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I love my husband. I really do, but I also love to dominate and even occasionally humiliate him. He’s a great partner, provider and father to our kids and he has a great important job. His job means that he generally doesn’t get contradicted; his jokes always get a good laugh and his ass gets kissed all day long. When he gets home, I’m there to remind him that he needs to remain humble. My favorite way to keep him humble is by shaving his ass. I don’t know why, but it gets me so wet to bend him over and shave his sexy ass, taunting him and calling him my bitch.

I mean, his (awesome) cock and balls are already smooth, a concession he agreed to upon requesting I shave early in our relationship. I get regularly waxed and have agreed to stay smooth all over as long as he does too.

For days after I shave him, I can’t keep my hands off his ass. He’ll come home from work and I’ll slip my hand in his pants and caress a smooth cheek. In bed, I’ll kiss him goodnight with a wet finger trailing his crack. “Good night sweet bitch, I love you,” I’ll whisper in his ear. If I know he has an important meeting, I’ll be sure he is shaved the night before and I’ll remind him that he isn’t as important as the people in the meeting will pretend he is. I know it helps him focus and keeps him from getting too full of himself.

I know he gets turned on when I shave him because he never fails to get hard when I do it. He hasn’t really admitted that it is as much of a turn-on for him as it is for me. He’s always been game for whatever I want in the bedroom and this was really no exception.

One Saturday morning recently, I decided to wake him up with my tongue. I absolutely love sucking cock. I began by lovingly licking his smooth balls, then sliding my tongue up his shaft like I was licking a Popsicle. My wet finger tickled his rosebud as I engulfed his shaft for the first time. He moaned his approval.

“Good morning, sweet bitch. You like that?”

“Oh, don’t stop he panted.”

I was determined to coerce a confession, so I alternated sucking him in earnest and backing off licking the precum from the tip and smiling at him. My finger kept working that magnificent boi pussy, as he relaxed and let me in. I took the head of his cock in my mouth as I pushed in to the second knuckle.

“You like when I play with your ass, don’t you? Tell me how much it turns you on.”

“It turns you on so that turns me on.”

I went back to sliding up and down with casino oyna my lips and stopped just before he reached the point of no return.

“I don’t buy it, slut. I think you like being my little bitch and I’m not letting you cum until you admit it.”

He groaned, his cock twitching. “I can’t…” he whispered.

“Tell me you love my finger in your ass.”

“I can’t do that Brandi.”

“Why not, my sweet bitch? We both see how hard you get and how much you cum.” My mouth returned to his cock, and I slipped a second finger in his ass.

“Because,” he hesitated, “if I admit I like you fucking my ass, you’ll want to get a strap on cock and fuck me for real.” His cock exploded in my mouth as he confessed his true desire. I had to compose myself to swallow it all and wound up sliding up to kiss him with a few drops of cum still on my lips. He kissed me hard and told me he loved me. I was so happy and so turned on, and scheming about my next move. He happily reciprocated, bringing me to a thundering orgasm with his talented tongue. I coaxed him into wearing my panties under his sweat pants as we got up to make breakfast for the kids.

We had a business dinner that night, so the kids were staying with my sister. She came over to pick them up, and caught us making out in the kitchen. As usual, my hand was all over his ass, inside his panties. She raised one eyebrow as we composed ourselves and I pulled my hand back. He had to straighten his sweats and I’m pretty sure she got a peek of the pink lace he had on underneath them. She hugged us each, giving him a kiss on the cheek. As he started to pull away to hit the shower, she gave his waistband an “accidental” tug and got another peek at his panties. He blushed and left.

“Hey, keep your hands off my man’s ass, little sister.”

She giggled. “I just needed to be sure I saw what I thought I did. Panties?”

My sister and I never have had secrets, so I filled her in on our morning romp. She knew I made him keep his cock and balls clean shaven, but all the ass play was news to her. She squealed with delight as I swore her to secrecy. She left with the kids while hubby was still in the shower. I joined him, running my hands all over to make sure there was no stubble that warranted my attention. He asked about my sister.

“Did she leave with the kids?”

“Yes, just now.”

“Did you ask her why she grabbed at my pants?”

“Don’t get too excited. She just wanted another peek slot oyna at your panties,” I giggled.

He groaned but I felt his cock swell in my hands. “I think you really enjoy being my sweet bitch and tonight I’m going to prove it to both of us.”

His head rocked back and a moan escaped his lips as I stroked his now fully hard cock. I hopped out, leaving him hanging.

As we got ready for dinner that evening, I picked out a smart outfit for him as usual, but I also laid out a sexy black bikini and white garter belt for him to wear under his business casual attire.

“Do you trust me?” I asked in my sexiest voice.

“Unquestionably, completely, and without hesitation” he replied softly.

“Good, cause I need to paint your toenails.”

He sat patiently as I painted his toenails a bright pink.

We left for the dinner and he was his usual alpha male, charming and smart. He is the man of my dreams. But I kept flashing in my wicked mind to the pantied, garter belt wearing bitch with pink toenails that he and I both knew were under the business clothes. Every time he said something insightful I’d wink at him and smile a devilish smirk.

After dinner, I suggested I drive since he’d had a few drinks. I had him right where I wanted him. Slightly tipsy, feeling pretty confident about how well the dinner went. I asked him how he thought the evening went, and he relived the highlights, clearly satisfied with his performance.

“Do you think any of them knew you were wearing panties and a garter belt?”

He blushed and stammered.

“I wonder what they would have thought if I told them about your pink toenails.”

“UH, yeah, don’t do that,” he pleaded but his pants were tenting and I knew he was mine.

He looked quizzically as I steered the car away from home. “Remember you trust me,” I teased.

I pulled the car into the parking lot of an adult bookstore. “Let’s go, sweet bitch.”

We browsed the aisles, looking at movies and sexy outfits before stopping in front of the dildos.

The clerk in the store was a cute blonde who looked a little like my sister. She came over and asked if we needed any help, with a soothing and friendly manner.

“Tell her what we are here for,” I instructed my sweet bitch.

“Just browsing” he stammered.

“Oh stop being shy. You and I both know you want this. Slip your loafers off and show the nice lady your pink toenails and tell her what we are looking canlı casino siteleri for.”

It had been a clever trick to convince him to go without socks and he obediently showed off his sexy toes. “We are looking for a strap-on cock” he finally choked out.

The clerk squealed in delight. “Oh that’s so hot! I wish I could come home with you.”

Sexy bitch was mortified, so I sent him to pick out a movie consistent with the theme of the night. The clerk helped me pick a harness and a few different size cocks that would work with the harness. She was so intrigued by us that I couldn’t help but tell her all about our day. I described the panties my sister saw and the ones he had on now. He came back with a couple of movies, both featuring women with strapons but one was an all female cast.

“Oh that won’t do,” the clerk and I both blurted in unison. The other one was about women pegging their submissive men, and we both approved. I told him to pay for everything, and because he used a credit card, she required his license.

“Now that you know where we live, maybe you can stop by sometime. We could always use a videographer. ” I teased as we took our stuff and left.

When we got home, I put on some music and asked him to do a striptease for me. He slowly peeled off his clothes, shaking his panty-covered ass for me. I undressed and donned the harness, using the smallest cock for our first time. I had him get on his knees and coaxed a blowjob out of him.

“Come suck me you sexy bitch. Show me how you like your cock sucked.” He did a great job, slathering my boner and making lots of eye contact. As sexy as this was, I wanted his ass.

I directed him to bend over the arm of the couch after having him put on my bra. I played with his ass with my lubed fingers and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.”

I pulled his panties to the side but they kept sliding back in the way so I tore them with my fingers, leaving a gaping hole and tatters hanging off him with the garter straps. He looked like such a dirty sexy bitch that I pushed my cock into him, hungry for his ass. The music was Eminem’s song “Shake that ass for me.”

When I was fully inside him, I nibbled on his earlobe and sang along with the music, changing the lyrics to “Shave that ass for me, shave that ass for me. C’mon bitch, shave that ass for me.”

I was so enthralled with my cock that I came hard just from the friction and the sexy sight. As I slid out of him, I realized his shredded panties were soaked by his own orgasm. We fell asleep in each other’s arms whispering “I love you.” And that’s where my sister found us the next morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32