behind it. I let my soft pink lips slide against his feeling the tickle of his beard as he kissed me, he pulled me tighter, and I felt his tongue touching my lips, and I opened my mouth wider giving him entrance as he let it slip inside tracing a slow arc across my own. I could feel his heart beating harder against my chest as he hugged me tightly. I knew where this was going but I hesitated, my pussy was sore as heck after the pounding that Jack had given it, I knew my husband wasn’t as big, but I doubted my ability to take him inside me so soon.

Sam’s hands worked their way up my back and unhooked my bra with practiced ease and let it fall to the floor as his head followed the trajectory seeking one of my round fair skinned tits, my light pink nipples still soft but starting to perk up as his mouth found my right mound. He latched onto the bumpy aureola his tongue flicking across the smooth skin and then lashing across my nip. I gasped as he started to lick and suck my rapidly firming pink bud and then without warning, he bit down on my now hard nipple sending a shock of pleasure and pain into me.

“OH! Easy Sam…” I said.

“Sorry sweetie…I’m just…so hungry for you…I’ve missed you,” said Sam glancing up.

Sam returned to suckling at my breasts, though with a bit more restraint this time as he took both of my breasts in his hands squeezing and kneading the soft flesh while he licked and nibbled on them, my body was starting to respond my pussy was growing damp as my husband worked my flesh cannons. I pulled his face back to mine French kissing him deep and hard as he pushed me back toward the bed, he lifted off his t-shirt and pulled me back to him my tits pressing to his chest as he kissed me over and over our tongues taking turns filling each other’s mouths. I reached down to unbuckle his belt lowering his shorts to the ground. His soft cotton underwear bulged outward with the outline of his obviously rigid cock plain to see. I sat down on the bed breaking our kiss and moved to slide my husband’s underwear to the ground. His penis swung round to point right at my face, the purple head swelled with just a bit of pre-cum leaking from the end. I took him in my hand slowly stroking his warm, firm pole before I moved forward to wrap my lips around it letting its length slid into the back of my throat, the head running across the roof of my mouth as Sam groaned softly.

“Jane…God, it feels so good baby…please suck my cock…” said Sam huskily.

I started to slide my head up and down his fuck rod, getting it right and slick with my saliva and then jerking it with my hand as I sucked it up and down. I felt Sam’s fingers sliding into my hair guiding me as he started to push forward humping my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes Jane…like that baby…your mouth feels so good…AH!…FUCK!…JANE!…AH GOD BABY YEAH SUCK ME!” cried Sam.

I wanted to suck him off, to let him fill my mouth with his cum and save my battered pussy from anymore gymnastics at the moment but Sam was so turned on, and he suddenly pulled his fat prick from my mouth pushing me back on the bed. He grabbed my panties yanking them swiftly downward. Before I could think of a protest that would put him off, he pressed my legs apart and entered roughly, slamming his length into slot oyna me. My sore pussy gave way before his fleshy battering ram, but it was all I could do not to cry out in pain as he entered. I lay back wrapping my legs around his ass as Sam proceeded to fuck me with long strokes of his cock. I did my best to get into it, grunting and groaning as he buried his face in my neck and pressed into me, after a time it got a bit easier as the feel of Sam’s penis rubbing my sensitive clit started to arouse me. My red-haired fuck hole began to tighten as my husband’s cock pressed deeper and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm starting to build in the pit of my stomach as he fucked me more and more frantically.

“Uh…Oh…Sam…OH SAM! Yes, baby give it to me…every inch…oh just a little longer baby…so close…” I groaned.

Sam suddenly arched his back his whole body snapping as taut as a bowstring as he let out a loud groan and I felt a warmth rush to my pussy.

“OH JANE! OH GOD…CUMMING BABY!” yelled my husband as his cock jerked inside me his spunk shooting into my cunt.

I felt a wave of frustration crash through me as he fell against me, my orgasm so close but not close enough, I tried to keep pressing my clit against his cock, but it was softening quickly, slipping from inside me. It didn’t happen every time, but this wasn’t an unusual occurrence, as he had gotten older Sam’s once impressive stamina had started to flag and now his too quick orgasms sometimes brought an abrupt end to things long before I was ready.

Sam rolled off me, his chest rising and falling as he fought to catch his breath.

“Damn Jane…I missed you, baby…love you so much…” he whispered.

“I love you to Sam” I replied quietly.

“I need to use the restroom sweetie,” I said as I leaned over to kiss my husband’s cheek before slipping off the side of the bed and padding into the restroom.

Once inside I locked the door and moved immediately to the sink placing my back against the hard tile and slipping down slightly spreading my needy cum filled cunt open. My pussy was still buzzing as I slid two fingers into it and started to rub my clit with quick motions while grasping one of my swinging tits with the other hand pinching the blood red nipple hard. I masturbated with desperate actions as the orgasm I sought seem to hover just slightly out of my reach. Finally, my brain latched on to a fantasy that sent me careening toward it, though it wasn’t a fantasy at all.

“Oh…Jack…” I moaned softly as his handsome face suddenly filled my mind. All at once, I was back in the hotel room, in the shower, Jack behind me thrusting into me, his strong hands squeezing my wet, slick tits, his mouth pasted hot over mine, his tongue buried in me. I could almost feel him again, that fat hairy cock stretching my pussy, my fingers pressed hard against my clit, and a second later, I felt myself go as a flood of fluid poured from my excited cunt.

“FUCK JACK! OH GOD…YES!” I cried out as the orgasm took me but a second later I heard a knock on the door startling me out of my reverie.

“Jane are you o.k.? I thought I heard you cry out” came my husband’s voice from the other side of the door.

“I’m fine sweetie…I ah…thought I saw a spider…it just scared me” I lied.

“Ha, don’t worry I’ll get some bug spray from the kitchen and track it down when you get out,” said my husband.
I leaned against the counter and stared off into space.

What was wrong with me?

I felt lost and unsure as I went to fetch a rag from the closet to clean the cum from inside me wondering if I would ever get that night at the hotel out of my head.


As I entered the conference room the place was rapidly filling up with representatives from every department in our company who were there for the meeting. A rumor was going around that a big new project was in the offering with a new client and given the recent downturn in our business this was welcome news to everyone. I plucked a cup of coffee from the credenza by the door and made my way to one of the few remaining empty seats left in the room, as luck would have it I found myself sitting next to my old college friend Heather. She had arrived at my company a few years ago on my recommendation, we had been as close as sisters in college had but our careers had taken different paths afterward, and it had been wonderful to be reunited after so long.

“You have any idea who this new client is?” asked Heather quietly.

“No clue, but we can sure use the business” I replied.

As I watched Heather pull together some papers from the folder in front of her, I noticed several executives around the table stealing concealed glances her way and momentary jealousy passed through me, Heather had always attracted a lot of male attention. When we had run together in college, I had often felt invisible when we went to parties together as men seemed to flood around Heather leaving me standing alone nursing my drink. I couldn’t blame them. Heather had the kind of exotic looks that drove men wild. Her father was an American businessman but her mother canlı casino siteleri had been Israeli, and Heather had inherited her mother’s light brown skin and full lips as well as her dark eyes such a deep shade of brown they looked almost black. Heather was a tiny thing, petite at just a shade over five-foot tall. Her dark black wavy hair fell to her shoulders framing a gorgeous face looking not unlike the actress Mila Kunis to whom she was often compared. Her breasts weren’t big, but they were perky and upthrust, and she always wore her clothes a bit tight to accentuate her frame and equally tight ass.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could have your attention please” came the voice of our Director, Paul, from the end of the table.

“I’ve got some good news folks, the company just signed an agreement to help open a new market in the north-west, there is a lot of interest in searching for new energy sources there, and our client is going to be on the cutting edge of this expansion,” said Paul.

“To explain the objectives a little further I’m going to turn this over to our new client rep, Jack why don’t you introduce yourself,” said Paul.

The thud that followed had to be my jaw hitting the table as the new client rep stepped from the doorway where he had been standing outside my line of sight and moved to the head of the table. For me he needed no introduction, I had been naked in a hotel with him recently so I would have recognized him anywhere. To my utter shock, I found myself staring at the handsome face of the very same Jack who had torn my clothes from me and sent me into orgasmic heaven. I don’t think I heard a word for the next half-hour as Jack explained the project to everyone in the room but all I could do was stare, stunned into silence by this unbelievable turn of events. Finally, the conference ran down, and Paul retook the head of the table as Jack moved off to the side.

“Well that’s the gist folks, don’t forget to stop and welcome Jack he is going to be with us for a while. I will be assigning Heather to act as the liaison for Jack while he is with us so direct any question your departments may have through her” advised Paul.

Heather turned toward me with a smirk, “Hmm…My lucky day that Jack is delicious.”

I felt a cold knife of jealousy run through me at the thought of Jack and Heather together, I knew she would be on him like white on rice, and I could not imagine how Jack would have a prayer against her charms. Still, I didn’t know why I cared, my night with Jack had been a one night stand and I was happily married, Heather was single and free to do as she pleased and who was I to care one way or another. As I watched, Heather made her way over to introduce herself, Jack smiled down, and they shook hands as she tossed her hair and laughed that rich fruity laugh of hers and practically glowed as they traded pleasantries. I stayed away until the room was almost empty and then made my way over, I felt myself blushing like a school girl as I awkwardly stood in front of Jacks tall, athletic frame his perfect smile falling on me and leaving me weak in the knees.

“Jane, it’s so good to see you again,” he said taking my hand.

“Yes…Jack…it’s very nice to see you as well…” I stuttered unable to keep the emotion entirely out of my voice.

“You two know each other?” asked Paul.

“Why yes Jane and I met a few weeks ago at a conference in San Francisco, she helped me straighten out a big problem I was having, she was all over it as I recall a real tiger about getting things done,” said Jack.

“Well that’s our Jane,” said Paul with a slightly puzzled look.

I tried to laugh, but it came out sounding forced as I took a step back.

“Well, if there’s anything you need feel free to call, and welcome” I managed to get out as I turned to go.

“Don’t worry, if I need you I will definitely call” said Jack.

As I fled the conference room I couldn’t help but glance back, Paul was talking animatedly to Jack waving his hands as he spoke, but Jack wasn’t looking at him at all, he was looking right past Paul’s shoulder and right into my eyes with a burning intensity. With a shudder, I turned and fled back to my office closing the door and laying my back against it as I fought to control my breathing and calm down, this was not a good development at all.

The following weeks were a blur around the office, the new project gave everyone plenty to do, and fortunately, for me, most of my responsibilities kept me far from Jack. I did see him on occasion, and it seemed like Heather was always at his elbow, in fact, the rumor mill was soon working overtime about those two, it seemed everyone was of the opinion that they were sharing more than work-related duties. This seemed to be confirmed when our office hosted a party to celebrate the new client at the home of our CEO Bob Drake, a massive mansion on the coast with a spectacular view of the ocean. Jack and Heather showed up together, her in a very sexy looking short black dress, slit up the side with her perky tits outlined against the tight material she turned heads as she entered on Jacks arm. I was there with my husband and did my best to not look at the two of them not wanting to show any emotion I might be feeling, but it wasn’t easy, especially when Jack suddenly appeared in front of the two of us about half-way through the festivities

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