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I was 27-years-old. She told me she was 42-years-old. I found out later that she was 45-years-old. What did it matter? It didn’t matter to me how old she was. I wanted her. Certainly, she didn’t look her age nor did she act her age. She was zany. She was fun. She was everything that the younger women my age were not.

She was beautiful. She was sexy. She had dancer’s legs, an incredible body, and she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I loved her.

Back then, there was a climate of change that made it acceptable for younger men to be with older woman. Suddenly, respectable mature women became lecherous cougars. Suddenly, the tables turned from the rich, fat, powerful men with women half their age to well groomed, good looking women who didn’t want to age gracefully and who wanted some hot action on the side from a hard bodied, young stud to make them feel younger, wanted, and alive. Hormones raged everywhere.

Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel fame with his song Mrs. Robinson musically saved the memory that the movie The Graduate created on the big screen for every testosterone filled male to imagine when fantasizing about making love to an older woman. In the privacy of our bathroom or bedroom we stroked our excitement while envisioning Mrs. Robinson’s, played by Anne Bancroft, shapely, nylon covered thighs when she exposed more than her personal life and more than her lust to Benjamin Bradcock, played by a nervous Dustin Hoffman. Suddenly, it was the cat chasing the dog.


If you were as horny as I was back then, when I imagined the erotic movie scenes I made it more personal by inserting casino siteleri an older woman I knew and wanted to seduce. Because of what the director, Mike Nichols, didn’t show compared to what he did show, the scene where Mrs. Robinson sat on the bar stool with her legs spread was just as erotic as was the scene when she ran to him naked and trapped him in her bedroom slamming shut the door behind her.

Be honest, how many of you called him a moron for running out of her bedroom? Anne Bancroft? Back then? She was naked for God’s sakes. Yeah, I’d do her. She was sexy in a Lauren Bacall sort of smoky way. Yeah, sure, her husband just came home, but Benjamin wanted no part of this seduction long before hubby called up to her from downstairs that he was home.

Although they never showed it, we imagined her panty clad pussy or maybe she wasn’t even wearing panties, daring for 1967, but that scene was all so very erotic just the same. Erotica is when there is less to make you imagine more and later in the movie when they quickly flashed on Anne Bancroft’s naked form, you imagined more than what you saw of her in her body stocking. Unlike Barbarella and The Last Tango in Paris with the movie Caligula blowing film noir puritan censorship to bits a few years later, The Graduate is more remembered today because it chose erotica over full frontal nudity.

Much like the feeling received when reading a book and allowing your imagination to run wild to fill in whatever details that appeals to you that the writer has omitted, imagining and visualizing what they don’t show in the movie is more powerful, provocative, and slot oyna memorable than what we can see. A perfect example of that are porn movies. What are the major complaints when watching porn movies? There’s no storyline and the dialog sucks.

Except for a few porn movies, even though they are graphically and sexually explicit, we forget what we watched as soon as we watch them and oftentimes are bored to death after only a few minutes. Not so with an erotic movie, such as was The Graduate. Erotica titillates our own erotic thoughts exciting of our lustful desires enough to take over where the directors, actors, and writers have left off.

If that movie was not enough to stroke a horny male’s secret desire to bed an older woman, the Summer of 42 with the beauty of Jennifer O’Neil, playing Dorothy, befriending a young, innocent man, Hermie, played by Gary Grimes, while vacationing on Nantucket Island was what inspired erotic dreams, nighttime erections, and premature ejaculations. I spent many a restless night imagining Jennifer O’Neil’s naked form in bed with me.

Suddenly, it was the ’70’s and there was an explosion of sex. Woody Allen was there to tell us all about sex with his movie, Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask and Allen Funt of Candid Camera fame was there to show us naked women with his movie What Do You Say To A Naked Lady. With mini-skirted women showing their shapely legs and exposing their panties at school, in work, and on the subway, sex was everywhere. Fortunately sometimes and unfortunately other times, erotica was what we had left when we weren’t getting lucky.

Only canlı casino siteleri and unbelievably, with the advent of the Internet search engines that will find whatever floats your boat videos, there’s even more sex today than there was then. Receiving a blowjob today on the first date is oftentimes expected and is now nearly on the same excited level as receiving a goodnight French kiss and a handful of tit that it was forty years ago. Times have changed. The definition of what is considered sex may have been graphically and publicly redefined with Bill Clinton’s explanation after receiving a blowjob from Monica Lewinski, but thank God erotica is still the same as it was when Gustave Flaubert wrote Madame Bovary and D. H. Lawrence wrote Lady Chatterley’s lover.

It was a time when Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson played non-stop over the car radio never allowing horny young men to forget the erotic and once forbidden mystery of a younger man having sex with an older woman. Before the term MILF was popular, we all wondered about the charms of our older sister’s friends, our friend’s mothers, our mother’s friends, the older women at the checkout in the supermarket, the older women shopping at the mall, and the older women who cashed our checks at the bank.

Suddenly, twenty-something-year-old men realized that when their twenty-something-year-old girlfriends didn’t want to give it up and put out because they wanted to save their virginity for their wedding night, there were an army of sexually unsatisfied and frustrated, horny forty-something-year-old women, who wanted to be part of the sexual explosion and who were ready to make our sexual fantasies erotic memories.

“And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson, for helping to make my erotic memories something that I can now look back with deep desire sated.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32