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The sound of a text message woke me up, and I groggily reached over to check it. Shanna and Gina had kept me up most of the night, and then when Nancy had come in… Okay, I couldn’t help but smile at the memories from last night, but I WAS exhausted. I had quite literally stumbled back through my door, and fallen asleep before my head hit my pillow. I couldn’t even remember the drive home. I was thankful that Lela hadn’t come to get me last night, or I’d be even more tired than I was now.

“Get your rest today. Tonight we will take care of the demons.” the text read, and it was from my sister. I wondered why she didn’t use the nanites.

I sat up in bed, and only then realized that something wasn’t right. I was still fully dressed, including my shoes, but my posters were gone, and someone had rearranged my room. A groan sounded next to me, and in shock I see Robin laying there next to me.

Did I get with Robin last night? I wondered, but can’t see how I had. I was still fully dressed… Then I recognize my surroundings. I’m in Dennis’s room! I must have been so tired last night that I turned right when I should have turned left…

As quietly as I was able, I tried to sneak out, but to no avail.

“Hey, dude,” Dennis murmured just as my hand touched the doorknob, “next time sleep in your own bed. You were quite the buzzkill.”

Embarrassed I made it back to my own room, and planned on going back to sleep, but after thirty minutes of just lying there, fretting about what I was going to do with the demons tonight, I finally got up, and showered.

I had intended on skipping classes today, but since I was already awake, I figured I might as well go in. Besides, it might help to distract me.

“Nick!” Someone hailed me, their breath misting in the early morning chill. “Hey, have you been studying?” The woman smiles at me, but I don’t recognize her.

“Studying?” I ask in confusion. “It’s only the second day of the semester. We can’t have any tests already!”

She laughs at me, but I still have no idea who this is. Her hair is a mousy brown color, reaching down to her shoulders, and matching brown eyes. She stood a little shorter than me, and her skin seemed a little loose on her.

“No, for math club, silly!” she informed me, and suddenly I thought I knew who this was.

“Barbara?” I asked just to be sure.

“Sorry,” she told me, her smile getting bigger, “I forget how different I look after losing so much weight. I know most people put on weight over the holidays, but for some reason I just kept shedding the pounds!”

I could see the old Barbara in her now. She could almost be cute, if she fit in her skin better. Then I remembered what I’d done for Mrs. Polkins, and turned up Barbara’s skin elasticity, hoping that would help her.

“Yeah! Sorry,” I said, happy for her, “You look great!” Then remembering how Mrs. Polkins had changed mentally, I think to ask, “How have you been feeling?”

“Good,” she said, her smile never leaving her thin face. “I’ve had a lot more energy, and have been surprised by all the attention the guys’ve been giving me.” She laughed again, and I can’t help smiling with her.

“Well, good luck,” I told her. “I’d better get to class.” I thought of Donald and Adam, and hoped that everything I’d done for them has turned out as well as it did for Barbara.

I was almost to my class, when another female voice stopped me in my tracks. This one I knew from hours of lectures last semester. Professor Frankens was standing in the doorway to her classroom, as I turned to look at her. She was dressed pretty modestly for her, with a suit jacket on, and a skirt that actually went all the way down to her ankles.

“I need to have a talk with you, Mr. Xavier,” she told me, as she opened the door wider to let me through. As I entered her classroom, wondering why she was being so formal, I saw that it was empty and guessed that she didn’t have a class this hour. My first thought was that she was after a tryst, but I really didn’t feel up to it quite yet that morning, and knew I needed to save my strength for that evening.

The professor stepped back in front of me, and led me down to her office. I was trying to come up with a way to gently turn her down, without having to talk too much, knowing that my voice still had an effect on her.

I still hadn’t come up with a way, when she sat down behind her desk and looked me squarely in the eyes. Her brown orbs bore into me for a bit, and I realized that she probably hadn’t brought me in here for sex, after all.

“First of all, Mr. Xavier, I want to thank you for being discreet about what happened between us before Winter break,” she told me, her voice stiff and formal.

I gave her a quick nod, still wary of speaking.

“Please understand that what I did was wrong,” she continued. “In my years of teaching I have never crossed that line with a student. I still don’t fully understand why I did so with you. I hope you don’t harbor any ill will towards me for what I did, or for saying that it can’t happen again.”

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I had truly enjoyed my encounter with the sexy professor, and even with the guilt of knowing that I’d manipulated her into it, I’d looked forward to further escapades with her. I saw that she was looking at me, waiting for an answer. I still didn’t want to speak though, and influence her unduly. When I gave her another nod, she grimaced, but continued.

“I’ve put in my resignation here, and have already been accepted in another college across state.” Her tone was sad now, and I felt sorry for her.

“No,” I said, before I could think better of it, and saw her shudder slightly at the sound of my voice, but I went on. “You don’t have to do that. I promise not to tell anyone, and we don’t have to…to you know…” for some reason I had a hard time saying sex in front of this older woman, despite what we’d done together. I figured it had something to do with the formal attitude she was portraying, and didn’t want to be the first one to say it.

“But I do, Mr. Xavier,” she insisted. “Even as you speak, I feel myself being drawn to you. I can’t risk losing my career over the desires of my body.” Her face grew stern, and she looked at me harder. “Make no mistake; I’m not saying that I’m in love with you or anything of that sort, only that I can separate lust from love.”

Only then did I realize that she blamed herself for what we’d done. It wasn’t her fault, and I truly felt bad for my part in it, but could see that she was determined to go, no matter what I said. If I were willing to use my switches on her, I could change her mind, I knew, but I still wasn’t willing to cross that line again.

“I understand,” I told her. “You will be missed,” and not just by me. I knew how most of the male students liked to ogle the beautiful professor, and not a just few of the females, too.

“I have already ensured that you will pass my class, this semester. I have no doubt you would have done it on your own. Professor Hallowburton will be taking over Math Club practices from now on. I will be here till the end of term, but would ask that you don’t say anything to anyone until after I’m gone.” She sounded depressed, and I wished there was something I could do for her, but short of making a ‘happy’ switch, I didn’t know what else to do.

Professor Hallowburton was an alright kind of guy, but he was no Frankens. She would be sorely missed in Math Club practices as well.

“I won’t tell anyone,” I told her again, mentally thinking other than Shanna, who I’d already told, but I felt sure she wouldn’t say anything to anyone about it.

In the end, saddened, but knowing that she was doing what she felt was best for her, I made the ‘happy’ switch, and put some effort behind turning it on. It might be that I would need that strength later, but Professor Frankens deserved it, after how I’d used my switches on her before. I wished her the best of luck, and left her office.

There was a commotion outside the classroom as I walked out, and I had to grab someone to find out what was going on.

“It’s all over the news!” the other student yelled at me, before running on, somewhat fearfully, I thought.

I had no idea what he was talking about, so pulled out my android phone, and started looking at news sites, online. It didn’t take me long to find out. Government satellites had picked up asteroids moving at a high rate of speed towards the Earth. If the objects continued on their current trajectory, they were likely to hit the planet. Estimates ranged on how much damage the supposed asteroids would cause, and which cities would be hit the hardest.

A spokesperson for the Whitehouse stated that the asteroids were moving faster than any other asteroids they’ve ever encountered, which was why they’d only came into visible range late last night, and would start impacting the Earth sometime tomorrow morning.

I read a few more stories on it, and even went to a religious link that started talking about the end of days, and the second coming. Everybody was scared, and the best advice I read stated that the smartest thing to do would be to stay home, unless you knew of a fallout shelter you could use.

The government stated that they were trying to figure out some way to disperse the asteroids, and that they were working with other world leaders to find a solution to the problem. I wished them luck, but didn’t have much faith in it.

I knew better. Those weren’t asteroids flying free in space on a collision course. They were the demon’s fleet, coming to eradicate the human race. Staying home or even fleeing to the mountains as other sites had recommended, would be useless. Fallout shelters might work, but I doubted it. No, the best hope was that I needed to come up with some sort of strategy to stop them.

I didn’t have much faith in that plan, either.

School for the rest of the day was cancelled, so that we could go home and try to be with our families.

The streets were packed, and I was thankful that I’d walked this morning, hoping the chill winter air would help me wake up. I passed a couple shops on my way home, and saw that the looters had already begun to deface property, and break in windows. If it was this bad already, I didn’t even want to think about how bad it would be tonight.

Perhaps my last night on Earth. I shook, to rid myself of the defeating thought.

Shanna called me as I walked into my apartment. “Have you seen the news?” she asked excitedly, and I could hear the fear in her voice.

“Yeah, I just found out. Did you go to class today?” I asked back.

“No, I just woke up. I saw they closed the campus. It’s not asteroids, is it?” Her tone told me she already knew the answer. “It’s your demons, instead,” she answered her own question.

“Yeah, I think it is,” my reply was short, but I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“When are you coming to get me?” For a second I was perplexed, and then I remembered her demand to be there when I went up against the aliens.

“Shanna, you’re safer here on Earth than you will be up there,” I tried to tell her softly.

“No, Nick,” she shot back at casino oyna me hotly, “If you’re going to be in any kind of danger, then I demand to be there, too. You promised.”

I hadn’t really promised, but I was still too tired to argue. I decided that when Lela came to get me, I would just happen to forget that she was to pick up Shanna too, in all of the excitement. Either she would understand, or she wouldn’t, but she would be safer on Earth, than up in that ship.

I pulled up pictures of the supposed asteroids online, and saw that they were flying in formation. I knew the government couldn’t have missed that fact, and realized that the asteroids were a cover up. I wondered what their real plan would be, and if it might interfere with whatever I was going to do.

It was impossible to tell just how many ships there were in the grainy photos, but I could easily see that it was a lot more than the seven ships Lela and I had at our disposal. This wouldn’t be a fight, and it would take everything I had at my disposal, to make sure it didn’t turn into a massacre.

“One more time,” I heard coming from Dennis’s room as I walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and wondered what was going on.

“But I’m exhausted,” I heard Dennis say back.

“We may be dead tomorrow, dammit. Get it back up, and let’s go again.” I laughed inside, thankful that some people were coping with the crisis by other means than looting, and vandalizing.

‘Go to your room,’ the message flashed before my eyes. I set down my glass half drank, and walked into my room, for what I hoped wasn’t the last time.

There was a short flash of light as I passed through the doorway, and I found myself on Lela’s ship, in the featureless, blue-lit room. Summer was already there, and she was hopping from one foot to the other in impatience.

“Oh, good, you’re here!” she spouted as soon as she saw me. She gripped me in a fierce hug, before pulling back, and searching my eyes.

“Good to see you too, sis,” I tried to greet her cheerfully, but didn’t have it in me right then. “Are we going after the demons already? I thought we were doing that tonight…”

Apparently she either didn’t like my words, or what she saw on my face. I soon found out it was the latter.

“You look like shit,” she told me. “Why didn’t you try to get more sleep last night?” I almost laughed as I saw how tired she looked.

For a moment, I wondered if she knew what I’d been doing with Shanna, Gina, and Nancy, and knew that it was possible, as Lela was always watching me. I noticed how upset she seemed, and could feel her hands shaking on my arms.

“I’m sorry, stuff came up,” as I said that, her quick glance at my crotch told me she knew exactly what I’d been doing. “Relax, will you? We still have some time before we face them.” I tried to get her to calm down, but my soothing tone seemed to have the opposite effect.

“It’s not that… Something…um…” Summer bit her lower lip, as she tried to formulate what she wanted to say. “Lela’s been incapacitated,” she finally blurts out, and I feel like my whole world has just been rocked.

“Lela? How?” I demand to know, gripping my sister’s arms now. I felt a knot form in my stomach, as I worried about the gentle alien, but my logical mind took over. If Lela was down, it wasn’t a complete loss, as there were still six other ships. Ships that couldn’t fight and I had no experience in. Maybe if another alien piloted… “Where’s Harana?”

The fear increased in Summer’s blue eyes. “She is taking care of Lela,” she whispered.

“What happened to Lela?’ I demanded to know again, wondering why Summer was acting like this, and then it occurred to me. “The kids?”

She nods, and I can see tears running down her cheeks now. Fear grips my heart. Not the kids, too, oh, please not the kids, too! I have to get to Lela, I know, but I don’t know how to open the hatch that leads to her.

“Lela, Harana!” I yell, hoping to get one of their attentions. “I can’t open the door. Lemme back there.”

“Nick,” Summer’s hand on my shoulder makes me feel claustrophobic, and I shake it off, “You can open it with the nanites. Just send the command to the ship mentally.” I look at my sister stupidly. Could it really be that easy? I knew that she could have done it for me, but that had never been my sister’s way. She was always willing to help me, but never one to do things for me. How ironic that her ability ended up being the same way.

Without hesitation, I mentally commanded the ship to open the door, and sure enough, it opened to my right. I dashed through it, headless of the blackness that surrounded me. I knew I had a few steps before the path turned, and my eyes adjusted to the infrared light, before I slammed into the wall. I ran the entire way to where I knew Lela to be, and held up outside her door, slightly out of breath, and full of dread.

Suddenly I was apprehensive, not certain what I’d find inside. Summer hadn’t told me what had happened with Lela’s and my kids. She’d only told me that the alien was incapacitated, and then she’d started crying.

No, I thought, they had to be okay. Something about the alien hatching process must have been hard for the mother. Try as hard as I might, though, I couldn’t convince myself of that. How could eggs hatching be hard on the mother?

I don’t know how long I stood outside that doorway, but finally I concluded that I had to walk through it. I had to face what was inside. Commanding the ship to open this door, I stepped through.

Lela wasn’t on the incubator, as she had been every other time I’d been in here, and for just a moment, I wondered at that oddity, till my brain realized that the children wouldn’t be in there, when they hatched. I sensed her switches in an adjoining room, and opened that hatchway before going in.

It took me a moment to comprehend the scene before me. Lela was lying on the floor, her arms around some small, unmoving objects, and Harana had her arm around the older alien, trying to comfort her, and talking in their dual-toned language.

I took a step forward, my eyes and even my senses drawn to the six or seven objects that Lela was cradling. I could hear what I took to be crying from Lela, and only then did it really hit me that our kids hadn’t survived.

I didn’t know what to think, or even what to feel. Yes, they were my kids, but they weren’t entirely human, and it wasn’t like I had helped incubate the eggs. The entire time Lela had been on that incubator, it had almost felt like she was taking care of someone else’s eggs.

But now that I saw the tiny things, it struck home. These tiny things were the product of Lela’s and my mating. I had helped create these tiny creatures, and there was some small part of me in each one. My eyes could see that they were gone, but my heart refused to believe it.

I dropped to my knees next to Lela, and only then did the other two notice me, but I ignored them. There was something…

I looked at the tiny creatures, marveling at how they looked. They had the pinkish skin of Lela’s race, but it was tinged just a bit by the baby pink of a human baby. Their eyes were smaller than Lela’s in comparison to the head, which was also smaller in comparison to their body. I noticed that some had four fingers and some had three. There were six in all, and they all had light tufts of hair on their peaceful heads. If I ignored the fact that they weren’t breathing, I could almost imagine that they were all sleeping peacefully.

All of this I noted with the outside of my concentration, however. There was something… It almost felt like I could sense them, like I could with my switches, but I had never made switches in these little creatures.

“I tried to save them,” Lela’s voice penetrated the fog that surrounded my mind, distracting me. “Our DNA just didn’t mix,” I could barely understand her, as she tried to speak English through her tears. “They all broke their shells, but didn’t live long past that.” Lela choked up again, and Harana tried unsuccessfully to console her.

Why can I sense them, if their dead and I haven’t given them a switch? The question played through my head a few times, before something occurred to me.

Without a word, I jumped up and ran back to the blue room. I didn’t say a word as I burst in, only stopping long enough to grab Summer’s wrist, and drag her after me. She yelped when she passed into the darkness, but I knew her eyes would adjust soon enough, thanks to her nanites.

“Nick, what are you…?” she tried to ask me, but I just kept running.

As soon as we were in the room with Lela, Harana, and my kids, I finally stopped, and felt for them again. It was fainter now, but I could still make them out. I had to hurry, or it might be too late.

“Take off your shirt,” I commanded my sister, as I started to do the same. Would it be enough, or would it take more contact? I didn’t know, but I had to try.

“I hardly think now is the time—” Summer started to protest, but I cut her off.

“Just do it! Hurry, before it’s too late.” Summer looked from me to Lela and back again, before quickly removing her shirt. I didn’t think I had time to explain, my sense of them was fading too fast.

Lela and Harana started saying something in their language, but I ignored them as I hugged my sister close to me, and felt my strength with the switches magnify greatly at the contact. A small part of me noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was grateful for the extra skin that would be made. I commanded the ship to bathe us and the babies in the healing yellow light, not knowing if it would be necessary, but wanting every advantage I could have. I felt Summer pulling down her pants, hindered slightly as we hugged, and then she worked on mine. They hit the floor a second later, and she wrapped one leg around mine, and placed the other between my legs. I closed both of mine, and knew it was now or never.

This was about the most physical contact I was going to be able to have with her, short of actually having sex. Intercourse was the furthest thing from my mind right then, as I started to form the group switch, and attaching it to all six babies.

I tried to push it, but nothing happened. I pushed harder, then harder still on their ‘life’ switch. I didn’t know if it would work, but I knew I could sense them, and how could I do that, unless they were still alive, but too weak to register to Lela’s advanced technology. I noticed that the switch I’d made wasn’t completely off, and that gave me hope.

I groaned as I threw everything I had behind the switch, and some distant part of me heard Summer moan as well, but I ignored it as I felt the switch move a little. It was just a tiny bit at first, but as I continued to shove against the switch, it picked up speed.

Just before I blacked out from the effort of moving the switch, I heard a small, almost imperceptible yawn.

* * *

I awoke with a start, as fear coursed through me, followed immediately by a massive pain in my skull, and I collapsed backwards onto a soft surface.

“He’s awake,” a voice said, sounding almost distant, but I recognized it as Shanna’s.

What’s slot oyna she doing here? I wondered, and then realized that I must have been dropped back off at home, after I…

I sat up again, as I remembered why I’d been unconscious in the first place. “My kids,” I croaked, wondering at the sound of my own voice.

“They’re fine,” Summer told me, as my eyes tried to adjust to the light. Something didn’t seem right. Everything had a yellow tinge to it, which threw my vision off.

So Summer was here too. By the sound of her voice, she was doing better than I had been. “You saved them, Nick. I’m so proud of you. You did it!”

I felt a hand grip a hold of mine, and gave it a squeeze, but I still couldn’t focus my eyes. I knew the hand to be my sister’s, because I could sense my switches better, and could even feel the one that I’d made for the six little babies.

“My eyes,” I said, glad my voice was improving a little as I spoke. “I can’t seem to focus.”

I felt someone take my other hand, and knew from the switches I sensed that it must have been Shanna. “Lela said you caused some damage to yourself, saving your kids. The nanites and this yellow light are working on healing you, but it is going to take a bit.” That’s nice, I think, the yellow light will get me better in no time. Wait… Yellow light… In my room? I slightly remembered Lela using it that night in the basement, and relaxed. “Nick, you really had us worried. We understand what you did, but it almost killed you.” I could hear the fear in her voice, and pulled the blurry blob that I thought was her to me for a hug. Summer hugged me too, and I was grateful to sense my switches increase. At least I hadn’t burned that out.

“How long till the demons arrive?” I ask, afraid of how long I’d been out.

“They’re just entering the solar system now,” Summer said, and I bolted to my feet. Shanna had to hold me steady, as a wave of dizziness washed over me.

“Then we need to get to the ship immediately,” I said, wondering why I wasn’t there already. I guessed there would be no excuse for leaving Shanna behind now, but it couldn’t be helped. I needed to stop the demons from ravaging the Earth.

“Sit down,” Summer commanded in her older sister voice, and I found myself obeying before I could think better of it. “We’re on the ship, and heading out to meet them. You need to rest, and recover, before we face them.”

We’re already on the ship? Then that means that they picked up Shanna on their own. Part of me wanted to curse them for putting my girlfriend in danger, but another part recognized that they couldn’t know what was in my mind, only what I had said. And I’d said she could be here.

“Nick,” this time it was Shanna speaking, “I am so proud of you for what you did, but are you going to be up to stopping the demons now?”

I didn’t know how to answer the fear in her voice. I couldn’t see, and when I’d stood up, I’d been too dizzy to even think about moving. Had I given my children life, only to see it taken away, because I was going to be too weak to stop the demons?

“I have to try,” I told her finally, uncertain of what else I could say or do.

“I’ll be right here with you,” my sister said. “We’re in this together.” I felt her lips on my cheek for just a moment.

“I’ll be here too, though I can’t help the way your sister can,” Shanna said next, and she too kissed me. Her kiss was on the lips though, and while there wasn’t any tongue, its tender touch told me what words couldn’t about how she felt for me. “Remember,” she told both Summer and I, “use your strongest weapon first, not last.” I knew what she meant, and cared for her all the more for it.

‘Close your eyes, it’s time.’ The words floated across my vision, the only thing I could see clearly. I truly hoped that I would be able to see what the nanites showed me, better than my own eyes were working.

I lay down as I closed my eyes, and felt hands on my body removing the last bits of clothing I had on. Summer climbed on top of my body, pressing her naked chest to mine. ‘You take care of the demons,’ her words told me, ‘I’ll take care of the contact.’

I felt a mouth engulf my limp penis, bringing it slowly to life, at the same time stars blossomed in my vision. We were stopped, and I could just make out where the demon’s ships were approaching us, surrounded by the tell-tale red rings.

For a split second, I felt stark, maddening terror, as I saw how large their force was. Even the other six ships arrayed with three on each side of me, couldn’t give me comfort against a force that size. There were more ships than even the grainy photos I’d seen had hinted at.

I could feel that I was fully hard in Shanna’s mouth now. There was no denying the skill she had with her tongue. Even distracted as I was with the demon fleet, she had been able to get me hard. A few seconds later, I felt summer slide her body back, as I slowly entered her and the sense of my switches increased ten-fold.

I realized that I was thinking of the ship as me, more than something I was in control of, and sent a message to Lela. ‘Can you give me complete control over movement of the ship, so that I can move us with my mind?’

There was a pause, before the word, ‘Done,’ appeared before me.

I felt my sister start to slowly rock back and forth on me, while still keeping as much contact with me as possible. The actual coitus wasn’t required for her to magnify my ability, but the pleasant sensations that coursed through my body helped to distract me from my fear. It also kept me hard, giving me more surface contact with her.

Fear… What had I done, that had removed my fear of Bradley, my old boss? I had silenced him, I recalled. If only I could do something like that with the demon ships. Since I couldn’t hear them, making them quiet wouldn’t work. I had to strip away what made them scary to me. Well, that was their numbers. Was there some way I could reduce their numbers without killing them? With my kids, my sister, and my girlfriend on board this ship, did I even have the luxury to have a conscience concerning their deaths?

I could hear Summer moaning into my ear, as her pussy milked my cock, and her large breasts slid up and down my chest, her nipples hard. I could hear myself moaning too. I lost a little bit of contact with Summer, but a second later, I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling me up, and into her tit. I automatically started suckling, as she came.

They were easily within range of my switches now, and the first thing I did, was make a switch for their weapons systems. A sharp pain lanced through my head as I made it for the group, and I felt my head land back on the soft floor, releasing the nipple I’d been sucking on.

“Nick!” Shanna yelled, concerned for me, but I had to ignore her for the moment, as I felt some of the demon ships start up their weapons in preparation to destroy the seven impudent ships before them.

“He’s fine,” Summer said, moaning slightly, as she continued to ride my pole. “He’s still recovering, but this yellow light is helping.” Despite her words, I could sense the fear in her.

Indeed the light was helping, as the pain had already gone by the time my sister finished speaking. I was fully seated inside me, and a part of me wondered that I was all the way within her vagina. Was it was the nanites or the healing light that was allowing me to fit inside her snug wallet?

The other part of me quickly flipped the group switch, turning off all of their weapons, and keeping them off.

The enemy ships seemed to mill around for a moment, as they tried to get their weapons back up, but they were no match for the power of my switches, especially when those switches were buttressed by my sister and the yellow light. Nothing could move a switch I’d made with Summer.

I peeked one eye open, and could just make out my sister’s face, bobbing above mine. I could see her clearly, and knew that the nanites and light were doing their job. Summer saw me peaking at her, and mashed her lips to mine. Her tongue entered my mouth, as she pressed our two bodies together.

My switches’ power increased a little more, and I started lifting my hips to meet her rocking. She felt fantastic, and despite the incongruity of the situation, I was filling exhilarated.

The demons had finally decided that they weren’t going to be able to shoot us out of their way, and seven ships came forward to sacrifice themselves, by ramming into us. I was thankful the remainder of the fleet held back.

I immediately took evasive maneuvers, rolling to the right, and realizing that I was rolling around with my sister as well. The demon ship that had chosen us changed course to match, and here was where my gaming skills came in handy. Viewing the ship as an extension of my will, I could move and change directions at the speed of thought. Oddly, every move I made was copied by a move with my body, and Summer held on for dear life, as we rolled all over the place. When I dove, my pelvis would pull back, and when I climbed, my hips drove forward, piercing her wet crevice with my cock.

The demon ship barely missed my port side, and it dawned on me that even though my video gaming skills came in handy here, there was no reset switch, and one mistake meant all of our lives. I looked around to see how the other ships were faring. One of ours was smoking, and not moving. Another had two on its tale, and it didn’t look good. I realized that the pink-skinned aliens were poorly suited for even this type of battle.

Thinking fast, I rolled Summer around, as I barrel-rolled the ship, and dove between the other vessels. I sensed more than saw that my pursuing ship collide with one of the others. I looked back, and saw that the remaining ship had broken off its pursuit and was now after me.

I felt awful for the deaths I’d caused, but I knew it was either them or us.

Even with the distraction of avoiding the enemy ships, the feel of Summer’s vagina sliding around my cock felt wonderful. It also helped to distract me from any crippling fear I might have felt.

“Some of the demons are headed for Earth!” I heard Shanna yell, and even as I looked, I knew it was true. No longer content to wait and see how the chase went, some of the demon ships had broken free of the main formation, and were headed to Earth.

I charged for the errant ships, but two other demon vessels blocked my path, and I barely pulled up in time to avoid a collision; my cock driving deep into my sister, and making her cry out.

I now had three ships on my tail, as I turned and started heading for the smoking friendly vessel. I had to get these demons off of my tail, so I could stop the ships heading for Earth. As I approached the smoking vessel, I mentally sent the command to teleport all living aliens to this one, and then pulled hard to starboard at the last second.

As I did this, I felt myself go even deeper into Summer’s pussy, and I moaned as my cock entered her womb; my cock’s head getting strangled by the tightness of her deepest and most sensitive parts.

Two demon ships failed to turn sharp enough and crashed, leaving one still on my tail.

Dammit, I thought, canlı casino siteleri if only I could get rid of their aggressiveness!

“I’m cumming, Nick!” Summer screamed, distracting me for just a second. “Oh, gawd, I’m gonna cum!” Her words combined with her cunt milking my cock were enough to send me over the edge. As I filled her womb full of my seed, I felt the switch for their aggressiveness form, and flip at the same time, draining the last of my energy away, and blackness swallowed me whole.

When I came to, I had to blink my eyes a few times to see, and my head was throbbing again. A pleasant sensation was surrounding my cock, but I couldn’t see past my sister’s concerned face.

“You’re awake!” she exclaimed upon seeing my open eyes. Her face seemed oddly flushed, and she even seemed to moan a little as she said it.

“Wh-what happened?” I asked groggily, already feeling the healing yellow light force my headache to recede.

“The demons have stopped chasing us,” Summer told me, her eyes closed momentarily as she sucked in her bottom lip.

Only then did I realize why my cock felt so pleasant. I knew that two-tongued technique; Harana or Lela must be giving me a blowjob, and keeping me hard. They must have done that when I passed out, so that when I awoke. I could reconnect with my sister, and keep my switches powerful. That didn’t explain why Summer seemed to be enjoying herself, though.

My sister must have seen the confused look on my face, and correctly interpreted it. “Harana is scooping your cum out of me,” she informed me. “You came a lot, and she is trying to get it out, but it feels good, too. She is about to…uhh, get me off.”

Just as Summer started to convulse on top of me, Harana let my cock free, and slipped it back into Summer’s vagina.

I moaned as we reconnected, and felt the power of my switches magnify again. I knew I couldn’t use them again so quickly, and was glad that I’d been able to buy us a little time..

“No,” Summer moaned as she came down from her orgasm. “In my ass. I don’t want to get pregnant from this.” I nodded, and pulled my hips down, and let Harana aim me for her rectum. I was easily slick enough, and slipped right past my sister’s sphincter, causing us both to moan again.

“The other ships!” I exclaimed, suddenly remembering them.

Shanna was the one to answer this time, “We were able to see everything you did. This room changed, and it was incredible! I’m so sorry, Nick. Those ships are long gone, though. Lela says they’re likely to Earth by now.”

Despite how good my sister’s colon felt around my cock, I felt it wilt a little at this news. I had failed. Those other ships would have been outside of my range when I created the ‘anti-aggression’ switch. I only hoped that my fellow humans could handle the few ships that’d made it through. Knowing that their weapons wouldn’t work, soothed my fears, some.

Right now, though, I needed to concentrate on the rest of the fleet that was still here. I closed my eyes and pulled Summer’s face down to mine, kissing her deeply, as I lifted my hips, and felt myself re-hardening.

I could see the demon ships still floating out there in space, waiting, and likely wondering what was happening to them. They might not be aggressive at the moment, but they still posed a threat. I needed to stop that threat for good, or all would be lost.

My headache was nearly gone now, and I knew it was partly in thanks to the healing light, and also thanks to how wonderful Summer felt on top of me. I could feel her sphincter sliding up and down my rod, my entire length piercing her colon.

I allowed my hands to drop down to her rear, and grabbed a globe in each hand, as I examined the ships before me.

I needed a way to stop their aggressiveness permanently. Derek’s image flashed before my mind, and I recalled what I’d done to him, changing him into a female. Somehow I didn’t think changing their sex would help, but perhaps another biological change would do the trick. I knew I would need the added strength of another orgasm though, to accomplish it, and threw all of my concentration into making love to my sister’s tight ass.

I lifted my head, and brought one of her teats to my lips, sucking gently, as I increased the pace of my hips.

“Damn,” Summer moaned above me, “I’m going to cum again, Nick.” She started to convulse on top of me, her ass squeezing my length, and feeling fantastic, but still not enough to make me cum.

I opened my eyes, and saw Harana and Shanna watching us, and knew that I would need to enlist their help.

“Shanna, Harana, I know what I need to do, but I need your help,” I told them. “Shanna, get naked and come here,” Harana was already naked.

Shanna did as I asked, a curious look on her face, and walked over to Summer and I. “I don’t know how I can help, Nick. I’m not like your sister.”

I told her what I wanted, and she sat on my face, my sister moving slightly as my girlfriend got situated. Summer did her best to keep as much physical contact with me as possible. I had Haran kneel between Summer’s and my legs, and felt her two tongues go to work on my balls. I needed to be as turned on as possible, so that I could form the switch as I came.

I sucked hard on Shanna’s labia, and noted that she was already wet. Despite the fear that she must have been feeling, watching Summer and I roll around must have been turning her on.

I felt Summer lift up, while keeping as much contact with my body, and knew that she must have been sucking on Shanna’s tits as I began to nibble on her clitoris. I reached my hands up, and pinched both of Summer’s nipples between my fingers, making her moan into Shanna’s chest.

Shanna ground her crotch against my lips and tongue, while I enjoyed the feeling of Harana’s tongues on my balls and Summer’s ass gliding up and down my hard shaft.

Having three women pleasing me was enough to increase my libido, and I felt my orgasm building. I squeezed my eyes closed to form the switch I needed in my mind.

Summer dropped her chest down to mine, and our chins connected as we both licked Shanna’s creaming crotch. I tasted a flood of my girlfriend’s cum a second before Summer’s colon squeezed my throbbing rod, and I unloaded myself into my sister’s colon.

It took every ounce of mental strength I had left to make and then move the switch. I had just enough time to sense the demons becoming herbivores, before I passed out.

* * *


It took nearly two months for me to recover from that last switch. Two months in the ship under the healing yellow light, while the changed demons and friendly pink aliens came to an understanding and a truce.

That final switch didn’t change all of the demons in the universe, only the ones that were within range at the time. However, according to the new truce, the Earth had a defensive friendly force. Some of the demons went with a few of the female pink aliens, to defend their home planet. The rest went to Earth to fight those that’d made it past me during the battle. It took almost ten years to flush all of the carnivorous demons from the Earth. Ten years of chaos, violence, and the beginning of a new age for humanity.

When I awoke from my coma, after the two months, I had a number of surprises awaiting me. Summer was pregnant with my child. She had debated on whether or not to keep it, and in the end decided that she couldn’t get rid of it. She even helped Shanna and Julia find a large enough house for the four of us to live in.

Julia and Shanna had worked out their differences, apparently, and Shanna had come to Lela’s ship to visit me every day in my convalescence. She told me all about reconciling her trust issues concerning Julia, and couldn’t wait for me to come back down to the Earth to be with them.

Gina and I are still great friends, and is actually living next door to us now. I try to encourage her to find someone else, but she keeps telling me she will only leave me when she finds someone better. Fifteen years, and three kids later, she still hasn’t found anyone else.

Robin had apparently become pregnant as well, despite all of Dennis’s precautions. They ended up getting married before the child was born, and even had three more children, though none of them looked anything like the first. It didn’t take long for their oldest to start displaying interests in the geekier things in life. I kept my mouth shut about my thoughts about his real father, but somehow I don’t think it escaped Dennis’s notice.

All of my children with Lela were doing well, and going strong. They were growing faster than normal humans, yet slower than the pink aliens. They also seemed to grasp concepts and thoughts faster than either race. All of Lela’s and my children were speaking both languages fluently by the time I came to.

My mother had been worried sick about me, until Summer’d brought her up to visit me. With the demons still roaming the Earth at that time, she was filled with fear at first, but Harana and Lela put her at ease. She took the news of Summer’s pregnancy a little hard at the beginning, but in the end agreed that she couldn’t get rid of the child. When I finally saw her again, she almost looked like a different woman, my switches having taken their affect on her, increasing her skin elasticity and slowing her aging. She looked twenty years younger, and Summer informed me that they were constantly mistaken for sisters.

When the unchanged demons first arrived on Earth to start devouring the human race and Earth’s resources, one of their first victims was my father’s girlfriend. The sight had completely unnerved my father, and he came crawling back to my mom. To her credit, she told him where to go, and in no uncertain terms how to get there.

Old Mrs. Polkins was found in the dean’s office one day; or rather, under it, by the dean’s wife. Somehow the wife didn’t take it too well, but last I heard, Mrs. Polkins had found herself another job as a high school nurse, and none of the students were complaining. I never did see professor Frankens again.

All of those surprises were minor compared to finding out that I had burned my ability out. I was too weak when I used that last switch, and no matter what Lela did, the ability was gone. I couldn’t even sense any of the switches I’d made, or my half-human children.

Despite my lack of a special ability, Lela and Harana insisted that I be the main liaison between the three races. Even at my young age, the world leaders agreed, though some felt slighted because they were left with no choice in the matter. Lela, Harana, and even the demons made sure of that.

Some of the other modified human’s came to the rescue of their race, during that ten years, but some used their abilities for their own gain. Once the carnivorous demons were dealt with, Lela, Harana, my sister, Shanna, Shannon, and even Gina, helped me to capture the rogue humans, and deactivate their special genes.

Five years after the last rogue human was found and dealt with, we realized that all of my children had my ability. They are all working on healing mine, though I have come to terms with its loss.


Author’s note:
I hope you have enjoyed my final series, Bait and Switch. Keep an eye out for garbonzo607’s spin-off of this series, coming out later.

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