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This story contains intense penis size humiliation and is not a realistic depiction of

brother-sister cuckold relations or human anatomy. Just a fantasy I wrote for my own benefit that I thought others might enjoy as well!

“Clothing optional?”

My brother and I had discovered a quiet beach, well off the beaten path. The public one had been so crowded that we decided to pack up our things and move elsewhere. Now we understood why this one was so empty. It was a nude beach!

“Do we keep going?” my brother asked, holding back a grin. “I mean, it does say clothing *optional*. We can just keep our suits on.”

“Optional or not, I’m done walking.” I replied. “Let’s just do it.”

We lay down our towels and stripped down to our swimsuits. I slathered sunscreen liberally over my curvy waist and big bouncy tits, which were spilling out of my top. After I finished, I handed my brother the bottle. “Mind getting my back?”

He sighed and got to work. His hands felt surprisingly warm, even compared to the summer heat, and he pressed with a firmness I wasn’t used to. The intimate moment was ruined when he stifled a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“You’re just so pale!” he laughed. “Now I know why you wanted to go to the beach so bad.”

“Asshole” I grumbled. “Go back to what you were doing.”

As he got to my sides he hesitated. I understood why. For most girls this would be a harmless place to touch. But my jugs are so big and soft that my sideboob goes all the way around, almost to my back. To finish lathering me, my brother would have to touch my tits a little.

“They’re just breasts” I said. “Don’t make it weird.” He paused, then slid his lotioned hands under my ample boobage, pushing them up a little, and after a few rubs he was done. I realized I’d been holding my breath.

My brother tossed me the lotion. “Your turn!”

I started rubbing his tanned, muscular body, reluctantly admiring its powerful rippling hardness. Was he flexing or was my brother always this buff? Kind of made me wish my boyfriend-

“Clothing optional?” My boyfriend had arrived, carrying two coolers and sweating profusely. “Oh, hey babe *pant* I got the beer. Are we really staying at a nude beach?”

A few drinks later, my brother was out swimming and I was cuddling in the sun with my boyfriend. I sat up suddenly.

“Babe?” I asked firmly. “Am I too pale?”

“Are you kidding me?” he replied. “You’re perfect. The most beautiful woman in the world.”

“You’re my boyfriend,” I pouted. “You’re supposed to say things like that.”

I thought for a moment. “Even if I get tan, my boobs will stay pasty white, and you remember how they’re always squeezing out of my tops.”


I took a swig of beer. “I think I wanna let my tits out.”

“Let what out?” My brother had returned, dripping wet, muscles glistening.

“Your sister wants to take her … breasts out.” said my boyfriend nervously. “I think she’s had a little too much to drink.”

“I’m serious!” I exclaimed. “You’re my boyfriend, you’ve seen my ta-tas a thousand times.”

Then I gestured to my brother. “And you, Mr. Studmuffin over here, I’m sure you’ve seen a million sets of boobies.”

“A billion actually.”

“A billion!” I laughed. “Then it’s settled.”

And without another word, I clicked open my bikini and let my big F-cup titties fall out for my brother and boyfriend to see.

“Whoa.” My brother stared at my chest, illegal bahis tugging his trunks to adjust a big bulge growing down his left leg. “Um, nice rack sis.”

I blushed. “Thanks.” I replied, then pointed to his crotch. “Is all that for me?”

“Okay.” My boyfriend interrupted. “This is getting weird.”

“Only because you’re making it weird.” I shot back. “I swear, men get so weird about sex. It’s just biology. I’m a busty, fertile woman, he’s a strong alpha male.”

My boyfriend frowned. “What about me?”

“You are my sweet little boyfriend who’s going to stop being such a party pooper.”

He looked crestfallen but nodded and went to get me a beer. Meanwhile my brother couldn’t decide whether to hide his stares. I could see the outline of his big boner straining against the seams of his trunks. He kept sneaking peeks for a few awkward minutes.

I couldn’t take it anymore. “Alright that’s it. Stand up, both of you, and take off your pants. We’re going to get all this tension out in the open, literally.”

They both froze and looked at each other. I rolled my eyes. “Fine, I’ll start.” I paused and turned to my boyfriend. “Actually, I believe you’ve already been acquainted, but my brother still has to meet everybody.”

I slid out of my panties. I fingered my clit and spread my lips open for my brother. “This is your sister’s wet pussy. It’s warm, tight, and it loves to get fucked.”

I turned around, stuck out my ass and gave it a spank. “And this is your sister’s bubble butt. It’s firm, round, and sometimes likes getting fucked too.”

I grabbed both of my brother’s hands and pressed them into my breasts. He instinctively started kneading them, forcing out a soft moan from me. “A-and these are your sister’s big titties. Feel how soft and heavy they are. They like to get slapped around, but what you’re doing is nice too.”

I enjoyed my brother’s touch for a few more seconds before slowly hovering out of his reach. I laughed wickedly at the pained look on his face. He wanted more. “You really liked that, didn’t you? You’re such a perv, lusting after your own sister.” I looked back at my boyfriend. “Isn’t he such a perv, babe?”


I got on my knees. “Alright, now it’s your turn. It’s not fair that I’m the only one naked. Both of you come here and take off your pants.”

My brother got up immediately. My boyfriend was more reluctant. “Are you sure, babe? This seems a little too far.”

I rolled my eyes. “You said you’d stop being a party pooper. Besides, I just want to get past this stupid sexual tension like so we can relax and enjoy the beach.”

Still looking worried, my boyfriend walked over and stood next to me opposite to my brother. I grabbed both their waistbands and slowly tugged them down.

12 inches of thick, meaty horse cock sprang out of my brother’s trunks and smacked me in the face. Meanwhile my boyfriend’s small dick peeked out feebly, though I barely noticed. All I could do was gasp at how much cock my brother was packing. He must have been twice my boyfriend’s size. I started stroking it with both hands.

“Hello. You must be my brother’s big huge stud cock. Do you like it when your sister jacks you off in front of her boyfriend? I think you do. You’ve swelled up so much I can barely fit you in my little hands.”

I looked back at my boyfriend and his sad little fun sized package. He must have been humiliated seeing me serve a cock that was so much more than his. So I gave him some attention.

“Oh hey there.” illegal bahis siteleri I said, rubbing his mini dick with two fingers. “I remember you. You’re my boyfriend’s cute little boy dick. Are you embarrassed that my my brother’s cock is so much bigger than you? Well don’t be, silly. Penises come in all shapes and sizes and we love them all in their own special way.”

I shook my brother’s stiff, massive rod and gave it a kiss. “This one is a pussy pleaser. It’s so powerful and masculine it makes girls wet just looking at it. If it weren’t attached to my brother I’d beg him to stuff it deep inside me and stretch me out with it. It would drive me crazy as it fills me up and makes me cum like yours wishes it could.”

I snapped out of it. “But yours is nice too! It’s so tiny it’s adorable. Sometimes I can feel it in me and it feels pretty good. It can’t make me cum, but that’s okay, you can get me in other ways. And most importantly it belongs to my sweet, gentle boyfriend who loves me.”

But even as I said that, my eyes drifted back toward my brother’s rock-hard 12 inches of cock flesh. I absentmindedly flicked my boyfriend’s pathetic little peepee away so I could devote both hands to my brother’s amazing cock. This time I addressed him directly.

“You’re huge” I breathed. “It’s crazy how much longer and thicker and harder you are than my boyfriend. You put his little shrimp dick to shame. He can’t even compare to you.”

I turned to my boyfriend. “I’m sorry, babe. But this is a real man’s cock. This is what pleases a woman. Your little babydick is just too small to satisfy me.” My brother has a much bigger, better cock than you.”

My brother snapped his fingers. I looked up at him curiously. He made a “turn around” gesture. I obeyed and raised my ass. I could see my boyfriend now, wide-eyed and jerking his small member to the sight of his girlfriend submitting to her brother. My brother grabbed my ass and slapped it with his hefty meatstick like he was marking his territory. Then he slid all 12 inches along my wet pussy from behind until it bumped past my belly button.

“Are you … actually going to fuck me with that thing? Fuck your own sister? That’s so wrong.” I looked pleadingly at my boyfriend. “Babe, tell him it’s wrong.”

My boyfriend just looked defeated and didn’t say anything. I snorted at him. “God, you’re pathetic, aren’t you? You’re just going to let him fill me with his big manly alpha cock. This is going to ruin me, you know that? I won’t be able to feel your worthless little thing ever again after this. My stretched out pussy will belong to him. I’ll need his big bull cock to satisfy me. I’ll just be a slutty fuck doll for my brother to use whenever he wants.”

At that, my brother started to sink inch after inch of incredible thick man meat into my womanhood, filling me with insane pleasure I never felt before. And it just kept on going, spreading me open, hitting places I never knew were there. I felt my eyes roll back as he fucked me silly.

“Ohhhhhhh God. Oh FUCK!” I shouted as he bottomed out in me and started pounding me in a steady rhythm. I could already feel my first ever g-spot orgasm building as my he pumped me with his impossibly thick shaft. “Oh, oh, oh, OH, WHOA!” I screamed and squirted all over his huge rod, something I didn’t know I could do. But my brother was a stallion and just continued to ravage me.

Through the haze I could see my boyfriend still stroking his little dick. I egged him on. “Oh, babe, FUCK! I love you, but he fucks me canlı bahis siteleri so much better than you. I feel so FULL! He has SO MUCH MORE COCK THAN YOU BABE!

My brother flipped me into missionary. I could see his hard, sweaty abs undulating, grinding against my clit and showing me the last few bulbous inches of his cock that couldn’t fit inside me. My eyes widened and I groaned as the sight of his ridiculously hot body made me squirt again.

He looked down at the soaking mess I made on our legs and smirked. “Can your boyfriend make you cum like that?”

“No.” I said honestly.

“Why’s that?”

“Because he doesn’t have a big monster cock that stretches me out so good.”

“You like my cock better than his?”


“You like being my tight little sisterslut?”


My brother grunted. He was close. “I’m going to fill you up with so much cum.”

“Do it! Cum in your sister! I want it inside me!”

That made my boyfriend snap out of it. “Hey wait, babe. You’re not on the pill.”

I ignored him. I looked my brother straight in the eyes. “You’re twice the man he is. Claim me. Spray your babies into me with your big fat manpole and knock me up. Make me your woman.”

He roared and pressed his massive meat rod against my cervix. I felt a hot torrent of my brother’s cum erupting deep in my unprotected womanhood. A jolt overtook my entire body and I came again, arms twitching, body held firm by my brother’s powerful grip. His cock pumped his seed into me endlessly. It exploded out my pussy and flowed down my legs. It felt too good. I blacked out.

Distantly I felt myself being dropped like a ragdoll onto a towel. My whole body was still shaking, chest heaving, cum falling out of my gaped open pussy. I saw my brother’s godlike body standing above me, stroking his massive hanging cock. I felt more of his hot semen slap across my face and tits. I instinctively opened my mouth to accept it and gulped it down when he was done.

He crouched down, absentmindedly jiggled one of my tits, and looked at me with a shit eating grin. “If I’d known you were such a hot little cockslut, I’d have stolen you from that loser years ago.”

He eyed his sister’s cum-covered body thoughtfully. “Still, it would look suspicious if I suddenly stopped fucking other girls. So I’ll keep doing that.”

He traced a finger down my waist and toward my stretched out womanhood. It was still on fire, and the teasing motion made me shudder again. My brother patted it affectionately. “But this is my pussy now. I want you to save it for me. Got it?”

I nodded weakly. That felt right. He could do whatever he wanted to me. I was his now. My brother’s fuck doll. It was all I wanted.

He yawned. “I’m going for a swim. Later, lovebirds.”

I watched my naked brother walk toward the ocean horizon, the way his ass muscles flexed with every step. God, he was so fucking hot.

I vaguely noticed the image bobbing up and down. Annoyed, I turned back and saw my boyfriend’s face, tearful and defiant. My eyes followed his body down and saw that it was connected to my waist between my legs. I saw his little penis disappearing in and out of me, but couldn’t feel it. Apparently he was fucking me?

I had to fight back a laugh. The poor little guy was trying so hard to win me back. A complicated mess of emotions welled up in me. Pity, amusement, disgust, disappointment, but I clung to the last one because it was familiar: Love.

“Thank you, babe.” I said, letting him uselessly mush his body into mine.

“For what?” he replied.

“For letting me have real sex with a real man. It felt so good. You must love me so much.”

I closed my eyes and heard him let out a weak sob. “I do. I really do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32