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Howdy, folks. We are the Supreme Collective of Obscure Sexual Adventurers. An organization made up of gay, bisexual and heterosexual men and women who are first-rate sexual adventurers. I am Brother Sam, the Founder and Executive Director. We have a special surprise for you today. In fact, we’re going to get really messy for you today. Do you have a thing for big beautiful women? Of course you do! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you? Alright, then. We have a sexy plump beauty named Cheryl Etienne and she’s going to go to great lengths to dazzle you today. In fact, you’re going to find out things you’ve never thought about before. Cheryl is going to give her anal virginity to a very special black man today.

This is an occasion worth celebrating. For starters, did you know that big women’s butt holes are over forty percent tighter than those of other women? Yeah, just a little-known fact which most people go to their graves not knowing about. Cheryl is going to demonstrate this for us. Watch her, folks. Are you watching? She’s a six-foot-tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed female with light brown skin, long curly black hair and pale green eyes. Half black and half Irish. A sexy dame. We went all the way to the University of Mount Washington to find her. This sexy gal is not shy at all. In fact, she even told us her weight. Cheryl weighs two hundred and seventy pounds. She’s proud of every inch of her body. And we’re going to inspect it together, aren’t we, folks?

We’ve been watching the worlds of erotica and pornography for ages and while we’ve been fascinated, we’ve also found some things to be lacking in it. The world of porn is starting to lack in imagination. The plots and scenes of many movies have become boring. You must be stunned. How can porn be boring? Porn is shocking. It’s provocative. It’s disgusting. It’s astonishing. It’s sometimes even wicked. But it can never be boring. To say that porn is boring is to break the eleventh and most sacred commandment. And I just did. I hope I don’t get struck by lightning for this. Oh, well. Don’t hate on me. Someone had to say it. Porn watchers of both sexes canlı bahis şirketleri and all races have noticed this for a long time. Now, they demand explanations.

Folks, we’re heading into unknown territory. For a long time, I’ve tried to bring some excitement into the world of erotica and porn. I did the unthinkable. I brought you into the bedrooms of black men and black women. Especially sexy black male athletes and the big, beautiful black women whom they lust after. I walked through the existence of bisexual black males from all walks of life. I’ve stunned and shocked you. Yes, black men love fucking women of all races in the ass. Yes, big women do have tight assholes and I challenge any anatomy expert who disagrees. Let he or she get a measuring tape and let’s go find a big, beautiful woman to volunteer in order to prove or disprove our respective theories. Anyone care to challenge this? No? Okay.

I walked you into the lives of the so-called strong women of the world. The rich businesswomen. The single mothers. The policewomen. The female politicians. The female firefighters. The female engineers. The female soldiers. I’ve debunked countless female myths. Yes, strong women love it when a strong man takes charge in the bedroom. They get a sick pleasure from being dominated. Most of them can’t admit it. But they love to be made to suck big manly cocks before these very same cocks spit cum all over their faces. Then, these strong women love to be put on their hands and knees before their pussies and asses get fucked like sex is going out of style. It’s not politically correct to say that modern women don’t like to be in control all the time. But since when has political correctness ever stopped me?

Back to the bedrooms of black men and big black women. Black people like to have their cake and eat it too. I’m a bisexual black man and a college student. I also like to meet men and women for unlimited fun. Lots of folks live the same lifestyle I lead. They’re just hypocritical about it. They encourage all kinds of myths to spread about them. Mythologies about the black race need to be debunked. Although the majority of the black canlı kaçak iddaa male characters in my stories have super-sized dicks, not all black men have big tools. Not all black women have huge breasts and big butts. Not every black man is a sex-crazing adventurer and not every black woman is a lust-filled nymphomaniac. Wouldn’t it be cool if they were, though? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Lots of black men have a hidden fetish for strap on dildos. Yes, some black men do enjoy being fucked by women wearing strap on dildos. It’s not something you see a lot in porn movies. It’s mostly white guys getting their tight asses proved by super-sized dildos wielded by sexy black, white, Asian and Latin women. Why can’t black men experience the same kind of pleasure? I say that’s discrimination. Black men are entitled to being fucked silly by women wearing strap on dildos until they beg for mercy. It’s their right as citizens of the world. Anyone who disagrees should go stuff himself or herself. End of story.

Also, lots of black women have another hidden fetish. They love to suck cocks and get their pussies and assholes filled with big cock, especially big black cock. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible for these empowered black women to admit that they need black men in their lives. They must keep their noses eternally stuck in the air and also say something unpleasant about the black man, with or without merit, factual or fictional, every chance they get. Oh, well. The only reason why we still get together is because of sexual attraction. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally, we can’t stand each other. Sex is a powerful drive but shouldn’t there be more than just that between men and women, especially black couples? I think I might be asking too much.

I struggled to write that which doesn’t seem to ever be told yet deserves to be said. That which many crave to see but seldom glimpse. Black men fucking large black women in the ass. Blonde-haired, sexy, dominant white women shoving long and hard dildos into the tight asses of submissive and very willing black men. Big women of all races who love sex, including anal sex. Men of all races with canlı kaçak bahis a preference for big beautiful women. Bisexuality in the lives of black men. Positive bisexual stories featuring black men and the women in their lives. It’s not all Down Low this and Down Low that. For all of my efforts, I became a seemingly universal pariah. Isn’t that great?

Oh, well. I’m getting ahead of myself here. I smile at Cheryl. The sexy biracial plump beauty smiled at me, and assumed the position, just like we practiced. She got on her hands and knees, spreading her plump butt cheeks wide open. She was already properly lubricated I smiled, and unzipped my pants. Out came my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. I rubbed it, then pressed it against Cheryl’s puckered asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. I never get tired of doing that. To date, I can’t count the number of big women or sexy men whose butts I’ve fucked. However, each asshole is as unique as its owner and needs to be shown the proper deference.

Today, I had a special treat. Cheryl was both a big woman and an anal sex virgin. That’s really cool. What does that mean? I got a super-tight ass to play with. Cheryl was a strong gal, in that she didn’t scream as I began thrusting my dick deeper into her asshole. Lots of females describe themselves as strong women. Shove ten inches of hard, uncircumcised black cock up their assholes and they start howling loud enough to wake the dead. With a huge dick up their assholes, strong women start singing Soprano! I’m serious. They’ll whine like a bunch of punks! To me, a strong woman is she who can take a super-sized dick up her asshole while smiling and keeping the whining down to a strict minimum. Got it? Cool. I grabbed a handful of Cheryl’s lustrous black hair and yanked her head back as I slammed my cock into her asshole. Again, she amazed me by not screaming as I filled her tight ass with my dick. She just made sexy grunting noises. Satisfied, I plowed into her like a madman, until I finally came, blasting my hot load deep into her asshole. Cheryl finally screamed. What a wonderful sound. I pulled out, satisfied at last. Every big woman should scream while losing her anal virginity. So, folks, how did you like it? Was it as fun for you as it was for me? I can promise you that it was great for Cheryl. She smiled twice, once with her mouth, and the other time with her gaping asshole. See you later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32