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It was the weekend, and Bobby and Jilly were reunited in Bobby’s bed, with the afternoon sun streaming in and highlighting Jilly’s perfect skin and pretty features as she lay between Bobby’s legs, slowly licking Bobby’s straining 10-inch cock.

Bobby had already come on Jilly’s face, as she knelt before him beside the bed and he jerked off his tool against her adoring lips, drenching her entire face when he came. Now the drying, flaking expanses of semen were turning shiny again as Jilly dragged the drool-smeared penis back and forth across her cheeks and nose and eyes, and her own drool began to slide down her gorgeous face onto her full lips and little chin, picking up melting spunk as it went.

Memories of her ex-boyfriend Jim’s thick tool and the sweet semen Jim had blasted onto her face as they lay beside the lake, only a few days earlier, were fading from Jilly’s mind. When she had Bobby’s gigantic cock against her face, all other penises seemed forgettable. She wanted to make Bobby cum again, and she would rub and lick and suck his tool until he cried out and came, drenching kartal escort her lips and face.

Bobby was having a harder time clearing his head of the vision of little button- nosed Candy, her sensual, childish features completely soaked in the thick white jelly of his spunk. God, how the little teen angel had loved to take his semen on her cute face! But, pretty as Candy was, no-one could match Jilly for the erotic turn-on of her sexy lips, the full, achingly soft lips Jilly liked to hold just above his cockhead in a swollen pout as she furiously masturbated him to a climax, begging Bobby to watch as she made him spurt onto her pouting lips, over and over, until they were white with his thick, clinging spunk.

Bobby’s tool was painfully hard, and he could feel the numbness that preceded a huge orgasm spreading through his massive cock as Jilly jerked him tirelessly up and down, drooling spit onto the little jerking pair of lips at the peak of his cockhead. It was a game they sometimes played, to see whether Bobby’s first huge ejaculation could drive the hanging maltepe escort bayan rope of Jilly’s spit back up onto her face as the semen splattered across her lips and cheeks. Now the sight of Jilly’s outrageous pout, hungrily bloating her lips so that she was giving Bobby’s cum- blasts as big as possible a target of sweet mouthflesh, was driving Bobby to the edge of orgasm.

He watched, fascinated, as Jilly’s little hand wildly pounded his shaft, making his already huge apple-sized head swell up like a balloon beside her lush, wet mouth. Like Bobby, Jilly was staring at his throbbing cockhead, panting for the thick, musky eruption of hot semen. Her mouth was like a soft wet rose, a luscious fruit. And she wanted it drenched with spunk as badly as he did.

‘Cum… cum for me, she mumbled, …squirt it…spurt it on my mouth…spunk my mouth…spunk my lips…spunk my face… ‘

Almost out of his mind with lust, Bobby roared:

‘ Nowww!!!!’

He fought to keep his eyes open and watch as a rope of cum a foot long spurted hot white gluey escort pendik semen onto Jilly’s luscious, waiting lips, covering them completely. Bobby screamed as she pumped his gigantic penis even harder and the huge cockhead throbbed and jerked one, two, three, four lashes of thick white semen onto her face, covering her upper lip and nostrils and snaking up around her nose so that spunk dripped down both sides of her sweet tip-tilted nose, onto her soft cheeks.

Quite deliberately, knowing that few girls would do this for their man, Jilly dipped her face and took several cannonades of semen in her eyes as Bobby writhed and screamed, watching every cumshot as if it was happening in slow motion, watching as his humungous tool jerked rope after splattering rope of semen onto his girlfriend’s incredibly pretty face.

Watching as she gasped with lust at every burst of spunk against the sweet tender skin of her face. Watching as Jilly bathed her gorgeous little features in his thick juice, still jerking his gigantic, jerking cock and pumping it and groaning with effort and begging for more:

‘Watch, baby, ugh, ugh, watch me jerk you off onto my face, you’ve got the biggest fucking cock in the world and it’s splattering my face with spunk, you’re cumming on my face, Bobby, you’re cumming on my face, ugh, ugh, cumming, ugh, cumming, cumming…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32