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This is the sixth installment of this story. Please read the previous stories, and thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback! Let me know if I should continue this story after this installment.


By mid afternoon, Sheryl had gone home, and Becky and I were home alone. The time had come, I decided, to ask some pointed questions.

“Hey, can we talk?” I asked as I stood at the open door of Becky’s room.

She looked startled, and said, “Uh, sure.” She looked like she was a trapped animal, and wanted desperately to escape this situation.

“How come you’re watching me and Sheryl?” I asked. Tactful, that’s what I was.

Becky looked sheepish. She blushed deeply. She looked around the room, careful not to look me in the eye.

In a more gentle tone, and much more carefully, I said, “Look, I’m not upset, I’m just curious. You’ve seen us do some pretty intimate things, do you like looking at us?”

“Well,” she began, “it is certainly educational. The night Sheryl stayed over we talked a lot about sex. She was way more forthcoming about what you guys do than you were. I told her that I was completely inexperienced and worried about going to college that way, and she suggested I talk to you about that. I told her you were squeamish, and she said that she was going to help me out. She said she was going to give you a blow and that I should watch from the hall. That’s why she turned on your light, so I could see you two better and then you couldn’t see me.”

I just stared at her. I remembered the light going on, and I though it had just been for my benefit.

“And then I went into the bathroom this morning, thinking she was likely dressed by then, and there you were! I just wanted to see it, I’ve never seen anything like that. And you pushed a finger in! That was really amazing.”

“Yeah…” was all I could muster.

“And then, Sheryl told me to watch you guys again, and I’d get to see you masturbating. She said that she read on the internet that if you watch a guy masturbate, it will help you know what really makes him hot.”

“Well, okay.” I said. “But you haven’t answered my question. Did you like it? What was your reaction to what you saw?”

She blushed again and looked down. “Oh come on,” I said, “you’ve seen me at my most intimate and vulnerable, be open with me. What was you reaction to seeing Sheryl and I do these things.”

“I uh, well, I got pretty horny.” She said, like it was a guilty confession.

“And did you masturbate?” I asked.

“Bob!” she cried, as though horrified.

“Hey, you watched me get a blow, eat my girlfriend, and then jerk off so I came onto her. You can fess up here I think.”

“Well, yeah. I did. Just watching made me very, um, you know, ‘ready?’ It didn’t take very long…” She said.

“Do you mean you were wet? Do you mean you had orgasms quickly when you started touching yourself?” I said, enjoying her discomfort a little too much.

“Oh Bob, don’t tease me. I don’t have anyone to do these things with. I want to fool around, but I don’t want to with just anyone. I suppose college will have to be where I experiment.” She said seriously.

“Becky, I think you’re gorgeous. And I should know, I’ve seen all of you!” She blushed and I continued. “You’re going to have plenty of lovers in college, you just can’t let them do whatever they want to you! Just be firm, and move at your own pace, things will be fine, I promise.”

I pulled her up and gave her a hug. She seemed to relax against me. After a moment I scooped her up and tossed her the short distance onto her bed. She laughed out loud. We decided we were hungry and went to the kitchen in search of food. We made a very elaborate dinner for ourselves and sat at the table in the dining room to eat it.

“Hey, thanks for casino oyna waiting for us for dinner!” exclaimed my father, when he and mum walked in 20 minutes later.

“Oh, whatever!” said Becky, “you told us to go ahead because you guys have plans.”

“Wow,” dad said, “my own children actually listen to instructions they are given.”

“Har, har.” We both replied.

Just then a bustle came into the room, spinny and busy and impatient. She kissed Becky, then me, then Becky again on the top of the head, and muttered something about “not enough time to get ready, stupid early dinners….” and sprinted from the room, up the steps, to her bedroom to get ready for whatever.

“What on earth was that?” I asked dad.

“Well, we’re having dinner at the Johnson’s, they’re catering it in, and it is a formal occasion. I’ll have the tux, of course, but your mother has a new dress, of course, and apparently putting it on is rather involved.” He replied.

“So much for our lovely dinner,” said Becky, as she rose to go and help mum. Dad trudged up the stairs to get himself presentable, leaving me alone in the dining room.

“Sigh. No plans tonight, Sheryl is busy with her family, and likely nothing but crap on the television.” I thought to myself. But then another thought came into my head. “Becky will be home tonight too…” I began plotting, not maliciously, not evilly, just thinking of possibilities. On top of everything else, I was still a horny teenage boy.

I went upstairs and went into my parents open room. Whoops! Topless mother right in front of me. “Shit! Sorry mom.” I said and turned around to leave.

“Don’t be stupid. What do you want?” asked my mother. She was clearly in efficient getting ready mode.

“Just wanted to ask Beck what her plans were tonight. I was thinking of going and getting a movie, wondering if she wanted to watch and if she had any input.” I said, facing out of my parents room while my mother and my sister wrestled her into some type of wrap around full length dress that might have been Asian in design.

“Bob, I’m covered, you can turn around.” As I turned around I was struck with how slim and beautiful my mother really is.

“Wow, mom, you look absolutely stunning.” I said. “That dress is exactly right for you.”

“Aw, you’re sweet. That’s exactly what I needed to hear.” She said. My father, fully dressed in his tuxedo, stepped into the room and had much the same reaction when he saw mum. “I’m never going to wear anything else if everyone keeps this up!” She said.

And then they were gone, and Becky and I looked at each other.

“I really don’t feel like going out to get a movie, should we just see what’s on the TV?” Becky asked me.

“Sounds good to me. I’m putting on more comfortable clothes, though. Meet you downstairs.” I replied. I went to my room and put on my most comfortable sweats and went downstairs. Becky followed me shortly, and soon we were watching yet another re-run of “Men in Black” on television.

“You know, you have a big advantage over me,” I began, tentatively.

“Really, what’s that?” My sister asked, not even looking at me.

I thought for a moment, did I really want to say this? I decided I did. “Well, you’ve not only seen me naked, you’ve seen me masturbating and getting off. Doesn’t seem fair, really.” I said this as casually as I could.

I could feel her eyes burning into the side of my head as I looked at the television. I waited as long as I could, then ‘casually’ looked over at her. She was staring at me with an unbelieving look on her face. “Well,” she began, “I don’t have anyone to do those things with, and besides,” her voice became quite small, “who would want to look at me doing that anyway?”

I looked at her, and paused. I thought about how to answer, the question surprised me. “Well, remember slot oyna earlier this summer, you told me you saw me when I was by myself. Let me ask you this: you said it was exciting, that you got wet and horny when you watched me and Sheryl together, did you have the same reaction when you saw me by myself?”

“Bob!” she shrieked. “I’m all for having this openness in our relationship, but let’s not discuss how ‘wet’ I was!”

“Once again, you’ve not answered the question.” I said with a grin on my face.

“Oh fine. Yes, I did think it was exciting. Maybe because I’d never seen it before, maybe because it is so naughty to be spying on you, I don’t know. But yes, it was most definitely…stimulating.” She said. She was clearly becoming much more comfortable all the time.

“Okay, well, I have told you that I think you’re body is excellent, that I find it exciting. I want to see more of it, frankly. I want to watch you become excited and masturbate. That’s the simple truth.”

There was silence for quite a while. She was considering. Finally, she said, “How would this happen? I mean, would we do it here?”

“Wherever you’d like is fine. If it would be more comfortable you could do it in your room and I could peek from the door.” I said, trying to keep the rising excitement out of my voice.

“You’re just a horny bastard, aren’t you?” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “You just want to look at any naked body near you.”

“Heck no!” I retorted. “I want to look at yours. I told you what I like about your body, that hasn’t changed.”

“Oh but what if someone finds out?” She said, as though suddenly struck by this horrible idea.

“We have shared secrets before. There is no way anyone other than the two of us will know, and I’m pretty confident in your ability to keep a secret.” I said.

She instantly relaxed. “Okay,” she said, “you can watch me, but you have to do it too. You have to get naked and you have to orgasm too.”

I smiled. I looked at her and asked when she wanted to do this, and she stood up and said “Right now, before I reconsider.” She pulled her shirt over her head, and exposed her bra-less breasts to me. “Come on, take off ALL your clothes and sit next to me on the couch.”

Who was I to argue? I stripped off my clothes quickly, and sat next to her on the couch. We were only inches apart, and I openly looked at her body. Her sagging breasts were beautiful, I thought, and I told her “I love the way your breasts look, I love how you have big, dark nipples, with thick hard tips. Can you play with them for me?”

“Oh, are we going to tell each other what to do?” She asked me. “Or are we just going to get ourselves off in the normal way?”

I shrugged. She said, “Let’s try a little direction, don’t you think talking dirty will help us get in the mood? Though you don’t seem to need too much help.” She indicated my hard cock, which was sticking straight up from my crotch.

“Let’s sit and face each other at the ends of the couch. I’ll be able to see your, uh, pussy better that way.” I said. She simply moved to the end of the couch and leaned against the arm-rest. I did the same and stretched out my legs. She seemed to decide this was going well, and she opened up her bent legs and I looked into her crotch lustily. “I love the way you trim your pussy,” I said, “I can see your labia clearly, I think it is a pretty pussy.”

“Squeeze your penis, don’t stroke it, just squeeze it.” She said to me. She watched intently as I squeezed my penis, causing the head to become purple for a moment. She reached for her breasts and started playing with them, squeezing her nipples and cupping the whole breast. She clearly had sensitive nipples, as she would sigh each time she pinched them.

“Do you do that when you’re alone?” I asked her.

She nodded and said, “Say something canlı casino siteleri really dirty to me. Tell me about something you want to do to a woman.”

I decided to throw caution to the wind, and describe a fantasy that would involve her. I began, “Well, I’ve told you before that I love your breasts. I’d like to cover them with oil, you know, massage oil. I’d take my time, covering the whole breast, and making sure that I pinched your nipples so they got long and hard.” She moved a hand down to her pussy. She was really getting into this, and it was clear that my ‘dirty talk’ was adding to her mood. I continued, “Once I got your breasts all oiled up and nice and slick, I’d have you do the same to my cock. Spreading oil up and down my shaft would feel great. I’d like to see your hand around my penis, maybe your other hand putting oil on my balls. I’d let you do that until I was almost ready to cum.” I started stroking my cock, she was vigorously rubbing her clit.

“Then I’d get on top of you, and you’d push your tits over my penis. I’d push back and forth, just slowly at first, and each time my cock came toward your face, you’d take just the tip into your mouth and lick the underside. I’d keep pinching your nipples, and eventually I’d increase my speed. There was no way I’d last very long, I’d grunt and you’d know what was coming. You’d open your mouth and I’d cum across your face and neck, up into your hair. You’d be covered with my cum.”

This clearly had the desired effect, as she began rocking harder. It was clear she was going to cum soon, and I picked up the pace too, wanting to cum at the same time if possible.

She beat me to it. She came and moaned, not loud, but low and long. It was clear she was enjoying it and it was a good orgasm, long lasting and deeply felt. I looked at her, and it was so damn hot. This gorgeous woman, totally naked, trimmed pussy open to my eyes. She was so close I could smell her. As her orgasm subsided she stretched out her legs, laying them on top of mine. The touch of her bare skin was more than I could handle, and I began to cum. Now Sheryl had given me some mind-blowing orgasms, and this one, though it was “self induced,” rivaled any orgasm I had ever had. This situation was so hot, so dirty, I came in thick white ropes. As much as I ever had before. I felt is splashing down my legs, and realized that it would hit Becky’s legs too. That was even hotter, and I felt a renewed surge. I don’t know if men can have multiple orgasms or not, but this was as close to that as I think I’ll ever get.

We lay panting for a while, not talking. Becky was still rubbing her body, still coming down. She pinched a nipple occasionally and jumped at the ensuing reaction. My cock began to deflate, and we finally looked each other in the eye.

“That was hotter than anything I had even fantasized about.” Becky said. “That was in incredible orgasm, and it was just from looking and thinking about what you were telling me.”

“I can’t believe how much I came. Sorry about your leg.” I said.

She giggled a bit, and got up to get a towel. After cleaning herself off she threw it to me. She pulled on her clothes and sat back down on the couch. I got dressed as well.

“You okay with this?” I asked her.

“I’m fine. For the first time in my life I am sure that someone was wanking while thinking of me. Your story was hot, you were looking at me lustily, and I have never felt so attractive in my life. We didn’t do anything wrong, just got off. We happened to be in the same room. Why, are you not okay?”

“Oh, I’m fine.” I said. “Just didn’t want anything to be odd.”

She smiled at me, then turned back to the television. “You want popcorn?” she asked.

“I’d like popcorn, and to do that again sometime.” I said.

She looked at me, considering. “We need to use caution, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to plan this again…maybe if it just happens.”

She got up and went to get the popcorn. I just had an orgasm that hit my sister. Just that thought started to get me hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32