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We passed by each other in the hallway. I was on my way to a meeting and in a rush to get a seat. Frank, strolled, as he always did, down the opposite way of the corridor. “Yo,yo.” He gleamed a small smile in my direction. His broad shoulders and chiseled chin betrayed any attempt he had to be subtle. I’m 5′ nothing and he’s 5′ 10″ with massive body compared to mine, and the hugest hands I’d ever seen.

“Whaddup, playa,” I said awkwardly. Immediately I’m embarrassed, yet Frank rolls it off like it’s nothing, and chuckles. The fitted white collared shirt he had on was spotless, and his pinstriped tie, his favorite, was loosened. He always wore clothes that seemed to be made just for him. The way fabric fell on his body just seemed divine. His sleeves were rolled up, which meant it was the late afternoon. Frank’s arms were sculpted; his shoulders firm and round lead to his lovely neck with the top collar button unbuttoned. The prominence of his chest in the way that he walked showed that this man loved to go to the gym a fair amount.

With all the business I have to deal with, I could never allow myself to enjoy the gentle gaze that he always gave me when he saw me. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to focus for the rest of the day. So today I just allowed myself a polite smile, and hurried past. As we crossed paths, the scent of his cologne slowly drew my attention – it wasn’t overpowering, but just enough so that you’d notice. I shook my head, bringing myself back to reality. “To the conference room,” I say quietly to myself as I make my way through the door. No one was here yet, of course. I was early – I’m always early.

I set my laptop down; the sudden whiff of his cologne filled my mind. It was never strong, but just enough for me to pick up on. My team suddenly filed into the room I was settling in. “Hey, Miss Early Bird!” My good friend Maria barged in, with her bubbly voice. “So I saw your guy going off somewhere with his friends in the hallway!” She always teased me about Frank and I, and how we would make a great looking couple.

“Thanks for the update, news channel 8, but you know I’m taken, and he’s not my ‘guy’,” I said, sticking my tongue out. Maria was my best friend. She knew all of my business, as all best friends should. But she knew the goings on in my head like she read my mind.

“He doesn’t have to know!” Maria winked at me.

The meeting started and I was distracted of course. My boss was ranting on about the merger and how much of a shithole this place was going to become (in not so many words, of course). But that smell kept taking me away in my head. Frank was so quiet, but attention-grabbing. A bit arrogant, but humble in a strange way. I liked the way that he would look at you with a warm stare but still was able to make you feel he looked through you. Frank had this way about him that made you anxious yet comfortable. Not to mention the air being thick with attraction every time we saw each other. For the past couple of months, I wrestled with the fantasy of standing in front of Frank and smelling the area around his shoulders to his neck. The thought of it even made me forget about the meeting. I felt a small mischievous smile graze my mouth.

Before I realized it, the meeting was over. For some reason, I was eager to get into the hallway where I had seen Frank. Small bouts of excitement helped the long day of work move just a bit faster. I was slightly disappointed when he obviously wasn’t there. I got to my desk and felt like a child that didn’t get to play with her toys.

My mind wandered again as I buried my head, staring at my dual computer screens. “I wonder what it would be like to see him, working out.” I bit my pen as my thoughts became increasingly dirty. A small fluttering in my stomach started as I thought about Frank sweaty. His caramel skin, athletic arms, clever smile and round lips. The fluttering became warm and moved down toward my thighs. “Great,” I thought to myself. “I’m not even half way through the day and I’m already getting that feeling..”


My job is fairly complex. Work seldom stops for me, and consumes a lot of my time. My boyfriend is a bit of a starving artist who seems to have the world at his fingertips, while I toil over excel spreadsheets and calls from idiots that need me to explain how to do their jobs. Like a job should, it fulfills me, but it does overwhelm me from time to time. I’m value added, my team is awesome, and my superiors love to bounce me around the country for business. It’s my love life that feels a little less exciting. Being a focused career girl, and having a boyfriend obsessed with his paintings and sketches, doesn’t exactly breed the best sex life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but many times it just feels like we’re disconnected. Simply going through the motions seems to keep what we have together. But something seems to be missing. Intimacy can be faked, but raw passion is something that cannot be replaced. It is the random and spontaneous love-making that I desperately need. The thought of the raw sweat casino siteleri of a man’s brow dripping on to the bed sheets makes me anxious. I would give anything to feel the flexion of his abdominals in to my hips. Grunting, moaning, grabbing. Hell! I just need that experience of one man worshipping my body as a sexual being. “Ha!” I chuckle, at the thought of simply asking to fuck more often. But even then, I have to be played with first and warmed up before a romp. I need to be worked up right, if I am to want more from my lover. Make me want more. Ensure that I want to own you as my own after. If a man could do that, then let’s just say my rabbit wouldn’t be “useful”. To be completely honest, I think my rabbit gets lucky more often than my boyfriend does. Actually, I know it does.


It was 6pm finally. The day dealing with invoices and angry customers with stupid requests was done. Well, until my phone went off again. I tried to pack my stuff away so that I could get home to my empty apartment – scrupulously clean, like I like it.

Hurrying down to the center elevator, I couldn’t help but think it would be purely serendipitous to run into Mr White on my way down. I could conveniently run into to him as we waited in the lobby. I could still smell that lingering scent of cologne from earlier in the day, just barely sensible to the nose. The look of Frank’s face with its five o’clock shadow, and his deep eyes that suggest sex. Umm. Just to watch him gently undoing his tie, as if to say “Can you please help me take my shirt off?”

The elevator came.. Sadly no one was in the lobby. A strong urge told me to wait for the next so I watched it go down without me. Pushing the down button again, an eager feeling started to rise in the base of my chest. I waited again. No strapping young man in the lobby. Helplessness crept over my belly. Small enough to ignore, yet noticeable. The tin box welcomed me and my slightly bummed attitude. The door closed, while I noticed the fake wood panelling and an ugly brown-green rug.

Suddenly, someone stuck his hand in the way of the sliding planes of steel. “Which dumb idiot is in such a rush?” I thought quietly to myself. The doors slid back open. I was pleasantly surprised to see the object of my desire at the other end of the sculpted arm. His massive frame glided into the tight space. Frank’s pants fit well, and he was wearing dress shoes that you could tell he took meticulous care of. He had his tried sex face that I can’t look at without staring.

“Thanks for not shutting the door on my hand,” he said half-jokingly giving me a charming, he wink.

“Next time, come on time!” I stuck my tongue out, then hit him on the shoulder. Our silly routine that made the day go by. He teased me and winked, which made my knees wobble. I gave him shit back with some strange face.

“Careful! My girl wouldn’t like random girls touching me,” he said, sticking his tongue out back at me.

“As if you don’t love it when I do stuff like that to you.” We both chuckled.

He looked back at me, as if to say “Yes, I do”. A small silence fell over the elevator as we tried to break eye contact. In just those few seconds, the sexual tension that I had grown accustomed to built between us.

“So, any plans tonight?” he asked.

“Um… Nothing really, Freddy’s got another art exhibit that he has to host.”

“That sucks monkey balls, dude.”

“Yeah, but what am I gonna do?”

“Um, let’s see.” A mischievous look came across his face as he looked in my direction. “You could hire a masseuse?” Frank said, with a sneaky inflection.

My heart leaped in my throat. “A masseuse? And how would I find one on short notice?” The anxious feeling quickly left, as I played with the idea in my head.

“Well, there is this awesome guy I know, has low rates, and would give you a discount with my referral,” he said confidently, as the elevator touched down to the parking garage. .

“Is that so!? Then tell him to call me for directions to my place,” I said instinctively. My mind wasn’t thinking. “I expect deep tissue. I need to get rid of this tightness in my quads.” I was surprised at how easily I fell into that role. But my body seemed to be taking the reins at this point.

“Jeez! Bossy lady!” Frank smiled at me with his usually suggestive sex face. “I’ll let him know,” he said, slyly sticking his tongue out at me. Softly. Tempting me.


I got home faster than I expected. My mind raced over the fantasy of my personal “masseuse” working into my back, down my spine, and squeezing my hips. The warmth rising between his hands and my skin would take me over the edge. The image of our two bodies so close together touching each other filled my head. The slow anticipation of what would happen next . My body wouldn’t be able to handle it. The thought of a man like Frank smoothing his palms against the lengths of my legs, squeezing my muscles in my inner thighs, rubbing my feet and back to my thighs again, made me want. Just thinking about my calves around his neck slot oyna made my panties soak instantly.

“Great – now I have to hit the shower again!” I mumbled to myself, out of my trance. Cold showers always bought my head back to earth. And judging from the wetness between my legs, I needed it.


I stepped out of the shower refreshed as I looked at my phone. I put on my robe to see a missed a call from Frank’s number. I figured it was a question about work. He usually liked to call about work, then find some clever way of asking me to go somewhere.

Minutes later, my phone shook as I walked past the kitchen table to make tea – a text this time.

“Hello, this is F&W Massage Therapy Consulting. Half rates at $50 per half hour. Please confirm services for tonight by replying Y for yes or N for no”.

My thumbs acted of their own accord, “Y”

The reply was quick. “Consultant confirmed – E.T.A. 45 minutes”.

I laughed quietly. My excitement grew as time passed. “Is this really happening?’ I thought to myself “He has to be joking.” I rationalized it down. “After all, he has a girlfriend, and I have my absentee boyfriend.” My mind feasted on the fantasy. It would feel nice to have someone at least to cuddle with while I sat home alone. A man I was attracted to would be a plus, and someone that wouldn’t mind making the effort. I needed someone tall dark and handsome. Someone I was already comfortable with. Someone I wanted. Someone whose winks in the afternoon made me melt. For a split second, my knees felt like jelly.


The tea kettle sounded in the kitchen as the next text appeared on my phone.

“Consultant outside ;-)”

Slight shock and warm excitement overcame me as I hurried to the door to see Frank’s car parked in my driveway.

“Hey, I’m the masseuse for tonight’s therapy session. An associate of mine referred me here. Are you the right address?”

Frank stood at the bottom of my stoop with a confused look on his face. He seemed professional with his white T shirt, white khaki pants and a bag full of equipment. He gave himself to the role too well. The cotton fabric seemed to hug his torso just enough to cling lightly to his collar bone. My lips became jealous.

“Yes sir.” My thighs were screaming for his hands to touch them.

“Very good. I’ve not my table with me at the moment, so I think it would be best to use the bedroom.”

Without a word, I led him through the apartment and showed him the bed.

“I’ll set up on the bed here. You can take your robe off and watch me set the area. I promise I won’t peek,” he said with a wink. My pussy was suddenly warm.

Thoughts of his touch filled my head as I watched him. All I could think about was this behemoth humping inside of me. Frank’s huge hands holding my hips steady. My blood burned for it. I had to fight the warm feeling of anxiousness making me want to jump him right there.


Frank laid towels down on the bed, and used one of my night stands as a table to hold various oils.

“Please lay down on your belly, and we will begin.”

I disrobed looking at him. My stare was soft with a wanting so strong I knew he could feel it in his chest. I presented myself to him in all of my naked glory. Frank never missed a step as he looked approvingly at my birthday suit.

I relaxed on his towels, and caught a whiff of his scent again as I did the hallway. The smell of him engulfed my brain. His cologne had weakened slightly, but still enough send my brain into a mush. I wanted to smell Frank on me. He could mark me, at least for tonight. I breathed in deeply to control my urges.


His hands were intoxicating. Frank spoke with his hands. This was the point of no return. My exposed body lying on my bed, face buried in one Frank’s warm towels, and his hands gently kneading into my back.

Frank was so careful. It felt as if his fingers knew every crevasse my body held secret. His hands explored every piece of skin that existed on my torso. First my neck, then into my shoulders, down the middle of my back. I felt him on my shoulder blades, to the meat between my ribs and sides, to the exposed flesh of my breasts, back to my sides and my lower back. He was methodical with his technique.

Frank’s palms found my backside then hips. Juices flowed between my legs as if preparing themselves for him. Slow circles soothed my hips as I felt Frank rock me forward and back. I couldn’t help but imagine how his hips would feel adjacent to mine. The feeling of his powerful thighs between mine, slamming his manhood inside of me made me moan.

My legs spread themselves. I wanted him so bad. His hands worked down my bottom to the insides of my thighs. No doubt I was drenched at this point. Fingers lightly explored me with a gentle firmness that caused my body to want more.

Finally Frank’s hands reached my lips and massaged my sex slowly. I grabbed my sheets as I knew a mind-numbing orgasm would ensue. I tried to hold back my throbbing temptation. I wanted to enjoy his canlı casino siteleri fingers for as long as I could stand it. To feel Frank inside of me was ecstasy.

His fingertips were nimble at first. Massage oil together with my wetness allowed for a smooth glide within my inner and outer lips. It felt like his fingers could touch and caress every inch of hot skin down there. I wanted them to. It felt good to feel large hands circling round my clit. With each pass, a finger seemed to venture further into my pink wetness. First shallow yet soft, then deeper with an ever firmer pressure. Not too long after that, I felt a second digit embed itself in deep. The slow rhythmic pushing and pulling of Frank’s probing was too overwhelming.

“If you don’t stop… I’m gonna…” I said, struggling.

“Shh… It’s ok…” Frank’s voice was soothing, “I didn’t come all this way for you to cum once… Go ahead… I want you to before I fuck you…”

My body started convulsing at those words and my eyes felt like they rolled themselves to the back of my head. “Ohhh,” I screamed. “Oh My God! Why does this have to be so good!” My mouth grunted words into the pillow absorbing my slurred vowels. My hands wrapped themselves in the fitted bed sheets trying to stabilize my quivering body. My hips humped at Frank’s palm, quickening in pace as I felt the last of my insides flex around his fingers.

Back and forth, his hand was firm and steady as the second wave of convulsions came. I wanted Frank so bad. I imagined his pants down and his throbbing erection pumping me as my abdomen strained and flexed. My body felt like it was possessed by passion.


My chest rose and fell as I tried to calm myself. It took time to center my mind enough to get to what I really wanted. I would be spent if it wasn’t for the burning desire to feel Frank’s cock force itself into my long-awaiting cunt. To see what he looked like with his confining pants off. Just to see what was causing that tent in Frank’s loins.

I was too worked up to wait any longer. I needed to see what was making me so crazy. I needed to see what made him a man. My hand instinctively reached for his crotch, pulling down Frank’s pants. His boxers fell to the floor.

Frank presented his hips with a stiff erection pointed at my face. My hands explored his girth with the utmost care. My thighs feared the thought of it inside of my pink wetness. I pulled my body in front of Frank with legs wide for him. I looked into his eyes which seemed to burn into mine. I knew that, at that moment, Frank wanted me as much as I wanted him. Finally we could give ourselves to the thing that we’d been dancing around for months. Now was our chance.

His hands found my hips again, his hard erection pointed right at my entrance. Hips drew close to mine. The tip touched just outside of my pussy lips, warm and ready, and wet. He used his hand to guide himself around my sex. Still he wanted torture me.

“Even now you tease me?” The words escape my breath.

“Better to savor you with, my dear,” Frank declared.

He made circles around my pussy using only the head of his throbbing manhood. I wasn’t sure how much I could stand. My clit wanted so much.

“Please Frank, I want it”.

Slowly his hips fell into my wetness. I felt him fill all of me, consume my being. The slow rocking motion of Frank’s thighs was hypnotizing to my body. He held my legs with one hand while the other palmed my mound, rubbing my clit in circles. My head arched back to give Frank’s cock more room to invade me. I loved his hands on me, his face as he forced himself not to cum. Even the faint smell of Frank’s sweat from this morning drove me to the point of madness.

His pelvis started to buck quickly. The ramming inside of me felt more and more intense with the thuds coming from Frank’s determined need. I could feel the engorged member between my legs. My excitement grew again. He pinned my hips against the bed as I held the meat between his shoulders and neck. Frank went harder and harder as thuds grew louder.

My chest rose as I started to feel the impending orgasm build. His slow grunts became more frequent, and his cock started to flex. I saw Frank’s jaws part as he spoke the first utterance of my name. My body was sent reeling with Frank’s cry. Both of our hips rolled in and out of each other, trying to make sense of the beautiful chaos our bodies had built up over the past few months. My thighs erupted in huge muscle spasms that seemed to last forever.

Frank doubled over me as our orgasm took what last bit of energy he had. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I returned the embrace. I rested my head on his.


All my thoughts were wrapped in this man as I lay admiring Frank’s performance. This man was the one I had fantasized about for so long. This man that teased me all day, and left me mesmerized. The winks and flirtatious smiles we teased each other with. Our small attempts at small talk led up to all of this. Frank’s broad shoulders over my body and small scents of cologne in my sheets. My urges to smell him or touch him were like a drug to me. Frank was mine, at least for tonight. Now, the question was… How do can I get another appointment for next week?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32