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It was Monday morning. Nick Gibson got to work, turned on his computer, and went to get a cup of coffee while it booted up. When he got back and opened his email inbox, he immediately noticed a message at the bottom of the list. The sender was Patsy Greene. The subject was “Do you remember me?”

Patsy Greene. He remembered her very well. They had been in the same masters’ program ten years before. Patsy wasn’t beautiful, but she was sexy. She loved sex, had it often, with a lot of different guys and wasn’t ashamed of it. She drank too much, laughed a lot, made new friends with no effort. She was fun to be around.

They had “fooled around” with each other for a few months. Nothing serious. The sex was great, but they were headed, quite literally, in different directions. After graduation, he had moved to Atlanta; she had returned to her home town, a small city in Indiana. Gradually, they had lost contact with each other. It had been at least 5 years since he had heard from her.

Her message said that she had seen one of his articles online, and decided to contact him on a lark. She said that she had lived in Oregon for awhile, but that hadn’t worked out, and she was back in her hometown. She wanted to know how he was doing.

He answered her email immediately, and they began to correspond regularly. Among other things, she told him that she had been through some hard times, including a bad marriage which had ended with a worse divorce. That happened a couple of years before. She said she was doing better now.

He told her about his own busted marriage, job changes and his move from Atlanta to Chicago. Within a few months after the first message, they were writing to each other almost every day. The messages became more personal. As always with Patsy, sex became the focus. They reminisced about their brief affair. They discussed, in a general way, the possibility of meeting in person.

Then Patsy sent him an email with the title “Coupon”. He opened to find a simple graphic that read: *****GOOD FOR ONE TRIP AROUND THE WORLD*****REDEEM AT 512 ***** ST.,*******, IN.******

This was not the kind of offer that he received every day. Or ever, these days. So, he made arrangements to take a few days off, and on a late afternoon two weeks later, he was knocking on her door, with a printed copy of the coupon in his hand.

She let him in and closed the door behind him. She put her arms around him and kissed him, putting her tongue in his mouth immediately.

She was wearing a simple pullover dress which came about halfway to her knees. She had on no shoes or stockings. With his hand on her back, he could tell that she was not wearing a bra underneath the dress. They separated. She took him by the hand and led him into her home.

She sat him in the den and brought him a cup of tea. She sat on a stool directly in front of him, her hand on his knee.

“I am so glad you came”, she said. “I hope that you’re not disappointed.”

“Why would I ever be disappointed?”, he answered.

“Well, I know that my looks have changed since grad school, and not for the better, I’m afraid.”

She had put on weight, a lot of it. Patsy had always been a bit large. But she had gone from “curvy” to “BBW” since he had seen her last. Her buttocks were as big as basketballs, and she had the thighs to match. This made no difference to Nick. For one thing, he had grown fond of large women over the past few years. Some behinds were too big for his taste, but not many, and certainly not hers, which was nicely shaped as well as large. Also, he had been in bed with Patsy before. Her sexual skills were greater than any other woman he had known. There was no reason to think her size would affect that.

She was wearing no makeup; she had never worn much. And her honey blonde hair was wild and frizzy. But she still seemed as sexy as ever to him.

He said “You look great to me. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here with you.”

She smiled and thanked him. They talked for a while, then she fixed a light dinner, which they ate in the dining room. She took his hand and said “It’s about time to start our trip.”

She led him upstairs to a large master suite. The light of the setting sun bathed them through the large window. She sat him on the bed, then began to draw a bath. She came back to him and said “I thought we should bathe each other to begin. güvenilir bahis Since you’re the guest, I’ll bathe you first.” She walked across the room and pulled the drapes shut.

She knelt in front of him and untied and removed his shoes. Then she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled them off of him. Shirt, socks, boxer shorts soon joined the jeans on her bedroom floor. He stood naked before her. His penis was pointing straight to the ceiling. She bent down, kissed the head of it. She straightened up and said to Nick “Hm, you’re naked and I’m not. That doesn’t seem entirely fair.”

She pulled the dress over her head, and dropped it on the pile of his clothing. She had on a tiny red thong, and nothing else. Her breasts sagged a little, she had a “spare tire” at her hips. Her thong disappeared between those big round buttocks. In this case, bigger was most definitely better. Before he could even think about it, he pulled her close to him, putting his hands on those buttocks, kneading and caressing them. “Wonderful” he said.

They went into the bathroom. She had him stand in the tub, and poured warm water over his cock and balls with a cup. “First,” she said “I’m going shave you down here. I think you’ll really like it; your skin will be extra sensitive there. And, when I’m sucking a cock, I don’t like to stop to pull pubic hair from my teeth.”

Nick wondered how he would explain this to his friends at the YMCA. Maybe he would work out at home for a few weeks.

She lathered him, and carefully shaved him. First his pubic hair, then, very carefully, his cock and balls. He said “You know, you’re the first woman that I have ever allowed to put a razor on my balls. Don’t slip.” She shaved underneath his sack, then asked him to turn around and bend over. She shaved around his anus and then back toward his balls. When she rinsed him off, she ran her hands all around the shaven area. She was right; the exposed skin had a wild tingling sensation.

After shaving him, she bathed him from his feet to the top of his head. She washed his hair with a fragrant shampoo. Then she dried him with a thick towel. When she was finished, she let the water drain from the tub, started to fill it again. She said to him “All right, now you can bathe me. And, yes, you can shave me also. But first, I need you to help me with some special cleaning”.

She pulled off her thong. She went to a cabinet and got two bottles. She handed them to him and said “Tonight, I want to be clean inside, as well as out. I need you to give these enemas to me. They’re already lubed. Blue bottle first.” She got onto her knees and bent over the side of the tub. She pulled her buttocks apart.

He was a little surprised. He felt unsure for a few moments. She said, “Really, it’s okay. It will make it better for both of us, when the time comes.”

So, he took the blue bottle and very gently pushed the nozzle into her anus. When it was fully in, she instructed him to squeeze it. He did this and the liquid quickly flowed into her. When the bottle was empty, he pulled it out as gently as he had pushed it in. He started to leave the room. But he stopped and turned around. “Do you mind if I stay here with you?” he asked.

She said “Are you sure? It will be kinda gross. And it will smell bad for a few minutes, but I would love to have you here.”

Nick had never done anything even remotely like this before. The idea of watching another person, even a hot woman, have a bowel movement did not arouse him in any way. As Patsy had said, it seemed rather gross. And it also was an intrusion on what is usually a private matter. But he felt a wave of tenderness for her. Sharing such a private act increased the intimacy of the moment. So he held her hand while she sat on the toilet. hen she was done, and had wiped herself, he even took a baby wipe and cleaned her with it. Then she bent over again, and they repeated the process with the second bottle. When she was finished, he helped her into the tub.

He shaved her and bathed her, as she had done for him. Shaving her labia was nerve-wracking, because he was afraid of nicking her. In the end, no damage was done. When he finished, he rinsed her pussy off and kissed her there profusely.

When she was dried off, she said to him “Well, I think it’s time to begin, don’t you?” Her bed was large, and it was stacked high with pillows. As they stood next türkçe bahis to it, she kissed him deeply on the mouth, while stroking his cock with her hand. With his arms around her, he caressed her buttocks, then moved his hand lightly up her spine. When they lay down on the bed, he dropped his mouth to her breasts, gently nibbling and sucking on each nipple. She caressed his head, and moved her foot along the side of his body.

They moved across the bed, until he was half-sitting with his back against a pile of pillows. She pushed his head back and began to lick and kiss his neck, starting just below his adam’s apple. Her mouth moved down to his chest, where she licked and kissed his nipples. She went to his navel, stuck her tongue in it, and then began to nibble downward. When her lips reached the shaven area, it was like a jolt of electricity. He was exquisitely sensitive. The touch of her tongue on his balls caused him to moan.

She took the head of his cock into her mouth. She clamped her lips tightly around it and began to suck. Her tongued touched the end of it, then languidly licked around it. She pushed her mouth down, very slowly, swallowing his penis in tiny increments. After what seemed to him like an hour of pleasure, she had taken all of it into her mouth. His balls rested against her chin.

She pulled back to the end, then back down again. She made slurping sounds; she drooled on his thighs. When her finger touched his anus, he exploded into her mouth. She held her mouth on the end of his cock, stroking it with her hand as semen erupted from him.

When he had finished coming, she pulled her mouth off of him. She let some semen drip from her mouth onto his stomach. Looking up at him, she licked this off. She smiled at him and said “That was good, baby. Very good. I hope you have some more.”

He responded “Believe me, there’s plenty more where that came from, and it’s all for you”.

Getting up from the bed, she kissed him on the mouth. She padded quietly around the room, lighting scented candles. Nick watched her movements with pleasure. He especially enjoyed her large beautiful buttocks, which jiggled slightly as she walked. She poured two glasses of mineral water from a bottle on her dresser, came to the bed and offered one to him. With his free hand, he stroked her breasts and her belly.

After she put the empty glasses back, he said to her “Please lay back and relax. Let me please you for a while.”

She put her back against the pillows as he had done. He kissed her on the mouth, then moved down to her feet. He picked up her left foot, stroking it with his hand. He moved his head down, and then touched her little toe with his tongue. Then he put it in his mouth. One by one he licked and sucked each of her toes.

He kissed her ankle, on the inside of her leg, lightly moving up to her knee. First the left leg, then the right. He continued to kiss the inside of her right thigh, stopping just short of her pussy. Then he did the same on the left, continuing to the shaven area just above her pussy. His nostrils were full of the scent of her arousal. Her slit shined with moisture.

He licked along the side of her slit, behind it, above it. He began to lick her clit, slowly, slowly. He slid a finger into her, then a second one. Her hips began to rock forward and back, and his tongue quickened its pace. His fingers were deep into her now. She grabbed his ears, and began to push and pull his head up and down her pussy. She shook, and moaned, and let go of his head. He removed his fingers from her and rubbed them on her breasts.

He moved himself up between her legs. He pushed his cock into her in one slow stroke, to the very end. He watched her eyes roll back and close for an instant as he touched her cervix. “Yes, right there. Stay there” she said.

He pushed against her, then moved back, very slightly, and forward again. It was almost no motion at all, just enough to touch that spot over and over again. She moaned. He pushed deeply and became still. He could feel his own pulse as his cock throbbed within her. She began to tighten and relax her vagina; now he moaned. He moved her legs over his shoulders, and began to rub her clit with his right hand. The first touch caused her to yelp. After that she pushed against him, rocking her bottom upwards and down. She sped up the motion of her hips and the violence of her rocking.

“Now güvenilir bahis siteleri goddam it, now. Now. Now. Now.” She shook her head back and forth as she neared her climax. She grabbed his right hand with both of hers, and began to grind his hand on her clit. Within a few minutes, she stiffened. Then she relaxed, let go of his hand, and continued to rock her hips, but slowly now.

“My turn” he said, moving slowly into and out of her. When he felt his orgasm coming, he pushed as far as he could into her, and remained still. She smiled as she felt him empty into her.

He kissed her breasts, then her mouth. He rolled off of her, holding her hand as he lay next to her. Both were shiny with perspiration.

They rested for half an hour or so. She brought him some more water, and turned on some quiet music. When she was back on the bed, he reached between her legs to caress her pussy. He rolled her over and began to caress her buttocks, then kiss, then nibble them. They became aroused again.

She sat up and reached into a drawer on her nightstand. She handed him a red tube.

“It’s lubricant. Cherry flavored.” She said. “I’m afraid that’s the closest thing to a cherry that I can offer you.”

He laughed a little. “Well, I’ve always preferred experience, anyway. Now, where was I?”

She rolled back onto her stomach, this time with some pillows underneath to elevate her bottom. Her knees were spread. He was looking directly at her sex and her anus. “The view is magnificent!” he said, lightly kissing her there.

He put a small amount of lube onto his fingers, rubbing them together until it was warm. He placed a dab of the red gel on her asshole, gently rubbing his finger around her opening. He kissed her just next to it on the right, then the left, then between her asshole and her pussy. His tongue briefly strayed to the latter, where he found the pleasing sweet salty taste of her secretions.

He couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He placed his lips directly on her anus. He licked up and down across it. He began to suck it, then rolled his tongue around it again. He pushed the tip of his tongue in, which caused her to groan. He pushed it farther in. He pulled her cheeks apart, so he could get closer, and get his tongue deeper into her. He licked and sucked and slurped. Beneath him she panted as she pushed her face into the bed.

He moved his head away from her to take a breath. She turned to him. “Fuck me right now!” she hissed. She grabbed the lubricant, squeezed a large glob of it onto her hand and rubbed it sloppily onto his cock. She bent back over the pillows, face down on the bed. She pulled her knees forward, raising her bottom as much as she could. With both hands, she pulled her buttocks apart, opening herself to him.

He climbed onto his knees, placing his cock between her buttocks. She had pulled her hole open almost an inch, too wide to offer any resistance. He pushed into her with a single stroke, as far as he could go. “Yes, fuck yes!” she shouted.

It felt as though the tip of his penis was pushing all the way to her throat. Raising himself onto his feet, he put all of his weight onto her, pushing, pushing, pushing. He pulled almost completely out, then dove back into her again, as though he was trying to break through some imagined wall inside her. Her shouts were muffled by the bed, as each stroke pushed her face farther into her mattress.

She moved one hand to her crotch, rubbing her pussy and clitoris. With her other hand, she continued to pull her buttock, trying to open herself wider with the other hand.

He kept pounding as he ejaculated. His penis popped out of her and semen sprayed across her back and buttocks. They were both breathing heavily, almost gasping. Her backside was shiny with perspiration. Red lubricant and white semen ran down the backs of her thighs. Her anus was still stretched open; he could see into her. He reached down and pushed three fingers in, holding them there until he felt her clench and relax spasmodically around them.

He slowly slid his fingers out of her. He licked one of them, the offered the others to her. She sucked and licked them contentedly.

He moved up to kiss her on the lips. He caressed her breast with his hand. She slowly stroked his cock and massaged his balls, until they fell away from each other.

When their breathing had slowed to normal, she moved next to him, putting her head on his shoulder. Her hand moved to his cock, which she stroked absently. She whipered to him “You are an excellent world traveler. Would you care to take another trip tomorrow?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32