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Summoned by the doorbell, I stood up from my own practice at the piano to welcome one of my favorite students for her lesson. Ashley had started lessons with me when she was 13, and I’d enjoyed watching her grow into the beautiful, smart, charming 18-year-old high school senior she was today. She wasn’t my most musically talented student, but what she lacked in natural gifts, she made up for in diligence.

I smiled as I caught a glimpse of her outfit through the door. During the winter, she was always thoroughly wrapped in thick sweaters and wool-trimmed boots. But as we now headed back to spring, her outfits were once again flirty. And she was at that age, and still had enough of a look of innocence about her, that she was still just able to get away with an outfit like this one.

“Hi, Ashley, come on in. How are you today?”

“I’m great, Miss Kristin. How are you?”

“I’m doing well, Ashley, thanks. Have a seat,” I said, motioning to the piano bench, “let’s get right at it today. Lots of work to do before the upcoming recital!”

As she sat down on the bench, as my many years of pianistic experience (well, not THAT many, I’m only 26) told me would happen, her oh-so-short pleated skirt rode to a dangerous level on her upper thigh. She seemed either unaware or unworried, and launched into her warm-up of scales and arpeggios. I smiled to myself at her innocence, and marveled at how much she had changed over the past year.

When she had worn this same adorable tennis outfit the summer before, she still looked like a cute little girl, a non-athlete posing in athletic attire purely for the teenage fashion statement. Now, slightly taller and much more developed, she was positively stunning. Her long, naturally blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders and came to rest around her youthfully perky tits, which I guessed were now a C-cup.

Her perfectly tanned skin was on display beneath her short-sleeved, v-neck athletic top and short, pleated tennis skirt, both white with a lime-green stripe down the side. And as teenage girls will do, she of course had found matching shoes, and wore a matching lime-green tie in her hair. Perfection, high-school style.

“Let’s hear that A-flat scale again, Ashley, you’re still struggling with the fingering on that one.”

“I know, sorry…”

A few more tries, and she had it. I then picked up her Debussy album and opened it to the prelude she was preparing for the recital, which was, so appropriately, ‘The Girl With the Flaxen Hair’.

“Should I just play it, then?”

“Yes, please, Ashley. Play through it once, and we’ll see what we need to work on today!”

As she started to play, I left the chair next to her, walked across the room and sat down on the sofa, attempting to simulate for her the experience of playing for an audience, as she would have to do in a few weeks at the recital. As I sat down, I glanced down the hallway to your office, and gave you a cheerful smile when I caught your eye.

You responded, as you often did, with a distracting gesture. It seemed to be a favorite hobby of yours, distracting me while I was teaching with naughty suggestions of what we might be doing together later. Sometimes, you’d whisper something truly filthy in my ear just before I walked into a lesson. On days when you weren’t there with me, it might be a dirty text or two, timed to arrive just when I was in the middle of a lesson. This time, the distracting gesture was an homage to Ashley’s newfound curves.

I frowned and nodded my head from right to left, pretending that I wanted you to stop. Ashley’s playing quickly brought my attention back, however, as I realized how much work she still needed to do in order to be prepared for her performance. She was clearly struggling with her nerves, as she often did, her playing full of tension.

I let her finish, watched her hang her head in disappointment, before finally turning to look at me, her cheeks flush with embarrassment from the couple of mistakes she had made towards the end of the piece.

“Oh, Ashley, please don’t be so hard on yourself. You still have two weeks to practice, and mainly, you just need to get those nerves out of your system, and relax!”

“I know, I know.”

“Play it again,” I said, getting up and walking back over to the piano as she started to play. She was calm and relaxed for a few measures, then began to tense up as she approached the first difficult passage. I put my hands gently on her shoulders, and she immediately responded by releasing the tension which had built up there. It was a frequent routine during her lessons, as I had learned early on that she had the same tendency I did at her age, which was to hold tension in her upper body while she was playing.

I left my hands on her shoulders throughout the piece this time, as a gentle reminder, and the performance went much more smoothly this time. She looked up at me with a broad smile after finishing, and I flushed as I looked down at her, reminded of you as I realized I was looking directly down at her casino siteleri cleavage. She didn’t seem to notice, but I was embarrassed at my own behavior.

I pulled my hands quickly away. Then, feeling I needed to cover for this sudden awkwardness, I reached for one of Ashley’s other books and opened it to the correct page.

“Let’s work on the duet now,” I said, with excessive formality, trying to cover for the breach of ethics that was probably completely lost on my innocent student.

As we started to play, I immediately noticed how much work Ashley had put in over the past week. I quickly forgot about my own embarrassment, and lost myself in the music. It was always such a pleasure to reach that moment when playing with a student suddenly felt like playing with a fellow musician. She was still young, and she still had a lot to learn, but she was starting to have those moments of true music-making.

After a few more minutes, I saw out of the corner of my eye that you had walked into the room, and I nodded in the affirmative when you motioned for my permission to sit down on the sofa and listen. It was always good for Ashley to practice playing in front of someone else.

When we reached the end of the piece, after a very musical and nearly flawless performance, I put my arm around Ashley and gave her a squeeze, congratulating her on her progress.

“That was really wonderful, Ashley! You’ve done such great work. I can’t wait to play this with you on the recital.”

She smiled back at me, glowing, and still unaware that you were in the room.

“Jacob, what did you think?”

Ashley practically jumped as she turned to look at you, and I couldn’t help but notice as she simultaneously blushed and pulled down against the edges of her short skirt as you walked towards the piano, smiling at her. I knew she had a crush on you – hell, who didn’t – but I’d never seen her react so strongly to your presence before. It didn’t seem to matter to her that you were in your mid 40’s; you were that perfect combination of hot and confident that always made the young girls swoon.

“Very impressive, ladies. Very impressive indeed.”

“Now,” I said, aware of the jealous desire to bring Ashley’s attention back to me, “we still need to work on that Debussy, and your nerves.”

Ashley’s smile promptly disappeared, as I knew it would – she was always so hard on herself!

“Oh, don’t go there, Ashley. Come on, let’s keep a positive attitude. You have two more weeks to practice. Let’s not spend any more time today worrying about wrong notes – let’s focus on finding a way for you to let go of your nerves.”

“Um, OK.”

“Jacob, you could help us with this if I’m not keeping you from your work?”

“No, Kristin, I’d be happy to help. What can I do?”

“Let’s start with one of your stellar back-rubs.”

Your eyes bulged as you realized I was calling you on your naughty thoughts about Ashley. You gave me an intense look, as if to ask whether I was sure of what I’d just said, but I met your eyes with a firm gaze and confident smile that left no doubt as to my intentions.

“Do you mind, Ashley?” You asked the question with such an innocent tone of voice that I almost burst out laughing, but I managed to contain myself.

I studied Ashley’s expression for any sense of concern on her part, any worry about what she was getting into. Instead, I found only eagerness in her eyes as she looked up at you from the piano bench. You stepped behind us, rested your big, strong hands on her shoulders, and began gently rubbing. It was only a few moments before she relaxed, letting her weight fall back against you.

I watched from my oh-so-close vantage point, sitting next to Ashley on the bench, as her chest rose and fell with each deep breath she took. Her eyes were closed now, and your hands began, ever so slowly, to explore beyond just her shoulders, gradually working your way down her arms and around to her chest. Her breath caught briefly as one of your fingers slid under her bra strap, but she didn’t open her eyes, didn’t object. I couldn’t help but think that perhaps she’d fantasized about this very scenario.

My hand met hers, and she turned to look at me, opening her eyes and smiling.

“Feel good?”

“Umm hmm….”

“Do you feel him against you?”

“You mean…”

“Yes, Ashley, that’s exactly what I mean.”

“Um, yes, I feel it growing bigger and harder, pressing against my back.”

“Would you like me to teach you a little bit about that?”

“Oh, yes. I would love that!”

That was all the permission I needed. She may be my student, and only 18, but she was hot, and I knew how much this scenario would turn you on. I stood up, her hand still in mine, and walked a few steps away from the piano, before encouraging her to join me on my knees in front of you. As she watched, I eagerly unfastened your belt, unzipped your slacks, and pulled both them and your boxers down to your knees, your big, hard cock springing free.

She gasped at the slot oyna sight of it, and then watched eagerly as I took it in my hands, my right hand encircling your shaft and my left hand cupping your balls. I watched her, studying her expression, as she watched me begin to pleasure you. I used only my hands for a few moments, using long, slow strokes on your shaft and gently rolling your balls between my fingers. I then leaned forward and showed her my best technique for taking your full length deep into my mouth, slowly, inch by inch.

After enjoying the fullness in my throat for a few moments, I pulled away, smiling up at you as I motioned for Ashley to follow in my footsteps. She crawled forward on her knees, looked back at me once more for approval, and then eagerly took you into her mouth in one fast motion. At first she seemed surprised at the challenge of taking in your full length, and pulled back away with a gasp. But without further encouragement, she tried again, impressing me with her ability to take in all of your cock on only her second attempt.

You began moving slowly in and out for a few moments, but then put your hands to her shoulders and pushed her away. She looked genuinely sorrowful, the same look I often received after she did a less than stellar job performing one of her piano pieces. Her big blue eyes studied first your face, then mine.

“What did I do wrong?”

I knew there was only one reason you would have pushed this young hottie away from your cock.

“Don’t worry, Ashley, it’s just one of the lessons you need to learn about sucking cock: always be careful about not letting your teeth touch it.”

“Oh, jeez, I’m sorry!” She looked up at you again, “I’m sorry, Jacob!”

“Don’t apologize, Ashley,” I comforted her, “you’re doing great for your first time, you just need more practice. Go ahead, try again, and wrap your lips around your teeth, like this.”

I showed her my technique, and she mimicked me, then leaned forward and slowly, carefully, took your cock deep into her mouth once again. I could immediately tell from your expression that she was already getting better, and before long, you were gently pushing in and out in rhythm with her motions.

As I watched her suck you off, a very naughty idea suddenly popped into my head.

“Don’t stop, Ashley, but listen to me.”

“Umm hmm,” she managed to reply back.

“Would you like to see how Jacob reminds me when I forget an important lesson, such as accidentally letting my teeth touch his cock?”


“OK, then. Stop for a moment, and stand up.”

I stood up first, then took Ashley’s hand and pulled her to her feet as well. She willingly followed as I walked back to the piano bench, sat down, and encouraged her to lean over me, her hands on one side of the bench and her legs on the other. I put my hand between her legs and spread them apart slightly, so that her ass was up in the air directly in front of me. I hiked up her skirt, exposing lime-green panties. My god, even her undergarments matched her outfit.

“Are you ready, Ashley?”

You pulled your slacks and boxers entirely off now, stepped the few feet towards Ashley and I, and placed your hand on her ass, stroking gently at first, then swatting her gently a few times. Ashley didn’t respond with shock or surprise, but rather swayed her tight little ass in the air, spurring you on as you spanked her.

I wrapped my fingers around the fabric of her panties and pulled, both to put some pressure on her clit, and also to move the fabric away from her ass cheeks so that you could see her skin grow rosy under your touch. She sighed and let her weight fall completely against me, responding immediately to each tug I gave her panties.

You resumed your spankings, getting just a bit harder with each one, but also stopping occasionally to massage her hot skin.

“How does that feel, Ashley?”

“Ummm, I’ve never felt anything like it. It hurts at first, but then it also feels good.”

“Exactly, Ashley. And I bet you won’t forget it, right?”

“Doubt I could, anytime soon!”

“See how a little discipline can help you remember an important lesson?”

“Yes, Miss Kristin.”

“Ready to try again, Ashley?”

“Oh yes, please!”

She stood up, dropped back down to her knees in front of you, and eagerly took your cock into her mouth, stroking the base of your shaft with one hand and cradling your balls with the other. I joined her on the floor, but this time brought my attention to her, rather than to you, as she was clearly handling that responsibility quite well on her own at this point.

I began rubbing her ass, then slowly allowed my fingers to explore, gradually reaching her inner thigh and then gently reaching into her panties and rubbing her clit. I had to stop myself from gasping when I discovered that she was completely shaved – I thought it would be best to keep that little secret to myself for the moment, so as not to ruin it for you.

It wasn’t long before she was gyrating her canlı casino siteleri hips against my hand, and I felt how wet she already was. I allowed first one, then two fingers to slip inside of her, and as she began bobbing up and down on you more quickly now, I matched that rhythm as I fucked her with my fingers.

Panting, she pulled away, gasping for breath amidst her own waves of pleasure.

“Just a little bit more, Ashley, and you’ll be rewarded with a mouth full of cum. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes, Jacob, please, fill my mouth with your cum!”

She once again took you completely into her throat. Timing my strokes into her pussy, I managed to bring her to a climax just as you jerked and shot your load into her mouth, and she pulled away, panting once again, cum dribbling down her chin. She wiped her chin with her fingers, putting them into her mouth to taste as much of you as she could.

When she had finished cleaning up your cum, I thrust my two fingers – still covered with her juices – into her mouth, forcing her to taste herself as well. She acted as though she might resist for a moment, but then looked deep into my eyes and eagerly licked my fingers clean.

I stood up, took her hand to pull her to her feet as well, and we walked over to the sofa. I wanted to give you the chance to fuck her, if she was willing. I was willing to wait until later for my own satisfaction, if it meant giving you this opportunity with my sexy young hottie student.

I pulled her top off, revealing, yes, her matching lime-green bra. Too perfect, this girl. She slithered out of her skirt and kicked it aside. I smiled at you, knowing how much you must be enjoying the discovery that this hot young girl was wearing matching undergarments. And you had yet to discover the other surprise still in store for you. I couldn’t wait.

To my surprise, Ashley reached out and began undressing me as well, her fingers working quickly to unbutton my blouse and then unzip my skirt, which then easily fell to the floor. I looked at you again, and saw your obvious enjoyment at the sight of my young student helping me out of my clothes. Your shirt wasn’t far behind.

Ashley was removing my bra when I surprised her with a question.

“Have you ever been fucked before, Ashley?”

“No! But, um… I have to admit, I’ve, um… I’ve, like, fantasized about Jacob. I hope you don’t mind, Kristin?”

“How could I blame you, I fantasize about Jacob all the time!” I laughed. I positioned her on the sofa on her back, and then knelt beside her, took one of her breasts into each hand, and began playing with them, as you eagerly joined her on the couch, kneeling over her and trailing your tongue slowly up her inner thigh, from just above her knee, inching ever closer to her hot little pussy.

I watched as you looked into her eyes, wordlessly asking for approval, as you took the waistband of her panties into your fingers and began slowly pulling down. She nodded, panting as I squeezed her nipples, obviously eager for you to proceed. You clutched the fabric more firmly now and quickly pulled the panties down, tossing them to the floor.

“My goodness, Ashley, are you completely shaved?”

I smiled at your discovery.

“Umm… yeah, well, actually, I’m completely waxed.”

“Waxed, really? Is that what all the girls are doing these days?”

“Well, so, um,” Ashley launched into a babbling teenage response, “I overheard my older sister talking to her friends about how one of their boyfriends really likes her to be completely shaved, but that waxing actually feels better, once you get used to it of course, so I decided to go with my sister to the spa the last time she had it done so I could try it. You’re actually the first to see it – well, except for the woman who did the waxing.”

I chuckled, and Ashley blushed, at her rapid-fire response full of nervous youthful energy.

“Well, Ashley, you look beautiful. You have a gorgeous pussy,” you said, rubbing your fingers gently across her pussy lips, causing her to almost jump beneath your touch as she continued to blush, looking up at you with anticipation.

You now pulled closer to her, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her up onto your thighs as you knelt on the couch next to her, and began rubbing your cock again and again on her clit and across her pussy lips. I knew exactly how this torture felt, and I knew how you loved to play like this, making the woman beneath you beg for you with her hips. It wasn’t long before Ashley was pressing against you, rising to meet your every stroke, her body language begging you to enter her. When you finally did, she cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure, never filled before like she was at this moment.

I began pinching her nipples, hard, as you fucked her, hard, and watched as both you and Ashley approached your climaxes. I wanted so much to join you, to strip naked and beg for my turn, riding your cock as Ashley watched. But I knew you would reward me later for allowing this scenario to happen in the first place. And I knew there would likely be a next time, just judging by Ashley’s eager lustfulness. But this first time was all about your pleasure, and about teaching Ashley a few lessons in how to give and take pleasure.

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