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The birds had already had their breakfast and were searching the sky for mates when Maya woke. She felt Steve’s leg touching hers. He was sleeping on his back, His hands were at his sides, and his breathing sounded peaceful, even content. She turned to him and edging closer, wrapped her leg over Steve’s. Her pussy pressed to his hip.

“Good morning love.” Maya whispered as she smiled to Steve.

Her soft voice broke Steve’s tentative sleep hold. As he woke, he felt the slight tingle of her pubic hairs on his skin. He recalled memories of their earlier morning lovemaking, and the evening spent with Gloria and Chunky. He remembered the tiny crease in the corner of Maya’s mouth where her lips joined.

Absently Steve’s hand meandered into his own tangled pubic hairs and combed his fingers threw the meshed hairs. They were quite long. He thought about the German scissors he had sharpened. They were in the kitchen, on the counter, next to the box of suspect credit card offers.

He turned his head towards Maya and softly greeted her. “Morning baby. Did you sleep well?”

“Mmm yes. I had the most wonderful wet dream.”

“You did? I think I had one too. Do you think we might have had the same dream?”

“Oh I know we did. I have a little rash that proves it. Here feel for yourself.” Maya took his hand and guided it to her breast. As his hand slid down the inside slope of her breast, he felt the soft smoothness of her skin change to a thin taunt dried coating like day old glazed donut icing. He knew it was his dried cum from hours earlier.

“Oh my. I think I might have the same rash.” Steve took Maya’s hand and guided it down to his cock. Maya eagerly ran her fingers over his semi-erectness.

“I don’t feel any rash.” She replied sounding slightly puzzled.

“Well to be honest, I just wanted your hand on my cock.” Steve smirked.

“Teaser.” Maya smiled back to him and laughed. Her fingers squeezed his cock sharply.


“That’ll teach you to tease, mister rash maker.”

“I’d prefer you call me mister sugar coater please.”

Maya laughed again. “Okay. Okay. Would mister sugar coater like to join me in a nice warm shower? Maybe his little icing dispenser will get lucky.”

“Sure. But we have to come back to bed. I have a little surprise for you.”

“Mmm. I love your surprises. Especially when they come in bed.”

They arose naked from the bed and strode across the bedroom rug. Their legs were springy and their feet were surprised by the coolness of the ceramic tiled bathroom.

Steve reached for the bathroom light switch, but Maya stopped him. “Don’t turn on the light.” He grinned, happy to comply. The small horizontal window high above the shower wall provided just enough sunlight to see each other. As Steve opened the cupboard under the sink and retrieved two fresh towels, Maya stepped to the shower and drew back the curtain. As she bent at the waist, her legs felt tender and her inner thigh muscles ached. “Oh baby I think somebody has worked my body over pretty hard.”

“A tiny bit sore are we?” Steve said as he felt a little twinge of soreness between his own legs.

“Sore and used. But in a good way darling. A very good way.” Maya replied. She turned the cold metal cylinder in her hand and heard the blast of water burst from the showerhead. Her ass exposed to Steve, Maya heard Steve shuffle forward and felt his cock nuzzle between her tight cheeks. “Mmm. That feels nice.” She softly approved as she pushed the shower curtain back.

Reluctantly, Maya lost contact with Steve’s cock as she stepped over the tub ledge into the cascading warm water. Reaching back, she took his hand in hers, and pulled Steve into the shower with her. “Come along darling.”

Steve followed her into the shower. His back felt the invigorating warm wet spray temporarily blocking Maya until he turned sideways so they both were exposed to the water. The narrow shower forced their bodies teasingly close. Maya’s nipples felt the hairs on his chest and his pubic hairs brushed her belly. In the darkness of the little shower, their mouths found each other.

“Mmm.” Maya happily moaned as She felt Steve’s playful tongue slide into her mouth and his sucking lips take her tongue into his. Water sprayed against the sides of their pressed together cheeks.

Steve slipped his hand behind Maya and caressed down her back stopping to cup her ass cheek in his hand. “I love how soft and smooth your ass feels.”

“Thank you.” Her wet hair partially hiding her smile, Maya thought of all the times the last few days, she had felt Steve’s touch. “I love how your hands feel on my ass darling. I wish they were there, all the time.”

They edged further back from the shower nozzle. The spraying water target moved down their sides to below their knees. A foot of Maya’s moved closer to Steve and her small dainty toes touched his long toes. Maya looked down at the touch. His toes were twice as long as hers. The toe beside his big toe was long and jointed like a short finger. She wondered how it would feel inside her warm pussy.

Steve casino siteleri reached for the liquid soap bottle. Lifting it between Maya’s breasts, he squeezed a liberal coating from nipple to nipple. He took his hand from Maya’s ass and passed the long cylindrical bottle to it. His fingers began spreading the soap over Maya’s breasts as his hand with the bottle returned to Maya’s butt nestling the bottle between the lengths of her smooth cheeks.

“I love when you wash me.” Maya groaned in pleasure as Steve’s fingers massaged and scrubbed over her chest. He made as much contact as possible. When his fingers reached her shoulders, his wrist still rubbed her nipple. When Maya held out her arms, he reached his soapy fingers under her arm and her breast rested on his forearm. Steve noticed her nipples were aroused and extended.

Maya felt the urge to return the favor. She reached back for the bottle and took it from Steve’s hand. Squirting the thick aromatic soap over Steve’s chest, she deposited a straight bead down to his cock and dotted the tip. She felt Steve’s hand still on her ass. Reaching with the bottle blindly behind her, she squeezed the liquid aiming as best she could. Her aim was lucky. Most of the liquid landed just above the crack of her ass and she felt it running down her deep crevice to Steve’s waiting fingers. “Wash my ass baby. I love to feel your fingers.” She whispered, as she leaned forward and kissed Steve with a hungry swirling tongue licking over his lips and just inside his mouth.

Her kiss, and the feel of her body had made his cock harden. As she spread the soap over his body lower, Maya discovered his erection. “Oh my, is that for me?” She smiled to him.

“Always baby. Always.” Steve smiled back. His fingers scrubbed over her ass, rubbing the liquid soap up and down her crack, then caressing around her ass in a circle. Maya felt the warm luxuriant foam flow down the inside of her thighs. Her hand collapsed around Steve’s cock.

“I love washing your cock when it’s hard Steve.” She said almost matter-of-factly. Her fingers released his cock and continued lower. With exploring fingers, she cupped his hairy ball sack and rubbing the soap between his legs.

Steve’s fingers found the start of her pubic hairs. He pushed the soap ahead of his fingertips down into the thicker wet thatch.

“Do you like my hairy pussy baby?” The tone of her question surprised Steve. Maya sounded almost like she was seeking approval.

“Oh yeah.” Steve quickly replied.

“But do you like all the hair?” She sounded uncertain.

“Would you like me to shave you?” Steve asked as he felt her hand squeeze his cock again.

“Oh Yes! Would you? If you want to that is.” Her voice trailed off waiting for his answer.

“I’d love to do that for you baby. After we shower. Okay?” Steve sounded excited.

“Yes! Oh Yes! Let’s get out or do you want to cum first?”

Steve laughed a little at her open offer. “I can wait baby.”

“You sure?” Maya squeezed his cock and pulled it towards her rubbing the swollen head into her belly button.

It made the decision tougher for him. Steve squeezed her ass and slipped a finger between her pussy lips.

“Oh yes. Feel how wet I am already? Maya whispered. “I could cum so easy.”

“Let’s shave you.” Steve edged his feet towards the shower nozzle pulling Maya along with his finger in her pussy. The water splashed higher up their hips and Maya shuffled her feet in unison towards the elevated waterspout. His finger slipped out of her pussy.

As the water splashed into their faces, they leaned forward and embraced. His cock pressed to her and she felt his muscle pulse as they kissed under the waterfall. It was up to Steve what they did next. If he wanted to fuck her he could. His cock felt wonderful against her and the wetness inside her pussy wasn’t from the shower nozzle. Maya was willing.

But Steve set the course of action, by reaching down and shutting off the water. They stood there for a few moments, arms locked around each other in a deep tongue-trading kiss. Passion and desire dripped down their legs.

Steve broke their embrace and pulled the shower curtain back helping Maya out over the ledge before following her out of the tub. Maya waited still as he pulled a towel from the brass wall rings. He wrapped her in the soft weave and firmly but gently dried her body down to her toes as water dripped down his face from his hair. There was a second towel, but Steve ignored it, using the same towel on his body. Maya smiled to him. It seemed natural to use the same towel, like they were two parts of the same body. She didn’t give it a second thought.

After he finished drying, Steve let the towel fall to the floor and stepped to the sink. He opened the counter beneath, and took out a few things he would need. Among them was a metal bowl. He filled it with warm water from the sink and took her hand. “Follow me love.”

He led her back to the bedroom. “Lie back on the bed baby.” She smiled and sunk onto the bed, scooted to the middle, and stretched back her head slot oyna resting on the pillows.

“If you put all the pillows under your head you can watch.” She did as he suggested. Steve sat the bowl of water and things from under the sink on the bed. Maya spread her legs wide exposing her pussy. She followed Steve’s naked body and marveled at his muscular ass as he turned and went to the Kitchen to retrieve the German scissors.

When Steve came back with the scissors and saw Maya, he grinned broadly. Maya was sitting up on the bed. She had taken the mirror off the dresser, and was holding it between her legs, getting one last look at the hair covering her pussy. She saw him and giggled. Not because of the scissors, but because of what else he had in his other hand, the Polaroid camera.

“Capturing a moment dear?”

“Oh yes. Do you mind?”

“Not at all! It’s a great idea. Can you take two so we can each have one?”

Steve checked the remaining exposure count. “Yeah. No problem.”

Maya was glad. She thought about showing the pictures to Gloria later. She spread her legs wide and arched slightly as Steve took two close up pictures of her pussy then sat the camera and pictures on the dresser to develop. He returned to Maya. She waited patiently in excited anticipation as he lowered to the bed and settled between her legs. He moved the tubes and tools closer to her like she had seen him position his paint beside a canvas. He leaned forward, his face within a few inches of her pussy and studied.

Reaching back to the warm water bowl, Steve withdrew a small sponge and purposefully wiped the sponge around her pussy getting the hair wet again. His soft strokes were meant to be a function primer for the task ahead. She had gotten very aroused during the shower and Maya couldn’t help but feel a sexual pleasure when he touched her.

She loved the view of Steve between her legs, doling over her pussy. He had that concentrated look in the tiny wrinkles over his eyes, a mannerism of his measured motions, and a gentle but decisive exploratory touch. He was like a jeweler who actually made art with jewels instead of one of those cliché jewelers who just looked at a precious stone to figure out how much it was worth. It felt just as natural to have him perusing her pussy as it did an obstetrician. Steve glanced up to her smile and said what he had on his mind. “Proper preparation matters.”

Maya wasn’t sure what he meant, but she liked the conviction in his voice. “Prepare me.” She softly replied.

Steve knew she was watching him as he lowered his lips into her still wet thicket and lapped his tongue in a circle. The initial caress of his tongue was only a remoistening of her pubic hairs that had begun to dry from the shower. He stopped licking at the top of her bushy muff. Maya was a little disappointed until Steve dipped the comb in the warm water, and held it parallel to Maya’s legs. “I like when you lick my pussy Steve.”

“Remember that feeling. When we’re done, you can compare.” Steve replied. He held the scissors steady and moving from side to side, slid the comb through Maya’s curly hair gently until it thickened and he felt the slight resistance. He snipped her hair, moved the comb, and snipped again. Maya knew he wouldn’t cut her, surely not with the comb as a barrier, and he didn’t. She marveled at how quickly Steve snipped with the scissors. “My my. Aren’t you the master pussy shaver?” Maya chided him as she felt the tiny landing of her cut hairs on the skin inside her thighs.

Steve was careful not to cut too close to her skin. The sharpness of the scissors kept her hair from even the slightest pull of pain. He could easily shave what hair remained as it was barely more than the length of an eyebrow.

Steve slowed his scissor action, and moved closer to Maya as he worked lower. His eyes were only a short distance from Maya’s pussy. Maya had seen the same closeness he would get when working on a detail in a painting. It amused her to think Steve was making art with her pussy.

“Are you near-sighted or just pussy-sighted darling?” She jokingly asked.

Steve laughed at Maya’s playfulness. He was especially careful with Maya’s pussy lips. The hair was sparser and he could cut it easily with just the tips of the scissors, but still he used the comb as a barrier to the sharp metal edge. The plastic fingers of the comb felt sensual as they gently brushed against the length of Maya’s outer lip.

Steve lifted his head and admired his preliminary work. “Ready for a shave love?”

“Oh yes. Do it darling.” Maya assured him. “Steve?”

As he reached for the warm bowl of water, he hesitated. “Yes?”

“I think I’m getting excited.” Maya sheepishly grinned.

“Well, maybe I should check?”

“Yes please. Would you? Check me?”

Steve put his finger to the top of Maya’s folded crease and slid it down. With just a slight pressure, Maya’s lips parted and he slipped his finger into her moistness. “Oh yes baby you are getting wet.”

“I thought so. It feels nice.”

Steve pulled his finger out of Maya canlı casino siteleri and put it in his mouth. “Mmm. It tastes awfully nice too.”

“Would you put your finger back in and make me cum please?”

“Soon baby. We need to finish the yard work first.”

Maya giggled. “Yard work? I like that. Okay, what’s next my little master gardener?”

“Well, I think we have the mowing pretty well licked. Or maybe I’d just like to lick the mowing.” Maya smirked as Steve twisted back, retrieved the metal bowl filled with warm water and brought it forward between her legs. “Here’s a tip love. A good gardener always remembers the trim.”

“Trim my little hedge however you like darling. But do hurry, my pussy really wants your cock planted in it.” Maya sounded slightly anxious. Steve twisted back again and snagged the little red sponge and short oval bottle of hair conditioner. Turning, he dipped the sponge in the bowl and pressed it to the center of Maya’s pussy.

“Oooh that feels nice and warm.” Maya cooed. Steve pulled the sponge back, dipped it in the bowl again, and this time held the sponge just above the top of Maya’s pussy. As he squeezed, a stream of the warm water drained down over Maya. Steve repeated dipping the sponge and rubbing it around her garden making sure each of the curly stems was wet before he opened the lid of the conditioner and poured it over Maya’s pussy. The coolness of the conditioner contrasted with the warm water and Maya immediately liked the sensation. “Oh love, you are making my pussy purr.”

“Mmm. I love making your pussy purr baby.” Steve spread his fingers and caressed the conditioner into Maya’s short crop. Already, he could feel her skin where he hadn’t felt it before. The loss of resistance from preliminary cutting and the slickness of the conditioner let his fingers glide and slip around her pussy like a buttery treat.

“How does this feel baby?” Steve pressed Maya’s outer pussy lip between his thumb and finger like the edge of a shirt collar. He slid up and down her pussy lip. The coating of conditioner lubricated the joy ride of his finger and thumb.

” Oooh Steve. Oh my pussy loves that. You’re just making me wetter baby.” Maya’s foot rocked from side to side like an excited puppy’s tail.

Steve reached back for the can of shaving gel. He brought it forward, nozzle to pussy and sprayed a silent thick blob of clear gel covering her labia. His finger released her outer lip, but his thumb tucked inside her pussy for a surprise teasing. “Ooh baby deeper. Please! Fill my pussy love.” Maya yearned for him to push deeper.

Even though his cock was stiff and ready, Steve resisted the urge to use it. He pulled his thumb out of Maya’s tight pussy grip worked the clear shaving gel around her crotch. The gel evolved into thick white foam. From Maya’s elevated perspective, it looked like snow piles tossed askew by Steve’s plowing fingers. “Oh Steve, I think I’m really going to like my pussy shaved. Are you?”

“Yeah, I know it will be great. Just great. I can’t wait to feel my lips touching your bare pussy baby.” Satisfied Maya’s pussy hairs were moist and soft under the cream, Steve dipped his fingers into the water, cleaning off the excess, and reached for the razor handle with the new blade already loaded. “Tell me right away if it starts to feel like your hairs are being pulled. Okay baby?”

“I know you won’t hurt me love.”

“I won’t, but the blade has to be sharp. I’ve got another blade.” Steve moved the razor blade high above her pussy where the edge of the shaving cream began a short distance below her belly button. Slowly he lowered the blade and let it settle against Maya’s skin.

Maya was surprised by the anxiousness she felt as Steve gently pulled the blade down her mound. The little path the razor made offered little resistance. It tickled a little as he swept further downward and stopped just outside her pussy lips. “Does that hurt?”

“No darling, it feels wonderful. I really like this.”

“I do too. I’m really getting hard.”

“Aah. Let me see.”

Steve rose up to his knees on the bed. Maya could see he wasn’t kidding. His cock was excited, stiff and pointed upwards. “Closer.” She whispered.

Steve rotated his body towards Maya angling his hips closer until his cock was almost even with her breasts. Maya reached out and took his erection in her hand. “Oh darling, you get so hard. Do you mind if I stroke it?”

“I’d love if you would.”

“Maybe we can get some extra shaving cream out of it.”

“You always do.” Steve smirked, and returned to the task at hand. Changing directions, he cut another swath through Maya’s pussy from left to right. With each stroke, he angled a little differently, always ending the shave teasingly close to her pussy lips.

Maya closed her eyes for a moment and drifted into the feel of Steve’s cock as she petted the top of it with long strokes the length of the shaft. She loved how his cock twitched when she turned her fingernails inward and scraped along the bottom vein. She could feel her pussy leaking wetness as Steve slid the razor gingerly along the inside of her thighs. He was a master at molding the blade to her supple curves especially near her dramatic ass. She squeezed her fingers around his cock and began more urgent purposeful pulling stokes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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