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About two years ago I realized I was a ‘squirter’. I had no idea women could do that; I always assumed it was my partner making the ‘wet spot’. Since then I have had many wet experiences. The uncontrollable spasms my body enters into only add to my sexual pleasure. I’ve found I can have multiple orgasms with my boyfriend, which only adds to our enjoyment.

Over the past year we started exploring the Lifestyles club in our area. At first I was very nervous. I feared strangers would touch me without my consent. It took a few visits for me to figure out the people in the club were just like anyone else, only more fun. There were no egos or bs stories to try and get in your pants…that’s already a given if you were up for it. It eliminates a lot of the noise you get from going to a regular bar type club, everyone is more relaxed and out for a good time. If you don’t want to participate, there is no pressure.

We had gone to the club about four times before we went into the back room. Our first visit to the room was filled with excitement and curiosity. My boyfriend was much more adventurous than I; he was looking about the room watching all the couples engage in various erotic activities. The room was dimly lit but bright enough to see all that was going on.

There were four large sectional sofas with couples all around us. People were giving blowjobs, hand jobs and fucking. There were two couples across the room and a woman was giving head and getting fucked from behind while the other woman watched and masturbated. My boyfriend was quite obviously excited by the environment and though the scene turned me on, I was a little uncertain. I didn’t want to be impolite and stare at people, but the comfort and freedom of other people in the room began to casino siteleri make me less apprehensive though, I still tried not to look too long in any one direction.

My boyfriend started kissing me and fingering my clit. It doesn’t take me long to get excited and soon I began to feel the urge to squirt. I was afraid to make a mess on the couch so I tried not to release. It was all so exciting around me; the couple across the room was watching us. I wanted to give them a show but I was still unsure of myself. I sucked my boyfriend’s cock for a bit and then jacked him off. I was still a bit nervous, so we cleaned up and left the room.

We had a couple more visits to the club with similar experiences in the following months. We found out the club had a number of parties and event nights. Saturday nights are couples nights, Friday nights are single male nights. We had always gone on Saturdays but a few months ago, we decided to go on a Friday night. We were interested in having a man join us for an evening but we both decided if we didn’t see someone we felt comfortable with, we would just enjoy each other and head home.

We had a few drinks before going to the club at a local bar to calm my nerves. I was excited at the opportunity to experience something new but still unsure of what the night would bring. When we entered to club there were about six single men sitting at the bar. Every other night we had come, there were always couples at the bar, single men were only allowed as a guest of a couple. We made our way to the pool table and found a man playing pool alone.

He was shorter than my boyfriend and a bit of a nerd. We played a few games of pool and got to know him a better. He was very nice. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to the slot oyna back room. We went there together and started to kiss. He asked if I was comfortable with the man we just met joining us. I said that I was, and he went out to get him. I waited in the room alone wondering if I was really going to do this. I was excited and scared at the same time. It was similar to having sex for the very first time again. You feel as though it will be pleasurable but having not experienced it yet, you are naturally apprehensive.

When they returned together, my boyfriend had him sit on the end of the sofa to watch us while we made out. I felt very sexy and wanted to tease the stranger watching us. After a short while, my boyfriend told me to go kiss our voyeur. I was very excited at the opportunity; I wanted to see how his lips felt against mine. I crawled toward my prey on hands and knees and started kissing him. My boyfriend started fingering me from behind and I was quickly aroused. My boyfriend told me to stroke the stranger’s cock so I fumbled with his zipper to get to it. He had to help me unzip his pants. I could feel his hard cock through the jeans and wanted it in my hand. My boyfriend kept fingering me from behind. I had his hard cock in my hand while kissing him and my boyfriends fingers in my cunt. I was so hot and excited and I started to squirt. My body began to spasm and I grabbed a hold of the man’s cock and started to squeeze and stroke it harder, the jerking was almost out of my control. I orgasmed intensely and lost all sense of self-awareness for a few minutes. While I was recovering, I could hear the man asking my boyfriend what he did to me. I shyly told the man that I was a squirter and asked if he was ok with that.

We straightened ourselves up and decided canlı casino siteleri to get a hotel room to continue our adventure. I had told my boyfriend of one of my fantasies a few months prior, and he said tonight was the night to make it come true. I had fantasies of sucking on a cock while being fucked from behind. The dreams always made me hot. We went to the hotel room and again the man waited on the couch, as he was told, watching me and my boyfriend as we started making out. My boyfriend sat on the bed in front of me while I started sucking his cock. He motioned for the man to come up behind me and start fucking me. I got on my knees on the bed and he put on a condom. I felt his hard cock rubbing on my cunt. He started pushing his cock in me; it felt warm and different from my boyfriends. I was excited and was sucking my boyfriends’ cock with abandon while stroking it in my hand. I wanted his cock firmly in me while I sucked off my boyfriend. My hips started squirming about and I desperately wanted the stranger to grab me and hold me on him.

My boyfriend always tells me I have a tight cunt, and I was so excited and squirming about, I worked the man’s condom off his cock and he had to stop and redress himself. He pushed himself back in me and we stared fucking again. My boyfriend’s body tensed and he said he was ready to cum. He held my hair and came in my mouth. The man kept fucking me from behind, and in the combination of sensations; I started cumming. Once again, I was out of control, so excited to live out one of my fantasies. I lay on the bed being stroked and kissed by my boyfriend exhausted from the adventure. My boyfriend showed the man to the door and we slept through the night.

In the morning, my boyfriend made love to me and told me how beautiful I had been and how much he loved me. We spent the morning reminiscing about the night before. It was an extremely nice evening and the first time I experienced a threesome is one that I will remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32