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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person, location or situation in particular. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen. This submission is the end of my 4-part series about a mature man starting to model for an artist, leading to other fun sexual activities. I hope you have had fun & enjoyed reading my stories. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. I am planning a separate story tied into this story.

Kathy left Kerry she is enjoying posing and the limited sex between them. They were both told by Kathy, prior to her departure, to come back into a separate room off the kitchen, un-be-known to Andy, Kerry lives in the same house with her mom and slowly leads Andy into this new room, where the lights are on but slightly dimmed, three video cameras are set up around a massage table covered in a sheet with some pillows, with a fourth camera set-up above the larger than normal table.

Kathy explains, that since Andy has given her a great sensuous massage that the next part, as discussed with her client, is that Andy will give Kerry, as a thank you for the fantastic blow job, a sensuous massage. Massage oils and lotions are on the large massage table for Andy to use.

Andy helps Kerry move onto the double wide massage table, and has her lie on her front first resting her head on one of the pillows in the middle of the table.

Andy using his hands without lotion gently starts swiping & flowing all over Kerry’s back, shoulders, ass & legs just to get the feel of this teen, taking his fingers to graze and then gently press into her 5 ft 7-inch frame, as he starts the full massage.

Andy stops, to take one of the pillows and places it under Kerry, lifting her ass up a little, then taking some of the Sweet Pineapple — Melon Herbal body lotion, that he previously used on Kathy, in his hands to warm it up, to start rubbing it into Kerry’s neck, still sexual charged, Kerry starts to moan as Andy’s hand with the lotion starts flowing over her young teen virgin body. Kerry is thinking this is the first time and hopefully won’t be the last that this man gets to rub in all my special spots! Andy starts moving his hands slowly, down Kerry’s back, while Kathy, smelling the lotion, watches them, thinking of the massage that Andy gave her just yesterday. He continues rubbing in the lotion, taking some more on his hands, warming it up then moving on to her feet. One hand per foot, he starts to push on various pressure points located on her feet. After a few minutes of rubbing her, as Kerry starts to doze off and go into a dreamland state, he slides his hands-on Kerry’s inner thigh just brushing her pussy and asshole. Adding some more lotion, he then starts to briskly run his hands over her ass cheeks, inside then outside of her crack, doing this several times, then touching her raised rosebud, just pushing the tip of his finger in, getting a moan out of Kerry. Kathy pulled up a raised captains type chair to watch this event unfold with her hopefully new boyfriend and her daughter, as she starts to rub herself, thinking that Andy is such a caring person, I hope he hangs around with us.

Since, Andy has Kerry’s ass raised via the pillow he slides one hand under and starts to rub around the folds of her pussy, casino oyna grazing her clit — up/down, going clockwise getting more moans escaping from this teen. After a few minutes of this, Andy announces to Kerry very quietly but enough for Kathy to hear, time to turn over. Kathy & Kerry both get out of their dream like states and Kerry very slowly, as Andy tosses the pillow, then helps Kerry turn over, now exposing her entire front portion of her lithe body for Andy’s enjoyment and magic touch.

Andy is about to start on her face, removing the eye mask, when Kathy tells him sternly, I told you that must remain on, or else the client won’t accept the project and pay me! Hearing the tone in Kathy’s voice, Andy quickly releases the mask and wiping his hands on the sheet, he grabs a different lighter lotion off the table and starts massaging around Kerry’s mouth, lips, as she lifts her head to stick out her tongue and she licks, then kisses his hand, pushing her head, gently back down to the soft pillow, then he slowly moves to her ears, sticking a finger lightly in each then moving his mouth into place gently breathes, then kisses and licks her one ear lobe then moving over to do the same to her other ear, by now Andy has moved on top of the table, allowing him more access to this nubile body.

Moving down, wiping his hands on the sheet, going back to Sweet Pineapple body lotion, as Kerry squirms on the table, he starts to manipulate her 32 B breasts. Not touching her long nipples yet, he rubs each breast gripping one in both hands, rubbing, then releases it and goes to her other breast doing the same to this breast. Meanwhile Kerry with one of her hands, tries to reach for his hanging penis, Andy tells her to relax and enjoy, there will be time for that later when you are good and ready. Kerry breathes out in an almost whisper, but I am already wet and ready.

Hearing this from Kerry, Andy slowly releases her breast, slides down her lean and flat stomach towards the top of her groin area, just touching the red whispers of hair on her landing strip, pulling a few with his greased hands from the lotion, he starts rubbing gently, his hands cupping her pussy, he rocks his hand, with a finger on her clit, Kerry starts to give signs she is about to cum. Andy continues the movement, as he swings his body over to get better control and access to her body on the table and starts to rub her clit harder and so as not to bust her hymen yet with his fingers, Andy places one finger into her virgin hole, feeling the muscles inside her pussy that is alternately flexing and relaxing on his finger, knowing she was close to cumming. Taking some of her wet pussy juice combined with the body lotion, Andy ventures towards her puckered and brown star shaped asshole, and since no hymen to break, he inserts first one then a 2nd finger into her virgin asshole. Sliding it in then out matching the rhythm of his single finger buried as deep as possible without breaking her hymen, into her virgin pussy. Andy found this teen’s G-Spot with his finger and continued the finger movement in her virgin pussy combined with his 2 fingers moving in her asshole. Andy wanted to taste this beauty, but she was so hot and excited that he decided to keep his rhythm flowing until he gets her off. Hopefully, Andy thinks I’ll have another slot oyna opportunity with this beautiful teen and Kathy.

Kerry was breathing heavy, while gripping the sheet, enjoying the finger in her virgin pussy, the new feelings her body was getting, Andy’s continuous rubbing of her delicate and tender clit combined with his fingers in her ass, never feeling the same sensation when she was masturbating in her room, listening to or watching her mom & Andy having sex, live in the studio or in her room while watching them, while they were in the Master Suite, on her TV via the in-house video system, she just rubbed herself to get off, when all of a sudden everything stopped and she slowly came out of her sensual dream like state about ready to cum. Kerry yells out loud and starts to squirt and squirt a wetness from her pussy that she has yet to experience. With all her juices now flowing he was going to slip a second finger in to join the first when Kathy, coming out of her own dream like state after hearing and seeing her daughter have such an orgasm, at the hands of hopefully her new lover, stopped him.

Andy, sorry I stopped you but we need your penis to break Kerry’s hymen not your fingers. Before Andy plans to enter Kerry’s virgin Pussy, seeing no condoms anywhere in the area, he asks Kerry if protection is necessary and Kerry moans out, I am on the pill. Kathy explains that she has been on the pill since she was 16, and mentioned that since you are clean you won’t need a condom. So please show Kerry the love and attention you showed me for our first time together. Just thinking about this, Andy erection starts growing a little more than he thought it could to the point of hurting with his balls tightening up needing some release.

Kerry catches her breath and Andy lines up his penis to Kerry’s pussy. Kerry starts to have feelings for Andy, like a dog in heat, she is ready for him to pop her cherry, hopefully it won’t hurt. Kathy is next to Kerry holding her daughter’s hand, directing Andy to go slow and enter Kerry. Even though Kerry is very wet, Kathy takes the time to lube both Andy and then Kerry. Andy slides in an inch, before being stopped at the entrance to Kerry’s pussy by her hymen, he starts pushing another inch into this very wet & lubed pussy, Kerry grips her mother hands tightly as Andy pushes further breaking her hymen, some red blood forms on Andy’s penis and Kerry’s inner thighs as Andy continues with all 6.5 inches of his penis entering her. Allowing Kerry to adjust to this new feeling, his girth and 6.5 inches he starts to kiss her lips, then slides down her neck, starting to suck on her nipples as he slowly moves in/out of Kerry’s, no longer virgin pussy.

After a few minutes of having Kerry on her back, he pulls out, Kerry is lost, so he tells her he wants her on her hands and knees so he could take her from behind. Kerry in a dream like state moves, with his help, as directed by Andy and gets on her hands and knees, Andy mounts her like a dog and starts humping this teen girl. Andy doesn’t know what happened to him, but he starts going wild pumping in/out, in/out, rubbing Kerry’s clit, holding back from cumming for as long as possible into this beautiful teen. Meanwhile, Kathy moves to hop up on the table, taking a vibrator off a side table and jams into canlı casino siteleri her wet pussy, lying next to her daughter, as Andy goes wild on her daughter, like she has never seen.

Kerry starts to cum again squirting, not knowing where all this wetness is coming from, feeling again embarrassed by this new feeling of wetness coming from her pussy, thinking did I just pee again on Andy! Andy feeling the additional wetness coming from Kerry tells her to get ready for his own load and starts to squirt himself, load after load of cum. Kerry falls down on the table with Andy’s weight, not squishing her but now on top of her, the two suddenly realize that Kathy was next to them starting to cum on her own.

Like Andy did to Kathy, he moves his head to Kerry’s pussy, wipes some of the fresh blood away and starts to eat her out, tasting some blood, her juice and his cum. Licking her thighs, pussy, asshole, like a wild man, Kerry decides to move his legs over, so she can start to lick and clean off his penis, tasting their combined juices and her blood as well. Kathy meanwhile, let’s the two of them 69, Andy turning his head, mouthing a thank you to Kathy, while Kerry releases Andy’s penis, as she starts to doze off. Feeling the release of his penis, he notices Kerry’s sleepy state, so he stops licking and cleaning her pussy, slowly getting off the table to fetch a wet towel to further clean up Kerry and wipe her down as she falls off further to sleep. He then places a light sheet, from a side table, over her body.

Andy rejoins Kathy, leaving Kerry sleeping on the massage table, they head up to the master suite hand in hand, to sleep themselves with Kathy hoping to get some licking and eventually fucking, as she was so horny watching for the first time her daughter & Andy make love, while the vibrator helped, it wasn’t the same as having Andy 6.5 inch penis moving within her.

Andy is exhausted from fucking Kerry so hard; he didn’t know what happened to him as he fucked Kerry harder, at the end then he meant to, like a big dog in heat taking his bitch and felt bad but she had an orgasm and squirted, so she must have also enjoyed his roughness! With nothing left in him, they lay together in the bed cuddled together, as Kathy starts to explain to Andy, that based on how gentle he was when they first made love, read part 2 if you haven’t, that Kerry and her decided that Andy is the one to take Kerry’s virginity during this entire modeling session. That is why Kathy directed, filmed & photographed this important step in her daughter’s life. Kerry was her client all along. Andy’s jaw dropped upon hearing that Kerry is Kathy’s daughter, as Kathy continues, thus the eye mask so that you couldn’t see the resemblance in the two of us. Kathy further explained that Kerry is a twin and the blonde teen male pictures around her studio room that he has seen is Kerry’s twin brother Marcus, who is away, vacationing, with one of his best friends and his friend’s parents.

Andy could not believe his luck, first he fucks the mother a few times, then he got to de-flower her beautiful 18-year-old daughter what could be better than this? All for answering a want ad for a model.

I hope you have enjoyed this part of the story. I decided to end this story with this 4th part. Based on feedback, if you the reader want more, I may start another story with a different title. I am Interested to read any all feedback. Thank you for reading, favoring my stories, feedback and hoping enjoying my writing. Please vote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32