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All characters are 18 or older.

This is my first story. Please be kind.


RING! 6am. Melanie Peterson awoke from her slumber. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and slowly rolled out of bed. It was Tuesday. She had to get ready for work.

She fixed herself up. A little make up to hide the bags under her eyes. Just a touch of lipstick. The lines around her eyes were becoming more pronounced. It was to be expected for a 45-year-old woman. Her sun streaked was starting to become grey streaked. She carried an extra 20-30 pounds on her. She was never a head turner, and she was at peace with that.

The morning news played in the background. Otherwise, the house was silent. She’d been divorced for almost 10 years, and the kids had both graduated college and moved out of state. But life goes on.

She pulled on a long dress, flat shoes, and fixed her hair. She grabbed a toast as she scurried out the door. Ten minutes later she entered the parking lot of the accounting firm where she worked.

Meetings, emails, and crunching numbers. She was good at her job and got along well with her coworkers.

“Melanie, you need to get out more,” her friend, Donna, said during lunch.

“Oh, that’s just not me.”

“You need to spice up your life a little.”

“Maybe I do, ” Melanie mused.

The afternoon passed, and Melanie made her way back home.

The house was silent and empty. She filled the void with a Lifetime movie and microwave popcorn. As she watched the movie, she let her dress creep up. No one could see far thru the windows and into her home during the daylight, she reasoned. She idly played with herself. Her hand rubbing her pussy through her panties. Just enough to get her aroused. Almost 10 years since she’d been divorced. Over 10 years since she’d been with a man.

That night she laid in bed and pulled out a vibrator and dildo. Over 10 years since she’d been with a man, but she found ways to get by. Every night she played with herself. Naked in bed. She pinched her sensitive nipples. She teased her pussy with the vibrator. Slowly she spread her legs apart. Then she replaced the vibrator with the dildo. 10 long and thick black inches of pleasure. With her pussy aroused and sensitive, she’d slide it all the way in. Every inch filling her with pleasure. One hand playing with her sagging tits, and one hand slowly pumping the dildo. Soon she came in a wet and sweaty orgasm. A damp wet spot left on the bed, she moved to the other side to sleep for the night.


The next day at lunch, Donna continued to press Melanie. “Don’t you ever get lonely? When was the last time you even went on a date?”

“Jesus, I haven’t been on a date since, I don’t know when – before I was married.”

“Melanie, you don’t have to remarry, but it’s ok to have a little fun. I worry about you sometimes.”

“What about you, Donna? You seem in a good mood lately. Maybe I should do whatever you’re doing, ” Melanie conceded. “Maybe a change would do me good.”

“I think you’d be surprised,” Donna replied, a glint in her eye.

That night Melanie orgasmed again, but she felt rote. She wanted something more. A new thrill, a new adventure, a new sensation.

The next day she wore thigh high stockings under her pant suit. No one would know, but it made her feel sexy. She’d do this occasionally when she wanted an extra thrill. Sometimes she’d wear a thong; sometime to hide her panty lines; sometimes because she wanted to feel sexier. Sometimes she’d go to work without any panties. It was her little secret. She could never risk her career by doing anything explicit at work. Besides, she was older and pudgier. No one would be interested in her like that. She heard how some of the guys talked about the young interns. She couldn’t compete with those interns, and she knew it.

She went thru the work day but wearing the stockings didn’t seem to do the trick anymore. The next day she wore stockings again. And no panties. With a dress. A long dress, but a dress nonetheless. And somehow it left her feeling sadder. What good was being sexy for nobody else?

She briefly considered more risqué options. Go braless. She had large nipples that would easily poke thru. Or wear shorter dresses to flash someone the top of her stockings. Or even let them look up her dress to her hairy pussy. But, no, she couldn’t risk that. Her job and reputation were too important. She couldn’t risk coming across someone she knew…. Even if she could work up the courage to put on a show.

“Donna, what should I do? I’m in a rut,” Melanie complained.

“What are you looking for?” Donna asked.

“Something. I don’t know. I need some excitement.”

“Maybe you just need a vacation?”

“I just went to California last month. I don’t think that’s it. I’ve just been lonely lately”.

“Do you wanna go to a bar. Maybe you’ll meet someone.”

“You know I don’t drink. And I suck at inane bar conversation.”

“What casino oyna about online dating sites?”

“Oh God, Donna. I’m scared of STD’s. And the conversations just get even more inane. And the guys my age… they’re pathetically creepy. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just like them.”

“Melanie,” she implored. “You may be pathetic, but you’re certainly not creepy.”. They both laughed.

“What about you, Donna? Are you seeing anyone?”

“Well, not exactly,” Donna replied demurely.

“Friends with benefits? Oh God, is it someone from work?” Melanie blurted. She blushed, suddenly aware of the other folks around in the café. This was a frequent lunch hot spot for her coworkers. The café was noisy, however, and no one seemed to take notice.

Donna lowered her voice and replied, “I have a group of guys who take care of my needs.”

“A group?” Melanie asked, her voice also lowered.

“Yeah, they’re from the state university. A friend introduced me to them a few months ago.”

Melanie looked at Donna differently. She was about the same age, but a good 4-5 inches shorter at barely 5 foot tall. She was of Dominican heritage, although she was born and bred in the USA. Her darker skin and hair reflected her cultural heritage.

“A group?” Melanie asked again.

Donna laughed sheepishly. “I meet up with them about once a month. They’re all 18 to 20 years old. ” She bit her lip and then continued, “They take turns on me. Or sometimes 2 or more of them take me at the same time.”

“Take turns on you? 2 or more at the same time?” Melanie whispered incredulously.

Donna nodded her head. “They get regularly tested, so I’m not worried about STD’s. It’s about an hour away, so I don’t run into them in town, and none of them work for our company. It’s a discreet service they provide for a select group of women.”

“Oh God, you’re paying for sex?”

“Oh no. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. Everybody involved is just there for personal pleasure.”

“They want to share a woman amongst them,” Melanie asked. “I thought guys wanted to be the ones shared by one or more women.”

“These guys seem to walk away with smiles on their faces, so I guess they’re not complaining. Melanie, you know, sometimes a girl just needs some dick.”


The afternoon flew by in a blur. Melanie couldn’t stop thinking about her conversation with Donna. That night she imagined Donna getting taken by multiple men. Her imagination was churning, picturing her petite friend with strong young college men all over her. Melanie teased her clitoris with the vibrator, and then proceeded to slide it in as she lay on her back, spreading her legs wider. As she did, Melanie closed her eyes and started picturing herself with the young men. Her hand released the vibrator after it was fully inserted and reached for her dildo. As the vibrator continued to pleasure her pussy, she brought the dildo up to her mouth as her other hand teased her nipples. She turned her head to the side and proceeded to take the dildo in her mouth. She worked over the dildo, imagining a lover presenting it to her face. She took it in as deeply as she could, lovingly and obediently working it over. As she did, she raised her legs to wrap them around the imaginary lover pounding her pussy. Her hand reached away from her nipples to reach for the vibrator and work it on her pussy, swirling it around to hit all her points of pleasure. The orgasm came fast and hard. She doubled over, shaking from the intensity but kept the dildo in her mouth the whole time as the orgasm subsided.


The next day at lunch again, they revisited the subject.

“Donna, are you sure it’s safe?”

“Got you thinking, didn’t I?” Donna replied.

Melanie blushed. “Like you said, sometimes a girl just needs some dick.”

Donna smiled. “That’s my girl. I’ll tell you what. I’m scheduled to meet up with them this weekend. Would you want to come along? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind an extra woman to share.

“Who are these guys? I hardly know anything about them.”

“Maybe that’s for the better,” Donna laughed. “This is no strings attached sex. They’re all good looking, clean, fit young men. They treat me respectfully. I mean, as respectfully as you can when you want to be treated like a slut,” Donna laughed. “It’s all good fun. They know my limits. Three of them are white. One of them is black, for what it’s worth.”

“One of them is black?”

“Yeah, is that a problem?”

“No, not at all. I’ve just never been with anyone who wasn’t white.”

“Come on out. There’s 4 guys. Still plenty to go around. If you get there and are uncomfortable, you can just leave. There’s no pressure.”

Melanie furrowed her brow. “I don’t know. I need to think it over.”

“Hey, I don’t want to hear anything about this around the work place, though. I’ve worked too hard to work my way up in this industry just to get labeled a cheap slut. slot oyna If you come out, you’ll see me doing things you won’t be able to unsee. I’m trusting you to be discreet about all this.”

“Trust me, Donna, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.”


That night Melanie couldn’t stop thinking about Donna’s offer. She’d been in a near constant state of arousal ever since. The thought of being at the mercy of several young men was so enticing. She was 45. A plain Jane. It’d been so long since someone made her feel sexy. When she dressed up in stockings or went pantiles, she felt sexy for herself. She wanted someone else to find her sexy. When she walked in a room, no one’s head turned. Everyone at work was pleasant and respectful, but she longed for someone to look at her with desire.

Would these college boys find her desirable? She wasn’t skinny and didn’t have an exotic appearance like Donna. Hell, these guys were younger than her own kids, who were 23 and 24. What the hell was she thinking?

But she wasn’t ugly, either. Her boobs sagged, but she didn’t have large boobs to begin with, so it wasn’t so bad. She had a paunch and carried some extra weight on her ass, but that territory typically came with age. Her milky thighs were thick, but her ankles were still slender. There were plenty of women who looked worse. There were also plenty who looked better. She fingered her shoulder length hair, counting the greys settling in more and more. She wasn’t getting any younger. She stared intently into the mirror. Were the fading looks she had left enough to turn on some college boys? She didn’t want to be humiliated. She was already desperate to have someone desire her. The last thing she needed was rejection.

She put on her thigh high stockings and thong panties. Nothing else. As she lay in bed, the images rushed through her head. Of the college boys. Shirtless. Standing in just their boxers as their cocks slipped out the front slit. Of her kneeling before them to service them with her mouth. Would they laugh at her? Would she just be a piece of fuckmeat to them? Did that matter?

Tonight, she didn’t bring out any toys. One hand on her pussy. Fingers slipping inside. One hand on her mouth. Fingers slipping inside. She was so turned on. Pussy juice all over her legs. White cocks entering in and out of her. And one of them was black. The proverbial forbidden fruit. She wasn’t racist, but others in her family were. The shame they would heap on her if they knew she had slept with a black man would be unrelenting. The release as she orgasmed was complete and exhausting.

She was still filled with fear and trepidation, but the reward was becoming worth the risk. Melanie was tired of herself. She needed to step out of her comfort zone. She had been married to a boorish man who didn’t pay any heed to her needs. After they divorced, she kept the kids, and they became her world. Raising them and making sure they had the best she could provide. For so long, other people were always the priority in her life. But the husband, the bastard, was long gone. Even the kids had moved out and moved on. Now it was finally time for Melanie to take care of herself.


“How does it work? Where do you meet them? Is it at a seedy motel?” Melanie asked.

“They share a house they rent near the university. It’s an older neighborhood, but it’s safe,” Donna replied. “They don’t do any drugs. Their house is clean and orderly. They may drink some beer, but they don’t get wasted. They’re college boys, but they’re responsible and respectful.”

“Do you just walk in, strip down and go for it?”

“Well, that’s not too far off. We’re set to meet Saturday at 7 pm at their house. There’s not much in the way of introductions. We’re all there for only one thing.”

“You’re sure they don’t have STD’s? Do they use condoms?”

“They’re all tested monthly. I don’t sleep with anyone else, so I’m not worried about diseases. They’ll use condoms if you want. I’m infertile, so I let them play with me without condoms.”

“Oh, I see. I had my tubes tied after my last kid. I guess that wouldn’t be a concern for me, also.”

“You control the action, Melanie. I mean, if they go too far or do something you don’t like, just speak up. They’ll back off. I don’t do anal. It’s just too icky gross for me. But I know they’d jump at it if I let them. If you want to be on top, you can be on top. If you want them to ride you, they’ll ride you. Missionary, doggystyle, spit roast, whatever”

“What’s spit roast?” Melanie inquired.

“You on all fours. One in your mouth, and one from behind doggystyle. That’s a personal favorite of mine,” Donna grinned lustily.

“Oh my.”

“I like feeling like a slut sometimes,” Donna continued to explain. “A lady in the streets. A slut between the sheets. At work, I manage and take charge of different accounts. Outside work, I kind of like it when I can sit back and let a man take charge canlı casino siteleri of me sometimes.”

“You said they do this service with other women. How many others are there?”

“I think maybe three others. I think they service someone different every weekend, and then everyone just rotates through their week in the month. But they’re discreet, remember, so I don’t know the other women, and that’s really not my concern. Remember, Melanie, no one’s making you go. If you’re not ready for this, you can stay home.”

“Do they know you invited me?”

“No, but I’m certain they won’t object.”

Melanie steeled herself. “I’m ready,” she said. “Let’s do this.”


Saturday came before Melanie knew it. And yet it couldn’t come fast enough. A last flash of nervousness overcame her, but she shook it off.

Oh God, what was she getting herself into? She laid out her clothes. Black thigh high stockings were a must. So was a black thong. The contrast against her milky white skin was alluring. She put on a black see thru bra. She thought about just wearing a trench coat over it all but decided against it. Instead, she opted for black business skirt and a white blouse. The blouse was sheer enough, you could almost see her nipples through the fabric. She might’ve worn sexier lingerie or a different skirt, but that was as sexy as her wardrobe got. Hopefully she wouldn’t disappoint the boys. She put the thought of rejection out of her head; she didn’t think she could stomach a rejection. Better to just pretend it wasn’t a possibility.

She applied make-up to her face. There’s only so much make-up can do, though, she sighed. Lines still showed through on her face. And make-up won’t take 20 pounds off your body. Oh well, she thought. Too late to turn back now. She put her hair up in a quick ponytail and then put on a business suit blazer over her blouse, so she wouldn’t be flashing the entire neighborhood. She slipped on some high heels. She rarely wore anything more than wedge heels, but she needed to feel her sexiest to seduce the college guys. Then she got in her car and drove over to Donna’s apartment.

Donna stepped out of her apartment looking like dynamite. Melanie was dumbfounded. She had never seen Donna look like this. Short black leather dress. Form fitting. Every curve accentuated. Stiletto heels brought her small 5-foot frame taller than Melanie. Heavy make-up took years off her face. She looked like a star.

“Are you ready?” asked Donna.

“Not as ready as you. No wonder those guys are all over you. I feel underdressed. Or is that overdressed?”

“Honey, they’re not gonna care about your clothes. They’ll be more concerned with what’s underneath.”

“Yeah, well, I’m still not sure that’s anything to brag about, either.”

“Melanie. Confidence is the sexiest trait. Just embrace your sexiness, and you’ll be fine.”

“Thanks. I hope you’re right.”


An hour later they pulled in front of their destination. A small bungalow in an older neighborhood lined with old oak trees. The neighborhood looked clean. Thankfully, there was no one in sight. What would they think if they saw two middle aged women walking into a house occupied by college guys.

“Probably just think their moms are stopping by to visit,” offered Donna.

“Not dressed like you, they’re not,” countered Melanie.

“Maybe momma needs to teach those boys a lesson or two,” Donna joked.

“Enough already. If we’re going to do this, let’s go.”

Melanie collected her breath and stepped out of the car. She couldn’t believe she was actually going through with this.

Two strong white boys answered the door.

“Miss Donna. Good to see you again. And who is your friend?”

“This is my friend Melanie. I thought you guys might enjoy her company tonight, in addition to mine.”

An excited smile overtook their faces as they looked over Melanie from head to toe.

“Absolutely. We would be honored. Please, come inside.”

Last chance, thought Melanie. They were dreamy. Even better than she imagined. She felt like an old undesirable whale in their presence. But the way they leered at her… their words were polite… but their eyes emitted animalistic desire. Part of that terrified her. Part of that thrilled her.

“Melanie, this is Paul and Terry.” They nodded in acknowledgement. “Where are Jake and Robby?” asked Donna.

“Oh, we just got back from an intramural football game. They’re still showering up. They should be done any minute.”

Melanie could hear the water running. The house was furnished in a spartan fashion…sofa, tv, dining table… not much in the way of a decorative touch… it was occupied by poor collegians, after all. The walls were bare. She wondered how the lovefest would happen? Would they take both Donna and her out here in the main living room at the same time? Or take each to separate bedrooms? Was it better to have her friend in sight? Maybe not if she’s getting pounded by a hard cock.

“Would either of you like a drink? How was your week?”

Donna made small talk with them. Melanie sat trying to exude confidence but stricken with fear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32