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“Babe, that’s too much chlorine for the pool.”

Ginger stopped dumping the vile fluid and looked over at her husband, Mike. The man, in his late 20’s, walked over to her and she handed him the chlorine container.

She laughed, “Oops, might have gone a bit overboard with it, but at least the pool won’t smell from Todd later.”

Her husband laughed in agreement, knowing how much his friend’s body odor offended his wife. He took the chlorine inside and went to start the grill. Tonight, they were having company over, and Ginger wanted the place to look decent and the pool to be ready.

In most cases, Ginger could care less about the place looking decent, but when it came to Kathy, everything had to be perfect. Impressing her was out of the question, but getting by without a hitch was what Ginger wanted to do. For so long, Kathy had been everything she wanted to be: confident, beautiful, dominant and loved by many men.

Now Ginger was a sight in herself. She had shoulder length blonde hair, a nice wide smile, lovely curves, and plenty of friends. However, Kathy made a point of being better in Ginger’s eyes at least. Kathy seemed to have a better frame, bigger boobs, and the bossy attitude that made her in charge.

Ginger hated how Kathy thought everything was better about her, but couldn’t always disagree. Though she was married, even her husband thought Kathy had nice boobs. But for Ginger, she had another thing in mind: lust for Kathy. She loved being bossed around, and loved the sight of her friend in ways she couldn’t explain.

One thing that Kathy was almost always boasting about (other than her boobs) was her feet. Kathy had a lovely pair of well pedicured feet, and often flaunted them to people. Ginger was no exception, and despite having a nice pair herself, Kathy insisted that hers were simply perfect. For that reason, Ginger wanted to have those feet, and that was what was distracting her today. Kathy would come tonight to swim, and would inevitably be showing of her most recent pedicure to everyone.

Now Ginger had experienced foot fetish stuff before. Mike would suck on Ginger’s toes and Ginger returned the favor by giving him footjobs. However, Mike obviously had a thing for Kathy’s feet as well. Normally, a woman would find this disgusting, but the jealousy only made Ginger want Kathy’s “perfect” feet even more. Tonight was the night she wanted that all to change.

A few hours later, Kathy arrived. along with Mike’s friend Todd. Little time was wasted, and all four were in the pool, swimming to their hearts content. As predicted, Kathy brought up feet, which were painted red, the same color as Ginger had on. Todd, who also had a foot fetish, complimented her feet, with Kathy giving him a quick wink.

“I know, they are simply adorable, aren’t they Ginger?” Kathy asked.

Ginger canlı bahis şirketleri took her eyes away, trying to cover up her envy. “Well, I guess they are nice, but isn’t it getting a bit expensive to do that all the time?”

Kathy laughed, with Todd joining in. “Oh Ginger, that’s what Todd is for, right footboy?” Todd grineed and the two moved closer to each other. Ginger knew they weren’t actually dating, but they were definitely fucking, that’s for sure.

Then, things just got more intense, as Kathy and Todd started making out. Ginger watched nervously and they started caressing each other’s bodies. Their tongues sloshed around in each other’s mouth, and Kathy’s legs raised up around Todds. A sudden heat came over Ginger, as she longed for her friend to do the same thing to her. They stopped, and giggling like a little girl, Kathy brought her fucktoy out of the water and to the pool chairs next to the edge.

Todd laid down on the chair, while Kathy sat on the edge, bring her feet out onto his waiting lap. Kathy slowly brought her feet up to Todd’s face, and then he went straight for the kill: her soles. He began with kissing, but soon his tongue came crawling out, greedily licking her wrinkly soles with little care. Todd’s messy nature played part in every, including his love of feet. Once, he had tried at mine, before I married Mike. However, I stood him up and he never tried again. Now, Todd seemed to care less, now that he was licking Kathy’s feet like a rabid animal. Kathy started softly moaning, egging on Todd’s dirty work.

Then, Kathy looked over at Ginger and her husband, motioning for us to come out. I looked over at Mike, and noticed that he was dumbstruck, unable to look away. Ginger’s first reaction was to smack the bastard for this, but she realized she was doing the same thing as well. She knew this was her chance, so she waded out of the cool water, and into the humid evening sun.

“Todd, I think you have more to cover than my soles baby,” Kathy said with a laugh. Todd then took Kathy’s pretty red toes and started sucking on them. Ginger watched as the toes she craved so much were crammed into this pervert’s mouth like a hungry child at dinner. Kathy continued to moan, obviously enjoying her treatment.

Mike came up from behind Ginger and put his arms around her. “That looks like a lot of fun, huh babe?” he asked.

Ginger smiled, knowing what was coming next. She turned around and kissed her husband. “I think mine are getting jealous,” Ginger said seductively. She laid on the chair beside Kathy’s, and put her wet feet out. He went straight for her soles and licked them like they were fastly melting popsicles. The chlorine was bitter in his mouth, but he paid no mind thought her feet were delicious. He was doing everything he could to keep myself from cumming too early, since canlı kaçak iddaa feet were his weakness too. Mike had always loved Ginger’s cute soles and toes. However, a bit of envy hide in his heart for Todd. Though he felt his wife had beautiful feet, Kathy’s were catching to the eye and could be a new adventure. Still, Ginger’s were right there and he wasted no time in making love to them. One by one, Mike sucked on his wife’s toes.

Kathy, on the other hand, wasn’t actually satisfied with Todd’s performance. Though she pretended, Kathy had a dirty thought in her head: what would it be like to have Ginger do it instead? She knew that Ginger would do almost anything she asked. Kathy wasn’t an idiot, and she knew that Ginger was enjoying herself with her husband. Todd used to be fun, but now he was nothing more than a dog in her eyes.

“Ok, I’m done with you now,” Kathy told Todd. “How about you sit over there like a good boy and let me try something else.”

Todd looked at Kathy in disbelief. Sure, she was bossy and commanding, but she had never told him to stop with the toe-sucking. Dumbstruck, he didn’t know what to do. Kathy became impatient, so she brought her foot into a swift kick at his balls. Yelping like a injured animal. Todd finally staggered back. With a laugh Kathy then got up, and pushed him into the pool.

Ginger and Mike had been paying attention the whole time, unsure of what to do. Before they could say anything, however, Kathy turned to them. “Ok Ginger, how about you treat me a little bit tonight? I know you want to.”

She then laid down again on the chair, looking expectantly at them to cater to her demands. Ginger had always be slightly nervous around Kathy when she was being bossy. Now, she was intimidated by her friend’s lack of care towards Todd. Ginger walked nervously over to Kathy’s chair and sat on the edge of it, waiting for Kathy’s orders.

“Can’t figure out what to do you stupid bitch?” Kathy said with disgust. “Here, I’ll spell it out: S-U-C-K M-Y T-O-E-S!”

Ginger took Kathy’s untouched left foot and started with the big toe first. Though she had longed for this, Ginger couldn’t help but shake at the fright of being forced.

“So, this is what feet taste like,” Ginger thought to herself. Kathy’s feet were delicious, even slightly sweaty already. She wrapped her tongue around the toe in her mouth, collecting as much of the flavor as she could with each stroke. Kathy started wiggling her toes inside of my mouth. It felt so weird for Ginger to having them wiggling in her mouth, so she kept sucking on them, taking in multiple toes at once.

“Oh yeah! That’s it baby! Suck on those toes!” Kathy moaned as Ginger’s mouth engulfed toe after toe. Then she remembered Mike, and looked over at him. “Do you like watching your wife suck on my toes over here?”

Mike canlı kaçak bahis wasn’t sure how to answer in front of Ginger. The boner in his pants gave it all away though, and he felt the urge to admit it and then go for both women’s feet. Kathy and Ginger, however, were too busy to notice. With each toe now covered in Ginger’s saliva, her tongue was now tracing each wrinkle of Kathy’s soles. The dominant woman was now moaning loudly, and her hand had disappeared into her skimpy swimsuit. Ginger also had her free hand pleasuring herself now, and she was also moaning out at the sheer feeling of finally fulfilling her heart’s desires.

Todd got out of the pool, dried off, and went into the corner like he had been told to. Mike felt sorry for his friend, but not sorry enough to invoke Kathy’s wrath. Finally, he walked over to Kathy, hoping to have the previous foot. Kathy had other thoughts and grabbed his suit.

She brought his face down to her level. “Oh no, no more boys with my feet….but how about we see that big cock of yours.” Kathy then slipped her bra out, revealing her huge breasts. Mike took off her swimming shorts and his manhood stuck out over Kathy’s nearly naked body. “Oh my! You’re just so big, aren’t you?” Kathy started slowly stroking Mike’s cock, while Ginger hardly cared, as she was worshipping the balls of both of Kathy’s feet. Kathy brought his manhood between her boobs, and started tit-fucking him. Mike had been having fantasies about her boobs just as much as her feet, so he had no complaints. The soft breasts felt amazing against his cock, and he let out sighs and gasps.

For nearly 10 minutes this went on. Kathy however, thought of a new idea. “Ginger, I can’t seem to get Mikey to come…how about we finish him off together?”

Ginger grinned as she got up. “I think you’re right Kathy, but not with our hands or mouth.”

Before he could register anything, four pairs of feet were playing with Mike’s swollen cock, nearly purple in color from the immense pressure built up. Mike couldn’t remember the last time he had been this turned on and every fiber in him wanted to cum. The two women didn’t waste time teasing him, they immediately started sliding their soles with great speed and dexterity around his dick. Occasionally, they played with his balls with their sexy toes and on the underside.

Sensing his approach, Mike took one of Ginger’s and one of Kathy’s feet and guided to them to go faster. Both girls egged him on.

“Come on baby! Fucking shoot over our feet, you dirty bastard!” Ginger said seductively.

“Cum all over our sexy little toes, that’s it!” Kathy added.


Mike shot off his single biggest load of his entire life. It was more than enough to enveloped all four soles in a white, sticky. Both women admired their handywork. With a sigh, Mike fell back into a chair, exhausted from his load. Ginger and Kathy, each took a lick of each other’s soles, sharing in Mike’s cum. Ginger especially was happy, finally being able to fulfill one fantasy tonight. Kathy might be bossy, but she knew how to please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32