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Extended business trip and sharing some excitement with my hotel room next door neighbor.

A little piece of erotic fiction.


I have to travel on business and often find myself far from home for 8 to 12 weeks at a time, while working in a client’s business. I am married to a wonderful woman and we share a pretty good life together. Lust, however, seems to have left the marriage quite some time ago. Between children, grandchildren, aging, and female body image issues, masturbation is the one constant in my life.

I am and have always been comfortable in my own skin and enjoy nude sunbathing on the boat, at nude beaches and nudist resorts as I travel. This is the story of a rare and wonderful business trip when I met a kindred spirit, right next door.

Traveling 3,000 miles from home again, I was not looking forward to being that far away, for that long again, but that is how I make a living and support the family.

I made all of the necessary arrangements, a rental car, and a nice extended stay hotel with a full kitchen, office and living area, and a bedroom. I hate to eat out and enjoy cooking and eating right. I am generally at the customer’s office all week and several Saturdays, but have Sundays to try to relax and enjoy the areas outdoor attractions. Hiking has always been a passion, and as I said, nude sunbathing. Turns out there were plenty of hiking trails within a mile of the hotel and a very nice little nudist resort only 20 minutes away. Sundays are looking good.

During the first week I was working a lot, getting the project started, and totally focused on work. I did notice I had a next door neighbor that seemed to leave early in the morning and get back from work between 6:00 and 6:30 like me. She was tall, slender, strawberry blonde and had a pretty smile. We greeted each other coming and going and exchanged inane pleasantries about the heat and things like that. Turns out she was here on business as well and was the electrical contractor for a new strip shopping center being built across the street from the hotel. She took over the family business when her father died and enjoys the work, but hates the travel.

Then, one night I was lying in bed, and I heard a buzzing sound coming thru the headboard from the room next door. I listened carefully, and also heard soft moaning. Of course, my mind began to envision my neighbor using her vibrator to take the edge off, and I quickly began to feel my dick getting hard.

I always sleep nude, so I pulled the sheet back and began gently stroking myself while I listened. Her soft moans soon became a little louder and then came the “yes, yes, and yes!” followed by a big “Ahhhh!” Well by now I had begun really stroking and was a little unhappy that I had miss timed it and would love to have climaxed at the same time. I was starting to feel that tingle in my balls when I heard the vibrator again and her moaning and knew she was on her way to a second orgasm. This time I was able to time it perfectly. Just as she started calling out ‘Yes’, so did I, and squirted cum from my chest to my belly button, which was much more than the usual trip to my stomach. It was so exciting to have done that at the same time and I wondered if I heard her, did she hear me?

At 6:30 the next morning, we ran into each other in the lobby getting coffee and fresh fruit that was set out every morning. When I said “good morning neighbor” she smiled and said “good morning,” but there was a sly twinkle in her eye, and I was pretty sure we had shared a moment last night.

I am in my late 50’s and she looks like she might be close to 40. I still masturbate at least 5 nights a week and sometimes in the morning too. I listened carefully the next night but did not hear anything. I did masturbate thinking about the night before and enjoyed a great orgasm and said “Yes, I’m Cumming” with the intention of possibly being overheard.

The first Sunday I had free, I got up early and went for a 5 mile hike up along the hillsides, then came back and got a shower and headed out to the pool to relax. About 20 minutes later my neighbor, who introduced herself as Sally also came out and took one of the lounge chairs next to me. We talked about our lives a little. I shared some of mine and she shared that she was recently divorced from a not very nice man who had hoped her father was going to leave the business to him rather than his daughter. This drove a wedge between them and he tried to take other things that he felt entitled to, so she left him and was happy to be free from him and busy.

She was not pasty casino oyna white, but had a fair complexion, so I shared my sunscreen and encouraged her to re apply periodically. She had a very nice figure in her orange bikini, slender with small breasts and she mentioned that she was a volley ball player. She played in college and still played whenever she could. She commented on my dark tan and mentioned not seeing a tan line when I hopped out of the pool quickly. We talked and laid around the pool for 3 or 4 hours talking about lots of things, but neither ever implied anything about the other night.

I let her know it was laundry day and I better get a couple of loads in and start thinking about what to cook for dinner. I said I might cook some chicken and vegetables on the grill and would be happy to share if she brought the beer. She said “Deal” and we agreed to meet at the poolside grill at 630 pm. I headed off to do some laundry.

While I was removing my wet clothes from the washer, she came in with a hamper full of dirty clothes and said she needed to do some wash as well. While she was sorting thru the jeans and shirts and socks, I noticed a number of cotton bikini panties and bras being set aside to wash separately. I guess I more than just noticed and was SO busted by her.

She laughed at me and said “what it is with you boys and a girl’s panties”? I was a dozen shades of red, and she was not letting me off easy. She held them up and kind of twirled them around and asked again, “so, what is it?” I am rarely at a loss for words, but I was now. She asked again with a big grin on her face. I had to say something, so I decided to try the truth, and said “I think it is because they have been cradling that sacred place every guy dreams about touching”. She smiled, and then laughed again. I was sure dinner was off, but that was the least of my worries until she said “Wow. Honesty!” I did not expect that given the circumstances. She asked “So, is that what you were thinking about the other night?”

This woman was not afraid of the tough questions and just loved being in control. I decided I had to fight fire with fire and said that “it is only because you and your little battery powered friend were having so much fun, I was inspired to do the same thing”. She was silent for a minute or two as she loaded the washers. She was almost done loading the bras and panties in one of the machines when she took a pair of pastel striped panties, smiled, and tossed them to me as she closed the lids on the machines and said, “Enjoy. See you at 6:30.”

My heart was racing like a rabbit running from a fox when I got back to my room. I had put the panties in my pocket before I left the laundry room. I would come back in 45 minutes to get my clothes out of the dryer.

Once back in my room, I removed the panties from my pocket and held them up to look at them. They were small and cute looking. I looked inside at the gusset and noticed a semi transparent smear where her female essence had attached to the fabric. When I touched the gusset, it was a little stiff from her juices. Then, I lifted them to my nose and breathed in the amazing smell that was her. A mixture of her juices and little bit of sweat and urine, and like some magic potion, it made a 57 year old man hard as a rock. I wanted to strip of my clothes and masturbate holding them to my nose, but I thought it better to wait until tonight and see if she was in the mood to play with her friend Buzzy.

I took an hour nap, got a shower and changed into some shorts and a golf shirt and gathered up the chicken breasts that had been soaking in Italian salad dressing and some sliced squash and onion to cook on the grill. It was almost 6:30 and she was already waiting and had the grill going when I walked up. She brought a small cooler with 6 micro brews covered in ice.

This woman was having fun jumping back and forth between normal conversations and then giving me goofy looks and taking little jabs about the “gift” she had given me. “Did you enjoy them yet?” “Did you like them?” “Do you like the color?” I was strong and only smiled, but did not answer, which was killing her.

I cooked the chicken and veggies and we had a nice meal without any further mention of her “gift.” We drank the beers and watched the sun set and the stars come out. Soon we agreed that we both had to get up early and had better head to our rooms. I did the dishes, checked my emails, got out of my clothes and stretched out in bed with the “gift” she had given me earlier that day.

It wasn’t long before I heard some sounds behind the slot oyna headboard like she was getting in bed and trying to get settled. Then I heard the buzzing sound of her vibrator start. Without touching myself, I held her panties to my nose and inhaled that wonderful aroma and watched as my dick grew harder and harder without touching it. That is not always so easy for us older guys.

Once I started to hear her moaning a little, I started slowly stroking while the gusset of her panties was under my nose and at my mouth. I began to lick the stiff, delicious mixture of her pussy juices, which almost made me cum instantly. Her moaning became louder and she started to growl “Oh”, and then came “Yes.” “I’m Cumming” with more growling sounds. There was no stopping my orgasm now and I splashed cum across my stomach and hand.

I could not resist the temptation to lick my own cum off my hand and stomach and enjoy our mixed essence together. Surprisingly, I was still hard and could hear her vibrator still buzzing while she was chasing another orgasm. I continued to lick her panties and stroke my dick and suddenly felt that familiar tingle in my balls and came again, before she did. I have not stayed hard and had a double like that in 25 or 30 years. In the heat of my own orgasm I was quite vocal. After listening to her orgasm again, she then laughed loudly knocked on the headboard and yelled “good night.” “Sleep tight.”

We exchanged awkward glances and smiles over the next couple of days. We shared a couple of beers out by the pool on Thursday afternoon I think, and again she commented that I did not seem to have a tan line, and asked if she was right? I acknowledged that I was not a big fan of tan lines and did indeed enjoy nude sunbathing on our boat or at nude beaches and resorts. She said “you are just full of surprises” and expressed that she was jealous and would love to try that. I told her that there was a nice nudist resort 20 minutes away, and if she was interested, she could go with me on Sunday, since I was already planning to spend the day there. She seemed uncertain and said she would let me know. I told her she had nothing to be embarrassed about, she looked great in her bikini, and after 20 minutes it would seem like the most natural and wonderful thing she’s done in a long time.

Saturday morning I went hiking and when I got back there was a post it note on my door with one word answer, YES!

She cooked out on the grill Saturday night and we drank a bottle of white wine and watched the stars. We made plans to grab a breakfast sandwich and coffee at 8:30 Sunday morning and then head out to the resort. She drove her fancy, fully loaded pickup truck and played the music loud, just like I do.

We checked in using our free first visit coupons, got a quick golf cart tour of the grounds and then settled into some lounge chairs at the pool. Since we arrived before 10 am, we were one of the first to arrive at the pool. A big karaoke party the night before had kept many of the visitors and residents up very late drinking and singing. There were some pretty hung over faces around the pool by noon, but it sounded like a good time was had by all.

We had not been there long when she got up and walked to the restroom, then showered off and dove into the pool. After she got out, she put her hand on my arm and said “you were so right” “this feels so natural.” “Nobody is leering, there are no boners bouncing around and everyone is so nice. They are like normal people.” I could only laugh and say “duh, they are normal people just like you and I.”

The day flew by. We had a nice lunch there and were invited to play volleyball with a group or regulars. Sally was an awesome volleyball player and had to ratchet back her enthusiasm to a less competitive, friendly game level. We played sand volleyball, and had even more fun playing volleyball in the pool. About 6 pm we said our good byes having made a few new friends and were eagerly invited back. On the drive back we decided that our schedules would allow for a visit on both Saturday and Sunday next weekend. She was giddy with excitement and could not wait.

When we got back to the hotel, I hopped down out of her truck and before I could get to the front of the truck she had run around the truck and thrown her arms around me in a big hug. This was the first touching and it startled me. She looked in my eyes and said very sincerely, “thank you for today.” “You are so comfortable in your own skin and you gave me the opportunity to see what that feels like.” I hugged her back and said “you are most welcome, and canlı casino siteleri if I looked as good as you do naked, I would never wear clothes again.” She said “you also look great naked, and obviously take good care of yourself.”

We said good night and headed to our rooms. She said “FYI, I have an appointment with buzzy in about 30 minutes in case you are up, no pun intended.” She giggled and disappeared behind her door. Yes, again we listened to each other masturbate and orgasm together before falling asleep. This behavior was becoming fairly regular, with it happening a couple of nights a week.

The next weekend came and we headed out to the resort, paid our entrance fees and headed to the pool where we saw some of our new friends from last weekend. We sat next to them and enjoyed a beautiful day of sunning swimming and volleyball.

On the ride back at the end of the day she said she wanted to ask me something, and I said, shoot. She said, well, “we have spent 2 full days naked together and I am very comfortable around you. Other than masturbating together thru the wall, you have been a perfect gentleman,” and she laughed. Then she asked me “how would you feel about masturbating together, in the same room together?” I did not see that coming.

She said she was not a home wrecker and did not want me to cross any serious lines, but felt like that would be fun, safe, erotic and very satisfying for both of us, without actually having sex. We sat in the parking lot at the hotel for a few minutes and discussed it. As we were walking to our rooms, I said “yes.” “I would like that very much.” “Your place or mine?”

We agreed to meet in her room in 30 minutes. I showered, shaved and brushed my teeth, put on some shorts and knocked on her door. She answered the door naked, saying “we have not had clothes on all day and I like that feeling.” “You have turned me into a nudist,” and she laughed.

I came in and she handed me a beer as I was taking off my shorts and tee shirt. We got a couple of towels and sat side by side on her sofa. She giggled and said, “I guess I’ll start and you can join in when you are ready.” Sally stretched her long legs out and spread them apart and ran her hands over her body from her shoulders, across her beautiful and slightly sun burned small breasts to her flat stomach and slightly sunburned bikini area. Her tan lines were going away but she got a little too much sun today.

Then, she used two fingers to gently stoke her shaved pussy. With her other hand she was slowly rolling a nipple between her thumb and fingers. I went from semi hard, to super hard in about 30 seconds as I watched her touch herself. When I reached down and started slowly stroking my hard on, she began to focus on my dick like I was focused on her pussy. Sally rubbed her pussy lips, rubbed her clit and then inserted two fingers into her very wet opening. I was doing a good job of controlling myself until she took those two fingers and put them in her mouth.

That was almost the end for me and I had to let go of my dick and stop touching myself, or I would have exploded. I told her that was so hot and asked her what she tasted like? She quickly gave me this wicked smile and said “I’m quite sure you know exactly what I taste like from smelling and licking the panties I gave you.” I admitted that I did enjoy them and promised to return them now that there was practically no hint of her flavors left. She said she would be happy to trade me those for another pair I could enjoy.

It was about this time that she put those two fingers back in her wet pussy and slid them in and out for a minute or two while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Then she pulled them out and held them up under my nose and then asked if I wanted to taste her. I said “god yes” and while still stroking my dick I opened my mouth and she slid her fingers between my lips and across my tongue. I closed my mouth around her slippery fingers and immediately started Cumming all over my stomach in the most intense orgasm I could ever remember.

I was in orgasmic convulsions for what seemed like a full minute or more. Once I regained consciousness she slipped her fingers from my mouth and used them to scoop up some of my cum from my stomach and held it under her nose, then opened her mouth and sucked her fingers clean, then she leaned over and kissed me with my cum on her tongue and lips. “Do you like the mixture of your cum and my cum?”

It was the most erotic sexual experience of my life and I knew we had crossed a few more lines, and I would have to work very hard not let things get too far out of control. We took a quick shower together and kissed goodnight, agreeing to meet for breakfast in the morning before heading out to our new favorite nudist resort for another day of sun and fun. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32