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It is a warm summer evening and I am are standing on the sea shore, my dog running in the surf, bouncing through the shallow water with tongue lolling out and a big stupid grin on her face. I smile at her antics and just then, I sense you coming up behind me. I continue to face the sea and you approach and slide your arms round my waist from behind, under mine and move close against me, resting your head against mine, so much in contact, just enjoying the moment, the sea, the sound of the surf and the dog playing. We stand silhouetted against the evening sky, looking and feeling as one.

I move my head and shoulders slightly to the left and turn to look at you, you return my contented smile and we kiss, very gently and slowly, savouring the moment, the gentle sea breeze moving your hair playfully around our faces. I turn around and move against you, putting my arms up round your neck as I pull you in for another kiss, just as long and slow but with more passion in my eyes and a cheeky smile playing on my lips. We stand and hold each other for a moment and then turn and head up the beach, with an arm around each other and the dog bounding in front.

We reach the car, parked on it’s own in a small empty car park, screened from the quiet local road by trees and shrubs. I open the boot and the dog leaps in from the sandy car park, scattering grains everywhere. We dust ourselves down, laughing with her as she grins that happy, doggy laugh up at us and we make a token effort to dry her a little of all the ocean she is still carrying in her coat. As I close the boot on her you move behind me again, wrapping your arms round me just as before, and nuzzling down into my neck, kissing gently against the side and back of my neck, and bahis firmaları round to the other side.

I turn in your arms and lifting your face to mine, kissing you hard and fierce on the lips as we press ever closer together, bodies in continuous motion, small movements, just to emphasize the contact between us. I slide a hand up inside your sweater, moving from the back, slowly towards the front, fingers just touching your skin as it moves. I turn your body at an angle as my hand comes round, so I can cup your left breast and just take its weight in my hand. Gently moving my thumb I can feel your nipple poking at the bra fabric, and I rub my thumb over it again and again as we kiss, deeply, passionately and strongly. I slide my hand inside your bra and lift out the contents, resting it in my hand as I lean down, kissing your nipple as I lift your sweater over your breasts, moaning softly as I roll it between my lips and teeth, teasing it and sucking it in equal parts.

I move up, kissing a line up your breast, chest, and neck and finally back to your mouth, where you are panting quietly as my fingers are still playing with your nipple, gently rolling and squeezing it. My left hand is still in the small of your back and I hold you gently as I slide my right hand down from your chest and over your belly, rubbing gently from side to side, continuing down until it is over your groin, outside your jeans, pressing on you through the fabric.

In this position we move round the car to the front where I kneel down to undo your jeans, sliding them down over your bum, down your thighs, past your knees, down your calves to your ankles, where you lift both feet to remove them fully. I notice your pink lace panties have a damp spot growing. kaçak iddaa As you stand back up one hand cups your lace covered ass cheeks and the other slides up your silky inner thighs. One finger just slides under the lace edging and slips between those dripping wet lips and strokes upwards, gently touching your clit on the way out and then moving up over your smoothly waxed pubic mound.

I stand up again and kiss you on the side of the neck, tipping your chin back and kissing up and down your throat and then repeat on the other side of your neck. I slide a hand back under the front of your sweater and lift your other breast out, gently cupping it as my thumb caresses the erect nipple, eliciting small moans and groans from your mouth, which is now attached to mine. I remove my hand and allow your sweater to fall back into place, so the rough material is now against your breasts and nipples, rather than the soft cotton of your bra.

You reach down and feel the bulge in my jeans. Kneeling, you undo the top button and unzip my fly. Your hand snakes around my semi hard cock and pull it out through the opening. You pull my jeans down in one quick movement as my cock stands to attention right in front of your face. You cup my balls and take the end of my cock into your mouth, sliding down onto it until you can’t take any more. You start to move your mouth up and down but I stop you and lift you back to your feet, moving you against the front of the car and lifting you gently up onto the bonnet, your feet on the bumper, spread apart with me in between.

As you lean back onto the bonnet, I lift your legs with your knees over my forearms, moving my hard cock against your wet cunt lips and clit, rubbing my cock head up and down in kaçak bahis your sweet juices. You reach down and push the head of my cock into your warm, wet, waiting cunt. I push you down onto the bonnet, sliding my hands inside your sweater, so I have part of my weight on my arms as I move my cock in and out very slowly, from 1 inch inside to 2, and back again. You try to raise your ass off the bonnet to take more of my hard length into your wet cunt, but I continue to just slide my cock head in and out for some moments and then pull out completely, returning to rubbing my cock against your very wet cunt lips and clit, making you moan louder now. Now you do raise you ass and manage to force my cock back inside you but I still won’t let it in any more than a couple of inches. You start to play with yourself, fingers following where my cock has just been, squeezing and rubbing on your clit while the end of my cock is just inside you, moving slowly back and forwards.

You start to climax, back arching and fingers rubbing harder. As you cum and I feel the extra warmth and wetness on my cock, I slide it in all the way to the base, sliding you down the bonnet to drive as deep into your cunt as I can. You start to twist your hips with each stroke as I pull and push us apart, squeezing my cock as it drives in and out, until I cum right up inside you, triggering a second climax from you.

After resting in that position for a few moments, I lower your legs back down and slide you off the bonnet, back onto your feet, our juices trickling down your legs as my cock softens and slides out and your cunt muscles relax after your two orgasms. As we dress again, you complain about your nipples, which have been rubbed raw by your sweater in all the excitement, so I lift you’re your sweater again and give them a nice long suck and kiss better before lifting each tit carefully back into your bra and reluctantly lowering your sweater back down over them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32