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3D Adult

He leaned back casually in the chair of his hotel room, cradling the phone against his shoulder while typing on his laptop. The summer heat outside was stifling, and he was grateful for the mandatory air conditioning the buildings in this city offered. The woman he spoke to teased him a bit over the phone, trying to convince him to give up work for the night and take a break. He would laugh a bit but continued to work. It was late, and he wanted to finish before retiring for the night. There was a quiet knock at the door.

“Hold on,” he said, “I think someone is here.”

“At this hour?” she asked, “it’s probably the wrong door. Just ignore it, they’ll go away.”

The knock repeated, slightly louder this time.

“I’ve gotta see who this is,” he said, “they aren’t going away.”

She sighed heavily on the phone, sounding annoyed. “Fine… just hurry up.”

He stepped across the room swiftly, reaching the door in about five steps, he flipped the deadbolt and opened the door partially. She stood in the hallway, smiling… snapping her cell phone shut. She is wearing a deep blue spaghetti strap tank top over low rise jeans which hug her shape down below her knees, the length covering the top of her black high-heeled sandals.

“Am I disrupting something important?” she asked coyly, as she stepped past him into the room. He rolled his eyes as he shut the door, flipping the deadbolt back to the lock position.

“Nothing at all,” he said, “I was just trying to work while this really annoying chick kept hounding me on the phone.” He sat back in the chair, reaching over to hang up the receiver.

“Hu,” she said, examining the screen. “Looks to me like you are pretty much done anyway.” Turning her body to face him, she leans on the edge of the desk, reaching behind her to shut the lid. “Yep,” she confirms, “work is all closed up for the night.” She has both hands on the desk behind her, leaning her weight onto her arms she rolls her head back, allowing her hair to fall behind her. She sighs deeply, stretching her neck before bringing her head up to face him again. “So…. now what do you want to do?”

He sits tall in his chair, reaching up to wrap his hands around her legs… thumbs towards her inner thighs while his fingers caress the outside. He moves slowly up the length of her legs, sliding around to her hips. She takes a sudden breath in at his touch, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back again. Her heart rate quickens.

“Oh… I’m sure we’ll think of something,” he says. She shudders as he touches her bare skin under her shirt… he wraps his hands around her waist and pulls her down towards him. She lifts herself from the desk and moves first her right leg, then her left, to kneel on either side of his body in the chair. Her hands hold his shoulders as she settles her body on top of his while he continues to explore the contours of her back. She leans forward, hesitating just before reaching his lips… her fingers dances up his neck, down to his shoulder, and up to the back of his hair. He closes the gap, his lips brushing hers gently. The contact ignites something inside her, and she presses her body closer to his, her mouth greedily finding satisfaction in a deeper kiss.

His fingers dig deeper into her back and she moans with pleasure under the pressure. Her heart races as her lips explore his mouth, down his jawline… he leans his head back and she moves down his neck, her teeth grazing his skin and causing him to shudder. He moves his hands to the base of her shirt, pulling upwards she pauses her desperate kisses to allow her clothing to be pulled over her head, revealing her black satin bra. He drops the shirt aside. She runs her fingers across his shoulders down the length of his arms – still kissing him deeply her hands slide over top of his. She takes hold of him and moves his palm over her right breast. At first his contact is tentative, brushing over her nipple through the thickness of her bra… then he grabs her forcefully… greedily squeezing her breast. She lets out a gasp and arches her back, as his right hand finds the back of her neck. He wraps his fingers into her hair and pulls her head back further. He teases her neck antalya escort with his teeth… biting lightly before pressing his lips urgently against her skin. He is trying to hold back, move slowly, but he is too desperate to feel her… he can barely control himself.

He releases her hair and she leans into him, kissing him deeply again. She moans under her breath as his hands explore her body, gliding over her waist, up to her breasts and around to her back. He unclasps her bra and pulls it off of her, dropping it to the floor. Again he wraps his fingers into her hair, pulling her hair and forcing her to arch her back, and he takes her nipples in his mouth… first one, then the other… rolling her nipples with his tongue… eventually biting down and sucking. She lets out a gasp, torn between the pain of the biting and the pleasure of his lips on her skin. She is getting wet under her jeans, and can feel his hard cock as she presses her body into his.

“Fuck me,” she commands. “Fuck me now.”

“Not yet,” he replies… releasing her hair and slowing his movement to gentle kisses on her neck.

She moans – frustrated and excited. Her hands reach down to the bottom of his shirt. She pulls it up, and he allows her to remove it, then she reaches for his belt and he stops her… grabbing her wrists and holding them tight.

“I said… Not. Yet.”

She moans again. “Please?”

He looks serious… intense. “No.”

She moans again, leaning forward onto his shoulder… her breasts brushing against his bare skin, she kisses his neck… whispering in his ear…

“I need you to fuck me. Make me cum.”

He grins. “You will… when I say you can.”

She melts under the force in his voice. “Please?” Her voice is barely above a whisper, she is desperate to feel him inside her.

He releases her wrists, his hands wrap around her ass, squeezing tight at first, and then he suddenly rises from the chair, picking her up with him and holding her against his body. He walks to the bed and drops her onto the mattress, legs spread. He immediately leans over her, forcing her arms over her head and pinning her hands down to the mattress. She is helpless, trying to push her hips up to his body, to feel him against her, but he holds himself too high, and smiles at her effort to move.

He leans in towards her, attacking her nipples once again with his teeth. She cries out with pleasure… arching her back writhing on the bed. First one breast, then the other he drives her to the brink of screaming… the harder she pushes against his grip, the more he holds her down.

Eventually he lightens again, slowing his kissing and moving gently to her neck, her jaw line… he releases her hands as his lips find hers… lowering his body gently onto her he allows her to slow her breathing, her hands explore his arms, his chest… it is a relief to feel the weight of him on her finally, and she moans as she moves her hips, gripping his waist and pulling him tighter into her. Her hands find their way between their bodies, and she reaches to unbuckle his belt. He stands, gently pulling her to sitting, and she unfastens his pants. Gripping his jeans and boxers at once, she pushes them down towards the floor. He steps out of his clothes and kicks them aside as her hands move gently down his body to his thighs. Slowly she traces her fingers up the length of his inner thigh… he sighs and closes his eyes as she brushes her fingers against his cock.

He opens his eyes and reaches down to take her hands, pulling them up to bring her to standing. He kneels in front of her, unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down her legs. She wears a thong underneath, and he can see that her wetness has soaked through the fabric. He groans a little under his breath at the sight, and places his hands on her hips while leaning into her, biting her clit through her panties. She gasps, throwing her head back while grabbing the back of his head… her fingers bury into his hair while he pulls at her clit. He grips the sides of her thong, pulling them down forcefully and shoving her pants off the rest of the way, then he reaches up to her hips, pushing her back onto the bed. Her legs lara escort hang off the side, and her shoes fall off as her pants drop to the floor. He grips the back of her knees and presses them up to her chest.

He dives forward towards her, tasting her wetness as he licks the length of her pussy. She cries out “Oh God!” as his tongue dances over her clit, circling, before plunging back inside her. He releases her legs, they rest on his shoulders as he reaches up to grabs her breasts. Her hands are plunging through his hair and gripping the back of his head, pressing his face into her. He squeezes her breasts hard, then slides his fingers over to pinch her nipples while going down on her, biting her clit and fucking her with his tongue. Her back arches against him, to spite her attempts to remain still and take it. Her breathing quickens and she moans, calling out again and again…

“Yes! Oh God yes, don’t stop! I’m so close… please don’t stop…”

He pinches her nipples hard as he rises,pulling on her clit one last time before leaning back. He allows her legs to drop to the side as he stands. She lays on the bed panting, moaning… frustrated. She reaches her hand down and begins to rub her clit herself. He grabs her by the wrist and pins her hands over her head with his left arm.

“I said not yet,” he chuckles a little. She moans in response, but he shakes his head. He circles her clit with his right fingers, pinching gently, then slowly pushes to fingers into her pussy. She moans again, arching her back and pressing her pinned arms against his pressure. He slowly pulls his fingers out of her and brings his hand to her face, gently pressing her mouth open so she tastes her own wetness on his fingers. “You don’t get to cum without my cock deep inside you.”

She moans again, her body involuntarily pushing her hips towards him. He teases her… laying over her he presses himself against her pussy, feeling her wetness spread on him. She thrusts towards him, trying to take him inside, but he pulls back… only rubbing against her lips… against her clit…

“I need to cum now… please… I’m so close…” Her voice is barely above a whisper.

He smiles. He stands up, grabbing a pillow from the bed, he drops it to the floor in front of him and points down to it. She obediently rises from the bed, coming to her knees in front of him, and takes him in her hands. She can taste her own wetness on him as she licks the length of his shaft. He closes his eyes and leans his head back, his hands find the back of her head as her lips wrap over the tip.

She holds his cock tight in her hands while sliding her lips down over the length, taking him deep inside her mouth. He controls her speed with his hands, pushing gently on the back of her head while rocking his hips slightly. Slowly she pulls back, sucking hard with her mouth all the way… and then pulls him back inside again. He looks down at her, brushing her hair back so he can clearly watch as he is taken in… holding her hair back with more force he begins to move her faster. She moans with excitement at the pressure of her hair being pulled, she feels him grow harder inside her mouth as she pulls, tightening her lips around him. She moves her hands on him in sync with her mouth, speeding up… trying to make him cum. She can feel him pulsing, growing closer to orgasm…

He stops. Stepping back he releases her hair and she sits back on her heels, gasping for breath. He puts his hand out towards her, and as she reaches up to him he pulls her to standing. He grips her hips and turns her around to face away from him. His hands gently explore her body, brushing her thighs, her clit… moving from her hips up to her breasts, as he walks her forward to the bed.

“Get on your knees,” he whispers to her as he kisses the length of her neck.

She climbs forward on the bed onto her knees and he stands on the floor behind her, pressing his body against hers. She arches her back, leaning her head on his chest and twisting to face up to him… he reaches down to kiss her deeply while his fingers find her nipples and he pinches, even harder than before. She cries out under manavgat escort his kisses, wincing at the pain but wanting more. Her hands reach behind her, finding his hips she pulls him tighter against her.

“Oh God please… please… I need you…” she begs, calling out with every pinch.

“What do you need?” he asks, his own voice sounding shaky, his breathing getting heavier.

“I… need… to feel you…” her voice grows softer, weak with longing.

He grabs her breasts again, pinching down hard on her nipples, making her cry out again. “Tell me, ” he says more forcefully… “tell me what you need.”

Moaning loudly, she exclaims “Take me!”

He releases her breasts, pushing her shoulders down so she is bent forward on the bed. He slides one hand between her legs, spreading her wetness around as he finds her clit. He leans his body over hers, she can feel his tip brushing against her ass, teasing the outside of her lips. She grips the covers and pushes her hips back towards him, but his hand stops her from moving. He lowers himself over her, bringing his hand up to wrap his fingers in her hair, he pulls her head back again. His lips dance over her ear.

“Do you want to cum for me now?” he asks, his voice sounding calm, but his breathing heavy.

“Yes… yes please,” she responds, whimpering now.

“Do you want to feel me inside you? You want me to fill you up?” he asks as he continues to press himself against her, the head of his cock spreading her lips open. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes!” she screams desperately.

Finally he thrusts forward. She calls out with relief as he pulls her back onto him, his cock sliding deep inside her. He holds her there for a moment, feeling her tight wet pussy surrounding him, and then begins to fuck her slowly. Reaching around her leg, his fingers find her clit… swollen and wet… and he circles his fingers around it… pinching, then rubbing.

She grips the covers for leverage as she pushes herself back onto him, fucking him faster… harder… She is moaning, crying out with every thrust. She can feel him swelling, feel him getting deeper inside her. He reacts as he feels her squeeze around him…

“Oh God you are so tight… so wet…” he moans.

She feels her orgasm building from deep within. Her muscles tighten… she is on the edge but cannot cum yet. She is crying out with the insatiable need for release. She is fucking him faster… harder… shoving herself back onto him violently. He presses his hand into her clit harder, her movement against him driving her closer to the brink. He knows he cannot wait any longer.

“Cum now,” he says, the command dark and intense. “Cum with me now.”

He grabs her hips with both hands and pumps hard, slamming her against his body. She screams out as her orgasm takes over her entire body… like electricity from deep within spreading out to every muscle. With one final thrust he cums deep inside her, holding her body down over him as he fills her up… feeling the deep convulsions of her cuming around his cock.

He stays standing like that for a moment, still holding her tight against him, still pulsing slightly inside her while her muscles slow their movements. He releases one hand and traces his fingers down her spine lightly… exploring the curve of her back under her panting breath. She shudders as she feels the tension dissolve from her body, her breathing slows and she moans lightly. She melts into the mattress gradually, sighing as she feels him step back.

He carefully climbs on the bed, laying next to her on his side… watching her chest rise and fall as her ragged breath slowly returns to normal. He gently traces his finger along her cheek, brushing back her hair and tucking it behind her ear. She shudders again under his light touch. Opening her eyes she looks up to see him smiling at her, the look in his eyes now tender… soft… longing. She smiles back at him, weary but satisfied. He leans forward, grazing his lips against hers softly, tracing her lips with his tongue… his hand rests gently into the back of her neck as he presses his lips to hers for a deeper kiss. He pulls back and they hold each other’s gaze for a moment, speaking without speaking… then with a sigh he rolls onto his back, propping his head on a pillow. She moves towards him, resting her head up on his chest now, listening to his heartbeat as he strokes her hair gently… they drift off to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32