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Love knows no boundaries of race, class or sex. Size should be no obstacle either. Where would so many of us be if it did? Not happy, that’s for damn sure. The following tale is a love story. An actual love story taking place in the twenty first century. It involves two people who love each other very much, overcame many odds and in the end, made their relationship work. It’s possible for two people to find and maintain a loving relationship even in today’s world. Let no one tell you otherwise. Never lose hope. That’s what this story is all about. Enjoy it, folks, and if you like it, be sure to tell a good friend!

Kyle Rhodes showed up for the first time at Boston College feeling a bit blue. He wasn’t sure he was going to like it here. The six-foot-eight, 270-pound African-American football player from Oklahoma wasn’t too sure about Boston and its trendy, urban scene. He had won himself an athletic scholarship to that school and intended to earn his keep. Still, the big city was a bit overwhelming for the farm guy. He grew up on a farm, with three older sisters and one older brother. He was the first in the family to attend a major educational institution. His sisters had degrees from junior colleges and worked in town. Although they were quite bright, they lacked the funds to continue their education. His older brother went to city college for a couple years and then became a cop.

Elsewhere on campus, another small-town person was finding themselves quite caught up in the city scene. This person was none other than Stacy Keller. The six-foot-six, 230-pound, blonde-haired, green-eyed, chubby but pretty basketball player from a small Texan town was finding herself quite bothered by the city. When she first arrived, people were gawking at her due to her size and height. This was something she had grown used to. Stacy Keller was a large woman. She had been big and tall throughout her life. Nothing could change that. So, she accepted it and put it to good use. She played basketball and became a hometown legend around the state of Texas.

The sheer size of Boston overwhelmed the Texan gal. She had never seen so many people in one place. Boston College boasted of over fourteen thousand students. To say that Stacy Keller was in awe of it all would have been an understatement. She was trying to get to Orientation and kept bumping into lots of people. She asked them for directions but these urban guys and gals weren’t very friendly. A couple of them even called her some nasty names. When she turned around, ready to pound some sense into whoever disrespected her name, they were gone. Instead she bumped into someone. Immediately, her country gal’s manners urged her to apologize. And she gasped! Before her stood the tallest man she had ever seen. Taller than even her! He looked at her, smiled, and said hello. Stacy Keller looked at the tall, handsome African-American stranger and said hello. With a big friendly grin, he extended his hand. She shook it, after a brief hesitation. Introductions were definitely in order!

And that’s how it all began. Kyle Rhodes and Stacy Keller took one look at each other, and it was love at first sight. In that one moment, they had forgotten about the world around them. They were in awe of each other. The good-looking football stud and the gorgeous female basketball player. After introducing themselves, they began walking through campus. Around them, people gawked. Doubtless, they were the tallest couple in the city. What a sight they were! Tall and fabulous, athletic and beautiful. Like a pair of Titans striding through a world of mortals. People looked at them and smiled. bahçelievler escort bayan They were something else. Something rare and wonderful, rarely seen. And you know what, for once, the people were right!

Kyle and Stacy hung out on campus. Oh, they were a sight for sore eyes. Kyle had decided to major in Criminal Justice. He played football and led the Boston College football team to many soaring victories. Football teams from around New England learned to fear the amazing running back who seemed to be everywhere at once. He had strength, speed and technique. In many ways, he was flawless. The most dominant athlete on the field. And he was only eighteen years old! His best pal Stacy Keller came to all of his games. She was very supportive of the man she loved! When she wasn’t leading the Boston College women’s basketball team against teams all over New England, she was with Kyle. Always at his side.

In many ways, she was Kyle’s perfect counterpart. She did for women’s college basketball what he did for college football. She was fast, strong, precise, agile and a team player. She seemed to be everywhere at once. Her teammates loved her. Her prowess on the basketball court left her opponents dazzled. Who was that gal? Many wondered. This eighteen-year-old female basketball player from Texas had New England coaches and athletes baffled. She had been on the cover of the Boston Globe time and again, and even featured on ESPN. She was probably the only college basketball player with her very own fan club!

At the same time, Kyle was at the top of his game. The Boston College football team did very well this season. There was even mention of Kyle’s name among Talent Scouts from the NFL. For this eighteen-year-old African-American from the backwoods of Oklahoma, all this attention seemed overwhelming. He had been blessed with talent in many areas, yet his athletic prowess was what he owed his fame too. No one cared that the star athlete of the school had a 4.0 GPA in his Criminal Justice major. Or that he liked watching cartoons and read the Bible every night before going to bed. All that mattered was what he did on the field. He liked the attention, but there was more to him than that. He just wished more people realized that when they looked at him.

On her side of the pond, Stacy Keller was also being showered with attention. The eighteen-year-old had become the Power Player of Boston College’s Women’s Basketball team. She had been featured on ESPN and had legions of fans of both sexes and all ages across the country. Men and women would stop her on the street and compliment her on her prowess on the court. At first, she loved it. Then, it got really boring really fast. Stacy Keller was an aggressive and forthrightly dominant player on the basketball court. She played fiercely and would do anything to win. She was admired for that.

However, off the court, she was simply wanted to be Stacy Keller, small-town gal who made good. She didn’t like being showered with attention. This wasn’t what she wanted in life. She had other plans. Fortunately, there was one person who understood her. The mere thought of him brought a smile to her face. The one who showed up at all of her games. Kyle Rhodes, the man she loved. Hopping from the window sill where she had been gazing at the city, she dropped on her bed and heard the mattress creak. Giggling, she whipped out her cell phone and decided to give her boyfriend a call.

Kyle was pacing in his dorm when he heard his cell phone ring. The burly young man flipped his cell open and checked to see who balgat escort was calling him this late at night. he smiled when he heard an all-too-familiar voice. It was Stacy, his girlfriend. He loved talking to her at the end of the day. No matter what was going on in their lives, they stayed in touch. When he and the team were traveling to other states to play, she’d call him before a game and calm him down. Stacy’s voice always soothed him. She wasn’t just blowing smoke either. She knew what it was like to feel nervous before a big game. When she was across the state, battling other female basketball players, it was his voice that soothed her, win or lose. They were there for each other. Always. He rejoiced upon hearing her. So, when he got a late-night invite to her dorm, he rushed there like an Olympic racer.

Stacy stood behind the door, trembling. Her heart was beating a thousand miles a minute, or at least felt like it. She had made the decision, and now she wasn’t sure if she was ready. Outside the dorm, Kyle stood. He hesitated. Why was he going there again? Oh, yeah, he was invited. Invited by his girlfriend to come visit her in the middle of the night. What could she have in mind? He climbed up the stairs and went to knock on her door. Inside, Stacy heard the knocks. He was here! Finally! She gathered up her courage, and opened the door. Stacy’s heart skipped a beat when she saw him. There he was, the man she loved. Tall, looking so damn good in his sports jacket and jeans, and wearing that sexy grin. He raised his eyebrow, and coolly greeted her. Instead of hugging him like she usually did, she kissed him full and deep. He put his arm around her, and they embraced each other.

Kyle looked at Stacy, and grinned. Stacy took his face in her hands, and smiled. They kissed again, and she closed the door. Once inside, all hell seemed to break loose as the passion which they kept hidden for so long seemed to explode. Hastily, they undressed. They admired each other’s fantastic physiques. Giggling and laughing, they went to bed. For a moment they lay there and did nothing but look at each other. Then, silently, they began making love. There was nothing to be said. Gone was the time for speech. Now, it was time to do that which they had longed to do from the moment they met.

Kyle kissed Stacy, and they rolled around on the bed, playfully wrestling. He kissed her face, her neck and then began to suckle on her breasts. Stacy giggled as Kyle sucked on her tits and her hands caressed his face, his neck and his back before going straight for his groin. She held his sex in her hand. It was marvelous to look at. Both long and thick, ridged and uncut, with balls the size of apples. Her man was awesomely built and well-endowed! She felt his hands roaming all over body. Stroking her face, caressing her breasts, and finally, cupping her big, round bottom. She looked into his eyes, craving more. Craving him, in fact!

Kyle looked into Stacy’s eyes, and saw the desire there. God, he wanted that woman! Stacy smiled, and pulled him into a tight embrace. She opened herself up to him, welcoming him to enter her. Kyle smiled, kissed her, and placed his cock against her pussy. With a slow thrust, he entered her. Stacy gasped as Kyle’s hard member slid inside her. Holding her by the hips, he began to push harder, going deeper into her. She felt his every thrust, every move. Locked in a tight embrace against his body, she could feel his heart thundering in his chest, echoing her own. She could also feel his hot throbbing member deep within her core. Inside of her, a furnace was burning batıkent escort bayan and he was the only one who could fan the flames. As he thrust into her, filling her with his cock, the bonfire in her belly blazed hotter. She held him tighter and cried out, begging for more.

Kyle looked at Stacy, the gal he loved. She was screaming like a woman possessed as he thrust into her, filling her with his manly tool. For a moment, he thought he had hurt her but she was screaming and begging for more. He had never seen her like this, hadn’t known that she could be like this. It was fascinating, intense, and almost a little scary. He was just discovering this side of her. Her intense, primal and very sexual side. He liked it a lot! Her screams of pleasure stirred something deep within him. He held her tighter and began to fuck her harder, screaming her name as he possessed her. The harder he fucked her, the louder she screamed and the more turned on he became. She seemed to get really turned on too, screaming his name loud enough to be heard across the city and urging him to fuck her harder, to go deeper, to make her his. And he did make her his. In a sudden burst of inspiration, he pulled out of her. A look of profound shock filled her face. Without a word, he pulled her up and propped her up on all fours.

Stacy looked at Kyle, astounded. One moment, he was fucking her so wonderfully hard and fast. His hard member was thrusting deep into her, filling her up and rubbing her in all the right places. He was deep into her sweet spot and she was loving every moment of it. The next thing she knew, he was pulling out of her. Why? Had she done something wrong? Did he no longer want her? She looked into his face questioningly. He smiled reassuringly, then suddenly grabbed her and trussed her up on all fours. She looked at him, a look of protest on her face. He winked at her, and then took her from behind. The penetration was swift, brutal and the most intense she’d experienced yet. Holding her by the hips, Kyle slammed into her. Stacy gasped as he filled her up once more with his manly tool. Hard and fast he fucked her, just the way she liked it. Suddenly, he thrust harder than ever before, and went impossibly deep. Stacy opened her mouth to scream, and that’s when it happened.

An event of cataclysmic proportions, deep inside her core, where his hard cock filled her sweet spot. It was like the opening of floodgates, the quaking of the earth and an explosion from deep within. Stacy screamed as her entire body was rocked by an earth-shattering, mind-boggling, pussy-twitching sensation from deep within. The orgasmic flow rocked her body, making her spasm and thrash about. Kyle looked at her, beholding a wonder. He had never seen anything like this before. His woman was orgasmic, and it was wonderful to behold. He opened his mouth to speak, but only a grunt emerged, followed by a scream of victory and satisfaction as he came, sending his manly seed deep within her. The two lovers practically collapsed on top of each other, their bodies rocked by the incredible sensations they had mutually brought about.

A short while later, they lay in bed, sated at last. Kyle lay in Stacy’s arms, his head resting on her chest. Gently, she kissed his forehead. Neither of them said anything. There was nothing to be said. Their bodies had done the talking for them, and expressed in action what their words could never say. They spent the night like this, locked in each other’s arms. Tomorrow, they would have to face the world. A world that viewed him as the Commonwealth’s hottest college football player and a potential NFL recruit. The same world that viewed her as New England’s most promising female athlete and a shoo-in for the WNBA. Titans bestriding a world of ordinary men and women. But tonight, they were simply a man and a woman, two people in love. And for them, that was enough. And both of them are sure that it always will be.

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