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I worked with Karen, a petite Jewish blonde. She was part of a clique of always hungover party girls who worked at the mortgage banking office where I worked. Most of them shuffled paper in the back office, but she was as smart as she was cute and ran the PR team.

One weeknight, we carpooled to Riverside, where we ran a small seminar for customers, then I took the local team that did the work out for dinner. Tracy ordered tequila shots for the table, and then seconds. “I’m driving, I said,” hands in the air. She harrumphed and downed her drink.

In the car on the way home, the talk turned personal.

“I’ve decided not to date married men,” she said, pointedly looking at my ring.

“Well, that’s a shame,” I replied, flirting shamelessly.

“Well, only in one circumstance.” She added. “If I can date their wives too.”

I must have turned pale.

“Does that bother you?” She asked.

“Depends on what you mean by bother,” I replied. I explained, loosely, about Shelley’s and my deal. We’d had a moderately adventurous marriage – slept with her college best friend, with a couple I know back in my college town, been a part of some highly sexual forest raves / orgies. Karen actually looked impressed.

“Shelley’s cute.” Karen said thoughtfully. Shelley was. She’d been a working model when we met, and had the perfect model’s build – 5′-9″ with long slender legs and arms, a tiny waist, perfect heart-shaped ass and small breasts with small nipples that magically extended when she was aroused.

I was travelling, so didn’t see Karen for the next week or so. Then she invited us to her housewarming party the following Saturday night. She’d lived on and off with a real estate investor. He’d just finished rehabbing a duplex on the beach in Encinitas and offered it to her for six months until the selling season would be at a peak.

The plan was to BBQ on the sand in front of her place, and then start a fire in the firepit and sit around and drink champagne.

Shelley and I showed up with beach chairs and a cooler. Me in jams under cargo shorts and a t-shirt and fleece (it gets foggy and cool in the evening), Shelley in a bikini under jeans and a long top.

I brought good cheese, lots of champagne (well, California sparkling wine, technically), chocolate, and fruit in the cooler. Perfect snack food.

We found parking and walked half a block carrying everything. Buzzed the buzzer at the gate and Karen came and opened the gate. She was in a bikini top and cutoffs. She hugged and kissed Shelley, then leaned up and kissed me.

We hauled everything in and sat on her deck for a few minutes.

Shelley commented on how nice the place was and how private the deck was for such a crowded beach.

Karen replied by pulling up her top and flashing her breasts. Saying “I love that it’s so private!”

Her breasts were round, perfect, with triangular pale markings where the bikini has shielded them from the sun. She had pinkish nipples circled with small pink dots where they rose from the breast.

Shelley looked at them, then looked at me, shook her head, and laughed. She’d been disappointed that we were meeting Karen at an event, instead of a private dinner; she’d told me she was hoping for a date instead of a dinner party.

The other guests arrived.

Allen, her developer ex-boyfriend and Dan his lawyer buddy were first. Right after them was a group of three women – Jill and Diane, and one who was a bit older, Ellen, who was smooching Dan as soon as she came in.

We sat in the sand and grilled chicken skewers that Karen had made, and then drank champagne and snacked on fruit and cheese. It was a very California afternoon.

At some point each of went down and tried to bodysurf, but the waves were crummy. The cool water felt great, though, and the guys all paraded shirtless while the women showed off their beachwear – bikinis somewhere between tiny and tinier.

After we’d gone through the seventh or eighth bottle, the level of merriment rose.

Dan pulled Ellen’s top off, and she pulled down his trunks. Karen and Shelley were sitting together talking, and I was talking with Jill, who was flirting with me a bit. She stood up, and I pantsed her, pulling down her jean shorts and accidentally also stripping down her ocean-damp bikini bottoms and exposing her trimmed bush and rounded ass. I ran my hand over her ass as I helped her pull her pants back up. She swatted me on top of the head while Shelley and Karen looked at me and shook their heads.

The fog rolled in about 6, and we decided to move indoors.

Ellen and Dan stripped and headed for the shower, Allen and Stacy right behind them. I looked at Shelley, who looked at me and shrugged and then stripped off her top, dropped her pants and headed for the shower – and so did I. Jill looked at us and followed suit (or suitless). Diane stayed behind and must have left while we were “showering”.

Everyone piled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into a huge shower with two nozzles; I was the last one in and as I looked at the flesh in the shower and stepped through the door, I slipped and fell and spent a moment on my knees.

By the time I stood up, the party had truly started. Karen and Jill were kneeling in front of Allen; and Ellen was grinding her ass into Dan’s groin. Shelley looked at me with concern, and then as I stepped into the shower, knelt in front of me and took my fast-hardening cock into her mouth. I rubbed her head and she looked up at me and smiled as she said “Wait – I can do this any time…” and stood to join the rest of the group. Karen traded places with her, stood and pressed herself to me and we kissed. We ran our hands over each other bodies; she was shorter than Shelley, with honey-blonde hair and a slender athletic figure with muscular arms and legs. She had a bronze tan, with pale triangles on each breast and over her pubes; a buzz-cut triangle of pubic hair over her folds.

I reached between them and felt hard, slippery, and small inner lips and a button clit. I brought my fingers back to my mouth and tasted her, and she was musky and sweet. She smiled, licked my fingers clean, and then knelt and took my very hard cock in her mouth.

Dan was fucking Shelley hard from behind while Ellen kissed him and fondled his torso; Jill was giving Allen head while Karen ran her tongue around the tip of my cock and very rapidly brought me to an orgasm that made me shout and left my knees shaking as I felt myself spurt into her soft mouth seven or eight times. She stood up, smiling, and kissed Shelley deeply, wiping Shelley’s lips and then hers and saying “Sorry, I probably taste like come now…”

Shelley stepped away from Dan, and Ellen grabbed him by the cock and pulled him out of the shower. Half the bathroom floor was carpeted; they stepped over to it, and she pulled him down on top of him. He started slamming into her and she bucked up from under him. They both were breathing hard and grunting as they slammed together, faster and louder. We stopped the shower and all stood, arms on shoulders, watching them. Ellen began to make a rhythmic noise, and grabbed Dan’s ass as she pushed against him, and he suddenly pushed up on his arms and – hard to imagine – slammed into her even harder, and then stopped, exhaled, and lay on her chest as she slowly rocked her hips up under him.

They lay on the floor gasping, and the rest of us dried off and walked into the living room with its blanket-covered sofa with cushions wide enough to be a twin bed..

I stood, kissing Jill and Shelley as Allen lay back, erect. Karen stepped to the sofa, knelt in front of him and began to take his cock into her mouth.

Shelley and Jill began kissing as I held them both, and they absently fondled my cock back to being semi-hard. They were mostly interested in each other, and so I changed my attention to the glistening I saw in Karen’s crotch and she kneeled with her ass pointing to me. I stepped over to her, and standing behind her began to run the tip of my fast-hardening cock up and down the crease of her pussy, spreading juices as I did. Then I pushed into her, and felt her pussy close around me. I slowly slid in and out of her while she tried to keep her concentration on giving Allen head, but in a moment she started lifting her head and arching her back.

Ellen had come from the bathroom, and took her place in front of Allen, and she shifted to the left and rested on her knees and forearms and I moved deeply into her and slowly back out…struggling to keep control myself.

Suddenly she buried her face in the sofa and started whispering “That’s it…that’s it…yes, please, that’s it” as her knees began to shake and I suddenly felt her pussy flood and clench with her orgasm. Someone held me from behind – for a moment I thought it was Shelley, but I realized from the feel of the augmented breasts on my back that it must be Jill – and reached down between my legs and cupped my balls as I rested pressed deeply into Karen. My hips started pushing without any thought in response to her stimulus, and I pushed in and out of Karen’s very wet and oh-so-very nicely tight pussy. Jill leaned forward and started licking my ear and suddenly I was arching my back and gasping as I felt bursts of pure pleasure with each spasm of my cock.

I caught my breath after a moment and pulled my collapsing penis out of Karen, who let out a yip as the tip slipped down past her clit. I leaned down and kissed her neck, and then turned to Jill and held her face and kissed her. She smiled and rubbed against me, and I ran my hands down her body. She had implants, but not outrageously large ones, and large dark brown nipples that were tense and erect. Her shoulders were narrow, making her breasts seem even larger, and her waist tapered to a round ass and the neatly trimmed brown bush that I’d güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri seen on the beach.

We kissed and pressed against each other, and then turned and pulled Shelley to us. “Baby, have you come yet? It seems like it’s your turn…” And we lay her back on the sofa with spread legs, showing her large red inner lips and her immense clit both swollen from the hard fucking she’d gotten earlier. I started to kneel between her legs but she shook her head and gestured to Jill. She promised to return the favor if Jill would make her come, and so I stepped aside, and Jill knelt between her legs and with a slight hesitation leaned forward and began to tentatively lick her pussy.

I turned to Karen, who had returned to kissing Allen while Ellen kept licking him. It seemed he’d been getting head forever and hadn’t come yet while I’d come hard twice.

Finally he began to turn red and thrust up and down into Ellen’s mouth as she made slurping noises and swallowed his come. She brought her head up and smiled at me and winked. My turn next, she seemed to say.

Allen lay back watching Shelley and Jill, and Karen sat up to watch them as well. Dan came into the room, leaned on Ellen, and soon we were all watching Jill lick and finger Shelley. Karen moved over to them and began kissing Shelley who cupped her own breasts and fingered her now-immensely long nipples. Allen looked at them and said. “You could put someone’s eye out with one of those!”

“She already has,” I replied, and we all laughed.

Karen was nestled in my arm as we watched and I turned to her and quietly said “How normal is all this?”

“For Allen? Something like this pretty much every month.”

“So, in our world stuff like this happens with protection.”

She looked at me and smiled. “Yeah, that’s smart. But I picked the people for the party pretty carefully. Allen and I have partied with everyone here but you and Shelly, and after the lecture you gave me the morning I showed up for work in the same clothes as the day before, I’d pegged you as safe.”

“We are, but still…”

She winked at me and quickly pecked my lips with hers. “Fortune favors the bold, or something like that.”

We heard Shelley moan and turned to watch.

I could tell that she was tensing up and would come soon, and she began to make whuffing noises and rock her hips. You could see the muscles in her abdomen as solid ridges as the tension built and then suddenly she opened her knees even wider, pulled Jill’s head to her, and cried out inarticulately as she came. We were all silent as we watched attentively.

Jill lifted her head and said “I haven’t done that since school.” Shelley lifted her head and said it was worth the wait, and pulled herself onto her elbows and moved to the side. As she sat up, she reached for Jill’s hand, squeezed it, and then pulled her onto the sofa. They kissed, and Shelley rolled Jill’s breasts in her hands and then began to work her hands down her body. Soon she had one hand between her legs and we could see her finger working up and down. Jill closed her eyes, and Shelley lay her back and moved between her legs.

Karen and I had the same idea at the same time, and moved alongside her to lick the juices off her face, kiss her and caress her breasts. We’d take turns, with one of us kissing while the other kneaded her breast gently and licked the nipple into absolute hardness.

I turned and watched Shelley licking her tongue up and down Jill’s pussy lips and suddenly began to feel my cock stirring. Shelley put her hand on Jill’s belly and pressed down as she licked, and Karen and I licked her breasts together. As we did, Jill began to chant “I’m coming…I’m coming…I’m coming…God, God, Oh God!! I’m coming!!” And arch her chest up against us. I looked up and saw Shelley, rapt with her fingers in Jill’s pussy, feeling the contractions.

I realized that I hadn’t fucked my wife yet, and suddenly wanted to very very badly.

I pulled her up and pulled her on top of me on the sofa. She straddled me and I pushed into her very familiar pussy, suddenly aware of the difference between hers and Karen’s. She sat upright, showing off her body and arching her back as she lifted her hands behind her head and thrust her pelvis down on me.

I’d come twice, so I wasn’t going to come any time immediately, so I concentrated on getting into a steady rhythm with her, rolling my hips forward and up and downward and back as she did the opposite.

Suddenly I realized that the other men were lying on their backs on the sofa as well, and Jill straddled Dan while Ellen straddled Allen, leaving Karen on her own. I gestured her over to me, and pulled her onto the sofa, managing not to break rhythm.

I pulled her up to me, and she moved her hips over my face and straddled me. I began licking her pussy as I fucked Shelley, and Karen reached for Shelley’s breasts. I couldn’t see much except Karen’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri bright red tiny inner lips which responded to my tongue by getting even redder and firmer. I lapped up her come-flavored juices, and hardened the tip of my tongue and circled her clit.

I was rewarded with a flood of sweetly musky juice and her ass muscles, thighs, and knees spasming as she came. I felt her back with my hands and she was damp with sweat. I ran my hands up and down her back as he leaned on Shelly and caught her breath.

Then she sat up and rose off my face, and went to Shelly and pulled her up off me. She turned her around, and after one playful lick at the tip of my cock, coaxed her into a new position, straddling me in reverse cowboy. My legs were off the edge of the bed so Karen knelt on the floor between them and started licking Shelly’s clit as she rocked up and down on me. As Shelly rose off my cock, she’d lick it as well, and soon she had me grunting and moaning in pleasure as Shelly began the very familiar countdown to an orgasm. In a moment, I felt her pussy walls tensing and my hands on her body felt all her muscles starting to tense up as she began loud deep breaths culminating in a “whoof” as her pussy began clenching around me and her body started relaxing. Karen began licking my balls and running her finger along the line where Shelly and I joined and suddenly I felt the column of heat leave my balls and move slowly up my cock until it hit the tip and suddenly I was shaking as the bursts of pleasure seemed to rattle around my entire body matching the bursts of come I waqs sending into my wife’s pussy.

When I could lift my head again, we watched as Allen shifted and pulled Ellen off him and turned her so she was on all fours and knelt on the sofa behind her slamming his cock into her as she lifted her head and started kissing Dan and Jill, who supported her against the pounding Allen was giving her from behind.

Then Jill got up and excused herself for a potty run leaving Dan very erect and briefly alone. He moved from sitting to kneeling, and Ellen took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him deep into her throat. Allan was considerate and moved to a more gentle thrusting in and out and so we watched for a few minutes until Dan grabbed Ellen’s shoulders, arched his back and jerked as he came in her throat. Ellen swallowed noisily, and then began arching her hips and thrusting hard back onto Allen as she groaned around the cock still in her mouth and came. Like dominoes, one tripped another, which tripped another and then Allen buried himself deep in her and yelled “Yeah!” as he came.

The three of them collapsed into a heap of elbows and thighs.

Shelley lay back on the sofa between Ellen and Karen. Allen knelt between Shelly’s legs and you could hear his tongue running up and down her soaking wet pussy lips. Ellen was being eaten by Dan and Karen lay next to her with her legs wrapped around my hips as I slowly rolled in and out of her. She and I were sticky with sweat and our bellies made soft sounds as the skin stuck and pulled apart. The smell of sex was overwhelming and arousing, Stacy arched her back as I lowered my head and licked her diamond hard nipples. She quickly started flushing red and pushing her hips up against me. Her thighs began to tremble and then she pulled me to her and clutched me with her thighs, arms and pussy as she came.

I began to push harder into her, and soon heard Shelley say “time to get a spoon between his teeth…” She had always joked that my orgasms were like grand mal seizures, and sure enough this one caused me to slam into Karen, arch my back and grunt then pull out, slam into her and arch again as my arms and legs began to shake and I pulsed inside her and felt my come spurt out deep in her pussy.

I held myself up on my arms and looked down at her flushed face and we both began to laugh.

I rolled off her, and Ellen scooted across Shelley toward me. She took my half hard cock in her mouth and as soon as I was hard, mounted me reverse cowboy. I could watch and see her labia which were immensely swollen and hard; her whole pussy sodden and so engorged it was stiff. Jill came over and began kissing me and softly rubbing her hand up and down my belly in time with my thrusts into Ellen and in a moment I was coming again, the head of my cock poking Ellen’s cervix as I thrust hard into her.

Ellen pushed down onto me, and, unsatisfied, began to grind back and forth. My cock stayed mostly hard, and so I kept sliding in and out of her, but Jill moved herself in front of Ellen and began kissing her. I felt her hand on Ellen’s clit – which made me harder – and soon Ellen was grinding her ass into me so intensely I worried about being hurt, then finishing by driving herself up and down onto me violently as she came. She and Jill held each other and kissed for a moment, then Ellen climbed off me and rolled back over toward Allen and Shelley. Jill and I watched as she began to lick Shelley’s nipples in time with Allen licking her clit.

Then Jill turned to me and started licking my half-hard cock, commenting between licks on all the different flavors she was finding on me. I pulled her up to me, but instead, she rotated, and offered me her ass in a sixty-nine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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