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The anticipation was killing her. All day long Jujou had been slaving away in the house. Cooking, cleaning, and making absolutely sure that everything was perfect for tonight’s birthday celebration. She’d even gone so far as to mow the lawn so everything would be just right when he came home tonight. The delicious aroma of baking chicken filled the air, the kitchen positively gleamed, the dining room table was set for a king, the bathroom looked brand new and in the bedroom she’d put out the crisp new sheets he’d brought home the day before as well as scented candles. All was ready for his return.

As the hands on the clock neared 6:30 she knelt naked by the door, hands hovering an inch above her knees, palms up and went over the plan in her head once again. He would arrive at 6:30 precisely as he always did and as the key turned in the door, she would look down between her lovely ivory thighs at his pussy and wait for him to acknowledge her existence by placing his hand on top of her head and ruffling her beautiful red hair. Once he sat down she would bring him his after work glass of bourbon on the rocks and then remove his shoes and socks. A nice long foot massage would put him in the right mood and at his signal she would undo his pants and give him a vigorous blowjob, just the way he liked it. Once she’d swallowed down his cum, it was off to the showers where she would gently yet thoroughly bathe and groom her master from head to toe, dry him off, put on his robe and then off to the dining room for a sumptuous feast of his favorite dishes while she alternated serving him and kneeling at his feet.

After dinner it would be off to the bedroom where she would serve her Master’s “other” appetites until at last he drifted gently off to sleep. At least that’s how things usually happened but, but today was different. Today there was a birthday to be celebrated. Gifts were to be opened!

She stole a glance to the gift wrapped box that had arrived in the mail today with great excitement and anticipation. The sudden sound of the key in the door woke Jujou from her day dreams. Her head fell forward and she looked down at her red haired pussy…his pussy. When the door opened he walked in to see his lovely slave sitting in a position of perfect servility and he smiled. “How lucky am I” he illegal bahis said as he tussled her amazing red locks, “to be served by such a wonderful slave as this?”

He let out a contented sigh as he sat and she handed him his drink. “Yes, lucky as can be” he thought as the cold fire of the bourbon warmed his insides and Jujou quietly removed his shoes and socks. The foot massage was wondrous and all of the day’s worries fell away as he sunk deeper into the comfortable sofa in a state of bliss. When Jujou’s talented lips and tongue went to work on his long cock her master sighed quietly and let her work her magic.

After a while she knew it was time. She daintily wiped his cum from her lips, took him by the hand and pulled him gently toward the bathroom but…he resisted! “I have an idea” He said as he pulled her back and wrapped his strong arms lovingly around her. “Since this is a birthday celebration and the food smells absolutely fantastic, why don’t we eat first?”

“She smiled and silently nodded her assent as she steered him to lavishly set table. He sat and his eyes widened as Jujou set the wonderful dinner, straight from the oven before him. For the next half hour she served his every need, even pausing to wipe his full lips with a damasked napkin.

“Simply exquisite!” He said as he finished the last swallow of wine from his glass. “I believe I’m ready for my bath now.” As she rose to escort him down the hall way, he turned to her and said, “Please bring the gift with you, let’s open it after my bath.”

She drew the bath as he relieved himself and then proceeded to undress him but, her eyes kept drifting to the gift that sat upon the vanity top.

His tub was a large sunken affair like something from an old movie about Ancient Rome. It was so large that she could get in with him with plenty of room to spare and wash him thoroughly, just the way he liked it. When the bath was done he stood and she wiped him dry then wrapped him in a plush white towel. It was at that point that he said, “Why don’t you get the gift let’s see what’s inside…eh?”

With great anticipation the beautiful red head took the gift and brought it to him. He indicated that she should sit next to her on the edge of the great tub and laughed slightly as her eyes widened in surprise. This illegal bahis siteleri WAS a special day! She handed him the gift but he refused her offer saying only “I think you should be the one to open it.”

Her smile was so bright you could have read a book in the dark as she tore into the wrapping paper but it faded to a look of curiosity as the box within was reviled.

As she held the heavy box before her face, her eyes widened in recognition and her lips formed a silent “Oh”.

“I told you from the beginning that this day would come and now, you have to make a choice. Total commitment to me or back out on the streets tonight. I’ll give you 30 seconds to decide.”

They were the longest 30 seconds of Jujou’s life but, in the end she bowed her head and offered him the box in supplication. The die was cast. There would be no turning back, not now…not ever.

He opened the box and began setting up. He unwound cords, laid out instruments and setup an odd looking machine that looked almost like the tea water heater that sat on the kitchen counter.

Then, faster than Jujou had expected He said, “I’m ready. Let’s begin.”

The loud pop that accompanied switching on the electric clippers unnerved her and she almost bolted from the room. Only by super human effort did she remain seated and calm. When he pressed the clippers to her forehead and pushed them back through her beautiful red hair she almost threw up. The voices in her head screamed at her “RUN!” “NO, DON’T LET HIM DO THIS!” but, she didn’t listen, couldn’t listen. And so, pass by evil pass, her master Took from her the last possession of real value, her beauty. In a mere 10 minutes, he took from her something that she had spent years cultivating, something that she was sure would never be the same again. As He took the last lock of red from her scalp the clippers fell silent. He placed his fingers beneath her chin and raised her tear streaked face to his. “Beautiful” he whispered, “Almost perfect…” He set the clippers gently upon the deck and picked up the soap bowl. Whipping it’s contents vigorously into a stiff foam, he smiled at the look of total despair upon her face. “I know, I know but, this is all in your best interest. Once all that lovely hair is gone, you wont have to worry about being tempted canlı bahis siteleri by all those young studs that follow you around every where you go and I wont have to worry about you straying. Your wings are clipped as they say.”

Slowly He spread the foam over Jujou’s stubble covered head, massaging it in and ensuring that every inch of her scalp was covered. She only looked up when she heard the distinct “Scrape, scrape, scrape” of the straight razor being stropped. The next sensation was that of the razor scraping away what little remained of her once beautiful red hair.

Then, just when she thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse he dabbed a bit foam upon her perfect eyebrows and moments later, they too were gone.

“Now,” her Master announced, “let’s take care of the other end!”

She groaned audibly as he made his pronouncement, the only noise she had made since the day five years ago when she had pledged herself to be his slave forever. He smiled broadly at her, knowing that this was the only thing he’d done to her that had wrested even a peep from her lovely lips. He even had the audacity to hum a little ditty (whistle while you work) as he covered her bush with foam and began to shave it into oblivion.

At long last, Jujou’s ordeal was over. He stepped back and walking around her took a moment to admire his work.

“Well!” He said with a shit eating grin, “Not Bad! Not bad at all! I guess it’s no more surfer boys for you…eh my dear?”

She hung her hairless head in dejected shame as he continued his inspection, poking, prodding and invading even her most intimate places in search of missed hairs . “This will do for now I guess.” he said. “Later on we’ll shave off the rest…arms, legs, arm pits, anywhere else I can find hair. Guess I’ll have to shave you every day from now on. After all, stubble sucks. Might even check into making the look permanent if I decide I like it enough.”

He wiped the extra foam from her smooth skin and led her to the fresh and clean bedroom where he proceeded to fuck her hard and then fucked her some more. When he was finished and she’d cum more times than she could count he put his foot against her butt and unceremoniously pushed her off the bed.

“You’re a true slave now” He said as she looked up at him from the floor in utter surprise. “From now on, unless I’m fucking you, you sleep on the floor like a dog.”

He turned off the light and as she settled down to sleep on the hard cold floor she thought, “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32