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It was Saturday morning. I’d been up since eight o’clock and had made coffee and was reading the paper when I noticed what a nice day it would be to spend some time outside. She was still asleep but I knew she had carte blanc at her friends house and I knew they were out of town for the weekend. I finished a cup of coffee and without awakening her, I packed a cooler and some snacks and then found the overnight bag and packed the beach towels and some t-shirts and still, without her stirring, was able to find her 2-piece soft, black swimsuit and some suntan oil.

I quietly placed it all near the back door, fixed her a cup of coffee and went into the bedroom and sat beside her. Gently waking her, I put two pillows under her head and eased the coffee into her hands, holding it until I was sure she was awake enough to handle it.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I said, and began to stroke her thighs, through the bedspread, as she sipped her coffee and smiled at me, cautiously. She then asked what had she done to deserve this and I told her it wasn’t what she’d done, but what she was going to do that deserved the extra attention this morning. She smiled, but I could tell she wanted to know more. When I had explained my thoughts, she was pleasantly surprised and, in less time than I’d anticipated, we were on the way to her friends house across town.

They had a lovely house and, as you’ve probably guessed by now, a really nice pool with a fabulous 2-story pool house. Glass French doors lead into the downstairs where there was a fully operable ‘Rowe’ juke box full of 60’s music and a nice sitting area with a bar/kitchenette to the left. Upstairs there was a large game room with a bedroom area to the güvenilir bahis right. It was a very nice layout and we had the entire place to ourselves. To start the morning, we changed into our swimsuits and I fixed two tequila sunrises.

We then turned on some music, opened the doors and sat at a table on the veranda, where, looking out over the pool, we were trying to decide if the shrubs would hide us sufficiently from the neighbors’ upstairs windows. In the end, we either felt they would or that it didn’t matter.

The sun was high enough now, that we moved over by the pool and helped each other put on some Coppertone sunscreen. We relaxed awhile, mainly talking about how good it was to be able to fully enjoy life together as we do.

In time, I felt the urge to get wet, so I got up and eased over to the edge of the pool and reluctantly stuck my foot down in the water. To be early June, it was pretty warm, I thought. Easing further and further down into the water, I soon found that it wasn’t quite as warm as I had thought, and started smiling as I thought about the Seinfeld “Shrinkage” episode. When I was completely submerged, it felt much better and I was able to swim without any problem at all as my body adjusted to the water temperature. It took a few tries, but I finally coaxed her to at least the edge, and much the same as I, she eventually overcame her misgivings and swam into my arms. How very nice.

Her skin was smooth and tanned and her legs were beautifully built. Her smile was magnificent as always, maybe a little more so today, even, with the glistening water droplets on her lips.

We swam for a little while and when I was back at the shallow end, I sat türkçe bahis down on one of the steps, still submerged, except for my shoulders and neck, and waited until she came close and reached for her arms. She pulled herself up to me and, at the same time, lifted her knees so that when she was close enough to sit down on me her legs were up beside me. It was very nice, indeed.

She leaned forward and we kissed, and kissed, and I could feel the top of her 2-piece rubbing against my chest and her thighs moving ever so slightly with the movement of the water across my legs. I raised my body up slowly and pulled my swimsuit down and she reached back and helped me get it over my feet and then tossed it aside, into the clear water beside her.

I was starting to get aroused by now and when we looked down, we could see the contrast of the head of my shaft against her suit’s black semi-bikini bottom. Most of my hardness was hidden underneath her as the sensitive skin along it’s underside was pressed tightly against the soft material that separated us. I could tell she wanted to feel more of me and she raised her body and floated effortlessly as I helped her remove the bottom half (if you could call it that) of her swimsuit.

We were now pressed against each other’s flesh with my shaft halfway buried along the length of her splendor and the head alone, again, was showing, this time, visible through the floating dark, curls of hair that so nicely covered her desire. Once more, the contrast was remarkable as we both looked again, and again, marveling at the intimacy we were both witnessing and experiencing. Slowly, more and more of my smooth, hard shaft came into view, continually growing harder and güvenilir bahis siteleri harder beneath the slow and tantalizing movement of her body.

When I sensed she was ready, I braced my legs a bit and allowed her to slide back some and she leaned back, enabling me to reach down and guide myself into her. Fully aroused, I slid into her more easily than ever before. Easier, it seemed, than when she was soaking wet from foreplay or from just plain hunger and desire. Yet, still, I could feel the sensation of the lips of her finely shaped pussy as they firmly surrounded my shaft. Holding her smooth but firm ass, i slid her closer and closer and as i pulled her to me, I glanced over her glistening shoulder to make sure no one was hanging out their upstairs windows, watching in shock and amazement, this wonderful, sensual event.

She pressed hard against me and we kissed again, passionately, hungrily. Then, moving my hands up to her waist, i helped her as she began to slide up and back on my thighs. She even leaned back some so I could watch as my white shaft repeatedly appeared and disappeared against the flowing curls of her beautiful mound.

Soon, the pool was heaving with violent waves, as our thrusts began to increase in frequency and intensity. When it was time, we both came at once, simultaneously releasing all of our pent up passion, our overwhelming desire. We thrust our bodies at each other until we were spent and exhausted and when it was over, she collapsed into my arms. After we caught our breath, we kissed again, slowly, softly, lovingly. I leaned her back and we watched as the little clouds of semen floated in the water between us, some of which deposited themselves all throughout the soft curls surrounding my still hard shaft and some of which were floated away by the remaining waves. The now calm waves gave a hardly a clue to the passion and ecstasy that had just taken place in that nice, clear water. How very nice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32