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© All characters or places in this and any following stories in this line are fictitious any similarity to actual persons are purely accidental.

* * * * *

Life in a small town was peaceful and boring. At least that is what Alexandra Bishop thought. Allie, as her friends and family called her, had live in Freedom, Kansas all her life. She always thought it was such a joke, the name. If anything it should have been called uptight, or restrained. Much like most small towns where everyone knows your business, and is more than happy to spread it around with a few embellishments. That is probably why Allie had been such a good girl.

Allie had lived there all her life. Growing from a little girl running through the fields, to captain of the cheer squad and girlfriend to the star quarterback on the school team. Jimmy Taylor was a good looking boy, but not to bright. That didn’t matter to Allie though. All she wanted was to hang with the “in” crowd. After dating him for all of their Jr. year Allie decided it was time to give herself to him. He would be going off to college the next fall and she wanted to make sure he remembered her, just in case she didn’t find better. So after the football Homecoming dance their senior year, and after being crowned King and Queen of the dance, she told him.

That night after a lot of kissing and groping, she whispered in his ear “take me, I want you.” Jimmy was so excited he came before he even got out of his clothes. Lucky for her she had a lot of experience it arousing him with her hands so he was ready again before too long. Allie lay there on a blanket naked, in the hay loft, waiting for what she had been dreaming of for so long. Jimmy stood there looking at her, and then with no regard for her pain, he plunged into her waiting body and quickly came. Just as quickly Jimmy rolled off, and then fell asleep leaving her to lay there in pain and disappointment. After the pain subsided, Allie tried to wake him to no avail. So she got up and with her discarded panties tried to clean up the mess he made of her.

Finally, Jimmy woke up and with a smile on his face asks “That was great wasn’t it baby?”

Allie nodded with a weak smile and answered “Sure baby it was great.”

The rest of the year was much the same. They would go to a movie, game or party, and after find a place to be together. Each time was much the same as all the others. At first he started out with a little groping and kissing and then he would plunge in, pump a few strokes, and be done before Allie would even get started. Each time she hoped that it would be better, and each time she was disappointed.

Jimmy was never very good in bed. After having sex together for all that time he had finally shown his true colors. His idea of foreplay was helping to remove her clothes. After that it was quick work till he came. Allie had never experienced a climax, and didn’t even know what to expect. Sex as she knew it was fast, painful, and a big mess to clean up after. Little did she know that was soon to change.

As the school year came to an end Allie decided that there has to more out there than this and she will go you the big city and leave Jimmy behind. After all he was going to college and would be dating other girls.

After the prom as they once again were about to have sex, she turned to him and told him that she is leaving town. Jimmy was instantly fully awake at hearing this and told her he will go with her.

She told him that would be silly. After all he has his summer job at the CO-OP and then college. She assured him she would be back, she just wanted to see a little of the world before they settle down.


Allie found a job in a big corporation as a secretary in the typing pool. Life was a lot faster paced than she was used to, but at the same time exciting. So much to experience and do. Still she got homesick and would call home at least once a week to see how everyone was doing. Even with being homesick she knew that here was where she wanted to be, and where she would stay.

As time went on she made a few friends and then met the man that would change her life. Ernie was a lower executive in the company. He was about 5′ 10″ tall, with mousy brown hair and gray eyes hidden behind thick glasses. The one thing he had going for him was his body. He was well built, not so you could tell under the baggy clothes he wore. Allie thought he was nice. So it wasn’t surprising when he asked her out and she accepted.

After dating for awhile Allie finally took him to her bed and found that sex isn’t always painful, but is still not satisfied. They continued dating and having ok sex until the night they went to a thriller at the movies. That night when they are getting ready to have sex, Ernie sees that she is more aroused than usual. He too is more arouse and asks her if she liked the movie. Allie told him that the movie was really good. She especially like the hostage scenes. He realizes that now is the time to ask her if she would consider something new and different.

“Allie, I have something to illegal bahis ask you and I don’t want you to get mad. I won’t hold it against you if you say no. ” You don’t have to answer fast. Please think about it and then let me know. Take your time.”

“Then ask” Allie said.

“I would like for you to tie me to the bed and make me your sex slave.” Ernie tells her hesitantly.

“What would I have to do?” She asks with interest.

“Only what you would feel comfortable doing.” he replies.

“I am willing to try if you tell me what to do.”

“The point is that you are the boss. I have to do what you tell me to do , and when and how to do it.” he chuckles.

“In that case… GET YOUR ASS IN THE BEDROOM! I want you striped, and spread eagle in two minutes or you will be punished.”

“Yes Mistress.” he answered as he ran to the bedroom tearing clothes off as he went.

When Allie walked into the bedroom she found him just as she had told him to be. with a fully hard member. Walking past him and going to the dresser, she pulled out some new hosiery and tied him to the bed.

Now she was at a loss as to what to do next. She had read of the things that people did and decided she was going to try all the things she had wanted to do for so long. She walked around the bed slowly removing her clothes one at a time. Ernie was starting to squirm. This was almost too much for him. He was loving every minute of it though. He could smell her and ached to taste her. Allie had never seemed the type to let him do that, but he hope that with this new power he would get to. He wanted to cum so bad but knew he need to ask permission first.

“Mistress, may I cum now?”

“Do you want to?”

“Oh! yes, Mistress. May I?”

“No, I don’t think I will let you just yet.” Allie removed her bra and then her panties. The sight almost made him cum but he knew she would be displeased if he did. Allie approached the bed and reached out to touch him. He was so hot. Allie experienced a shiver in anticipation of what was to come. Looking at him laying there all hers was a heady feeling. She had to try something. She walked onto the bed and stood looking at him. “Are you hungry? I hope so because you are about to be fed.” Without anything else said she lowered herself down onto his mouth and said “eat me”.

That was just what Ernie had been hoping for. It was a little difficult without hands, but he soon had her trembling. He could tell she liked it. She was getting so close. He pushed his tongue in a little further and that was all she could take. Allie experienced her first of many orgasms. It was as if all the bones in her body suddenly turned to liquid. She fell off of his mouth and laid there until her ears stopped ringing.

“Is cumming always like that?” She asked timidly.

“It is if it is done right.” he answered.

“I have to see what else is better like this.” With that she lowered herself down onto his hard cock. Just the feel of him inside of her and what he had just done to her brought more small orgasms. With every thrust waves of pleasure rolled through her body. Soon she was about to cum and looked into his eyes. What she saw there surprised her. Ernie had both pleasure and pain in his eyes. It was then she remembered that he was waiting for her to tell him he could cum. ” Are you ready to fill me with your seed?”

“YES! Mistress” he answered.

“Then do so” she said with a queenly air.

Allie was not disappointed. Just as he let go, she too came with a bang.

Exhausted they both collapsed and slept for a few hours. Allie awoke to find Ernie still tied to the bed, smiling. He had awaken to see her sleeping beside him. As he watched her, he thought back to what had happened. He was pleased with himself for seeing the possibility it her to be a more dominate person. Allie too was thinking of what had happened. She was feeling very pleased with herself.

As time went on Allie and Ernie continued to explore her Dom side. Allie was trying all the things she had read about but never thought she would ever get to do. One evening a month or so after the first time she had been dom, Allie decided she wanted to try something new. She decided that the next time they were together she would make him help her. She really didn’t think he would object. If he did then she would just have to punish him. With a smile she walked into the bathroom to shower before Ernie got there.

Allie had become a frequent shopper at the local Adult Novelty shop. Earlier that day she had stopped in on her way home from work to get something special for that night. She had bought a sexy new gown and some gel to help her in what she had planed for the evening.

Ernie was on time as was to be expected. She greeted him at the door in the red gown and high spiked heels. His jaw about dropped at the sight of what she had on, or rather what the gown revealed. The gown was floor length, sleeveless, cut to the navel in front, and to just above the crack of her ass in back. Ernie wasn’t sure how it stayed on, but enjoyed seeing illegal bahis siteleri how it clung to her body. She was BEAUTIFUL. Allie was a pretty girl but this beyond pretty. She was every man’s fantasy.

Allie reached out and pulled him by his tie into the living room. Once there she sat down in her favorite chair and commanded him to get down on the floor and eat his pie. Ernie quickly obeyed. Allie quickly found her release, then sat up pulling away from his mouth. He remain just were he was waiting for further instructions.

“You have been a very good slave. Because of that I want to reward you. Tonight you will teach me something I have been wanting to learn for quite a while.”

“What is that Mistress?”

“I want you to teach me how to give head.”

Ernie was shocked for a moment and then proceeded to start to tell her how.

“No! you ninny, I want to have you tell me as I do it. I will start and you tell me how to make it better. I want to know just when I am doing it right, and when I need to do different.” With that said she leaned forward and pushed him onto his back. Licking her lips, Allie took him in hand and lowered her lips to the head. Just as she reached him, his cock jumped. Allie giggled as this. “Do all cocks do that?”

“No Mistress. I am sorry but I am sooo excited to get this reward. I have been dreaming of you doing this for me for so long.”

Allie decided that this was going to be fun. She enjoyed the awesome feeling of power she had on him. Leaning forward once again she kissed him on the cock head and once again it jumped. Allie knew that she needed to be more forceful, so she dove in to her lesson. Her tongue reached out to lick the head and on down the shaft to the base. Ernie let out a moan and grasped the arms of the chair. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to wait much longer. It was all he could do to not explode. This was something that he had hoped that one day she would do for him, and now that the dream was becoming reality he want to explode.

Licking up and down the shaft, and around the head was really turning Allie on. Ernie timidly speaks up to say ” Mistress. Please if you will. Put it in your mouth and suck.”

“Thank you for your help my pet.” Allie then put as much as she can into her mouth , and not being used to it, immediately gagged.

“Oh Mistress, you can stop if you want. This is reward enough.”

“No, my pet. I knew this might happen and have come prepared.” Allie then took out the tube of gel she had bought at the Adult store earlier. She quickly read the directions, and applied it as directed. It was a mint tasting gel and lightly numbing. Allie smiled and dove back into what she had been doing. Taking him as deep as she could into her mouth she enjoyed the new feeling and taste. She was now able to take him deeper and Ernie about came unglued. Licking up the shaft as she pulled back on his dick, and stopping to give special treatment to just under the head, she continued her up and down movement on his shaft. Over and over she went.

He was about to dig his fingers through the arm of the chair. It was getting harder and harder to hold back. If she didn’t give him permission soon he would explode and she would punish him. It was almost worth it. Then he heard her say from around his cock “NOW”. That was all he needed. With the most forceful of blast he came.

Allie was shocked at first and then got a good taste of his seed and swallowed. She liked it. Soon he was spent , but Allie kept sucking on his now sensitive head. He gritted his teeth and soon she stopped.

Allie stood and looked at Ernie sitting there spent in the chair, and smiled. Now it was her turn. She walked over to the chair opposite of where he has and started to finger herself. Calling to him to come over and help her she tells him “It’s my turn now, eat me.”

Ernie is instantly alert and quickly crawls over to her chair and dives into her open slit. “Oh ya! That’s what I need. ” She grabs him by the ears and pulls him deeper. With his mouth buried he is able to stick his tongue in and almost reach her G-Spot. Allie realizing that he could smother, lets up on his head. This give him move room to move and starts to lick up and down, and in and out of her hole. With every lick up to her clit he would stop her a moment to suck on that little bud. It isn’t long before he sees that she is about to pop and centers his attention to just the nub. Sucking on it much like a baby sucking on a tit, she soon cums with a bang.

Recovering from the aftershocks of that great suck , she reaches out grabs him by his cock telling him “Come with me now. I have one more lesson for you to teach me and then you can rest.

As they enter the bedroom Allie releases him and positions herself, on her stomach, on the bed. “Lick my ass!”

This brings a smile to his lips. He thinks he has an idea of where this is going and is instantly hard again. He gets on the bed, spreads her cheeks and with that great tongue of his licks her ass. Allie moans so he reaches forward and inserts two canlı bahis siteleri fingers into her cunt.

“Now that you have it all lubed I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Yes Mistress. May I start with your pussy to juice up my cock?”

“Yessss” She breaths in anticipation.

As Ernie enters her body he tells her that when he enters her ass it will hurt, but there are things he can do to make it better.

“Like what” she asks.

“Well If I had a vibrator I could fuck your pussy with it as I do your ass.”

“I have some in the drawer in my nightstand. I also have some gels that are supposed to help.”

Ernie smiles. He realizes that she has thought this out completely. He reaches over, opens the drawer, and pulls out vibrator and gels, all without dislodging from her body. As he continues to pump slowly he applies jell to his finger and inserts it into her asshole.

Allie tightens, and then relaxes as he pushes in and out of both holes. With every stroke Ernie pushes deeper and deeper into her ass with his finger, soon he has added fingers one by one to stretch her as much as possible.

“Mistress, I think I have you stretched out enough. May I change holes now?”

Allie by this time is entranced with the new feelings of stimulation. “Yes, Please! I want you in my ass.”

Taking the vibe in hand he pulls out of her cunt and with one movement inserts the vibe in her pussy and and his cock in her ass. With every stroke she relaxes a little more and he is able to go deeper and deeper. The feelings of the vibe just on the other side of that thin membrane has him ready to cum quick. He can feel that she too is getting close. “Mistress Now?”

“Not yet. I want you to ram me till I tell you to cum.”

Being the good slave he is he bangs her as hard as he can with both his cock and the vibe. Allie is pushing back with every stroke and it isn’t long before she screams “NOW!!” They both erupt.

Allie was exhausted but there was just one more thing she wanted him to do. “Now I want you to clean up the mess you just made with your tongue, then you may leave.

He smiles and says “Yes Mistress”. Then licks her cunt and ass clean, gets dressed and goes home with her sleeping soundly on the bed.

As days turn to weeks Allie’s outlook on life changed. She became more confident and self assured which also helped to make her more assertive at work. It wasn’t long before others at work noticed. One of them was her boss.

“Miss Bishop, may I speak to you in my office?” Mr. Byers asked.

Allie gets up out of her chair, grabbing her steno pad as she goes thinking he wants to dictate a letter. As she entered the office she noticed a strange look on his face.

“Have a seat Allie. May I call you that?”

“If you want Mr. Byers. You are the boss.”

“Please call me Sherman or Sherm. That is what I was wanting to talk to you about. I have notice that you are more confident lately. I would like to see you advance in this company. As you probably know I am responsible for placing secretaries with executives. Finding the right person for the boss is very delicate work. Would you like to be a personal secretary?”

“Yes, very much so. I would like that.” Allie had noticed girls going into this very office, and coming out a hour or so later, packing there things and moving to one of the higher floors. She often wondered what they had to do to get the advancement. Now it seemed that she was about to find out for herself. “But what do I have to do to get an opportunity like that?”

“Have you ever heard the expression; You scratch my back and I will scratch yours?

“No, what does it mean?

” Well Allie it means you do me a favor and I will do you one in return. Are you interested?

“Oh yes Mr. Byers very much so. What do you have in mind?” Allie could tell that this conversation was really getting to him. As he spoke to her he shifted position frequently. She wondered just what she would have to do and if it would be worth it.

“I want to see how good you can control a man. The executive I have in mind likes to be ordered around at times. Do you think you can do that?”

“Oh yes I think I can.” Allie tells him with the hint of a smile.

Mr. Byers relaxes a bit. He always hates these first encounters. You never know if the girl will slap your face and tell, or agree. ” In that case I want you to show me how you can control me.”

“Then you need to be at my house at 7 sharp tonight! Here is the address. I expect to to be on time, or you will be punished. I also expect you to refer to me as Mistress.” With that Allie got up and walked out the door with a smile on her face, thinking to herself ‘I could get used to this real easy.’

Allie was in such a great mood going home that night that she decided to stop at her favorite store and buy something special for the night. Walking around the Adult store she sees some new toys she has been wanting to try out. She pick up them and heads to the register. Just as she is about to get there she sees a great outfit. Allie looks at the price and winces. Then thinking that she is in for a raise with the new position she splurges and buys it. Just the thought of what she is going to be doing to her boos and the possibility of more with Ernie and others gets her very hot.

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