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Big Tits

This is a true story. Like many men, I am turned on by the idea of my beautiful wife, Marge, getting it on with other men. And if the mere idea of it is enough to turn me on, imagine what the reality of it does! I’m not sure exactly why I enjoy this fantasy so much. It may be because I find my wife extremely sexy, and her sexuality and self-confidence is exciting to me. When other men find her incredibly sexy as well, it is an amazing turn on to watch her have them and see the pleasure she feels and the power it gives her. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t share my enthusiasm for this fantasy. On occasion though, she has indulged me. This is the story of one such occasion.

Marge is a 30 years old, beautiful, petite, with red hair and very attractive 36c tits. She keeps her pussy neatly trimmed, with smoothly shaved lips and just a small tuft of curly red pubic hair.

This story begins when my good friend, Tom, was getting married and chose me to serve as best man. One of my responsibilities as best man included throwing a bachelor party. The party was pretty standard: a group of guys drinking beer, playing cards and joking around while porn tapes played on a vcr. I had arranged for a limo to take a group of us, including Tom of course, to a strip bar. After spending a respectable amount of time at the party, we piled into the limo and left on our journey.

The strip bar was fairly uneventful and we didn’t stay too long. Since we had started the festivities early, it was still fairly early when we left the strip bar. We decided to have the limo drop Tom and I off at my house, and take the rest of the crew back to their cars.

When we got to my place, Marge was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, dozing on the couch with the tv on. She didn’t expect to see or hear from us, especially at such an early hour. Tom and I felt like partying more, and we convinced Marge to join us. She changed casino siteleri quickly into a pair of jeans and a snug-fitting long sleeved shirt over a push-up bra, highlighting the curves of her ripe tits.

We walked to a local bar with a reputation as a wild place. We ordered a round of drinks and played some pool for a while. Soon, all 3 of us were nicely buzzed. The combination of the buzz, the porn tapes, the time at the strip bar and staring at Marge’s tits had Tom and I very horny, and we were both openly flirting with Marge, who seemed only too happy to play along, encouraging us even more.

The flirting quickly escalated. At one point I went to the bar for another round of beers. When I returned to the pool table, Tom and Marge were making out and Tom had both hands on Marge’s ass. I was instantly turned on! I grabbed Marge and kissed her hard, squeezing one of her firm tits, feeling a very hard nipple.

We continued our pool playing and flirting until Marge went to the bar to buy the next round. I headed to the men’s room. When I returned, Marge was at the bar and Tom was standing behind her, this time with both arms around Marge’s slender waist and his hands up the front of her shirt, fondling her tits! He was pressed right up against her, grinding his cock against her round ass. They were laughing and obviously enjoying this unexpected encounter. It was very clear to all three of us that we were in for a very special night.

We continued drinking and fooling around for a short while longer before deciding to head back to my place. Walking home, I had high expectations for the remainder of the night and, as it turned out, none of us would be disappointed.

When we arrived home, we headed into the kitchen for more beers. I went into the living room to turn on some music and when I returned to the kitchen, Tom and Marge were kissing passionately. Tom had Marge’s shirt untucked slot oyna and pulled up nearly to her chin. Both of Tom’s hands were feeling Marge’s tits through her lacy push-up bra. Marge had Tom’s pants unzipped. Marge had Tom’s pants unzipped and had fished out his cock, which she was massaging with one hand.

I was very pleased just enjoying the show. Neither of the lovers noticed, or at least paid any attention to, my return. As I looked on, Tom freed one of Marge’s succulent tits and moved his mouth to the firm, pink nipple. Marge moaned with pleasure as he would flick his tongue across her nipple, then suck and nibble it, all the while mauling her other tit with his free hand. Marge has very sensitive nipples and loves having them sucked. In fact, she loves any and all forms of attention to her tits.

I could tell that the tit sucking and the excitement of the moment had Marge on the brink of orgasm. Before she could cum, I suggested that we all move into the living room. Tom and Marge wordlessly agreed. Tom reached both hands around Marge and lifted her by the ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him deeply. Tom carried Marge down the short hallway to the living room. Once their, Tom and Marge stripped each other’s clothes off and got down on the floor, kissing and enjoying each other.

Tom lay on top of Marge, kissing her and cupping and fondling her gorgeous tits, occasionally squeezing, pinching and twisting a nipple. After a few moments of this, Tom turned his attention to Marge’s hungry cunt. Tom slid down and buried his face in Marge’s now soaked pussy. Soon, Tom could wait no longer to fuck Marge and he climbed on top of her began rubbing his hard cock against her very wet pussy. In one hard stroke, Tom buried his stiff cock in Marge’s willing cunt, causing her to release a heavy moan.

Marge lay on her back, naked, legs spread wide while Tom alternated between canlı casino siteleri long, slow thrusts and hard fast pumping. Marge was in heaven. At one point, she opened her eyes and stared at me as Tom fucked her, smiling a delirious smile. Her eyes were full of pure, raw lust. I was so turned on by all of this! Soon, Tom’s pace quickened and his muscles tightened and he shot his load, filling my wife’s hot pussy with his cum.

When Tom rolled off of Marge, I knew it was my turn. I quickly slipped off my clothes and slid my rock-hard cock into Marge’s very slippery pussy. She was so hot that she came as almost as soon as I got my cock in. As I was pumping in and out of my hot wife’s pussy, I could feel Tom’s cum running out, flowing down her thigh.

At first, Tom just sat on the couch watching us fuck. Soon, however, he wanted more. He moved back to the floor and kneeled next to Marge’s face, feeding her his glistening cock. She sucked hungrily at his cock as I fucked her. Here was my sexy wife, one cock buried in her sizzling cunt, one in her mouth. She was insatiable. She may have been enjoying the action even more than Tom and I, if that was possible. The entire scene was too much for me and I soon came, erupting violently, adding another load of hot cum to Marge’s already dripping pussy.

By now, Marge had Tom’s cock hard again. When I pulled my cock out of Marge’s pussy, Tom immediately rammed his in and began fucking her again, very slowly at first. I gently sucked one of Marge’s nipples, watching Tom fuck her. Soon, Tom increased the pace, fucking her for all he was worth. Marge’s hips bucked wildly and she cried out in orgasm. Tom announced that he was about to come and he collapsed on her naked chest seconds later.

The three of us lay there motionless for a time, then went upstairs and piled into bed with Marge lying between Tom and I. Marge lay on her side facing Tom while he fondled and sucked her tits. Soon, I was hard again and I slipped my tender cock gently into her still wet pussy from behind. Before long, all three of us were sound asleep. This was an experience I would love to relive one day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32