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The next Friday Ray and Cindy’s new friend Lydia call then and suggested that they all go out for a drink on Saturday evening. It was music to them to know that she wanted to expand the fun that has last weekend. Cindy could hardly wait for the next day as they both were excited to see her again and continue the games. They were now going to be more prepared for the time with Lydia. Cindy went through her drawers and found the small electric dildo and they both made a plan for the night’s fun.

The talked a lot about what to do and how to do it. They would not be so drunk this time and wanted it to be an experience both could enjoy together.

That next evening Lydia join them at the beach apartment and the drinks were served and as they were getting acquainted on a less drunken basis then last week the talk was about work and what each did for a living and all had a better idea of each other position in life. They were talking for several hours getting the feeling that all could be really friends and far more then sex tool of each other. Lydia was a University student and one of the best schools in San Paulo and from a very fine upper class family. She was inhibited by her family until last year living away from home. It seems that she has a complete change of life. Cultured in many the arts as her family had traveled many summer to the USA and Europe to visit all the right spots for education as her mother so often told her.

After dinner in a local restaurant the returned to the apartment and felt fully at ease going to the bedroom and getting undress together. According to plan Cindy suggested that she and Lydia start playing and Ray could join later it that was all right with him. Ray was a little slow in the uptake but remember it is part of the mind play both he casino oyna and Cindy concocted earlier that day.

Cindy joined with Lydia on the bed kissing each other slowly and then with increase passion and they press their bodies closer together. Lydia started to suck Cindy’s nipples which started her to make moan and feel excited. Her pussy started to get wet and she kissed Lydia ever so passionately when Lydia moved up to her lips to savor a kiss. Now it was Cindy’s turn to lick Lydia and she sucked each breast with passion for a short while but could not resist to move down quickly and spread Lydia’s legs. Seeing the wetness of her shaved pussy she moved down and put her head between Lydia’s leg and drank in the smell of her pussy. She started with a slow licking of her lips and a moved to her clit for a more pronounced sucking of it. Lydia pushed her pussy at Cindy so she could enter deeper into her cunt. The wetness of her pussy spilled out all over Cindy mouth which overflowed with the sweet juices she was stimulating to gush out of this very warm soft and taste pussy. Cindy so enjoyed licking and sucking that

She almost forgot about Ray and her own pussy which up till then had no attention at all from anyone.

Cindy motion to Ray with her hand to come over she did not want to stop licking and talk she only wanted to lick and suck that wonderful cunt in her mouth.

Ray seeing his opportunity moved under Cindy and immediately started to eat her. She was dripping with excitement and he found his wife pussy so especially tasty due to her pussy eating. It was a little strange because she had never before had such a flow juice coming from her cunt. They all enjoyed the feeling of the sex acts and Ray suggested that a change be made to some other options slot oyna to have a little more spice added. The girls reluctantly said ok and both sat up on the bed and wiped off the juice from each other by a quick 69 suck off. Then in a few moments were again sitting up and Lydia asked what was next. She told them she wanted everything that they could think of as long as it did not hurt.

Ray got the small dildo and handed it to Cindy telling her she and Lydia should try some little pleasure between them. Cindy grasped it and said I have looked forward to this for a long time and we are all going to enjoy it. She reached over to the bedside and pulled out the drawer to get the KY jelly. She told Lydia to roll over on her tummy and put her ass in the air. She took Lydia’s ass cheeks and spread them with one hand in a little v seeing her asshole shine from the juice and saliva that was not clean off. She leaned forward and gave the asshole a little lick and a kiss just so it knows it was the center of attention. For about the next three or four minuets she rolled her fingers around the asshole sometimes inserting her finger. Then she was able to get two fingers in as Lydia ass slowing lost it tension. In and out she pumped so gently by increasing the pace and penetration little by little. Now she inserted the dick like dildo into the ass of Lydia slowly as not to cause too much pain but enough to excite and drive the girl higher in her sexual feeling. She turned on the electric and played in in and out for quite a while. Lydia was going crazy humping her ass back and forth with Cindy’s movements. It took a lot of concentration on Cindy’s part not to interrupt the flow of her friend. She as almost an afterthought put her two fingers into the pussy only a one inch away from that lovely canlı casino siteleri asshole. Fingering that fighting pussy which was humping back and forth keeping the dildo working was a difficult action but she so wanted it to be a good experience for Lydian she worked hard at it. Every once in a while she took her fingers out of Lydia’s pussy and enjoyed the aroma and sucked them dry reinserting them again and continued on.

Ray by now was not board watching the hot action in from of him and almost came with his slow masturbation. He knew that a lot more was planed and did not want to shoot too soon and have to restock which could take a few minutes. Cindy was on her knees pumping the dildo in Lydia’s ass and her ass was also up. Ray seeing this option bent down and also spread Cindy ass cheeks and started lick and sucking her asshole. Both he and Cindy looked at each other and smiled and blew a kiss to each other knowing that this was all in the plan and both were getting their fantasies satisfied. He kept this up for several minutes and then moved up and placed his dick at her asshole. By then her ass mussel was somewhat open thanks to his tongue reaming her and his sucking. He pushed in being careful not to cause her pain but raise her excitement ever so slow stroke by stroke. He felt the pleasure of her ass on his dick and how tight it was and he pumped in to her. She started to talk and encourage him to fuck harder and faster. She so loved this feeling a dick in her ass and talked constantly how good it was feeling for her with his dick in her ass. Both loved each other and knew each others fantasy and sexual needs.

Cindy explodes all of a sudden and by accident stick the dildo deep into Lydia. She comes almost at the same time and both collapse on the bed. Poor Ray his dick pops out of Cindy with a hard on and no one to satisfy it. He looks at the two lovely women lying in front of him and he masturbates till he comes. Now soon he will need to solve this problem and in the back of his mind he has a plan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32