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“Oops, sorry!” Bella said as she ran right into her brother, Ben. He had just come out of the bathroom after his shower, his hair wet and plastered to his face. As usual, he was only wearing a towel around his waist, as his room was just down the hall.

“Really, Isabelle? Watch where you’re going!” He grumbled.

“I said sorry, didn’t I?” She replied with a quirky smile. She stepped to the side of the hall and bowed at the waist, her arms gesturing his way down the hall, and her head bent in supplication. “After you, my good sir.”

Ben snorted, but then realized that her posture gave him the perfect view down her tight-fitting t-shirt. She was going braless, allowing the bold color patterns on the shirt itself to hide the points of her nipples. He marveled at how perky they were. Small, he supposed by modern standards, but easily a handful. He felt his cock twitch to life under the towel as he thought about what her nipples would look like. Are they large? Small? Brown? Pink?

Bella coughed slightly, turning her head to look up at him through her long eyelashes. “Uh, are you going to make me wait here forever, or what?”

Ben tore his eyes away from her chest, his face heating up. Did she see where I was looking? God, why was I looking? She’s my sister! “Hey, you’re the one who ran into me. I don’t mind taking my sweet time at your expense.” He gave a forced chuckle, trying to keep up the light sibling banter between them. He strode down the hall towards his bedroom, just briefly allowing his hand to graze the outside of her left boob as he brushed past her. An honest mistake, that.

As he walked into his room, he allowed the towel to drop from his waist. He loved the feeling of air-drying after a nice, hot shower and tended to lounge around his room naked until he did. Sitting down at his desk, he booted up the computer. He dick was still semi hard after the view of his little sister’s boobs, and his accidental touch had not helped matters.

He felt ashamed for the way that his body reacted to his little sister. He still had her pink panties encrusted illegal bahis with his cum in one of his desk drawers from last week—he had been afraid of washing it with his laundry. Afraid that one of his parents would see the pink garment amongst his mostly black and blue clothing and suspect something. He had also been afraid to even think about that night, but he felt his thoughts drifting towards it, anyway.

After coming back into his room that night after cumming to the sight of his little sister’s bare ass and hint of pussy, he had thrown the panties into a drawer and fell asleep. He wanted to forget what he had done. He was a disgusting pervert, getting off to his own sister. But it wasn’t my fault, Ben reminded himself for the thousandth time. His lust hadn’t been directed towards his sister at all, but towards his ex, Jada. She had been the one to get his blood pumping, and then he had had to restrain himself after he broke it off. His sister had just happened to be the next girl—no, woman—he had seen. It was just a natural bodily reaction and she hadn’t woken up, so there was nothing to worry about. He hadn’t done anything wrong.

Heaving a sigh, Ben turned his thoughts back to his computer. He needed to just forget about that night and leave his worries. He hadn’t done anything wrong, so there was no reason to continue to dwell on the matter. He knew he had been acting weird the past week, and Bella was starting to pick up on it. He just needed to forget.

Clicking onto social media, he realized that he hadn’t changed his profile picture from him and Jada yet. Frowning, he opened his pictures on his computer, looking for one he could replace it with. One that told her he was doing just fine without her. Clicking through, he got to the section where he had saved several of Jada’s nudes. He groaned. Damn, I forgot how sexy she is. He knew he should delete them, but he derived a certain sinister pleasure from keeping them. It gave him a little bit of power, at least.

He slowly clicked through each picture, allowing his dick to harden and lengthen, but not touching illegal bahis siteleri it yet. He stopped a picture where she was bent over, ass in the air, tits hanging freely down in front of her. Her eyes were locked on the camera, her mouth curved up in a seductive invitation. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He began slowly pumping his cock, smoothing his precum over the head. His eyes locked on her tits, larger than Isabelle’s, but not as perky. These were heavy, her areolas dark and large, the nipples tiny in comparison but hard as diamonds.

He remembered sucking on them, taking one nipple into his mouth as his hand tweaked the other. His tongue would dance around her nipple, making her gasp, and then take it in his mouth, his teeth barely grazing it. She loved it when he bit her nipples. His breath was coming faster now that he had sped up his pumping. He was getting close, imagining her boobs surrounding his face, his hand traveling up the inside of her legs—

“Hey Ben, do you— Oh!” Isabelle bounded into his room, then promptly turned right back out. “Sorry, I-I didn’t know,” she said, her voice muffled by her hands covering her face.

“Bella, get OUT!” Ben yelled, struggling to cover himself as he tried to lunge to the door to shut and lock it.

Isabelle stood there, frozen in place and hands over her eyes as her brother ran towards her. He tried to push her out the door as he closed it behind her. Only then did he see that she was wearing nothing but a towel, and with her hands up to her face, it had started to slip. One of her nipples had peaked out, small and perky, like the rest of her boobs. The areola was light pink, the nipple poking straight out. His cock, which had deflated a bit with the unexpected surprise of his sister, was instantly hard again. He imagined pulling her into his room, throwing her on the bed, and taking that nipple into his mouth. His mouth practically watered for the sensation, and his dick was oozing fresh precum.

Bella must have finally gotten over the shock of seeing her brother naked and pumping his cock, because canlı bahis siteleri she started shuffling out of the doorway, hands still over her eyes. Ben couldn’t look away from her body, sashaying even with the bulky towel wrapped around it. One boob was out, the other almost free, and the ends of the towel had loosened up around her ass as she walked. It rode up her hips, allowing him a glimpse of his sister’s ass once again. He remembered feeling how soft it was. His eyes zeroed in on her ass, but he could not catch a glimpse of her curly pubic hair. As she reached the middle of the hallway, he shut the door and locked it, leaning his back against it. He needed to take care of his cock, and now. He was so hard it hurt.

He grabbed his dick, pumping furiously, heedless of the wet slapping sounds he made. Isabelle had already seen him masturbating, what did it matter if she heard him? He groaned, getting even more turned on by the idea that she might hear him, that she might be envisioning him naked, pumping his cock, right now. He pictured her nipple, so much more satisfying than Jada’s. He imagined sucking it into his mouth, his hands ripping the towel from his sister’s body and throwing it to the floor. He imagined his hands grabbing her ass and lifting her from the floor, her legs willingly spreading to wrap themselves around his body, grinding on him. He kneaded her ass, her pussy hot on his cock, his mouth leaving small bite marks along both of her nipples. He pumped his cock with abandon, no longer aware of what was real and what was fantasy. He felt his balls tighten, and grabbed a wad of tissues from his desk.

“Fuck yes, Bella,” Ben groaned as he pumped string after string of cum into the tissues. Spent, his dick hanging limply, he collapsed into his desk chair. His breathing was ragged and his heart was pounding, but he thought he heard something just outside his door. Slowly, he got up on wobbly legs and pulled some basketball shorts over his now flaccid cock.

He crept towards his door, trying to stifle his breathing. Leaning his ear against the door, he couldn’t hear anything except his own heart beating his in ears. He carefully unlocked the door, then flung it open. The hallway was empty, but there was a slight wet spot just past his door. Had Isabelle liked what she heard?

Ben knew he had to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32