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There was this amazingly hot boy that lived across the street from me, his name was Zack. I would sit in the living room of my parent’s house and stare out the window at him as he tossed the baseball around with his friend. That summer he played on a local team and it seemed like everyday he was outside in his tight white baseball pants tossing the ball around to get warmed up. Zach was 13 years old at the time and I was seventeen. He had the cutest little faint freckles on his face, big brown eyes, and blonde hair. He was around 5’5 and 120 lbs. I was 6’0 and 170 lbs; I was a built guy because I played football for my high school team.

I would watch as his ass pressed against those tight white pants when he made his pitches in the front yard and almost every time he came back up he would reach down and adjusts himself in his athletic cup. It was so hot watching this sexy boy play with himself. I would watch the flexing of his arm, the way his wrist broke after every pitch, and sit and fantasize about what I would do to this incredible boy.

One day I sat on my couch watching him play outside with his friend. It was a hot June afternoon, and he was outside in jean shorts with no shirt throwing a football. His Mom and Dad came out of the house with his two younger sisters and said that they were leaving. As they left Zack went into the house and sent his friend home because he had to get ready for a baseball game.

I saw my chance. It was only casino oyna three o’clock and nobody really was home in my neighborhood. Zack’s parents were the only ones who worked from home, mostly kids were around and they were at the park down the street in the community pool. So I went for it. I walked around back and found the door unlocked. I could hear him upstairs and the shower running. I crept up the stairs and got to the bathroom door. It had one of those old fashion doors with the big key hole you could see through, so I knelt down and looked through. I could slightly see him through the frosted glass doors. I could see the outline of his body and soap running down his ass.

I felt my shorts tenting and adjusted myself. I looked in again to see the door opening and he stepped out in all his glory. The light made the water on his body glisten. I could see his limp boy cock sway as he walked to the hamper and grabbed his towel. I quietly stood up and walked to his room. I saw that he had already laid his baseball gear onto his bed. I picked up his cup and smelled the ball sweat of the hottest boy I had ever seen. I laid it back down and went into his closet. I looked through the blades on the door and waited for him.

A few minutes later he walked in with the towel wrapped around his boyish hips. As he shut the door he let the towel fall to the ground and he was walking around naked. I could see the amazing curve of his great ass. This slot oyna boy was almost hairless, very little cock hair, and very thin leg hair which you really could see. As he walked around getting things together I became rock hard. My 7 inch cock was ready to bust of shorts, so I slid my pants boxers off I was now in the closet with only a shirt on which I took off. As he walked toward the bed and started to grab his underwear to put on I opened the door and quietly walked up behind him. I was inches from him standing there completely nude. He bent over to start putting his underwear on and his ass pushed into my dick causing it to poke at his hole. He quickly stood up and found only a fist that sent him sprawling on the bed. As he laid there unconscious I rolled him over to taste his tongue and made out with him with no help form his end. I tied his baseball shirt around his eyes and kissed him one last time. I started playing with his little boy package. He was limp when I took him in my mouth, rolling my tongue around his little head slurping on his dick. Then I staring lapping my tongue on his balls taking them into my mouth and sucking on them. He started getting hard so I started sucking him again. I moved up and down fast, sucking, slurping, and licking when he busted a load into my mouth. He started to come to as I sat up and kissed him letting some of his cum fall into his mouth. I sat up swallowing the rest. I rolled him over as he spat his cum onto canlı casino siteleri the bed I had him bent over the bed with his knees on the floor. As I positioned myself on his ass I leaned over and licked up his wonderful tasting boy juice. I spit it on my hand and lubed up his asshole and my dick with his own cum.

As my dick became slippery I pushed it in as he started to resist. As my dick tore into his asshole I stopped leaned over him and whispered “If you fight me I will hurt you more, relax and it will all be over soon..”

I sat back up and pumped my cock in and out of his tight virgin hole. It slid in and out and it felt so good. He relaxed a little and I put my hands on his hips and pulled him back into me as I thrusted forward. I fucked him as he started to cry asking me “please stop, please stop.” But I didn’t. His cries only seemed to make me want him more. He whimpers and groaned with every thrust forward. I felt my balls ready to go and pushed in hard as I jizzed into his asshole. Shooting one, to, three, four ropes of salty white cum. Once I came down I pulled out and stuck my finger in his asshole pulling out some of my cum. I held it to his mouth and told him to suck my finger clean or he would regret it. Apprehensively he opened his mouth and I stuck my finger in. I took my finger out, stood up, got my clothes and left. I stole one last look as I exited seeing him bent over the bed.

When I got home I called the cops and told them I saw a prowler snooping around Zack’s house. When they showed up to take my statement I told them I didn’t recognize him but gave them a description. I gave them mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32