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This is the fourth story in And Mother Makes Four. Reading the first story introduces the characters and their sexual appetites. The second and third stories expand those sexual appetites and introduce new players. As I said in the previous stories I will continue the sequel as long as there continues to be positive feedback. To date I received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement to continue the series. My thanks go to all who encourage my writing. I have also taken into consideration the suggestions some of you have made and tried to incorporate those sex scenes into the story. Enjoy!


The Reggae Party and After

The Reggae party was terrific there were local islanders performing and an opportunity to learn to dance. My of the resort staff were present to act as Reggae partners and teach the guests to dance. We met a few other couples as well. Two of the couples were from Canada and were swingers. They were rooming together for the week.

Lori was a dark haired beauty who reminded you of Demi Moore complete with the boob job. Most noticeable were her solid quads and firm ass. Her husband Dan was a good looking guy and stayed fit playing hockey. The other couple, Nancy and Dave was opposites of Lori and Dan. Nancy was an attractive petite Japanese girl and Dave looked more like a blond surfer type.

Biff, of course, could not take his eyes off Lori’s ass. He didn’t even try to be discreet and a few times Lori caught him. Joannie told her that Biff wouldn’t be satisfied until he had fucked every hot ass on the planet. Lori then smiled and asked Joannie if Biff thought her ass was hot. Joannie responded by grabbing one of Lori’s ass cheeks and telling her she did. I thought to myself, “Those two!”

They were intrigued with our arrangement and asked if they could hook up with us sometime during the week. We told them that we were going to a party tonight but that we usually hung out at the nude beach in the afternoon. Lori and Nancy, although they went topless at the regular beach, were apprehensive about the nude beach. I told them that it was my first nude beach experience and it was easy to get used to. We departed saying that we would look for them at lunch tomorrow.


After the Reggae party we made our way back to the room to change into shorts and tees and then made our way over to the girl’s room or the “Isle of Lesbos” as Joannie called it. When we arrived Brandy and Michelle were already there and they and the girls were naked. All four of the girls already had their strap-on dildos on ready for action.

“Not wasting any time,” Joannie remarked. “No this is our last night and we want to make the most of it,” said Naomi.

We shed our clothes and put them in a pile and awaited the instructions from Naomi. She always seemed to direct the action and tonight would be no different.

“Okay a deal is a deal. Brandy and Michelle get on all fours and Jean and I will fuck you guys first. Biff and Jerry give them your cocks to suck,” direct Naomi.

Naomi and Jean applied lubricant to the assholes of Brandy and Michelle. Then Naomi slid her fake cock into Brandy’s ass and Jean slid hers into Michelle. Brandy greedily sucked in Biff’s cock and Michelle took Jerry’s in his mouth. Naomi and Jean began slowly and then gradually picked up the pace fucking the two gays as they enthusiastically sucked on the cocks in their mouth. It was quite an erotic sight.

Erin and Rita had Joannie and I get down on all fours and they filled our pussies with their strap-on cocks. We were positioned so that all four of us could watch the other six-some as we fucked.

Brandy and Michelle were really into the double penetration and appeared to be excellent cock suckers. It wasn’t long before Jerry and Biff spurted their loads into the gay’s mouths. Brandy wasn’t prepared for the amount of cum that Biff unleashed into his mouth. Although he tried to swallow it all, he was so caught by surprise that he choked a little and some it escaped over his lips. Brandy quickly scooped it up with his fingers and licked them clean. Michelle on the other had no trouble with Jerry’s load and swallowed it easily.

The little nubs on the back of the strap-on dildos were doing their job. As Naomi and Jean fucked Brandy and Michelle the nubs rubbed against their sensitive clits. Soon they were cumming with their first orgasm; their hips gyrated and then stopped as they slouched over the backs of Brandy and Michelle.

Brandy and Michelle continued to suck the cocks in their mouths until they softened and slipped out hanging limp in front of their faces. Brandy and Michelle were sporting erections of their own as they licked their lips clean.

Brandy spoke out in his effeminate, “My goodness did you see all that cum? I almost drowned in cum there was so much of it. But it was so yummy!”

Brandy and Michelle moved into a 69 position so that they could suck each other’s prick. That was the signal for Erin and Rita to fuck them. Erin and Rita pulled the fake cocks from our pussies and went over the gay boys. Erin lay behind Brandy and Rita lay behind Michelle. Then they slid the pussy juice covered cocks into the gay’s asses. Erin fucked Brandy and Rita fucked Michelle until all four of them orgasmed. Again the strap-on nubs worked their magic on the girl’s clits as Brandy and Michelle came in each other’s mouth.

Naomi gathered up the four dildos that had been used in Brandy and Michelle’s assholes and cleaned them thoroughly before the next session.

“How did it feel to have your butts fucked by lesbians?” Jean asked.

“Oh it was marvelous, I loved the constant stiff feeling in my ass while I was sucking a cock,” answered Michelle.

“Yes, yes it was fantastic we will definitely have to get a couple of those when we get home. Then we could fuck each other all night,” quipped Brandy. “What’s next?” he asked.

“Well to conclude the deal Biff now gets to fuck Erin in the ass,” Naomi said reluctantly and then she looked at Erin, “Are you sure that you want to go through with this?”

“Hey a deal is a deal,” Biff called out.

“Yes I said I would and I will but could Joannie fuck me first and help loosen me up? I don’t want that big cock to be the first in my ass tonight,” Erin requested.

“Of course, Joannie be a dear and fuck Erin in the ass,” Naomi said handing Joannie a strap-on.

“Gladly,” said Joannie as she slipped on the harness.

Erin got on all fours with her marvelous shapely curvy ass poised in the air. Joannie couldn’t resist a little rimming first and soon had Erin moaning in delight. Joannie then lubed Erin’s bum hole and eased the fake cock into her. Erin groaned as the dildo filled her asshole and Joannie fucked her slowly.

“Marla would you be so kind as to lick Erin’s pussy while Joannie is ass fucking her?” Naomi asked.

I was caught off guard but I didn’t hesitate and I moved my head right under Erin’s pussy. I could see Joannie’s fake cock slide in and out of Erin’s ass and I could see Joannie’s pussy peeking through the harness. I stuck a finger in Joannie’s cunt as I moved my mouth to Erin’s pussy. I worked both girls over until they both came. Erin filled my mouth with her female juices and then I moved my mouth over to Joannie’s quim to finish her. I licked her pussy through the harness and it looked as if I were licking the balls of her cock. Joannie shivered and then released her juice into my mouth.

Joannie removed the dildo from Erin’s ass and I slid out from under her. Erin remained on all fours with her gorgeous ass still in the air. She had her head down turned to the side with that dreamy “Fuck me” look on her face. She had her back slightly arched accentuating her beautiful ass. Biff was rock hard as he approached her with his huge cock. He looked like a hunter approaching his submissive prey. Everyone looked on in awe as this beautiful lesbian girl was about to accept a real cock in her body for the first time.

“Oh my look at that cock, I definitely have to have that in my ass this week,” squealed Michelle.

“Oh me too!” exclaimed Brandy as he hugged Michelle.

Biff knelt down behind Erin and rubbed his hands all over her beautiful buttocks. The he lined up the head of his cock with her little aperture and pushed forward. Erin tensed at first and then tried to relax. Biff had worked the head in and continued to press his cock into her ass.

“Not to deep at first and then deeper,” whispered Erin.

“Don’t worry Erin I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll go easy. Stop me whenever you want to,” Biff encouraged her.

Biff continued to gradually add more and more of his cock into Erin’s asshole. He would push in a little and then let her adjust to his width then push in a little more. He used this technique until he was buried to the hilt in her ass. Erin just cooed and moaned as Biff fucked her slowly.

“Give me your pussy Joannie,” Erin cried out.

Joannie immediately jumped on the bed in front of Erin and presented her pussy for Erin’s mouth. Erin clamped down on Joannie’s quim and began to frantically eat her pussy. Erin ate Joannie through multiple orgasms as Biff continued to fuck her ass.

Biff was now sliding in and out of Erin’s ass with ease and it was quite a sight to see his large cock impaled in her tight hole. Biff watched his cock move in and out of Erin’s ass as he stroked her beautiful buns. Rita was beside herself and she jumped on the bed to join the threesome. Rita slid under Erin’s pussy and watched Biff’s cock slide in and out of her girlfriend’s ass. Then she went to work on Erin’s cunt and soon had her thrashing around and cumming on her face.

Biff tried to prolong Erin’s ass fucking as he was mesmerized with her curvy bottom. He would stop every once in awhile to slow his approach to orgasm. After Erin filled Rita’s with cum Rita moved so she could watch the ass fucking. Rita then surprised everyone particularly Biff when she reached up and cupped his bloated balls. Then she raised her head and sucked his balls into her mouth experiencing a male scrotum for the first time in her life.

Biff then lost it between Erin using her anal muscles to massage his cock and Rita sucking on his balls, he fired an enormous amount of cum into Erin’s ass. Erin could feel cum fill her hole and coat her rectal lining. “Oh Joannie you were right, it feels so good. I can feel him shooting in my asshole. I love my first cum enema. You said I would love it and I do,” Erin cried out for all to hear.

Biff continued to fuck her slowly until his cock softened and slipped from her snug asshole. A trail of cum followed his cock out of her ass and trickled down the inside of her thighs. Joannie swung around and licked Erin’s inner thighs clean of all cum and then sucked some out of her asshole. Erin collapsed on the bed and Rita moved up to hold her and kiss her. They cuddled together until Joannie finished sucking on Erin’s ass. Joannie then turned toward Biff and took his soft cock into her mouth and suck him dry. Biff shivered and pushed Joannie away from his cock.

Naomi and Jean were stunned by Erin’s behavior and her comments. They were also shocked by Rita sucking on Biff’s balls. Their silent trance was broken when Brandy lay on his back and invited Jerry to fuck him. casino oyna Jerry pushed Brandy’s legs back toward his chest and sunk his cock into Brandy’s asshole. Michelle straddled Brandy and presented his cock to Jerry who sucked it in immediately. Brandy reached up and fingered Michelle’s asshole.

Naomi said, “Marla this is your chance to fuck some male ass. Here strap this on and then fuck your son in his ass.”

Naomi handed me the strap-on cock and harness. I put it on and moved over to my son Jerry. I lined up the fake cock with his asshole and eased it in. It was a little awkward at first but then I got the hang of it and started to fuck him harder and quicker. The nub of the dildo rubbed against my clit and soon had me squirting cum all over the fake cock.

Jerry was doing most of the work fucking Brandy, sucking Michelle and backing onto my fake cock. Jerry then tensed up and shot his wad into Brandy’s ass. Michelle followed Jerry and came in his mouth. Michelle then slipped down to take Brandy’s cock in his mouth and sucked him toward an orgasm.

“Marla and Joannie time for some double dildo action,” Naomi announced.

As before Joannie and I were placed on all fours with our butts facing one another. Jean inserted the double headed dildos in our pussies and assholes. Joannie and I started backing into each other plunging the fake cocks deeper into our holes. Then we were presented with the pussies of Jean and Naomi to lick. As we licked their cunts Erin and Rita knelt beside us and fondled our tits.

Naomi and Jean came quickly and their pussies were replaced in our mouths by the pussies of Erin and Rita. Joannie and I ate them to an orgasm and then Jean and Naomi were ready again. This continued until all four pussies were eaten by Joannie and me.

“Let’s see some family action,” Rita yelled.

“Good idea,” agreed Naomi and then directed, “Marla on your back, Joannie sit on her face, Jerry fuck your mother’s pussy and Biff help yourself to any available hole.”

I lay on my back as directed and then Joannie sat on my face so that I could eat my daughter-in-law’s pussy. My son Jerry pushed his cock into my pussy for the first time since we began this incest relationship. Biff offered his cock to Joannie who willingly took it her mouth.

“Oh this is so wild to see a family fucking each other,” squealed Erin.

The four of us fucked and sucked each other until we all came again. It took quite awhile since we all had multiple orgasms before this coupling. But eventually Joannie came in my mouth, I came on my son’s cock as he squirted his seed into my cunt and Biff came in Joannie’s mouth. We collapsed and lay next to one another and we were spent, done for the night.

We said goodnight to the girls and I noticed that Erin stood on her tip toes and whispered something into Biff’s ear. He smiled, nodded and patted her on her curvy ass. We wished the girls a safe journey since we would probably not see them in the morning. We went back to our room and went right to bed. Biff slept with me and the newlyweds slept in the other bed.


I slept soundly and when I finally woke up I noticed that Biff was absent from our room. Joannie and Jerry were still sleeping cuddled together in the other bed. So I just rolled over and relaxed and then dozed off again. The next time I awoke Biff was back in the bed with me sound asleep. Joannie and Jerry were stirring in their bed.

I decided to take a shower and was followed by Joannie and Jerry. The three of us dressed and left Biff sleeping as we tried to make breakfast before they closed the buffet. We made it in time and I suggested that we bring something back to the room for Biff.

Joannie held up a banana and said, “How about this? I could let him eat it out of my pussy.”

“Do you ever stop thinking about sex?” I replied.

“Only when I’m doing it,” she said laughingly.

“You’re insatiable,” I told her.

“Yeah that’s one word for it,” she said with a laugh.

We went back to the room and brought Biff a snack. We woke him up as we entered the room. “Hey sleepy head we brought you a snack,” Joannie said.

“Did you say snatch?” Biff teased.

“See I told you he would like a stuffed banana pussy,” Joannie quipped.

Biff was appreciative of the snack and after he finished it we decided to hit the nude Jacuzzi to soak our aching bodies. We had had so much sex in three days it was like a three day workout but much more fun.

As we soaked in the Jacuzzi I asked Biff where he had gotten off to during the night. He smiled looking at all three of us and the said, “You are not going to believe what I am about to tell you.”

The three of us urged Biff to tell us what when on last night and into the early morning hours. We were all ears. Biff told us that when Erin whispered in his ear she told him to meet her down by the nude Jacuzzi in about a half hour.

“So after you three fell asleep I went down to the Jacuzzi to wait for Erin,” Biff started and then continued with the story, “Erin didn’t get there for almost an hour so I watched several couples getting on in the Jacuzzi.”

“Really,” I asked surprised, “People were fucking in public?”

“Yeah, apparently its okay in the Jacuzzi or at least the resort security doesn’t bother them at that time of night. There were couples by themselves and two couples doing each other and that was hot to watch,” Biff told us.

“But you will love this; I noticed some movement over by the cabana building so I went to check it out. It was Brandy and Michelle and they were both on all fours getting fucked in the ass and sucking on cocks. There were eight or ten resort employees standing around stroking their big ebony cocks waiting for one of the holes to open up. As soon as one guy was done with Brandy’s or Michelle’s asshole or mouth, another stepped up and filled the vacancy. Some of these guys were pretty well hung and it was amazing to see Brandy and Michelle take those big Jamaican dicks in their mouth or in their ass. I was getting hard again just from watching that gang bang,” Biff related.

“Just then I noticed Erin arrive at the Jacuzzi and Rita was with her. I went over to them and Erin kissed me hard on the mouth then she told me that she and Rita wanted me to fuck them both that they both wanted to feel real flesh in their pussies. Just that statement got me hard,” Biff continued and he really had our attention now.

“The three of us found a secluded spot and spread out some towels. I lay down with Erin on one side and Rita on the other. The three of us kissed deeply and passionately tongue fucking one another’s mouth. I fingered both girls’ pussies and kissed both sets of breasts. Erin was really hot and she began to squirm around and her breathing increased. Then she screamed,’ I’m so turned on, please eat my pussy.’ So I dove into her hot box and started eating her perfectly formed pussy. Her clit was so stimulated that it was big and hard and sticking out of the protective hood. I rolled it in my teeth and plunged my tongue in her tasty cunt,” Biff reported excitedly.

“Been there, done that,” Joannie chimed in, “Isn’t her scent divine?”

“She reached down to grasp my rock hard cock and said, ‘I need this in me.’ I was in her in an instant with my dick working its way into her tight pussy. She’s no virgin but she was certainly tight around my cock. I kept pushing my cock into her slowly and stretching her pussy slightly to open up for me. It took a few minutes but then I was buried in her sopping wet cunt. I was so excited that I started to pound her mercilessly and she reached up and held me to her. She wrapped her legs around my torso and fucked her body back at me. She screamed, ‘Yes, yes, fuck me, oh please fuck me good.’ I worked myself into frenzy and fucked her as hard as I could. I would bring my cock almost completely out of her before slammed it back into her and she loved it,” Biff went on.

“Erin’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter and the sloppy sound of my cock sliding in and out of her was audible. I strained to keep my cock in constant contact with her clit each time I thrust into her. I tired to slow down to prolong my own orgasm but Erin was out of control. She threw her hips up at me with a furious intensity and yelled to me, ‘Don’t stop fucking me, keep fucking me, oh I’m cumming, I’m cumming, cuuuummmming!’ I rolled over taking Erin with me and let her fuck herself at her own pace after her first orgasm. She came again several times and I felt her pussy get wetter with each orgasm. I ran my hands over her firm shapely ass and I held her by her lovely ass until she calmed down. It was an incredible fuck!” Biff said taking a deep breath.

“What was Rita doing all this time?” asked Joannie.

“Well up to then she just lay beside Erin and watched as she had her first fuck with a real cock. She would stroke her and coax her but pretty much left the two of us to do our thing. But then after Erin rolled off of me, Rita said, ‘I need a taste of that,’ and she engulfed my cock with her mouth. I thought she was going to dive into Erin’s pussy, so she really surprised me by sucking my cock. Rita licked my cock clean of Erin’s juices and then she straddled me and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She eased down on my cock and then back up each time stretching her herself and taking a little more into her pussy.” Biff went on.

“Rita then began to bounce up and down on me just as Erin had fucked herself on my cock working toward her orgasm. She worked herself into a frenzied state and humped her pussy harder and harder on my cock. I really thought that she was going to hurt herself. I watched her face grimace in ecstasy and I felt her body tense up just before she exploded in orgasm. As wave after wave of orgasm rippled through her body she screamed, ‘Oh Erin I love it, I love a real cock in me’. She collapsed on top of me just as Erin had and I held her until she recovered.” Biff described. “Did you ever get to cum?” asked Joannie.

“It felt like I was so close so many times but probably because I had cum so much earlier I just didn’t have much jizm left,” Biff replied. Then he continued with the story. “I was still rock hard and Erin then Rita rode my cock and fucked themselves again. I still didn’t cum but then Rita started sucking my cock and although Erin couldn’t get into cock sucking she fondled my balls. Just the thought of having made it with two beautiful lesbians and Rita’s excellent mouthing of my cock finally got me off. I warned Rita that I was going to cum but she kept her mouth on my cock and swallowed whatever cum there was. I didn’t have a volcanic discharge like I do when it is my first of the day but it was enough to get Rita’s attention. She took my load in her mouth and sucked me dry. Then she kissed Erin deeply with the two of them swapping cum back and forth between them. Then we cleaned up, kissed, hugged and said farewell,” Biff concluded.

“Wow that is so hot nailing those two lesbians. I bet they will be looking for cock in the future. You turned them toward bi-sexual, Biff,” Joannie said.

“Well they didn’t do anything that they didn’t want to, that’s for sure,” Biff answered.

“Oh by the way on my way back to the room after being with Erin and Rita, I saw Brandy and Michelle still going at it slot oyna with the staff,” Biff added.

“I bet they had a mile of cock before they were done and I bet we don’t see them around today,” chimed in Jerry

I suggested that we get some lunch and then hit the beach. We all headed back to shower and then went to lunch. Tonight was the Toga Party and over lunch we would learn how to make Togas out of our bed sheets.

At lunch we ran into Lori, Dan, Nancy and Dave. They joined us for lunch and we watched the toga demonstration. The staff demonstrated how to make different styles of togas for men and women. Any style was suitable for the party the only rule was that you were not allowed to wear anything but the toga and you would not be admitted to the party without wearing a toga.

After the toga demonstration the eight of us sat around chatting for awhile. We all agreed that we would attend the toga party and attempt to turn the bed sheets into togas. I said, “It should be interesting to see how many togas come undone during the party.”

“I think they are counting on it,” Lori giggled.

“How about it Joannie do you think yours will come undone,” joked Biff.

“In about a New York second and then I will sabotage the rest of you,” Joannie mocked in response.

“Is anybody ready to hit the beach?” Joannie asked.

“Are you going to the nude beach again,” Lori asked.

“Absolutely,” fired Joannie. “Come on and join us it’s no big deal to be naked there. After all you are on the other beach topless with just a thong bottom. It’s just one more piece of clothing.”

Both Dan and Dave said that they were game and urged the girls to do it. Lori finally gave in and said that would try it but if she got embarrassed that she would leave. Nancy just blushed and nodded in agreement.

I told Lori and Nancy that they could probably keep their thongs on if it really bothered them to be naked. “It is a clothing optional beach,” I reminded everyone.

So we all agreed to meet on the beach in 30 minutes. We headed back to our room to put on shorts and tees and then went to the beach. Shortly afterward Dan, Dave, Lori and Nancy joined us. They sat down in the chairs that we were holding for them keeping their bottoms on initially. Lori and Nancy both stared at the meat between Biff’s legs neither one of them being discreet about it.

Joannie spotted their stares and reached over toward Biff taking his soft cock in her hand and said to the girls, “This is quite something isn’t it?”

Both Lori and Nancy blushed ad Lori replied, “God was I that obvious. I’m sorry for staring.”

Joannie looked at Nancy who didn’t reply and asked, “Nancy would you like to hold it for awhile?”

Biff pushed her hand away and scolded her, “Joannie you are such a ball breaker, let’s these people settle in and get used to this beach.”

Both Dave and Dan admitted that they were a little apprehensive about taking off shorts and being compared to Biff. Biff laughed and said, “There cocks smaller than mine and there are many larger too. How do you guys stack up with Jerry?”

Dave and Dan both said they were a little bigger then Jerry and then Dan said, “What the hell,” and stripped off his shorts. Dave followed his lead and now only Lori and Nancy retained their bikini thong bottoms.

Lori smiled and peeled her thong down her shapely legs giving Biff a good view of her curvy ass as she did. Nancy sat down first and then shyly slid off her bottoms trying not to reveal too much. In time all of them became comfortable with their nudity and even went to the bar and in for a swim.

Lori and Dave explained that they were part of a large swinger’s organization in Canada and they often frequented the resort in a large group. This trip was a little different since Nancy and Dave were first time swingers and they came here with Lori and Dan to get indoctrinated to swinging with another couple.

Joannie couldn’t resist and asked, “So how has it been going so far?”

Lori answered, “Good they have both been comfortable with Dan and I as partners and they are ready to broaden their horizons.”

“So what’s it been so far, straight sex, any girl to girl stuff, oral, anal?” Joannie inquired.

Jerry jumped in, “It’s none of your business what they’re doing Joannie!”

“No it’s okay really,” Lori said and then added, “It has been strictly straight sex with a different partner and some oral. How about you Joannie what do you like?”

We all cringed at Lori’s question to Joannie and knew what was coming. Joannie smiled and answered, “Well Lori I like it all and I do it all, oral, anal, girl on girl, twosomes and threesomes, double and triple penetration. I have to tell you there is no feeling like having Biff’s big cock stuffed in my ass filling my rectum with cum.”

We all looked at Lori to check her reaction expecting her to be shocked by Joannie’s admission. However Lori remained composed and smiled at Joannie.

“Joannie you and Jerry would fit it very well with our group in Canada. We have several couples that are bi-sexual and they do it all as you say,” Lori spoke with a confident tone.

Dan then spoke up, “How would you four feel about joining us and swinging with us tonight after the toga party?”

“I’m all for it,” said Joannie.

“What a surprise,” Biff said.

Then I said checking out Dan and Dave, “Yes I think I would like that.”

I noticed that Dan and Dave had their eyes on Joannie and were probably thinking of things they could do to her that their wives may not let do with them.

“How about you Nancy you have been awfully quiet are you up for this?” Biff asked running his eyes over the petite Japanese girl.

“I think so but I don’t want to do any anal,” Nancy said meekly.

Lori then spoke, “When we swing we do not have to do anything we don’t want to with any partner.”

So it was agreed that after the toga party tonight we would hook up with the other foursome. The rest of the afternoon we sat around and chatted some more, swam a few times, had a few drinks and all in all behaved ourselves. There were no trips out to the raft or over to the nude Jacuzzi. Everybody was content to save themselves for the evening ahead. I was looking forward to some straight sex for a change and hoped that’s what the evening would bring.


The toga party was fun and it was a riot. Most people did not do a good job securing their togas and kept losing them while dancing and moving around. Of course Joannie was among the first to lose hers and she kept throwing it over her shoulders in order to hold on to it. As promised she sabotaged the rest of us and soon we were all struggling to keep them on. When the DJ played the song shout more than half of the guests lost their togas before the song ended. There were many stiff pricks and wet pussies by the time the party was well underway.

We stayed for about half of the party and then headed out with our new found friends and soon to be sex partners for the evening. As we walked from the disco to their room we gave up trying to keep the bed sheets in the form of togas so we just balled them up and walked naked through the resort. When we arrived at their room we all just tossed the bed sheets in the pile.

Lori poured everyone some wine and then asked, “Well how would everyone like to start. I know that I can’t wait to get Biff’s big cock in my pussy.”

We agreed to pair off for some one on one sex at first and then let things take its course. I paired up with Dan, Joannie with Dave and Nancy with Jerry. Two couples hit the beds and the other two hit the floor. I was in one of the beds with Dan and he moved me into a 69 position.

“Just for foreplay,” he said and then clamped his mouth on my vulva.

I reciprocated and took his 7″ cock in my mouth. We took our time pleasuring each other until it was time to fuck. He swung around, slid between my legs and entered my pussy. He slid in easily and soon began a steady slow fucking of my dripping pussy and I groaned with desire. I worked as he did to keep my hard clit in contact with his stiff prick. . In and out he fucked me very slowly at first and got my juices running and coating us both. He ground his pelvis into me with each inward thrust keeping his cock in constant contact with my clit. I moaned quietly as he pushed into me and gradually increased the pace. Each drive became more powerful than the last pushing deeper into me with more urgency. My moans became louder and as his strokes became quicker. As if a reflex I drew my knees up closer to my chest which gave him a deeper target. In one fluid motion Dan threw my legs over his shoulders and leaned forward supporting himself on his forearms so as not to crush me. I could look down and see his hard cock sliding in and out of my hot box. He was breathing heavier now and grunting each time he plunged his cock into me. He ground himself harder and harder into me and the friction on my clit was unbearable. His cock was stroking my insides and stimulating my G-spot and his pelvis grinded onto my hard pearl. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to a climax.

“Dan, I am really close. I am going to cum soon,” I whimpered almost out of breath.

“Cum for me, Marla I want you to cum for me. I want to feel your hot juice surround my cock,” he said as he sped up and pushed harder and faster

Dan fucked me as hard and fast as he could as I came and came and came, squirting an incredible amount of juice onto his cock. My body shook uncontrollably my pussy walls clamped around his cock and I dug my nails into his shoulders as he continued to fuck me hard. As I came down from my incredible high Dan continued to fuck me.

Dan pulled out of me and then rolled me over on all fours. He slid his cock back into my pussy and fucked me doggy style. In this position I could watch the other three couples, two on the floor and one in the other bed. Up to now I had forgotten all about them as I was lost in my own lust. Biff and Lori were in the other bed with the other two couples on the floor. Lori was on her back with Biff between her legs pounding away at her pussy as she moaned and groaned and begged him to never stop fucking her.

“Oh my God Biff you’re all the way in me, fuck me, fuck me. Oh I am going to cum again. I feel so full. I love your cock don’t ever stop fucking me,” Lori screamed as yet another orgasm rocked her body.

Biff kept right on fucking her holding off cumming as long as he could. I knew that Biff really wanted her ass but I doubted that Lori would give into him. I looked down on the floor and so my son Jerry laying on his side with Nancy’s butt pressed into his groin. He was fucking her pussy from behind as he reached around with his other hands and diddled her clit and played with her tiny breasts. Nancy had her eyes closed and she looked like she was in a mood of sexual bliss.

On the floor Dave was still fucking Joannie missionary style. Joannie was working toward another orgasm, she was insatiable. She could probably have easily handled all four men by herself but tonight she would have to share them with three other women. Joannie stiffened and came again as Dave continued to pound her cunt. Joannie looked up at him and smiled.

Then Joannie asked Dave, “How about it Dave canlı casino siteleri do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

She obviously caught Dave off guard because he had a startled look on his face. Joannie continued egging him on. “Come on fuck me in the ass. You know you want to. Just think how good it will feel to stick your hard cock in my tight ass. I know you want to shoot your load in my ass. Think how god it will feel when I milk your dick with my ass muscles,” Joannie said tormenting Dave.

All this talk was too much for Dave. I watched him go rigid and then gasp and spasm as he blasted Joannie’s cunt full of cum. If Dave did want to fuck her ass he would have to wait awhile because he was drained at the moment. He first collapsed on top of her and then rolled off to her side. Joannie smiled and slid down to take his cock in her mouth and suck it dry. Dave trembled as Joannie nibbled on his dick head and then he gently pushed her face away from his cock.

“No more, please!” he gasped.

Joannie moved over to her husband and Nancy on the floor and removed Jerry’s hand from Nancy’s pussy. She replaced his hand with her mouth but first making her presence known.

“I am going to eat some sushi,” she said jokingly.

Joannie then began to eat Nancy’s pussy as Jerry now put both of his hands on Nancy’s small tits and twirled her nipples. If Nancy was shocked by Joannie’s actions she didn’t show it she just went with the flow and soon she was flowing right into Joannie’s mouth. Jerry stiffened briefly as he shot his load into Nancy’s pussy and then fucked her slowly until he went soft. His cock slipped out of Nancy’s pussy right into his wife’s waiting mouth and Joannie sucked her husband’s cock dry. Joannie then turned her attention back to Nancy and ate her husband’s cum out of her pussy and caused Nancy to orgasm once again. This time Nancy grasped hold of Joannie’s head and humped her pussy on Joannie’s face until she shuddered in climax.

Watching this other action was a turn-on for Dan and me. As he continued to fuck me doggy style he fondled my ass cheeks telling me what a beautiful ass I had. I wasn’t in the mood for an ass fucking tonight and I hoped that he would be satisfied fucking my pussy. In seemed like Dan was close to cumming and I started to feel that familiar buzz in my womb.

Just then Biff yelled out, “I’m going to cum, Lori. I’m going to fill your pussy with cum.”

“No don’t, don’t cum in me. Cum on me, I want to see you shoot. I want you to shoot your cum all over me,” squealed Lori.

Biff pulled his big rod out of Lori’s pussy and kneeling between her legs he aimed his cock toward her head. His first blast of cum shot right across her face landing on her hair and forehead, leaving a trail cross her face down over her chin. The second shot landed on her tits and the third her stomach. All in all in seemed like at least seven ropes of cum spewed over Loris’s body from her head to her pubes. Biff then put his cock back in her pussy and fucked her slowly as she rubbed cum into skin.

“Oh look at it all. I’m covered in cum. I love it. What a glorious cum bath!” Lori shouted as she rubbed it all over her body.

That scene set Dan off and I felt his warm sperm shoot into my vagina. I furiously rubbed my own clit and managed to cum again. Dan held me by the hips as he fucked me until he finished cumming and went soft in my pussy. We both flopped down on the bed. The entire room reeked of sex.

As we recovered from our initial session of the evening, we paired up again. This time I would be with Dave, Dan with Joannie, Jerry with Lori and Biff with Nancy. We were all anxious to see Biff shove his big cock into Nancy’s petite pussy. As we rested leading up to round two, Joannie offered to suck any cock or pussy that needed a jump start.

The six of us watched as Biff and Nancy lay in one of the beds with Nancy on her back her legs spayed awaiting Biff’s penetration. She looked incredibly vulnerable as Biff lined up his huge cock with her tiny twat. He rubbed his dick around her vulva searching for her entrance. Nancy’s pussy glistened with moisture as he played around her outer lips. Nancy reached down and pulled her labia open revealing her clit peeking out of its protective hood. Biff rubbed his rock hard cock all around her clit and soon had Nancy gasping.

“I’m ready, but please go slowly,” she pleaded.

Biff started feeding his cock to her slowly. It seemed like he put in a ¼ inch at a time and that it took along time before he finally had it buried to the hilt in her box. Biff kept his weight off of her and fucked her slowly allowing Nancy to adjust to his size. It was clear that she was stretched to new dimensions. The six of us sat in awe and amazement as Biff worked his cock into her.

Nancy moaned in ecstasy, “Oh my, oh yes, oh I am so full. It has filled every inch of my pussy. Fuck me now, please!”

Biff gradually picked up the pace and he was soon fucking her with authority. His big dick continually rubbed against her clit and Nancy climaxed numerous times before her most intense orgasm of the evening. Her body was covered in goose bumps as tremors passed through her and she writhed and bucked under Biff. The tightness of her pussy and her vaginal muscles sent Biff over the edge and he filled her twat with his seed. The two of them fucked slowly until Biff collapsed on the bed, rolling over and moving Nancy to the top, all the while keeping his cock buried in her pussy. They stayed in that position until they calmed and relaxed.

Biff’s cock although soft now was still imbedded in Nancy’s pussy. As Nancy raised herself up off of Biff, his dick slipped out of her pussy and flopped on his abdomen. Nancy’s pussy, stretched to a new size, could not hold Biff’s load and it plopped out of her womb. It was a strange sight and it appeared as if Nancy was cumming. She flopped on the bed next to Biff and sighed.

“My god, that was incredible,” she uttered.

Dave and I jumped in the other bed. He wanted to fuck me dog style so we could watch the action on the floor. That was fine with me and gave my clit a breather. Dave’s cock was just like Dan’s and it felt good massaging my vaginal passage. Jerry, Lori, Joannie and Dan set up on the floor. Jerry wanted to fuck Lori’s firm fake tits.

“What about my pussy? Who is going to take care of my pussy if you’re tit fucking me? Lori questioned.

“No sweat Lori, I’ll take care of your pussy,” answered Joannie.

“You, no way!” cautioned Lori.

“Why not, I haven’t had any complaints yet. Ask your girlfriend Nancy if she enjoyed it when I ate her out before?” Joannie challenged.

Lori looked at Nancy who sheepishly nodded the affirmative and then she reluctantly agreed to try it.

“It’s just that I have never been with a woman before,” Lori timidly replied.

“Just let my husband fuck your tits and leave your pussy to me. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised,” Joannie promised.

Lori lay on her back and Jerry straddled her chest placing his hard cock between her tits. He used his hands to push her tits up around his cock creating a tighter feel. Joannie got on her knees between Lori’s legs and began to play with her pussy causing Lori to gasp.

Dan knelt behind Joannie and fingered her pussy and massaged her shapely ass. “Which hole do you want me to fill Joannie?” Dan asked.

“Fuck my pussy until your dick is wet and then put it in my ass,” Joannie directed.

Jerry began fucking Lori’s tits as Joannie munched on her pussy and Dan fucked Joannie’s cunt. Joannie’s pussy must have been soaking wet because it wasn’t long before Dan moved his cock from Joannie’s pussy to her asshole. He seemed surprised how easy it went into Joannie’s ass. Joannie massaged her anal muscles milking Dan’s dick and extracted a groan from him.

“God Joannie your ass is fantastic. If you keep squeezing me in your ass I’m not going to last long,” Dan said realizing that he was not in control of the situation. Joannie was in complete control of both Lori and Dan. She continued to milk Dan’s cock with her anal muscles and she had Lori writhing under her as she ate her pussy. I remembered my first cunt licking experience at the hands of Joannie so I had a good idea of what Lori was feeling. Joannie was an excellent pussy eater in fact she was excellent in every aspect of sex.

Dave had slid his cock into from me behind and fucked me slowly as we both watched the action on the floor. Biff had put Nancy on all fours in the other bed and he was fucking her doggy style as they too watched the floor action. It was amazing to watch his big dick slide in and out of Nancy’s petite body. Jerry announced that he was going to cum and he leaned back and shot his sperm all over Lori’s tits. Then he moved his cock back between her tits and held them tightly to his cock as he drained his cock of the remaining cum.

Dan’s body stiffened signaling his orgasm and he emptied his balls into Joannie’s rectum. Joannie continued to use her ass muscles to extract every drop of sperm from his cock. Joannie had Lori tossing and thrashing around in orgasm as she mouthed her hot pussy. Lori reached down and grabbed Joannie’s head holding her tight against her quim.

“Oh God Joannie, you’re the best. Oh eat me make me cum again!” Lori begged.

Dave leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Marla can I have your ass, can I fuck you in your bottom.”

“Not tonight Dave, I’m not in the mood. Take Joannie’s ass, she loves it all the time,” I replied.

Dave slipped his cock from my pussy and got down on the floor behind Joannie. He lined up his hard cock with her bung hole and pressed into her body. His cock went in easy and Joannie wiggled her curvy ass welcoming the penetration. Dave received the same treatment that Dan had as Joannie worked her magic with her anal muscles.

Dave announced that he was cumming, “Oh Joannie here it comes. I’m going to cum in your hot ass.” His body tensed briefly and then he fired his load into her bottom.

As she did with Dan, Joannie milked Dave cock dry. He withdrew his deflated cock from her ass and collapsed on the floor. Joannie continued to work Lori over and she soon had her begging for mercy.

“Please stop, no more, I can’t take any more,” Lori pleaded with her final orgasm.

Joannie smiled at Lori and then asked her, “How was that? Are you a believer now?”

Lori responded, “You were marvelous, I have never cum that much from a pussy lapping.”

The four of us located our bed sheets and bid our new friends good night. We agreed to meet them on the beach tomorrow then we made our way back to our room.

Back in our room Biff and I went to bed together with Joannie and Jerry in the other bed. Biff and I fucked once more that night in a missionary position and it was lovely. He fucked me slowly for a long time allowing me multiple orgasms before he finally unloaded his cum in me for the final time that day.

Joannie and Jerry had gotten into a 69 position and sucked each other off. They had also retrieved two of the dildos and fucked each other’s ass. Jerry shot his load into Joannie’s mouth as she pummeled his ass with the fake dong. In turn Joannie creamed all over his face as her husband shoved the fake cock into her asshole.

Exhausted once again we all fell asleep. As I lay there I wondered, “What would tomorrow bring, would we introduce our new friends to other sexual perversions or would we meet more sex partners?”


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