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This is a mostly true story. It is also my first. Enjoy.


The day of my best friend’s wedding was rapidly approaching and as his best man I was charged with making the arrangements for his bachelor party. Parts of it were easy. I made reservations at a restaurant for an early dinner, got a large and cheap hotel room with enough beds for everyone to crash when they passed out, and booked a private room in a karaoke bar for the entertainment. The entertainment was the difficult part. I had been to many a strip club in my life but never had I hired a stripper for an outside event. I was unsure what to do. The ads in the phone book didn’t do much to describe the offered services and I was afraid that online ads might be scams or cops or who knows what. I decided that I would just have to be the test subject and arrange an audition. I couldn’t have anything less than the best for my friend. While this may seem like a great idea I wasn’t to happy because it meant I’d have to pay twice. Finally I mentioned my problem to a co-worker and he told me about a pair of girls he knew that had worked a party for one of his friends. He told me they were incredibly hot, put on a great show, and he just happened to have their card.

I was ecstatic. I gave the number on the card a call the next day. It was a little early. I was on my lunch break and the girl who answered sounded tired. She said her name was Tracy and we talked about the party. She said that both her and her friend would show up and dance for an hour for $500 plus all the dollars we could shove in their g-strings. We arranged their arrival time for the Friday night party and said our goodbyes.

Over the next two weeks I continued to make arrangements for the party. Water was bought for the hotel room to stave off the hangovers that would surely greet us in the morning, ice chest and beer were planned for the karaoke bar which actually allowed outside drinks for private parties, and transportation arrangements were made.

When the day of the party finally arrived my friend Robbie and I picked up Dave, the soon to be ex-bachelor, and drove him to the hotel. We spent an hour cleaning up shaving, showering, and sampling a few of the beers to make sure that they were fresh. At about six people started to show up and by six-thirty all ten guys were there. We all piled into two of the SUV’s and tossed the keys to the two non-drinkers in our crew. One was on the wagon, the other had to report to work at some ridiculous predawn hour and did not want to show up half-sober. His loss, I would have hired us a limo or at least cabs, but why turn down a free ride?

Our first stop was the restaurant, were we filled up on steaks and beer and ogled the waitresses until it was time to go to the bar. Once we go to the bar we started drinking in earnest while we waited for the show. Nine o’clock came and went and the natives started to get restless. There was a room full of men getting ever more drunk as time went on and no strippers to be seen. Finally at nine-twenty, amid calls for us to head to a “nudie bar”, Tracy slipped in to the room. I was stunned. My co-worker had not steered me wrong. She was a lithe Asian girl who stood about 5’4″ and couldn’t have been over 110llbs, most of which was in her C-cup, obviously casino oyna fake but-who-the-fuck-cares breasts. She had black hair down to the middle of her back and was wearing a black midriff shirt and a silver miniskirt. Her friend, co-worker, whatever was smoking hot as well, just a little taller than Tracy she had shorter blond hair and a marvelous perky rack. She was wearing a slinky blue dress which stopped well above her knees, so short in fact that as she turned around to close the door to the room her ass cheeks could be seen peeping from below the hem of the gown. The room which had been bordering on morose despair suddenly broke into cheers, the girls smiled and Tracy introduced her friend as Michelle. They went into a corner and got changed. In retrospect it was surreal. These women would soon be naked in front of us, but they changed modestly in a corner behind a towel. When they had emerged they were both in sheer negligee. Tracy asked who the lucky man was and I pointed out Dave to her. He blushed a bit as we hooted and hollered and Tracy strolled over to him, grabbed him by the collar, and spun him around.

Disoriented, Dave wobbled and she set him down on the long, low table that was set up in the middle of the room. We were all standing and sitting along the row of couches and chairs which ringed the room on three sides. On the fourth side a TV normally devoted to karaoke was playing a porno on mute.

Tracy and Michelle stood in front of Dave and started to gyrate to the music (they had brought their own boombox). Michelle grabbed Dave’s hands and ran them up her side. Taking the cue he began to rub her as she popped off her top revealing those beautiful breasts. Then Michelle got adventurous and she reached over to Tracy and helped her out of her top, giving her nipple a little twist as she pulled away. Soon both girls were naked, except of course for the ubiquitous stripper heels. Tracy reached out and pushed Dave down onto his back. We were all crowded around by this time and watched as Michelle and Tracy removed his shirt then literally ripped off his undershirt. The pants went next and then the girls each hopped onto Dave and straddled him. He was still wearing his boxers as they ground their pussies on his chest and waist. We had been giving the girls dollars throughout their dance and now I put one right on Dave’s face.

Tracy looked at me with a smile and since she was the one closest to it she bent down and squeezed her tits around his face. When she sat up the dollar had disappeared into her cleavage leaving behind only a smile. The dance continued and I decided to try it again. This time when I put the dollar on Dave’s face Tracy slipped her hips up his chest and positioning herself carefully she lowered her pussy onto his face. The dollar folded in an upside down v shape slipped between her lips and she stood up leaving an even bigger grin on my buddies face. The audience of course broke out in mad cheers. After about ten minutes the girls let Dave up and asked who the best man was. I could have cried for joy. Soon I was receiving the same treatment and Robbie was the one leaving dollars on my face. When my turn was up the girls started doing lap dances for everyone. As soon as I got a chance I dragged Lacey into the corner for slot oyna another lap dance. While she was dry humping me and rubbing her tits all over my face I pulled her head down bit so I could whisper in her ear.

“Tracy, you girls have been spectacular tonight,” I think I slurred the spectacular a bit “is there any chance you could do me a big favor?”

“What’s that?” she asked, just a little suspicion in her voice.

“Look, Dave obviously really likes you, could you maybe go down on him? It would make his night. I’d be willing to pay extra.” I was nervous. Hoping I didn’t end the party right now.

She purred contemplatively.

“OK, slip me a hundred and I’ll go make his night.”

Dave was over in the corner at this point taking a shot of whiskey with several of the other guys and she strode right over to him, grabbed his hand, and pulled him back over to the table. Eyebrows rose around the room as she laid him down again and started to nibble her way down is chest. I walked over and glided a folded twenty over her body the placed it over the growing bulge in Dave shorts, careful not to touch of course. Tracy slid farther down and position herself over the money then tried to grab it with her teeth. As she lifted she let it go and dove back in to grab it again. Again she dropped it, after doing this several times Dave was writhing in frustration. Tracy put her hands on the side of Dave’s boxers and pulled, out of the fly snapped his dick. Dave is not exactly porn star material, but this was no porn. One second his dick is bouncing about like a flagpole, the next a beautiful Asian stripper is nose to pubes with his dick in the back of her throat. The guys that could still see clapped and cheered again, as Tracy bobbed up and down on Dave. His grin was now monumental. Michelle turned around and saw what was happening. She grinned and turned back to her current lap dance.

Robbie was the once receiving Michelle’s attention then and I could see them whispering whenever his mouth wasn’t full of her tit. I noticed that she was beginning to buck erratically and saw that Robbie’s hand was buried in her snatch. As those two were in the corner, no one really noticed them. All eyes were on the main show. I turned back and could see that Dave was going to blow a fuse if he didn’t get a moments respite. I grabbed Tracy’s hand and stood her up then whispering in her ear I walked her forward so she stood over his face. Dave reached up and pulled her down until he was buried face deep in her sopping pussy. Tracy looked at me and said, “Thanks, for thinking of me.”

I was still in my boxers from the first dance and she gave my dick squeeze.

“Come over here, Best Man.” She said.

I saw Dave’s eyes roll up and look at me as I stepped closer. The table was low enough that Tracy was able to pull my cock out and begin to lick it while Dave ate her out. There were more cheers from the audience and an impromptu toast during which someone came over and poured a shot of whiskey on my cock. Tracy licked it all off and smiled at me. I reached out and palmed her tit and then rolled her nipple in my fingers. I drew light circles around the dark flesh and generally did anything I could think of to arouse her. Between that and Dave’s invasion of her canlı casino siteleri bush which now included the occasional finger she began to buck wildly. We kept at it and soon with Dave’s free hand on her other tit Tracy really began to shake, she seized up and clamped down on my cock with her lips. I could feel the muffled scream as she came. I didn’t give her a chance to relax. I pulled out of her mouth and stood her up. Once again I whispered in her ear. She nodded at me, smiled, licked her full luscious lips which were moist from the blowjobs and straddled Dave again. For a second he had looked disappointed, but just as quick Tracy was licking his balls again and the grin was back. I walked over to my pants and pulled a condom from my wallet. A quick peek in the corner showed a beautiful view of Michelle’s backside as she kneeled in front of Robbie and sucked his cock.

I took the condom back to Tracy and she opened it and slid it onto Dave’s rock hard member. Easing up his body she rubbed her tits around his cock and then sitting over him she lowered herself onto his body. As soon as he was in Tracy looked over to me and I happily stepped back over. Tracy was facing Dave and riding him so that he could play with and see those marvelous tits. I stood next to her and she once again took me into her mouth. It was a great moment, this absolutely beautiful stripper was sucking my cock while she humped the hell out of my best friend. Over in the corner the last member of our wedding party was getting serviced by an equally beautiful woman. The rest of the crowd was either watching enviously or nearly comatose with alcohol. I grabbed Tracy’s breast again and began to massage it gently, but the excitement was too much.

“I’m going to cum.” I whispered.

She looked up at me with those beautiful almond eyes reached her hand around behind my ass and pulled me into her face. Now I’m no porn star either, but she managed to slip my cock all the way into her mouth and soon her effort was rewarded as I shot my wad deep into her throat. It was an amazing sensation and as I pulled out ready to collapse she gave the tip of my cock a little kiss and a lick. I looked down and Dave was quivering in the throws of his own orgasm. After cumming he pulled out and Tracy stepped off to yet another cheer from the crowd. She smiled gave a shy little wave and went into the corner were she used her towel to clean herself and then she got dressed. While Tracey was getting dressed I heard Robbie moan in the corner and turning, laughed as I saw jets of jism fly past Michelle’s shoulder and land, some on the floor some on her backside. I joined Tracy in the corner and leaning in to kiss her on the cheek told her that this had been the best party ever. I then slipped her an extra $500 since after all they had stayed longer than the promised hour.

In the background I heard,

“Hey, what about me?” from one of the guys.

“Sorry, wedding party only, boys.” Was Michelle’s reply.

Tracy turned to me and said,

“Well you have my card, call me when you’re ready to get married.”



Dave of course was ecstatic. We all crashed at the hotel that night and sober in the morning, swore to never talk about those events again. The marriage went off with as few hitches as could be expected and I never did call Tracy back. Events conspired against me and I met a nice girl. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll pass that card to the man planning my bachelor party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32