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We were working late one evening as we had a project due early the next morning. I was in my office that is across the hall from yours. My eyes strained from staring at the computer most of the day only looking away to catch a glimpse of your butt as you entered your office. We would make small talk when we had the chance but nothing more than that, the first day I saw you I took notice of the lack of a wedding band on your ring finger so you weren’t married or maybe I was just hoping.

My elbows propped on my desk with my head resting in the palm of my hands, kneading my head hoping it would relieve some of the pain that seemed to be increasing. I heard a knock at my office door, without looking up I just half motioned to come in. I felt your presence behind my desk chair, your hands began rubbing my temples, and my head tilted back with enjoyment as my eyes remained closed. Your hands left my temples sliding down my neck to my shoulders releasing the tension that had settled into them earlier. “Umm that feels good” I heard myself saying. You moved your hands unbuttoning the sleeveless blouse I am wearing. Pushing it aside revealing the white-laced bra that hid my breasts. You pushed my blouse down my arms until it was behind me, you planted a kiss upon the top of my head as you traced the outline of my bra, my nipples hardened from your gentle touch.

Spinning me around in my chair so that we are now face to face, you bring your lips to mine kissing me a deep passionate kiss, while your lips are pressed upon mine you unlatched my bra that is hooked in the front. You move your mouth from my lips and down to my breasts, my nipples are now fully erect from the passion. As you pull yourself away from me, and casino siteleri stand straight up I look in your eyes, I unbutton and unzip your pants letting them drop to the floor, I pull your manhood out into the office air, your cock so thick and juicy I cannot wait to taste it. I fit as much of your cock as I can into my mouth touching my throat, I begin moving up and down your shaft only stopping to lick the tip or look into your eyes.

I continue sucking this big cock I want to taste you’re hot cum shoot into my mouth. I remove my mouth and find your balls as my hand replace the jerking of your shaft. I use the precum it has spurted as lotion. Your balls so round and full of juice, I lick and suck them gently. I swap positions with my hand, Your cock bulging preparing to cum, finally I receive my first taste, it was like eating ice cream on a hot summer day – HEAVEN. I devoured all that you had to offer without spilling any, and with that I removed my mouth and licked my lips clean. From the look in your eyes you knew I wanted more of your hot load but without speaking a word you pulled me to my feet.

Undoing my skirt you dropped it to the floor, you stepped back to eye what was standing before you, the only words that you spoke were, ” Beautiful.” You reached over and planted a quick kiss on my lips before hungrily moving down my body until you have reached my white lace panties. Before you remove them also, you decide to brush you thumbs across my panty-hidden clit, that touch took my breath away momentarily as the fire was lit in my groin. You pushed my panties downwards, as I planted my hands upon your shoulders to step out of them leaving me standing there in high heels and naked.

I felt so vulnerable slot oyna at that moment yet so horny. You planted a kiss on my clit before urging me to spread my legs a further. You took my clit between your teeth as your tongue licked, a finger had found the wetness of my snatch and you inserted it once again taking my breath away. Since I was becoming unsteady on my feet you motioned that I climb upon my desk. You grabbed the heels of my shoes, kissing the inside of my leg as you placed each leg upon a shoulder. You were quickly between my thighs again, but this time instead of just inserting a finger into my pussy you also stuck one gently into my backdoor, I squirmed with delight as you moved your fingers in and out of my two holes while flicking my clit with your tongue. I brought my fondled my tits squeezing them and then pulling at my nipples.

My nipples finding my mouth, I suck them and then bite them as the moisture between my legs escalates. I knead my breast as you continue eating my pussy and finger fucking me. I feel my orgasm coming my moans filling the silence of my office, I begin to cum but you don’t stop, your tongue licking up and down my pussy, you then remove that one finger so that you can suck the nectar of my fruit. You also drank all that I had to offer, standing I grabbed your arms wanting to show you just how badly I wanted you. Your cock pushing against my clit as I held your face and kissed you tasting my own sweetness on your lips.

You still hadn’t spoken and pulled me to my feet turning me around and bending me at the waist so that my tits were pressed against the desk. You used your foot to spread my legs apart again. You teased me by rubbing the tip of your cock against my clit, canlı casino siteleri moving down to the entrance of my pussy just inserting the tip and driving me wild. I wanted that big cock of your inside me, begging you to “fuck me good and hard,” with that you pushed your stiff pole inside me, I shrieked with pain from the stretching you had caused.

You began moving in and out of me with long slow strokes but I didn’t want to be gentle, I wanted it hard and fast. Your pace quickened as your balls rocking from your thrusts causing them to tease my clit, you slapped me ass, I had to grasp the sides of the desk with my hands to sturdy myself you slapped my ass again “Umm baby I like that” I spoke. My pussy muscles squeezing around your cock so it couldn’t escape, how I love you inside me, you feel sooo good. You grabbed my hips with your hands so that you could pull me deeper onto your cock, my ass red and stinging from your slaps but yet your cock making me forget about the pain.

My nails digging into the sides of the desk, my knuckles so white from the pounding that you were giving me from behind. I could feel your cock getting ready to shoot its load inside me, as my body also got ready. I could tell we both were going to have very intense orgasms. My pussy so wet already you were sliding in and out without any difficulties. I began to moan really loud and that seemed to encourage you even more.

I knew I was going to cum when my body began to tremor, I could feel my juices being released as I covered your cock with my nectar, You pumped me a few more times before pulling my ass to your body as you released your own juices inside me. You held me against you still inside me making sure we were both finished, removing your tired cock from my throbbing wet pussy you sat me onto the desk again. I pulled you close so that I could kiss deeply and passionately savoring every moment of the time with you in my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32