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A continuation of the previous one At The Villa 7 – Lydia Pt 2

Lydia Pt. 2

‘Yes, I broke the chains of incest and family control and I became a man. That was many years ago, Twenty years, maybe. And now you came to thank me for that period. I was going to say haunt me, but no; you are too beautiful and too innocent to do such a thing. I love you very much and I’m very proud of what came out from what your mother wanted; at the time.’ I answered with emotions going through my body.

‘My mother loved you too much Sam, and still misses you; maybe not missing the sexual pleasures but from missing her brother she so much loved.’ Lydia tried to make a logical statement. I knew she was right, but I doubt that if my sister comes over to visit she would not get me between her legs.

‘Maybe you’re right, but let’s forget about mother or sis…’ I tried to close the subject.

‘So you had a great day, during which you must have enjoyed new experiences? How many times did you fuck Hera, that day?’ Lydia asked as we hugged and kissed.

‘Many times; but I don’t remember how many, my dear.’ I answered.

‘I’m getting very hot and your dick is getting hard again, dad.’ Lydia stated.

I ignored her anxiety to get fucked so quickly, so soon, therefore I kept talking. ‘I never forgot those days; I was elated and I always got hard when I go back in time, dreaming about Hera and others.’

‘So there were also others?’ Lydia asked.

‘Well yes, I think that is what you expect, do you?’ I answered rather sarcastically.

‘I think yes… I like to hear more of those juicy episodes dad, especially how the day with Hera continued to evolve. Dad, I think before we continue walking this is a good place; where we play a bit around, you know what I mean.’ Lydia in her own way, pleaded for more.

‘I think I know, so if you kneel on the bench and rest your hands on the back I think your little hungry pussy can accept me sweetly from behind, what do you think?’ I innocently asked.

‘I think that could prove to be an ideal position… and sure my pussy would not refuse it.’ Lydia agreed.

Lydia took that position and lowered her knees on the wooden bench while she rested her hands on the back. We were both walking naked therefore there was nothing in the way. As she settled with that superb ass pointing outwards I took my little boy and as I pointed it, I let it slowly infiltrate into her hot volcano. In no time she went wild, and soon we were back revisiting the great times I had enjoyed with Hera, as also with other stunning women. I just enjoyed pressing deeper into her vagina as I pushed from behind, jamming it deeply while she cuddled him with her vaginal muscles. That I loved and enjoyed while I continued recounting. A few very slow thrusts every now and then increased the passion as the story of the day’s events continued to evolve.


My climax was so intense that when I came around I felt my still hard dick still deep inside Hera’s vagina. Liquid was leaking from around it as she relaxed. She was sated as she continued to cuddle it inside her vagina. The more she worked on it the harder it became. It never wilted. I was in seventh heaven feeling my dick getting harder and harder after such a huge climax. I was incredibly ecstatic, enjoying the aftermath of such; ‘I thought a great achievement’.

I pulled my dick out of her burning volcano, knelt on the floor behind Hera and started to suck, taste and swallow the hot love juice that was gushing out of her still hot vagina. Every now and then I teased her with my tongue as I hit her clit. Every time I did it I sent more shivers of energy making sure that she realizes that I was again ready. Her entire body was on fire with shocks and shivers of pleasure flowed through her body, every time I touched her clit.

‘Sam, stoopp… please stoopp.’ I just ignored her shouting. With one hand I held her leg on the table, while with the other I tried to locate her clit. Again and again I jammed my mouth against her swollen lips as I continued to suck all I could, out from between those beautiful pair of hot wild lips. She never stopped crying and shouting. The fire and the hunger she had, had been so great that she was not easy to satisfy so quickly.

I continued teasing Hera as I continued licking her clit until at the end I attacked and cleaned also her little rosebud, maybe because the opportunity presented itself.

From the sitting room I towed Hera to the bedroom where I threw her on the middle of the bed. I stood next to her, opened her legs as wide as I could, and shifted myself in a sixtynine position. I fed her my little hard boy into her mouth and my mouth again attacked her clit. Hera could not shout and cry anymore as about three quarters of its length was fed deep into throat. She didn’t complain and I sensed her tongue was getting used to this new situation as it started rolling around it.

With my mouth suckling and pinching illegal bahis her little knob, Hera’s body started to shake again. A finger found itself inside her vagina which I took enough care to lubricate it as best as I could. While her body continued shaking she started arching her vaginal area upwards so I took the opportunity to let my finger switch holes from her vagina straight into her asshole.

A sweet moan came out from between her lips as her mouth was full with my hard cock. Most of it was embedded deep into her mouth with the head touching her throat. Hera’s anal contractions woke up in earnest as she tried to squeeze my finger with her anal muscles. Her orgasms were getting wilder and wilder. My finger started to fuck her ass, thrusting in and out. My mouth moved around her vaginal lips, licking and drinking her freshly produced juices.

I took my time. The pleasures I enjoyed with her mouth full of my hard rod were incredibly fantastic. Hera was using her mouth much better than when I had inserted my dick into it. She became very relaxed sucking my dick. She licked it and massaged it as she rolled her tongue around it. I was in the heavens enjoying her ministrations, but I was scarred I get too high too quick. I thought a change would give us more time. I was not ready to explode. I wanted us to keep pleasuring each other. Both of us wanted it to last as long as it could as we both were totally lost into what we were doing to each other. With my dick filling her mouth and my mouth suckling on her hot wet twat, we were both lost in the heavens. But I was scarred it would stop too quickly. Therefore I pulled my dick out of her mouth, positioned myself down on my back and immediately Hera took the hint. She got on top of my body, gave me a great smile while she took my hard cock into her hand and immediately guided it to the entrance of her hot vulva.

Slowly Hera gave me another great smile as she slowly lowered her pussy, filling her hot active volcanic crater to the full, with my hard truncheon.

‘Sam, I think that was a wonderful session. Thanks very much…’ she stopped talking. Another great kiss landed on my lips. It was a real kiss of thanks, slow and smooth. Our tongues met and we enjoyed the feelings of what we were feeling inside our bodies; the passion and the heat for each other. We fitted well together. Then she continued. ‘… Thanks for accepting my invitation.’

‘Could I refuse?’ I asked.

‘You could, only if you had been an idiot; what do you think?’ Hera asked.

She hasn’t moved. Her vagina was pressed against my crotch, her hard extended nipples were pressing against my chest, sometimes even collide against mine. I didn’t answer to her question but I asked, ‘Do you like this, I mean being on top?’ I continued to relax and doing my best to stop myself blowing another load too soon.

‘I know you don’t need an answer Sam. You have already enjoyed some great orgasms; maybe not enough. You are young Sam very viral and although you had enjoyed some incredible delirious orgasms you seem you are not yet satisfied.’

‘It’s not correct to say I’m not satisfied. This is my day Hera. This is that special day when I became a man; a real man. I want to learn not only to fuck but to understand what a woman really needs; how to satisfy her sexual needs. Learn how to last and be ready to continue.’

‘You seem you had recovered rather too quickly, after you jetted all that cum inside my body. Look, it’s already back to its glory.’ Hera commented on my virility.

‘I don’t know. Maybe I’m too hot, maybe I’m still young…I have no answer.’ Sam tried to say something.

‘What about me, Sam? I had never enjoyed sex… so much. Why, I don’t know? Maybe because I was so primed up, excited, geared up, you know what I mean… I had never seduced an innocent inexperienced customer and neither experienced. You were fantastic Sam, just fantastic. I couldn’t wait for a repeat. I remember when you walked into the pharmacy that day, my body blanked… lost.’ Hera wanted to express what she felt.

‘I was just another customer trying to buy something which I was forced to. My only experience was my dominating sister whom I could not confront unless I deliver. I hope from now on she will be history.’ Sam explained.

‘I feel no remorse for seducing you, Sam on that day… especially when I watched your face, red with shame and that big cock pressing against your crotch. I immediately wanted you. I started imaging what I would feel if I will have it inside my body. I was shocked!’ She continued.

‘I’m happy to be here with you. Hera dear, this day will be the most memorable day for years to come. It should prepare me for more interesting and stimulated sex encounters.’ Sam answered.

‘Sam, next Wednesday we will enjoy another hot session. I don’t promise, but it may be hotter and more interesting. After that I may never see you again.’ Hera revealed her intentions.

‘Did I hear well?’ illegal bahis siteleri I asked.

‘Sure you did. That will be a prelude to your departure to the north!’ Hera exclaimed.

‘You know that Thursday morning I’m on my way.’ I stated.

‘Precisely Sam! I’m not somebody who usually forgets , not ehne I am with the most handsome guy, endowed with the right pleasuring equipment. You make sure that by Tuesday night you are already packed.’ Hera insisted.

It seemed that I had no alternative except to continue with what we had started. I did not think I should complain. The only problem could be my mum. I haven’t seen her since my sister’s wedding, the day before. That morning I walked out silently when both mum and dad were probably still dreaming.

Being underneat such a hot glorious lady, her body spread on top of my mine, Hera’s pussy pressed against my pelvis, what better wish I could make. My hard dick was enjoying the fruits of the female valley of desires. She slightly shook my body, which felt like it was flying into the heavens.

Hera’s vaginal muscles were clenching and playing around my hard dick. She was holding it tight it as grew harder and harder inside her hot juicy twat. She was very hot; too hot I could say. I could sense that, as her body continued to shake, an orgasm, lightly as it could be was in the offing. Our mouths and tongues touched and played while her crotch was slightly moving forwards and backwards, massaging my hardness while it was still deep inside her. She didn’t make any drastic movements. Then she exploded again, and mine as well as I pumped another load of cum inside the depths her astonishing hungry pussy.

She moaned and cried as she came. She went wild. The desire for sexual pleasure was incredible. She kept coming even when my now tired master had lost its’ pride.

She slowly lifted herself off my body while she relaxed from another of her most satisfying, mind-blowing orgasms. We spent some time lying of our backs looking at the ceiling talking about the fulfilling pleasures we together enjoyed during that illicit adventure.

‘That was another mind-blowing orgasm deep within my body. The pleasures I enjoyed; there’s no word it could describe them. Thanks Sam; you have been fantastic. What do you like, I mean to eat, or you like to go out on the veranda?’

Hera was still swimming in her dreams as she hugged me and kissed me, so many kisses, my dick had started to rise again. I thought that this was too quick and so I preferred to relax and look a bit around the garden. I very rarely left the centre of town especially in recent years.

We prepared for lunch. First we went down to the cellar from where we extracted a couple of bottles of wine which according to Hera had been there collecting dust in that natural cooler for some ten years. There was even a date of the vintage year stuck to the bottle. The date and the cultivar details could barley be read. They had faded with time. Long stored wines had to be vented, hours before drinking. The wine was opened and as Hera said it needed time to clear the accumulated gases, but the smell of the aroma was as exquisite as Hera’s own produce.

We spread a light mattress on the concrete floor of the shaded veranda. The shade of the hanging vines gave the place that special touch, that cool feeling. The barbeque was brought out and also a table and a couple of chairs and all the necessary utensils for a good lunch which after all that sex we really needed. Hera looked at the time and thought that we better start the fire, but first we better put some clothes on.

Being both naked I was hard again. Watching Hera moving around in her beautiful naked skin was so desirable, that it could even move steel, think about such a young viral prick. She looked incredibly beautiful, sexy and horny. I started to dream about her beauty, those beautiful orbs with their rather bigger areoles and the hard nipples. She did not yet produce an offspring to suck them, but they were witness enough to the heat and the passion her body was going through.

I was immersed in dreams, dreams of this beautiful amazing lady and what a day became I’m wrapped up in; nonstop love making. Love making at its very best. Something I never thought it was possible. I was totally lost, just thinking what’s next? What shall I do to please her, more? These thoughts had gripped my mind, body and soul; until Hera shouted… ‘Sammm… what are you dreaming?’ I asked.

I was shocked. My body froze. My face turned red with shame, but my dick spoke lauder than all of us as it became harder than it ever was. I was dumbfounded. Not a word slipped out from between my lips. Hera looked at me from where she was standing, a meter away from me, gave me a huge smile and slowly said while she walked the two steps very slowly.

‘Sam; if your body is not yet satisfied, mine is neither and I will be ready again sooner than you think. I’m also hotter canlı bahis siteleri than you think, maybe because this is all illicit! Don’t worry Sam, as a first timer you done extremely and exceptionally well. The more we did the more we became in need of each other. What do you like to do, make love to me or fuck me?’

‘Which ever, do you prefer?’ I asked back.

‘I prefer making love… but first let me start the fire.’ She answered.

‘Aren’t you already on fire?’ I teasingly asked.

She did not answer. She perfectly knew what I meant. So she started to fire the charcoal inside the barbeque. It did not take her long. Smoke started to flow up as the light breeze moved over the area. I waited for Hera to come to me as I relaxed on the mattress under the incredible canopy filled, with both red and white grapes hanging from it.

All the time I was watching Hera’s cute naked body; dreaming of the moment I will be fucking her again. Every time she moved around the barbeque grill trying to get the charcoal to burn, I could not take my eyes of her astonishing body. She was astonishingly and amazingly sexy. My raging hardon was evidence enough of where my brains were heading especially when her bums were facing me. And what about that slit between her legs.

The smoke got lighter and lighter as the charcoal started to heat up and started to burn. Hera came and lay down on her stomach next to me. Her mouth was close to mine as she started to kiss me, teased me and massaged my stomach.

‘Sam, tell me, do you want me to do anything special to you?’ Hera asked.

‘To tell you the truth, I don’t know. We had been through so many experiences today I’m totally lost. Your beauty is something outstanding. Just looking at you…’

‘Your little boy will jump to maximum pressure!’ She exclaimed.

I smiled at her while enjoying the beauty of her angelic face with those beautiful brown eyes watching my every move. She smiled at me; then she gave me another kiss while she touched my hard dick. She took my phallus in her hand and wanked it a few times. It became a little painful as the pressure became stronger. I was about to get wild again as she tightened her hand around it. I became worried. I wanted to continue telling her what I was saying. I felt like an idiot lost, waiting for it to explode all over her body.

She removed her hand. She looked straight into my eyes, sent me another kiss… ‘You were close Sam, where you?’ She asked.

‘Too close, I think… maybe; I feel so inexperienced’ I answered worriedly.

‘I have already told you Sam, you done exceptionally great. You have just the right dick, just slightly longer than average and its’ girth is remarkably thicker. And above all you are already managing a good control.’ She proudly admired my quick learning.

I didn’t know why, but an automatically beautiful smile slipped out from between my lips. She liked that and she immediately grabbed my raging dick again and started to masturbate it. I kissed her slowly, feeling her tongue between my lips. Shivers of pleasure I felt flowing through my body as Hera was caressing her breasts with the free hand. I went down and took the first free nipple between my lips. I liked it a few times before I started sucking it. She continued, caressing them as she slowly masturbated my raging hardon. We made love again, this time with me on top. We did it together, working our pelvises together while she bucked back as I trusted in and out of her hot burning drenched vagina; very slowly; yes it was done very slowly feeling the blood boiling within our entangled bodies.

I never stopped looking into her beautiful eyes while kissing her and licking her lips, her earlobe and every now and then her neck. It felt great. I felt a few tingles inside my crotch while she enjoyed a couple of mind blowing orgasms.

We rested. That time we I did not blow my seed. I worked hard on control as she gave me instructions before we started that last session. I was proud I pulled out before I came. At the end I was on the brink of exploding, not just on one occasion but on more. I felt so proud and so happy.

We put some clothes on and while I went to pick some fruit, she started to put the lamb and the beef on the grill of the barbeque.

The wine was perfect; the salad was tasty, made up of fresh vegetables picked from around this beautiful little, so called farmhouse. We had a great time getting to know each other, her sexual adventures and how proud she was that she had seduced me.

After lunch we rested in the shade and later she asked me to penetrate her little arse hole. ‘Sam, I’m ready! Do you like to do the honours?’ Hera asked.

‘Sure I do. Where are the condoms and the KY?’ I asked.

‘They are in my bag. Let me get them.’ In a short time Hera was handling me the KY and a pack of condoms. ‘I don’t mind if you do it without a condom. I may prefer it that way as I want to feel your seaman flowing inside my ass.’ Hera added.

‘I always done it without, when my cousin and sister asked for anal sex, so I think I will prefer it that way too. But I don’t think I could do it unprotected with any girl.’ I added, trying to be protective of myself.

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