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Chapter 1:

My name is Paul and while looking for a place to camp along the central coast of California, I stumbled upon a clothing optional RV Park. I had no idea until this morning when I met Madeline and Sandra. They own the trailer parked adjacent to me. Madeline came asking for assistance with her refrigerator and she was topless. The first thing that caught my eye were her huge tits. I guess them to be DD or slightly larger. Her traveling companion, Sandra, could pass as her twin sister. I spent today at the beach with these two goddesses. Our story picks up as we return to the RV Park this afternoon.

Back at space A18, I got out of my shorts and shirt and was now wearing flip flops and a hat; regular attire for this RV park. My new friends, Madeline and Sandra put me in charge of barbecuing tonight’s dinner. Their trailer is parked in the next space over, A17.

I setup the grill and got the charcoal ready. I went into the trailer to retrieve my BBQ apron. Better safe than sorry and Madeline said she didn’t want any burned “meat” tonight.

I poured the charcoal into the starter chimney and lit the flame. It would take about 20 minutes for the briquettes to be ready. Sandra walked over to join me, holding a couple of wine coolers and wearing the same outfit as me; floppy hat and sandals. Her big, big tits leading the way. The closer she gets, the harder my cock gets.

Just a few hours ago, I got my first peek at her pussy. In the privacy of our sand dune, she removed her bikini bottoms to reveal a dense forest of auburn curls covering her delicious cunt lips. The overabundance of hair was in stark contrast to Madeline’s smooth waxed pussy. I was lucky enough to use my fingers to compare both.

“Hey Paul, nice tent you have there!” She handed me a wine cooler.

“Sandra, you big boob goddess, you’re the reason my cock is so hard right now.”

Sandra put down her wine cooler and grabbed her DD’s by her nipples. She pulled each globe up from her body letting them flop back. “You mean these little things?”

I begged her to stop teasing; otherwise I would cum on the spot and ruin a perfectly good apron. Sandra asked when the barbecue would be ready for grilling. I said I was just getting the coals started and it would be about 20 minutes.

Sandra gave me an evil smile and said, “Well it’s no use just standing here, let’s go into your trailer. Madeline is taking a shower and will come over when she is done.”

We took our wine coolers and stepped inside my 25 foot ShadowCruiser. Sandra looked around and seemed impressed. It has plenty of room for me and an occasional female guest. She walked over to the counter and spotted my Fleshlight, drying on the counter after I used it earlier this morning.

Sandra picked it up for inspection, “Mmm, this is interesting, does it get a lot of use?”

I admitted it does. I love to masturbate a lot. When I’m on the road and not entertaining a lovely lady, it helps keep me sane. Sandra was squeezing the soft silicone sides and running her fingers around the top.

“This feels so soft. Does it really feel like a woman’s pussy?” She poked two fingers into the opening as she asked.

I replied, “With the right kind of lube it feels remarkably close. Some warming gel that I love always gives me powerful orgasms. Of course, it wouldn’t come close to how good it would feel being inside of you.”

Sandra smiled and winked. I continued, “When I was playing with your pussy this afternoon, I felt your wetness and just knew that my cock would fit perfectly.”

“Well, maybe we will have to experiment sometime soon. By the way, it’s time to lose that smock.”

As I took off my BBQ apron, Sandra continued, “Madeline and I have lots of toys that keep us happy. I have a favorite dildo that I use all the time. It was shaped after some porn guy’s cock. It’s almost eight inches long and thick. It even has tiny veins along the shaft. It feels so good in my cunt, but I do prefer the real thing.”

I told Sandra if she keeps talking like this, I’m going to cum. I tried to change the subject and asked her what we were grilling tonight. She said they have some tasty rib eyes cooling in the refrigerator.

“Oh yeah, how is the fridge working today after I showed you how to change the temperature control?”

Sandra blushed and said, “Well, about that subject… We kind of tricked you. We really didn’t have a problem. We have been RVing for many years and know these coaches inside and out. We got here a few days ago and were looking for some male companionship. We were striking out until we saw you pull in last night. We wanted to get first crack at you.”

“Well I’m so glad you did. Were you on a stake out?”

“Not exactly, I was looking out our window because Madeline and I were having some girl time. I was bent over with my hands on the window sill. She was fucking me with my favorite dildo. We have a strap-on harness that we use and it was my turn. I was so wet and close to my orgasm when I saw you drive up. You got out of your truck and I exploded. casino siteleri I hit my head against the window. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me. I don’t usually squirt, but Madeline said there was a huge puddle of my girl juice on the floor. My pussy was throbbing.”

So much for steering the conversation away from sex. Sandra asked how long before we start cooking. I’m not sure is she meant cooking inside or outside. I said it would still be about fifteen minutes.

Sandra smiled and moved over to me, pushing her tits against my chest. Her nipples were rock hard and I felt them. Her hand moved lower and grabbed my cock, fingers wrapping around my shaft. She squeezed hard. She continued moving until I was against my bed. With one hand squeezing my hard on, the other pushed against my chest and I fell to the bed.

“Well then, we have time for a little fun.”

Sandra got down on her knees, grabbed my cock with both hands and began long, slow stroking. She moved her lips closer to my glans and snaked her tongue licking the tip. I jumped on the first contact. One hand cupped my balls and her other slid down my shaft pulling me toward her wet mouth. Sandra licked my entire length from bottom to top and continued to do the same on the other side. Her wet mouth left a trail of spit from the base of my cock to the tip. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed me, swirling her tongue around my sensitive crown. While she was sucking me deep into her mouth, she lightly massaged my balls with her fingers. I placed my hands on her head guiding her movements.

Sandra looked into my eyes as she plunged down my seven inches, her lips held tightly against my shaft. She applied a deep suction as she rose up and my cock popped from her mouth.

“Mmmm, you taste so good. I knew you would. When I licked your cum from Madeline’s tits, I was hooked. I knew I had to have you. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your load.”

Sandra open wide and dropped down sucking me, trying to stuff as much as my cock as she could fit. She proceeded to lick my balls, sucking each one into her mouth.

“I love that you shave. Your smooth sac tastes so good. I’m going to take you down my throat.”

With that comment, she proceeded to suck me deep into her mouth, pushing slowly inch by inch until her nose was buried in my patch of hair. Sandra was breathing through her nose as she held me tight. My climax was building and threatening to explode. Sandra released me and took a long breath. She proceeded to suck me deep again and now had all seven inches. I began to squirm and lift my ass up off the bed, pushing deeper into her throat.

“Sandra, I am so close. I’m going to cum. Are you ready for me. Oh god, your mouth feels so good, so hot, so wet. Suck my cock. Make me cum. It’s here. Geez I can’t take any more. Take it all.”

My goddess moved her mouth up my shaft, her lips wrapped tightly around the head of my cock and held there sucking. I exploded, shooting several ropes of thick goo into her mouth. Sandra pumped my shaft, pushing more jism into her mouth. My cock flexed as I shot my cum deep down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, savoring the taste and texture. My orgasm peaked and I was drained. Sandra’s mouth was full of cum. She released my cock and opened her mouth showing me her reward. She took several gulps, swallowing everything I gave her.

“Geez babe, that was fantastic, now come up here and sit on my face. I want to eat that wet pussy. I need to give you that same pleasure.”

Sandra smiled and said, “I think our fifteen minutes are up.” She moved up and settled next to me. She drew me near for a long, sensual kiss. She swirled her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my juices on her tongue. She opened her lips and pressed hard against mine. The cum still in her mouth was now shared by the two of us, such a lovely sweet taste. I played with her boobs as we continued to kiss. I massaged her firm flesh and tweaked her nipples. I couldn’t get enough of her.

Sandra broke away from me sighing deeply. “I wish we had more time, but we’d better get cooking outside. I’m sure Madeline is finished with her shower and will be bringing the food.”

She continued, “Yes, I want you to eat my pussy and feast on my juices. I also want you to shave me first, so I am silky smooth for you. Madeline has wanted me to shave for quite some time. I kept putting it off because I wanted at least one thing to be unique about us. Everyone thinks we’re twins, but if you really got to know us, you would know there is one thing different. This afternoon when I grabbed your cock in the ocean, I felt how soft and smooth you are. And now after sucking you deep, and feeling your hard, smooth shaft in my throat, I know it’s time to shave. I’m going to miss my auburn curls. I love to run my fingers through the strands. I know Madeline will be pleased the next time she goes down on me and has a smooth surface to glide her tongue around.”

I listened to Sandra’s heartfelt explanation with genuine affection for her. “Tell you what. slot oyna I have an idea that is the best of both worlds. We’ll leave a little landing strip of hair just above your clit, maybe an inch wide. That way you can still be unique. I’m betting Madeline will continue with her full Brazilian waxing. Something tells me she adores her look and will never change it. Besides your strip will tickle my nose every time my lips are buried deep in your pussy.”

Sandra’s eyes lit up at my suggestion and she hugged me tight. I can’t get enough of feeling her giant boobs pressed against me. Her nipples were like bullets against my chest.

Reluctantly, we got up and headed outside. I grabbed the wine coolers and my apron and followed Sandra out the door. I oogled her swaying ass and she stepped down from my RV. The grin on my face was a mile long. I get to shave Sandra’s wonderfully hairy snatch. I will miss her auburn curls, but the thought of licking her smooth cunt was getting me hard again. I’m going to spread her pussy wide and inspect every inch. She will be dripping wet by the time I finish and more than ready for my oral assault. Oops, I think my seven inches just grew to its full proportion. I put my BBQ apron back on to cover the bulge.

Chapter 2:

The heat from today’s sun still has not left us. It will be a pleasant evening to dine outside au natural. The coals are roaring hot and ready. I dumped the chimney full of briquettes into the barbecue and replaced the screen. “Now where are those steaks?”

Just as I said that, Madeline emerged from her RV. Her massive tits jiggled as she stepped to the ground. She carried a full tray of steak, salad, fruit and more wine coolers. We will feast tonight. And then I will feast again after dinner.

Madeline looked at us, “So, what have you kids been up to while I showered?”

Did we have guilty looks on our face? She put the tray down and walked over to us. Her beautiful breasts mirrored Sandra’s. I noticed a smooth sheen to her pussy lips. I bet she just shaved. I bet some lotion was making her skin glow.

She spoke again,”Hey Paul, nice tent!” Gee, where have I heard that before?

Before I could say anything, Sandra piped in, “Paul is going to shave my pussy tonight after dinner. I’ve decided it’s time, after seeing how you two look.”

Madeline smiled and winked at me.

Sandra just couldn’t keep quiet. “And I just gave him one of the best blow jobs of all time. He filled my mouth with so much cum; I had a hard time swallowing it all. It tastes so much better from the source. Not that I didn’t enjoy licking it off your tits this afternoon.”

I detected a bit of dew forming between Madeline’s thighs. I think this talk is turning her on. My apron was now tenting a lot more.

“Time to put the steaks on the grill. Boy, they look nice and chilled. By the way, Madeline, how is that refrigerator working for you?” I raised my eyebrows as high as I could when I asked.

Madeline looked directly at Sandra, “Did you tell him? Have we no secrets?”

Sandra beamed, “Yep. And yes, we still have plenty of secrets!”

That response drew much laughter from both ladies. As they laughed, their mighty tits shook. My cock hardened.

Madeline explained, “Well we didn’t want you to see Pamela before us. We wanted first dibs. It seems she tries to hit on every gentleman with a stiff cock that goes into the registration office. She has a pretty good track record.”

Mmmm, that sounds interesting to me and my stiff cock! I might have to pay her a visit in the future. But for now, we have some good eats waiting.

The rib eyes on the grill began to sizzle. Madeline handed me a wine cooler and laid out the plates. Sandra served up salad and fruit. When the steaks were medium rare, I took them off the grill, removed my apron and we all sat down to a delicious meal.

My cock has deflated a bit, but is still semi-hard. I reached down and gave it a tug, thinking about our evening adventures. We talked nonstop as we ate. I got to know a lot more about my camp mates and they got to know more about me.

Madeline and Sandra are grade school teachers at the same school in Northern California. Sandra teaches second grade and Madeline teaches fourth. They are best friends and every summer they travel around for two months in their RV. During the year, they try to get on the road at least one weekend a month, visiting RV parks close to home.

During the summer months, they let their hair down and venture out wherever the wind blows. One constant destination every year is this park. They stay for two weeks, sometimes longer if the action heats up. This year the action is definitely heating up, if today is any indication. They love to be nude whenever possible, soaking up the sun. They both enjoy the company of women as much as the company of men. Madeline said a mind blowing orgasm results from a passionate loving person, regardless of gender. She loves hard cocks, wet pussies, tits, long legs, strong thighs and smooth asses, all of it.

Sandra said they canlı casino siteleri love to share experiences and lovers. They limit their exploits to one person at a time, male or female. More than that gets too complicated. And, in the RV: too crowded. Although, most of the time each other’s company is more than enough. They have plenty of toys and videos to keep the relationship fresh and erotic.

During our dinner conversation my mind is reeling. I have so many questions.

“So, do any of your fellow educators know how you spend your recreation time?”

They looked at each other and smiled. Sandra said, “No, the time we spend together and our relationship is strictly ours. Not one of our colleagues would suspect.”

“Is ‘Back to School’ night interesting? I can imagine all those dads mesmerized by your assets.”

Madeline replied, “Oh Paul, you are too cute. I’m so glad we’re here together. You can tell it like it is. The question being… Are those horny old dads staring at our tits all night! The answer is a confirmed YES. Every once in a while, an over-aggressive man tries to hit on us.”

Sandra added, “We keep it extremely professional, we always dress conservatively, there is no hint of our activity outside the classroom. For the most part, we have no issues.”

I found out the ladies share many of the same passions as me. They love to keep fit with walking, biking, swimming and orgasms.

“Speaking of swimming and orgasms.” Madeline said, “we have a favorite spot along the Arroyo Grande Creek we will show you. The river becomes a shallow, wide pond that gets heated by the sun. The water is like a sauna. We lie out on the sandy shore, soak in the pond and then make love all afternoon. But only if you are interested.”

“Yeah, right, only if I am interested. Let’s go now!”

Chapter 3:

With dinner complete, we cleaned up and made our plan for the evening. It was time for Sandra to come clean, so to speak. I went into my trailer to retrieve the needed items: razor, shaving cream, scissors, wash cloth and soap. I added my special aloe lube to combat any razor burn. The doctor is ready.

I returned to the trailer in A17. Madeline greeted me and said, “Sandra is ready and willing.” She was already on the bed, with clean towels underneath her glorious ass and legs spread apart. I asked if I could keep some of her locks as a souvenir.

Sandra smiled, “Yes. As long as you are gentle with me. You big perv!!!”

I knelt down between Sandra’s legs and surveyed our project. Madeline sat next to Sandra and was rubbing her inner thighs and tummy. Occasionally, her hand goes further north and squeezes a breast, tweaking Sandra’s nipple. She said she was just prepping the patient.

I laid the tools on a table within easy reach. I placed my hand between Sandra’s legs and ran my fingers through her downy thatch one final time. I felt her soft curls. Playfully, I grabbed some hair and lightly pulled up.

“Hey, what are you doing mister!”

I responded, “Just making sure everything is ready and in place.”

“Well, get on with it.”

I wasn’t going to rush this. I wanted this moment to last. I continued massaging her lips. I used my fingers to run up and down her slit and then spread her outer lips wide open. Her inner labia appeared. Sandra’s pussy opened like a lovely lotus blossom. It was a beautiful shade of pink and slightly moist. I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to taste her essence. I bent my head closer and licked the tender flower. Her lips spread around my tongue as I gathered her nectar. After a few gentle licks, more juice pooled on the bottom and I slurped it into my mouth. I used my lips to pull her inner labia into my mouth. Confident she was prepped and ready to go, I raised up and smacked my lips. Tasty.

Sandra began to take short breaths, her tits rising and falling. I invited Madeline to run her fingers between Sandra’s wet lips to make sure she was ready. Madeline dipped her hand between the wet folds and confirmed. She sucked her fingers into her mouth, tasting the sweetness of Sandra.

I was ready to begin grooming. Using the scissors, I gently lifted tufts of hair and cut a generous amount. My aim was to cut her pubes as close to her skin as possible and then finish up with the razor. I continued removing portions of pubic hair, gathering it in a bowl. Sandra spread her legs wider giving me access to crease between her thigh and full outer lips. I removed little snips here and there until I was satisfied we were ready to proceed to the next step.

I applied the warm wash cloth on Sandra’s pussy, cleaning and wiping excess hair. Next, I spread shaving cream all around. With the razor, I began removing the hair between her legs, revealing the smooth skin underneath. I used long slow strokes up and around her firm mound. I left a strip about an inch and one half from just above her clit to the top of her hairline. ‘Her landing strip’. I shaved each one of her meaty outer lips, careful not to nick or scratch this sensitive area. I spread her lips wide and slowly cleaned the area next to her sensitive inner labia, until I was satisfied with my completed work. Another wiping with the warm wash cloth and we were finished. I stepped back to admire her newly exposed quim.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32