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My name is Samuel Xavier. Also known as Brother Samuel. I’m a big and tall, good-looking young Black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a first-year student at Suffolk Law School in downtown Boston. Right now, I’m visiting the town of Detroit, Michigan. Along with the District of Columbia in Washington, Harlem in New York, Atlanta in Georgia, Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard and now my very own Brockton, it’s one of the Black Power Centers in the United States of America. Detroit is in trouble and I want to see what I can do to help.

I have been wanting to visit Detroit for a long time. I fell in love with Atlanta the first time I went there. It was so nice to see such a beautiful city in the hands of capable Black men and Black women. I visited schools which embodied African-American history, pride and achievement such as Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark-Atlanta University. Lately, I’ve experienced an awakening. I truly love my fellow Black men and Black women. I want to support them any way that I can. In the past, I was often critical of Black people, my own people, and I didn’t always try to see things from their viewpoint. I didn’t always look at their circumstances. Now, I see the light. I want to do whatever I can to help the cause of Black political, social and economic progress throughout the world. Whether we’re Africans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Cubans, Black Brazilians or African-Americans, we’re all Sons and Daughters of Mother Africa.

At first glance, Detroit seemed like a beautiful city to me. I don’t know what the fuss was all about. I mean, white people are always complaining about places going bad the moment Black people move there. They consider Detroit to be a bad city simply because it’s Black-run and the majority of the locals are African-Americans. White people consider every Black-owned and Black-operated place to be bad. It’s part of their hidden racism. They simply can’t conceive of beauty and success on African-American terms. The moment many Black people or other so-called minorities move to a place, whether it’s a city or even a country, white people staunchly oppose them. They try to stop their flow. And when that doesn’t work, they flee by the droves. They’re the ones opposed to racial diversity, not us. Black people don’t mind white neighbors. White people hate and fear their Black neighbors. Why? Simply because it’s their nature. The only time white people like having Black people and other so-called racial minorities around is when they dominate them in a racist, imperialist fashion.

Lately, there’s been talk of shutting down the city of Detroit. Interestingly, the people clamoring for it are rednecks from states like Texas and whatever other socially backwards places where bigots still feel secure. I want to make this perfectly clear. Detroit is not shutting down. When I visited it, I saw a city in the throes of an economic crisis. Guess what? The all-white town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts casino oyna is also suffering economically due to the recession. I don’t see people clamoring to shut it down. Want to know which places have a lot of foreclosures? Every frigging place! Black towns and white towns. Everybody is frigging broke in today’s America. Rich white people have lost a bundle of their money. And it’s driven them out of their white enclaves and into poorer areas. They want to hold their noses high in the air but with their bank accounts depleted, they’re forced to move to Black cities and Black neighborhoods. Such a crying shame. How the mighty have fallen. I guess white men and white women are starting to realize they’re not invincible.

Black people suffer through the economy too. We bear the brunt of it. However, we’re stronger than the pampered descendants of Europe’s imperialists. We’re going to come out stronger and better for it. We’ve endured much worse than mere economic recessions in the past. We know how to carve an empire out of nothing. Today, Black men and Black women are enjoying political and economic power the likes of which our ancestors could only dream of. We have a Black president. We have Black governors and Black senators now. This inspires our people, from the highest to the poorest, to keep our heads up during these economically trying times. Black people are used to hardship. We’re used to enduring hell on earth. White people are used to having it easy. Those with easy lives are weak. Struggle is what helps any living thing build up strength. Black men and Black women embrace struggle and welcome adversity. White people flee from struggle. Whenever things aren’t overwhelmingly in their favor, they flee.

How else would you explain the Republic of Haiti? It’s the biggest example of White Flight in human history. For centuries, white men and white women ruled that small Caribbean island. They exterminated the Native American tribes that lived there. And they kidnapped Black men and Black women from Africa and brought them to the Caribbean to be their slaves. The Blacks on the island revolted, and slaughtered the imperialists who enslaved them. And the white people left the island in droves. Thus Haiti became the first independent Black republic in the New World and the site of the only successful slave revolt in history. Centuries later, white people still hold a grudge against Haitians for beating them at their own game.

For centuries, white men and white women ruled South Africa by oppressing the Black men and Black women that lived there. They came up with a system called Apartheid to keep the Black person down. Apartheid ended. A Black man became President of South Africa. For the first time in centuries, South Africa was in the hands of True Africans. Who are the True Africans? Black men and Black women. The imperialists began to leave South Africa in droves. Yet another example of White Flight. Like I said before, whenever things aren’t overwhelmingly slot oyna in their favor, they flee. I think someday soon they will flee from America. After all, they’re about to become minorities in the glorious American empire they once ruled like demigods. Blacks, Asians, and especially Hispanics will become the dominant ethnic group in America. Minorities will become the new super majority. A proponent of diversity’s dream. A racist’s worst nightmare. It brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart.

All that ran through my mind as I walked through downtown Detroit. I stayed at a nice hotel, and in the lobby, I met a very interesting Black couple. The gentleman’s name was Karim Hassan. A tall, somewhat chubby Black man with long hair. A graduate of Michigan State University, he moved to Detroit a couple of years ago. He works as a city planner. His wife’s name was Gina Mubosa Hassan, and she was a tall, good-looking and deliciously curvy, big-bottomed Black woman of Central African origin. Like me, they were drawn to Detroit. This gal had a master’s degree in Economics from Michigan State University and she and her hubby wanted very much to help Detroit’s business class save the city. On this, we were of like minds. We had a couple of drinks together, and talked about the future of Detroit.

In between drinks, I learned a lot about them. Karim and Gina met at Michigan State University. They were both high-achieving African immigrants in the business program. They started hanging out and eventually fell in love. I was so glad to see the two of them together. A foreign Black couple moving to the USA, attending college and finding success and love on their own terms. I wish there was more of that. Karim and Gina looked at me in a funny way and asked me how come a fine-looking, educated brother like me was still single. I smiled bashfully and told them I hadn’t met the right person yet. Gina asked me point blank if I was into men or women. I was stunned. I looked at Karim but he said nothing. Looking her in the eye, I told her I was bisexual. She smiled, and we continued talking and drinking as if nothing had happened.

I don’t know how but somehow, the three of us ended up in bed together. I swear, one minute I was at the bar talking to this fine Black couple and the next, I was in their hotel room and we were doing it. Amazing how that happens. I didn’t know many Africans. My experience with my fellow Black people has been limited mostly to Haitians, Jamaicans and African-Americans. I was always under the impression that Africans, especially African women, were deeply conservative. Well, Gina Mubosa and her husband Karim turned that stereotype on its head. I had her lying naked on the bed, her legs spread while I busied myself licking her pussy. Meanwhile, Karim sucked on my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock.

I licked Gina’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. The big Black woman’s pussy tasted real good, and I licked and probed it like oral canlı casino siteleri sex was going out of style. Her husband Karim was doing a really good job sucking my dick. He got me nice and hard. Gina smiled at me and begged me to fuck her. I grinned, and after putting on a condom, did just that. I raised her legs into the air, letting them rest on my shoulders then thrust my cock into her pussy. Meanwhile, Karim unceremoniously spread my ass cheeks and inserted his condom-covered cock into my ass. I guess he’s a very assertive man. His dick was long and thick. A most welcome intruder in my asshole.

I slammed my cock into Gina’s pussy. The big Black woman yelped under the force of my thrusts. I liked the sounds she made. Hell, I was making some signs of my very own as Karim rammed his dick up my ass. The dude was stretching my ass as he plowed into me like a miner looking for gold. And I loved it. Whoever said Africans were opposed to bisexuality clearly hadn’t met this authentic African couple. Folks, we got down and dirty. I plowed into Gina’s pussy, owning the hell out of that snatch. I pulled out of her, and Karim pulled out of me. We took a breather. Karim pulled out of me, and then we were at it again. This time, Gina sucked her husband’s dick while I took her from behind. I spread her plump ass cheeks wide open and spat on her asshole. I grabbed some lube that Karim handed me and used it to lubricate my member and her anus. Then I slid my cock into her asshole.

Gina was one sexy African woman. And she had one of the tightest assholes I’ve ever fucked. Gripping her hips, I slammed my dick deep into her ass. If she could have, I’m sure she would have screamed but her mouth was otherwise occupied. You see, she was too busy sucking her husband’s long and thick Black cock. Karim and I looked at each other. He watched me fucking his wife’s big Black butt and smiled. I smiled too. Some guys get off on watching other guys fuck their wives or girlfriends. I guess Karim the African stud was one of them. Later, we double-teamed his wife Gina. She was sandwiched between the two of us. I thrust my cock into her pussy while he fucked her in the ass. We made the poor woman squeal. It was a lot of fun. The most fun I’ve had in ages, folks.

That’s how I spent my first night in the lovely city of Detroit. I guess you could say it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages. The summer of 2009 is here and I’m doing some traveling. I don’t intend to take summer classes at Suffolk Law School. To me, summer and school just don’t mix. Not if I can help it. My fans tell me that I should really try to explore life outside of Brockton, the setting of many of my stories. I think they’re right. I think I’ll let the city of Brockton relax this summer. The King of bisexual Black erotica goes traveling! I’m touring the United States of America. Sexing up big beautiful women and sexy men left and right. My preference in women and men is Black, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern and occasionally Asian. I like my women to be heavyset, busty and big-bottomed. I take my men anyway they come. love anal sex with both sexes. And you know it! So I’m going to have lots of wicked fun to beat the heat. The world is mine!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32