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College days were the best time of my life. It was when I had my first sexual experiences. As a legally blind guy I met other blind students. Amongst the more memorable were two ladies named Wanda and Patty. Wanda was sweet but unsure of herself. She was afraid of being alone. She was about 5 feet two and 130 pounds. She had a large ass and pert little boobs. She had stunning green eyes and long deep black hair. By contrast, Patty was just plain sexy and very confident. Patty was the same weight and height but carried it much differently. While Wanda was just a bit stocky Patty was slim. Patty’s ass was even larger than Wanda’s but her titties were huge, probably D cups. Patty had eyes of blue and medium length blonde hair.

My experience with Wanda started the summer after my freshman year. I was still a virgin. A group of us went to a local hotel to drink beer and party. It was an accident that Wanda was the only girl with five guys. A couple of other guys and three or four girls did not come as they either went home for the weekend or had homework to do. We never drank enough to get drunk, except for Wanda. We were not trying to get her drunk at all. She just kept drinking. She was flirty. One thing led to another and next thing I know I have a handful of titty through her halter top. She responded by caressing my thigh. Without thinking my hand slid down her tummy and directly under her shorts and panties right over her bush and onto her moist little clit.

She giggles and says, “Someone is playing in my clittie.”

I laughed and Wanda hugged me. I withdrew my hand to get a drink. I sat on the floor and got out a beer and Wanda slid down beside me and gave my cock its very first hard squeeze. My resistance was melted and I stuck my tongue deep into her throat. Before I realized what was happening I was pulling off her shorts and panties and climbing on top of her Right there in front of the other guys

I had both tits in my hands as she pulled down my zipper and released my cock. Our lips met and she pulled my cock into her steamy twat. I pumped her fast and furiously and came in no time. She rubbed her hands up and down my back and moaned slightly as she clamped her cunt walls around my rod all she said is, “Oh, my god I came.”

She pushed on my shoulder and I rolled off of her. The next few days were spent in the usual lover’s ritual but without intercourse again.

The next weekend the group met at Patty’s apartment. This was a typical college gathering of a dozen kids. Patty was avoiding the advances of one of my friends. Knowing that Wanda and I were together and that Wanda could not see but that the guy could see well enough to know what was going on. Patty slid over beside where Wanda was laying her head on my lap.

Patty began trailing her fingers up my arm very seductively. Being curious I returned the advance and worked my fingers up her arm and onto her shoulder.

In an effort to dissuade her suitor Patty began rubbing my shoulder as I massaged Wanda’s tummy. I walked my fingertips down the front of Patty’s shoulder until I reached her swollen melon. This was too good to be true. I moved my hand from Wanda’s tummy to her breast and commenced squeezing both girls’ lovely boobs. As Patty and I leaned toward each other and kissed briefly I slid my hand down to her lap and had just felt the warmth of her crotch when Wanda asked what was going on. We said nothing was. I told Wanda I needed to get up to use the bathroom. As I stood up I pulled Patty by the arm indicating for her to come with me.

When I closed the door I pulled Patty into my arms and gave her a very sexy kiss. I told her, “I know what you are trying to do. And, unless you want me to tell your best friend that you are making moves on me you will give me a special treat right now.”

She said that she would on two conditions, “First it has to be something quick so that Wanda does not find out and second is that this be the only time.”

I agreed and told her that she had to let me kiss her boobs while she gave me a hand job after I felt her up. We kissed again as I ran my hands all over her backside paying particular attention to her huge ass cheeks. I turned her around and copped a feel of her boobs and crotch before she spun around and kissed me once again.

She reached down and unzipped my fly as I reached under her güvenilir bahis blouse and unfastened her bra. She fumbled a bit as she pulled my rock hard cock out of my underwear as I leaned down to her chest I pulled up her shirt and bra. I almost fainted as the biggest pair of tits I have ever seen came into view. I kissed her nipples as her hand began frantically rubbing my erection. I was just getting into suckling her tits when I came all over the place. It took less than 45 seconds for me to explode in her hand. She stuffed my still stiff cock back into my pants and grabbed a wad of toilet paper and cleaned up the floor and our clothes from my cum. We kissed and then got ourselves back together the best we could and went back into the party.

I was worried that Wanda would miss us but was relieved to see that Wanda was chattering away and had not noticed how long I was gone. I walked up behind her and gave her a goose and joined in the small talk of the day, while stroking Wanda’s ass and tits from time to time. That was it for fun at the party. Although, when Wanda and I left we did fuck for the second time.

A couple of days later Wanda and I went over to Patty’s to visit by ourselves. Wanda and I sat on the couch as Patty sat in the chair across from us. I was toying with Wanda’s boobies in an effort _to turn her on. She snuggled closer and I pulled her on top of my lap. I decided it was time to be aggressive and shoved her legs a foot apart. With one hand on her hip I kissed her hard and jammed my hand into her crotch repeatedly shoving her panties and shorts into her pussy lips. She squirmed all over my lap. As I took off her shoes and socks I whispered to her, “Do you want to fuck me right here right now.”

She responded by kissing me.

“You have to do whatever I say, understood,” I demanded as I squeezed her ass and jammed her twat once again.

Hugging me tight she said, “I guess so.”

All the while I was admiring Patty. I announced as I began methodically rubbing Wanda’s crotch proudly, “Hey beautiful Patty, this gal here is horny and wants to fuck me here and now. She cannot wait. Can we do it right here right in front of you as it would turn me on to slam into her while gazing on your voluptuous body.”

Her voice was dry and raspy but very sexy as she responded trying to sound nonchalant, “It is fine with me.”

My cock was hard as a rock as I knew my plan with Wanda was working but I still was not sure if my plan for Patty would go forth. I kissed Wanda once again and ordered her to stand up and pull off her shorts. She revealed a pretty pair of pink panties. I pulled her cunt to my face and inhaled her scent and moaned in glory. I spun her around and pulled off the underwear. “How badly do you want a fuck, slut?” I asked her.

To which she responded, “Fuck me, I will do anything.”

“Then, bitch drop to the floor and wiggle that ass in front of me like there is no tomorrow.”

In an instant her cheeks were grinding the air. “Come here,” I ordered then whispered in her ear to go over to Patty and take off her shoes and socks and after they were removed to kiss each of Patty’s big toes and as she put each foot down to make sure and brush each of Patty’s feet firmly against Wanda’s tits.

As Wanda crawled over I told Patty, “I am sending Wanda over to take off your shoes and socks so you will be a little more relaxed.”

I stood up and flung off my clothes and watched Wanda’s hairy ass slink over to Patty. As Wanda followed my instructions to the letter Patty made no move to resist or pull away as her feet were rubbed on Wanda’s boobs. I took my chances and went for it all. I slid my hand into the crack of Wanda’s ass and briefly fingered her ass hole. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up just long enough to turn her to face Patty’s side. “Are you ready to be fucked Wanda?”

“Fuck yes,” she said greedily. “

”On your knees and lay your head in Patty’s lap, now,” I ordered. Patty started to say something and get up but I gently pressed down on her shoulder and she relented and sat back down.

Wanda laid her face on Pattys lap with her nose no more than three inches from Patty’s twat. Wanda wrapped one hand behind Patty’s hip and draped the other on her thigh. I got onto my knees behind Wanda and slammed my cock into her silky hole. Patty’s tits were at my face. As I kneeled motionless Wanda türkçe bahis began thrusting her ass at my hips.

I reached up to the back of Patty’s head and pulled her lips to mine. At first, she resisted slightly but was clearly turned on as our tongues were soon dancing merrily together. I slowly began pumping Wanda as I latched onto Patty’s boobs. I looked down at Wanda and her hand was moving from Patty’s thigh toward Patty’s twat. I grabbed Patty’s shirt and pulled it over her head and she helped me remove the bra then I grabbed her hand and placed it on Wanda’s stomach. In a matter of seconds I felt her fingertips squeezing my balls and playing with Wanda’s clit.

My lips moved to Pattys huge tits and I sucked on each one in turn as she ground them in my face. Wanda was now stroking Patty’s crotch as her cunt was humping me furiously. I felt the pressure building in my groin then my sperm flooded her twat in a torrent.

I only was getting even more excited and pulled my cock out of her twat. I asked Wanda, “Are you ready to take it up your ass, bitch?”

I did not wait for an answer and rammed into her poop shoot as she screamed in pain and glee, “Oh, God, yes.”

As I bottomed out in Wanda’s ass I looked down and saw Patty unfastening her pants. So, I reached down and pulled Wanda’s t shirt off over her head and undid her bra. Wanda let the bra fall off onto the floor. I rammed Wanda’s ass hard and strong while Patty and Wanda struggled together to remove Pattys pants.

The smell of sex was taking over the room as I gave Wanda’s ass several smacks with my hand. Wanda started kissing Pattys cunt through Pattys silky purple panties. I roared and exploded in Wanda’s bowels and she let out a string of cuss words. I pulled out and Wanda collapsed onto the floor. Taking a deep breath I gave Patty a deep passionate kiss. Then as I mauled both of her boobs I asked, “Is it time to kiss your pussy.”

Her response was rather simple, “It does not matter to me.”

My tongue snaked down her stomach and across the silk to the wonderful wet spot in the crotch and I took a deep breath inhaling the most fantastic odor I had ever experienced.

Next, I hooked my fingers in the side of her underwear and pulled them straight off. She moved her hips forward in the chair revealing her hairy pussy. I pulled the puffy pink lips apart and dove in licking her slit from bottom to top.

“Let’s at least do this right,” chided Patty.

She flung her leg over my head and bounced out of the chair and continued, “lie down and lick me from stem to stern.”

It was my turn to obey. I crawled past Wanda and lay on my back. I looked up and all I could see was those furry pink lips coming toward my face. She positioned her sweet lips right over my mouth and her shit hole over my nose and started swaying back and forth grinding herself against me. I was like a fish to water and licked for everything I was worth. Pausing only occasionally to suck on her clit. It did not take Wanda long to recover as it was only a couple of minutes before she came over and took my member in her hand flicking it gently with her tongue. She licked it like an all day sucker getting all of our combined juices off it. This done she took the whole thing and began deep throating my seven inches.

I reached up and played with Pattys bouncing boobies. Her sticky nectar was flowing like a small river into my mouth.

All of a sudden I felt Wanda’s pussy wrapped around my still hard prick. “Hey, Wanda it is my turn to be fucked. Trade places with me,” insisted Patty.

Wanda said nothing but got up and let my cock pop out of her. The girls were quick as my mouth was without pussy for only a few seconds as Wanda’s larger twat came into view. Hers was the hairiest pussy you could ever imagine. God was Patty’s pussy tight around my cock. It took her a solid minute to get me all of the way inside of her. Both of them were moaning loud and bouncing around on me. This time when I reached up to play with Wanda’s boobs I found that Patty’s hands were already busy there and the girls were leaning together kissing. This only excited me more as they welcomed my hands to join theirs.

As the twisting and grinding got more and more intense Patty frigged her clit with an unmatched fury. We all came in one huge orgasm and both girls fell on to the floor. After a few minutes my cock güvenilir bahis siteleri was recovered enough to do one more thing. I slithered over to Patty’s ass and pulled her cheeks apart revealing her tiny little puckering hole. The ass scent was incredible.

My tongue penetrated her ass hole I had my tongue as deep as I could suck and kissing it for everything I was worth. Pulling her up on her knees I stuck my thumb in up to my knuckle and thumb fucked her. Without warning I pushed my rod into her shittie` depths. “Wanda get your fucking ass over here and eat my shit,” I exclaimed.

It must have looked funny as I slammed into Patty’s ass Wanda’s head was bouncing back and forth trying to tongue my butt hole.

With each stroke I mashed one tit while I smacked her ass cheek with my other hand. Patty was squealing in pain and delight as I let my last smaller load mix with her anal fluids. I was worn out and laid down on the floor. Wanda was not quite ready to stop as she found Pattys ass and cleaned up our fluid from the crack and hole. We finally ended up in Patty’s King Size bed and fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning it was to Patty’s heavy breathing. I looked over to the other side of the bed and saw Patty torturing her boobs. She was squeezing and pulling on them feverishly. But, I knew that this was not all that was going on as was confirmed when my eyes glanced down to Patty’s crotch. Wanda had her entire face planted deep into Patty’s pussy. Wanda was in earnest in her pursuit and Patty was enjoying the hell out of it. Patty asked me if I wanted my cock sucked and of course I did. Patty rolled onto her side instructing Wanda to reposition herself to continue devouring Patty’s pussy.

A very aggressive Patty latched onto my cock and used it as a handle to pull my crotch to her face. She grabbed my balls with one hand and squeezed while she roughly stroked my rod with the other hand. She licked up the side of my stiffness with her entire tongue sending a shudder up my spine. When she reached the crown she deftly circled it with the tip of her tongue. Then she kissed the head and pursed her lips around it taking the head into her hot mouth. She mouth fucked just the head for a couple of minutes while flicking my pee hole with her tongue. Suddenly, she took a deep breath, gulped and swallowed my entire shaft.

Her piston like strokes were incredible. She used just the right amount of pressure occasionally letting up so I did not cum before she wanted me to. I was nearly tearing off her boobs to keep from losing it totally. Meanwhile, Wanda had swung her body around so that her cunt was near my face. I pulled her the rest of the way over and we formed a perfect oral sex triangle. Pattys hand continued toying with my cock and balls when one of her fingers found my puckering hole and she rammed it in.

As I approached orgasm Patty added something new as on her upstrokes she bit the tip lightly and each time she would bite just a little harder. I could feel the eruption building in my balls as the smell of their pussys filled the room. I shot out a huge blast of cum deep into Patty’s gullet and she bravely swallowed every drop. I pulled out and sprayed her boobs with my leftovers, but we were not done yet as both of them were still horny and I was stiff as a flagpole. The next hour was spent in glorious oral sex as everybody sucked everyone else off to orgasm. Then we went off to class.

It did not take long for me to become bored with Wanda and get pissed off at her needy side. On the other hand, Patty and I became closer and closer. After about two months our threesomes came to a halt. Patty was always willing to try new things at least once including water sports and domination. But, her biggest accomplishment was giving me an ass hole fetish. I could not see her without at least sniffing her crack, even in public if that was the only choice. Of course, we would try and make it look innocent.

Patty and I went together for about a year before we broke it off. The sex was stupendous, the best I have had to this very day, but we had little else in common. Our break up was strange. We both knew the sex was our best thing so we decided to have one last night of passion. We literally fucked and sucked all night long. When we were done we rolled apart after the six hour marathon got dressed. We gave each other a platonic kiss, hugged and I got down on my knees behind her smelling her intoxicating ass hole one last time before leaving and it was over. Twenty years have elapsed and I still smile every time I think of those days with Wanda and Patty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32