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This is the second story in a series of tales about a group of 50 year olds.


On the previous Friday night, Maureen had held a birthday party at her house. Debbie had decided to play a prank on Dan who, although older than the four women that he worked with, was nonetheless fancied by each of them.

In effect, at Debbie’s instigation, the four women raped Dan. Make no mistake, he enjoyed it, but he had no choice as the chemicals within his body took over his brain as well. He hadn’t had sex since he had lost his wife and his libido had been in hyper-drive that evening.

Whether Debbie had thought about the consequences of her actions is questionable.


Chapter 1

At work on Monday morning, Dan waited until he could corner me alone in the kitchen where we make up our coffee.

“Right you!” he said authoritatively. “What did you give me at the party?”

I smirked and replied, “Just a little pick-me-up. Well, pick-you-up actually, but it certainly did things for me as well!”

He pushed the door shut with his foot and walked towards me in as menacing a manner as he could manage.

“Ooh-er,” I said mockingly. “I’m so fwightened!”

I’m not entirely sure what he had intended to do. I think he was merely trying to get an honest answer from me, but the attitude I was displaying had upset him. Before I could react, he I pinned me against the counter with his body, both of his legs between mine.

I have, honestly, never experienced anything like this in my life before. But something seemed to click inside my head that morning. As he shoved his hand down inside my trousers, I felt totally unable to react. His hand went straight inside my pants and his fingers immediately began stroking my pussy.

“No!” I said. “Not here. Somebody might come”

He gave me a wicked grin, “That’s the idea”.

I was already starting to get very wet and as he concentrated on my clitoris, I stopped complaining and began to squirm. Very quickly indeed I came closer to my orgasm. But just as I did, he withdrew his hand and began tasting his fingers in front of my face.

“You bastard!” I said. “You can’t leave me like this!”

“Now you know what its like to be aroused against your will.” He turned and left the kitchen.

Dan went back to his desk. I walked out of the kitchen shortly afterward – and headed straight to the ladies toilets. When I returned to my desk a few minutes later, I was flushed but finally sated.

So, he’d had his revenge. Or had he? At first I’d thought so, but perhaps he felt it simply wasn’t enough?


Chapter 2

It took a while, but finally, Dan had a plan. I didn’t know it at the time, but he’d been thinking long and hard about how to get his own back on me.

I knew that Dan was going to be working late over Friday night and into Saturday. He’d agreed with security that they could leave at the normal time, after the cleaners had gone and that he would be OK on his own in the building.

Except that he wasn’t on his own. Shortly before I was due to go home he called me on the phone and asked if I could get hold of the archived copy of a particular report.

“What, now? Can’t it wait until Monday?” I asked.

“No rest for the wicked,” he told me.

The store room where the archived files were kept was in the basement. He had allowed a couple of minutes to pass and then made his way down there. He locked the door quietly behind him so that nobody would come in and then sneaked around the rows behind me.

I turned with the file in my hand and dropped it, jumping, when I saw him.

“Oh! What are you doing here?”

He pounced. He dragged me to the floor, rolled me over and pulled my hands back so that he could tape them together. Rather foolishly, I was trying to reason with him, instead of screaming. Mind you, the thickness of the door coupled with the deadening effect of all those files would mean that only somebody right outside would have heard.

He quickly taped my mouth, just as I was about to yell. He then picked me up, sat me down on a chair and secured it and me to a wall. He made absolutely sure that I couldn’t escape and then walked away, back out of the basement, locking the door behind him.

I was more than a little frightened. Had Dan gone home and left me here for the whole weekend? Surely not! No, he must have other plans. Strangely, when I thought about what would happen when he eventually returned, I began to feel light headed. I casino oyna was actually feeling excited by all of this!

Finally, at about 9.30pm, the cleaners and security people had all left. Dan had already finished the work he was doing, but managed to make it look as if I was completely snowed under until they had departed.

He came back downstairs and unlocked the store room door. I must have been dozing as I gave a start when he got close to me. He took the tape off of my mouth.

“You bastard!” I spat. “You fucking bastard! Untie me and let me go now! This isn’t a joke. This is kidnap. You’ll go to prison for this.”

“That isn’t exactly the right thing to say if you want me to release you… eventually. I mean, if I were to let you go, knowing that you were going to go straight to the police, why on earth should I release you in the first place?”

“Please. I’m sorry about what happened at the party. It seemed like a bit of harmless fun. Besides, you seemed to be quite into it!”

“But you tricked me into taking an un-prescribed drug, whose side effects could have been devastating. Even lethal! Sure, you may have thought that I was enjoying it, but I have never taken any kind of drug before. And maybe, just maybe, my reaction was as a result of my brain being impaired by the chemicals.”

I looked at him, a little surprised at what he had said, “Oh. Dan I’m sorry. You’re right of course. It was a stupid trick. But I’m really, really sorry.”

“I feel happier now that you’ve said that. I believe you. Now, have I frightened you or not?”

I was honest with him, “I nearly wet myself when you trussed me up and locked the door. I thought that you were going to leave me here all weekend. You’re not are you?”

“No. But I’m interested to know; even though you were a bit scared, did you find the idea of being tied up and at my mercy sexually exciting?”

I struggled to come up with what I thought would be the right answer. Eventually, I decided to tell the truth and in a small voice said, “Yes. Actually it was quite a turn on.”

He smiled and said, “I thought so.” He went on, “Listen, I’ll let you go right now. But if you nod your head, then I’ll understand that you want to continue with the game and are a willing participant.”

I just stared at him. I had been aroused earlier and his reminding me of this was having the same effect. Very, very slowly I nodded my head.

He stood in front of me and unzipped his trousers. He pulled his hardening dick out and pressed the head to my mouth. I was a little concerned, as I was still bound and had no control over what he was going to do with it. I opened my lips and began licking the helmet. I moved my head around as my tongue explored it.

I opened my mouth wide and began to swallow his cock. I managed to get almost half of it in before I nearly gagged. I figured that this was my limit, but I withdrew a bit and then pushed back down. I kept doing this and I realised that I was getting more and more of his shaft into my mouth all of the time.

By leaning forwards, I found that I was able to create a straight line between my lips and throat. Three quarters of his manhood was in. Dan realised that the limitation was the distance he was standing from me and leaned forward a fraction. I took his whole cock in! I had never in my life managed this with any of my partners.

In this position I was unable to move any more, so he gently began rocking backwards and forwards. Soon the movements became more pronounced until finally he really was fucking my throat.

I felt his orgasm surging up through his cock, but as it did so he quickly withdrew and as he started to spurt he continued to rub while he sprayed my face with his come.

I think that we were both in completely unfamiliar territory and neither of us knew what was going to happen next. He realised that as he was the ‘controller’ it was necessary for him to take the lead and dominate the situation. At any point I could say, “Stop”. And I believed he would.

Dan zipped himself up, untied me from the chair and told me to stand up.

“Take off your clothes, all of them, every last stitch.” he ordered.

I meekly complied. In all this time I hadn’t spoken a word (OK, so for part of the time I was gagged by his cock, but I hadn’t said anything when I was able).

Once naked, he told me to turn around and bend over. My feet were about a foot apart, exposing myself fully to his gaze. He knelt down behind me, his face level with my ass cheeks. I could slot oyna feel his hot breath on them. My pussy lips were open, puffy and moist. I could feel that this was so. I realised that he must be able to see my clitoris standing proud of the folds of skin of my vagina.

He stood back up and moved slightly to one side and said, “Now, you haven’t really been properly punished yet, have you?”

I didn’t answer, so he gave me a swift slap on my left buttock. “Ow,” I said.

“You haven’t been properly punished yet, have you?” he repeated.

“No,” I whispered.

He dealt me another slap, this time to the right buttock.

“Have you?” he demanded.

“No. I haven’t. I haven’t been properly punished yet,” I said aloud. My voice sounded almost girlish.

“And how do you think you should be punished?”

“I don’t know”.

He slapped both cheeks one after the other.

“I deserve to be spanked. I need to be spanked good and hard, so that it hurts to sit down afterwards. I’ve been a naughty girl and you have to punish me properly.”

He seemed taken aback. It was obviously what I wanted, so he began to spank me, very hard. I have never asked, or wanted to be spanked before, but this time I wanted it so badly that I had to stop myself from yelling, “Harder!”

After about twenty slaps, my cheeks must have been bright red. I could certainly feel the heat being generated. He stopped and knelt back down behind me.

He began massaging my buttocks. Maybe he was trying to ease the hurt? Possibly, but as he moved his hands he was pulling my cheeks apart. My pussy lips were opening wider and wider as he did so. I could imagine him being able to see right into my vagina. It was like a tunnel awash with my juices.

I was so turned on that the lubricating fluid had started to run down the inside of my thighs. He could resist no longer.

He pushed two fingers straight into my vagina. There was absolutely no resistance or friction. He turned his fingers slightly and then bent them downwards. I gasped and went into an instantaneous orgasm as he found my G-spot.

I don’t know how I managed it, but I remained in position, still holding onto my ankles.

He removed his fingers and then gently smeared the juice around the puckered little hole of my anus.

As he touched it, it seemed to contract involuntarily. It felt like a sucking motion.

He pushed his fingers back into my pussy and then transferred more fluid to my ass. He began pushing a finger in. I was right. My ass was sucking his finger up into that dark passage.

With one finger in up to the second knuckle, he began to ease the other one in alongside it. I moaned as he slid both digits in up to the hilt.

He began to finger-fuck my ass.

His other hand had been resting on my ass, but then he slid two of those fingers back into my pussy and began a rhythm between the two hands – one pair of fingers went in as the other came out.

Every now and then, instead of withdrawing his fingers from my vagina, he would probe down towards my G-spot.

I could sense that I was approaching my orgasm again and so could Dan. He took his left hand away from my vagina and began to push those fingers into my ass as well.

The sensations were overwhelming and I came again. My orgasm seemed to go on for a long time and it caused me to make a lot of noise. I was glad that nobody could hear us.

He left two fingers inside of me and quickly undid his trousers, allowing them to fall to the floor (he’d obviously removed his underpants before returning to the basement).

His cock slid into my pussy so easily, but I could feel the walls pulsing against his manhood, drawing it in.

“Oh, yes,” I said. “Fuck me.”

He began to fuck me slowly at first, pushing his entire length in, almost withdrawing it completely before sliding it all of the way back in again.

Meanwhile, both sets of fingers were working on my ass again. I could feel that the opening had now stretched considerably. Once more I began to writhe as I approached another tumultuous orgasm. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He slipped his cock from my cunt and nudged the head into the entrance of my ass.

I’d never allowed anyone to have anal sex with me before because I was scared that it would hurt too much. I was worried now, but having removed his fingers, the hole had remained open and the head soon disappeared. It was tight, but the amount of lubrication that had been applied meant that a gentle rocking canlı casino siteleri motion took him deeper and deeper into me with very little discomfort.

I didn’t know how close he was to his own orgasm, but when I went into yet another trembling climax he couldn’t hold back any longer and began pumping his sperm into me. He seemed to be shooting for ages.

When he withdrew I felt exhausted, but we still had to finish the ‘game’.

I had remained bent double and I could feel my come oozing from my anus. He told me to stand up and turn round. I struggled to be able to stand up straight (after all I’m not a sprightly young chicken anymore for all I’ve kept myself reasonably fit).

His semen was still spread across my face from when I sucked him earlier, so he told me, “Use your knickers to wipe your face, ass and cunt.”

I cleaned my face and then tenderly wiped between my legs and cheeks.

“Now get dressed, but don’t bother with your bra and knickers. You can take them home with you in your pocket to remind you.

“Well, do you think that you’ve been punished adequately?”

“Yes,” I answered quickly. But then added, “I’ll know what to expect next time I’m naughty.”

He almost choked.

We went back up to the office. I was about to leave, but the devil was still in him.

“I haven’t told you to go yet.”


“Get your ass over here. NOW!” he yelled.

I was almost petrified but forced my legs to move and made my way over to him. He sat down in his chair and said one word, “Wank.”

I was confused. He repeated the order, “Wank. Do it now, in front of me.”

My hands trembled as I unfastened my trousers. I slipped my fingers in and began to tease myself. My other hand slipped up under my top and he could see my actions of pinching, pulling and stroking my nipples.

I thought that it might take me some while, having orgasmed so many times downstairs. But as I continued rubbing, I became turned-on all over again. I wasn’t timing it, but I must have reached my climax within four minutes.

Afterwards, Dan told me to get dressed. He then kissed me tenderly on the lips and escorted me to the exit. I waited until he’d finished setting the alarm and locked the door.

It was pretty late by now and he escorted me to the station. I said that I would be alright at the other end as it was well lit and that I could get a Minicab home. As my train pulled into the platform he pulled me into his arms and kissed me again. He simply tried to show some tenderness after the experience of domination.


Chapter 3

Monday morning arrived and I left early for the office. There was no sign of Dan, but I then discovered he wasn’t due in until a fair bit later.

He walked in and acted perfectly normally, even calling a good morning greeting to me as he passed.

Office life went on and it wasn’t until lunchtime that we bumped into each other.

“Hi. Are you OK?”

“Well, I’m a bit tender. In fact I’m quite bruised.”

“Perhaps you can put something on it?”

“You mean you would like to put something on it?”

Honestly, he blushed! I went on, “You’d like me to bear my ass for you so that you can rub your hands all over it, wouldn’t you? You want to rub some soothing cream into my tender flesh, hoping to get me turned on again, don’t you? I bet if I turned round and pulled my skirt up you’d be all over my backside, wouldn’t you?”

He was stunned. He simply hadn’t expected such a reaction and now didn’t know what to say. My words may have been designed to turn him on deliberately, I don’t know. However, the reaction from his loins was more than obvious.

“You’ve got a good, hard stiffy now. You’d better get it out and let me see it.”

“I can’t,” he croaked. “Not here, somebody might come in”.

I stepped across to the door and leaned against it, barring anybody’s entrance. “Do it!” I commanded.

He was horny. He simply had to do it. He unzipped his trousers and pulled his – by now – throbbing piece of prime beef out into the open.

“Wank,” was all I said.

Now we understood. This was a form of revenge. He figured he had no choice really, so he began rubbing vigorously in order to finish as quickly as possible. It didn’t take very long at all and I was just beginning to wonder what to do when he came. He looked at the sink, but as he was about to move I took two strides from the door, knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth.

He exploded and I rubbed and sucked until he was completely dry.

I stood up and stepped away. He finished dressing, just as somebody came barging in. I don’t think that they saw anything. At least I hoped that they hadn’t.


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