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Hearing my daughter Caitlyn’s girlish giggles brought my dormant cock to life. Her soft high-pitched voice and the husky responses of an adult man downstairs in our house switched my whole body from the lifeless sack of flesh that had been lying inactive under Caitlyn’s bed for about four hours, to the pulsating, throbbing lusty father that I know I am.

Finally she was back home with her date, so it made all of the waiting worthwhile. My cock was instantly hard on my naked abdomen. I didn’t care that my back ached from lying for all this time underneath the middle of Caitlyn’s bed. I also didn’t care that my arms and wrists were sore from being handcuffed to the legs of the bed, so I was like in a Jesus position under the bed on my back, arms out to my sides. I shouldn’t make it sound like punishment, I mean, it wasn’t. And before putting me in this position naked under her bed before she left for her date, Caitlyn had been good enough to shove some of this week’s panties that she wore under my neck and head, as sort of a pillow, with the musty smells of the panties a constant reminder of how much I love my beautiful daughter.

“Here’s my room,” Caitlyn giggled, bringing her date into her bedroom. She flipped on a lightswitch, so I finally had light too. Out from under the bed I could see her sexy calves in her high-heels, and I could make out a pair of dress shoes and slacks of an adult man. I also detected the familiar aroma of Caitlyn’s sweet, aggressive perfume, mixed now with the masculine odor of someone’s cologne.

“Finally,” I heard the man say, and I saw their feet now next to each other, pointing at each other, their bodies evidently face to face. A moment later I heard his low moan joined by Caitlyn exclaiming a deep grunt of satisfaction. The smacking noises meant they were kissing. My daughter’s groaning continued, and I could see her standing on her tiptoes even in her high heels, as she was evidently stretching to reach up to the lips of her date. “Uhhh ohhh uhhh,” Caitlyn’s erotic voice murmured, “uhhh ohhh yeah Daddy.”

The word hit me like a surge of power. My penis immediately leaked precum, hearing her call him that.

“Mmm oh you feel so good,” the male voice muttered through the kiss. I could hear lips smacking, and Caitlyn moaning. Their feet were dancing around a bit, not stationary, I suspected they were groping or grinding together and it was getting hot.

Caitlyn stepped away, towards the bed, with me bound nude under it. “Come here Daddy,” she playfully giggled, and he followed her over to the bed. She climbe onto it followed by him, and above me the entire bed sunk. I swear I had maybe one inch of clearance at my face and over my dick, that was it maybe. It was best to turn my face to the side, so I could breath easier. But it was my cock I was worried about, it had never been so hard, and I had the urge to shove my hips up and grind it against the bed to get myself off — even though Caitlyn and her date has just gotten home.

There wasn’t a lot of motion on top of the bed now, just lots of noises. Lips smacking. Moaning. “Uhh, Daddy, uhh” — “Mmmm baby” — “Ohhh Daddy yeah” — “Uhrrr mmmm.”

Caitlyn’s giggle stopped the kissing. “That was great tonight — jesus everyone really believed you were my Daddy.”

The man chuckled with her. “It was pretty cool, I mean at first it was strange, but I loved it.” He grunted next, sort of a mixed grunt and moan, so I could only imagine she was touching him somehow. “You had me so turned on at the party,” he continued, his voice now lower and slower, “you are such a fox, sexy fox, Katie.” (I hate it when people mess up her name; it’s Caitlyn, not Katie.)

“Aww you’re so sweet, Daddy!” Lip smacking followed. “I loved showing you off, those other wives and daughters were a bunch of losers, everyone else at your reunion must have thought you were the greatest Daddy.”

The grunting started again; and the bed was sort of rocking side to side. The grunts quickly turned to deep moans of pleasure, and Caitlyn in particular was combining a high-pitched whine with her gutteral moans. “Uhhh ahhh, ohhhh mmm hmmm,” she exclained unintelligibly, encouraging whatever was taking place. I swear, hearing this was making her real father’s penis pulsate on my body, I could already feel precum oozing out of my swollen cockhead and dripping onto my hairy belly. The muscles in my cock were twitching to life, I just wanted to reach down and grab it, stroke that little five inch prick until it spewed. But of course the handcuffs kept my hands far away from my erection.

“You like them Daddy?” I could hear Caitlyn’s smile in her voice. “You want me to take off my shirt so you can see your princess’s breasts?” I didn’t hear a verbal response but she giggled. “Mmm yeah Daddy, oh take it off of me.” The bed shifted a moment, seemed like someone was sitting up. “Mmm here let me help,” he groaned. Silence for a few seconds; I was left simmering in the image of Caitlyn removing the top casino siteleri and bra I helped her put on, when I participated in our ritual of her getting ready for her date. She didn’t dress slutty as usual, but went out pretty conservative — front-button blouse and lacy black bra. Fuck, it was making me so lusty, just imagining that this guy is seeing Caitlyn in her 34b bra now. “That’s sexy on you,” I heard him say, confirming she was now left in her bra. “Yeah? Thanks,” she responded under her breath. Two moments later, Caitlyn confirmed my desires, moaning, “Do you like them, Daddy?” Then the bed started to sink again. And a second later Caitlyn exhaled. “Ohhh GOD yeah!” Her shrill voice made my dick pound with every pulse of blood. “Oh Daddy, do you like my tits?” she repeated with more anxiety.

I heard sucking noises, definitely someone was licking or sucking something. “Fuck,” he grunted with something in his mouth, “fuck your tits are sweet.” Both of them moaned. “Look how hard your nipples are.”

“So hard to fuck you, Daddy!” Caitlyn’s voice was now lusty and energetic. “Oh god does it turn you on, sucking your little girl’s boobies?”

He chuckled at her. “Fuck Katie, you’re eighteen, there is nothing about you that is a little girl.”

Caitlyn giggled knowingly. “Mmm Daddy I bet my pussy is as tight as a little girl’s!” A few seconds of silence followed, then Caitlyn softly spoke, “Uhhh yeah Daddy that feels soooo fuuuuucking goooood.”

“Your tits taste awesome.” Again, he spoke like something was in his mouth.

My daughter let out a high pitch whine, then her voice subsided and I just heard her breathing really hard. After a few moments of enjoying this man licking her tits, she blurted out, “I wish they were bigger for you.”

My penis jumped at the image of Caitlyn having bigger, rounder tits, but this guy’s response made me feel so small and guilty for that. “Mmm no baby,” his voice said hoarsely, “fuck they are perfect for your thin body, keep the B cups, I love them this way.”

Caitlyn purred like a pussy being stroked. “Awww Daddy, that is soooo sweet. Oh my gawd that was so nice of you to say. But like if your real daughter came to you and said, Daddy I want new tits, wouldn’t you let her because you love her?” As I heard her speak, I knew she was talking about a couple of conversations from the last few weeks, I already all but had the money for my new car put aside so I could afford new tits for my daughter. But listening to this guy talk, I thought maybe it was just another sign was a loser I am. His answer to her rung in my ears. “Fuck no Katie, big tits look so fake, you look so fucking sexy like you are. Besides,” he added, “if Denise came to me with that request, I’d say, 11 year olds don’t get new tits!”

After they both giggled, Caitlyn’s voice turned critical. “That’s so nice, you know, I wish I had a real daddy that loved me like that — stopped me from doing bad things.”

THAT was a dagger in my heart. My cock was ready to cum without being touched.

“Kiss me Daddy,” Caitlyn grunted, and the bed shifted. Bodies moved over each other. I heard her grunting, muffled probably by his tongue in her mouth. This father of some other family was thrusting his tongue into my daughter’s mouth, and by the sounds of her moans, she was loving it. Her moans grew lower and more forceful; and the bed was now moving. Shaking rhythmically. Whatever was going on up there, it was happening over and over, quickly, building. “Uhhh yeah, uhhh yeah, ohhh Daddy uhhh,” my daughter uttered with a tongue in her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” he grunted back.

She was breathing so hard, in unison with the bed rocking. “Oh Daddy — Daddy if we were naked right now you’d be fucking me — don’t you wanna fuck your hot princess?”

The grunting and motions continued, I gathered he must have been rubbing his crotch against hers, through their clothing. His voice responded to her shakily. “I — I know, Katie — I just — I don’t know –“

“Daddy I’m so fucking horny,” she needlessly blurted, “Daddy lets fuck, I wont tell anyone, promise, let’s fuck please please Daddy.”

He was talkign himself into it, with a horny topless teenager gyrating under his cock. “Oh fuck it would be hot, Katie, but fucking — are you sure your dad isn’t coming home?” Caitlyn giggled. “Naw, he is out of town for sure, Daddy, it’s just you and me.” The lie she was telling was making her real dad almost light-headed with desire for her, as I lay chained under the bed.

I could hear his consternation. His moans and grunts were the sounds of a man that wanted to fuck this hot little slut; but he was having better thoughts.

“I know!” Her voice turned excited and commanding. The bed moved around, wasn’t a rhythmic motion, more of a lurch. Again, I thougth I was about to be squished between it and the hardwood floor under me. I heard him exclaim like he was surprised, then I heard Caitlyn maon in approval. “Uhhh god it feels big,” she murmured, slot oyna “wouldn’t it feel better if I took off your pants?”

His voice grunted yes. “Oh god you’re making me so hard — you want me to fuck you, don’t you Caitlyn?”

She snickered. “Yes Daddy, I want my new Daddy with the big huge cock to fuck his princess’s tight little pussy!” I heard an unzipping noise. “Can your princess see Daddy’s big dick?” There was some motion, ruffling of cloth, dropping of shoes on the floor. No talking, just motions and soft noises. Then I saw a pair of trousers hit the floor with a thud; followed quickly by two dark socks. I knew Caitlyn was staring at his cock in underwear.

“Mmm, let’s see Daddy,” Caitlyn purred. My heart was still, knownig my daughter was about to unwrap his prick. I was so hoping she’d like it; I wanted her to have something meaty for her to enjoy tonight.

Then I saw his underwear hit the floor too.

My penis was aching to touch something other than the hard, cold bedframe. I was lost in the images of my topless daughter bending over with this man’s engorged cock waiting for her, and her smiling face staring at this meat she wants to put in her vagina tonight.

Caitlyn’s voice was excited. “Oh fuck, Daddy, it’s HUGE — mmm Daddy you DO have a big pretty dick, you didn’t lie to me.” His voice was full of pride. “Like it, do you baby?” Caitlyn quickly answered, “No, Daddy, your baby princess LOVES it.”

Then a few moments of silence again. Suddenly, I detected noises of what I know — well, have been told — what Caitlyn loves to do. I heard this guy’s moan, a low, elongated moan from deep inside. I heard Caitlyn’s little moan herself: “Mmmmm.” A few more moans from him, some low moans from her, then something wet, like lips smacking something wet. Caitlyn groaned, her voice full of lust. “Daddy it tastes so good.” The bed made some motions above me. I heard her moaning, more like heavy breathing, and his intermittent groans too. “Uhh, Katie, ohh yeah … uh, oh yeah that’s hot baby.” Caitlyn was jerking it, I could hear her hand stroking the wet shaft of his dick, while she was also licking or sucknig it somehow. I so fucking wished I could see this; the thought of a big adult penis inside my daughter’s teenage mouth right above me was just too fucking cool to be true. But at least she was letting me listen in.

“Oh, yeah, you suck good,” he confirmed for me, several minutes into his blowjob. Caitlyn muffled some kind of response. Her sucking sounds continued, matched by both of their heavy breathing. The bed was bouncing up and down, but slowly, he was fucking her mouth in slow, long strokes. I could hear his cock getting more wet, the saliva or precum or both lubricating his shaft as Caitlyn pumped and sucked it.

“It’s so fucking big Daddy,” Caitlyn praised before sucking it more.

He sounded cocky, as he should be. “To fuck hot young women like you.”

“Really, Daddy?” Caitlyn moaned, not giggled. “Does it wanna fuck me, Daddy? Fuck your babygirl princess?”

“Oh yeah Katie, it wants to fuck your tight pussy tonight.”

I heard Caitlyn gulp; more of like a hard swallow. He suddenly spurted with a loud, elongated, “AWWWW FFFUUCK.” Her noises were kind of gagging noises, more like swallowing. Holy shit, his cock was in her throat. I had never been in a room with a girl deep-throating a dick, I mean mine is only 5 inches who can stick that into a throat, so hearing Caitlyn starting to swallow his huge penis into her neck was the most amazing turn-on she could do for me. My cock was now so hard it was pushing up against the metal bedframe, wanting to fuck even cold steel. Her new Daddy for the night was grunting in pleasure, feeling and probably watching my sexy daughter push his obviously large erection into her throat and neck.

“Holy shit!” he groaned a few seconds later.

I heard her moaning, and some kind of swallowing, bubbling noises, very strange. It lasted ten seconds … fifteen … twenty. Then there was a popping noise, like a cock coming out of something wet and sticky, and Caitlyn sucked in air and almost choked. The guy roared in approval. “That’s fucking awesome baby.”

My daughter, I’m so proud of her, was nonchalant. “Want me to do it again? I can go longer.”

“Yeah, do it.”

“‘Kay daddy — here it goes.”

The gagging, sucking noises happened. He almost screamed from delight. The bed was jostling around above me. I heard noises of something very deep inside a girl’s mouth and throat, like a combination of her moans and some kind of gurgling, gagging thing that almost sounded like his cock was plugging a gushing hole in her throat. And this lasted twenty, thirty seconds, I”m not kidding. Every second made my dick grow even harder and leak more precum, to the point it was now just streaming out.

Finally Caitlyn came up for air, I could hear her exhaling then sucking in air as best she could, taking a couple of breaths to regain normalicy. “That’s like canlı casino siteleri one of the biggest,” she forced out, half-complementing him and half-complementing herself. I could hear him giggle lightly. “Yeah? How many big ones have you had in there?” Caitlyn lied, “A couple, Daddy,” understating it by at least — what I know, at least — a factor of six. I heard her hand stroking his cock, I mean, it must have been so covered in mucus, so drooling wet, that her hand was making noises as she stroked it. “Look how big it is,” she groaned to herself. The guy was intrigued. He asked, “What was the biggest you’ve had?” Caitlyn took a moment to answer, “Mmm, I think, well, like, I dunno — yours is the biggest white cock I’ve had.” She snickered, and I heard him guffaw. “No shit huh?” he admired of my daughter.

Caitlyn snickered. “Daddy, do you think right now any of the other wives or daughters at the party are sucking their Daddy’s cock right now?” He giggled back, “Not as good as you are sucking it, Katie.”

After stroking him and possibly licking or sucking him quietly, I heard Caitlyn moan, “Daddy, think I can get it all in — down to your balls?” He groaned, “I don’t know sweety, why don’t you try?” In her cheerful spirit, Caitlyn giggled, “Alright Daddy.”

Instantly he groaned, loudly; “Ahhh FUCK!” And I heard her gag, almost a choke; and the bed started to vibrate. He was moaning and grunting, but Caitlyn was silent. “Fuck! Shit!” he kept stammering, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Hearing this, knowing her chin must have been against his balls, I was in a state of complete ecstacy, so proud of my cockswallowing daughter. “Fuckin’ a’, Katie!”

She must have had his cock in her throat and neck at least half a minute, maybe more; when she came back up for air she was exhausted, her first few breaths were troubled, she was caughing mucus, I could even hear her choke on the mucus for a moment and sneeze, probably blowing some of the slime from deep in her neck out of her nose. But I swear to god, she went right back at it. I heard her swallow air, hold her breath, and he screamed again, “Fuck yes Katie!” The bed was shaking, he was gyrating I was sure while my daughter was deep-throating his erection. I could almost visualize him holding her head, grabbing her long flowing chestnut brown hair, shoving his mammoth penis into my daughter’s teenage throat.

I thought I was hearing her keep that monster in her throat over a minute; maybe over two; but at some point I realized she was back to licking and sucking it again, I heard a few smacking lips on his shaft. “Do you want it again, Daddy?” she purred between licks. I didn’t hear an answer, but a second later he grunted again from deep, I knew she was taking him back down her throat. What a professional, almost. The bed was really shaking now as he had his dick stuffed into my daughter’s mouth, and from his whining and grunts I knew he was trying to fight off an orgasm. I mean, who wouldn’t have cum by now with his cock that deep in a young woman’s sexy mouth? He was really gurgling loudly, probably wincing and eyes rolling to quell the climax he wants to have, and Caitlyn was milking it out with her experienced mouth and throat.

“Cum in my throat, Daddy,” she ordered, bobbing up for air, sucking her breath. She had her throat opened now; no choking.

“Jesus, to my balls again, oh fuck,” he groaned for the last time. I heard him stammer, “Uh huhhh,” then it happened. He wailed, “FUCK YES!” and the bed really shook. Bounced, more like it, right above me. He was breathing heavy and hard, his breathing rapid and violent, for about a minute it seemed.

As the bed’s motions and his breathing subsided, I heard a wet popping noise again, and Caitlyn’s confident tone, “That was a good cum Daddy, it’s in my tummy now!”

“Mmm yes it is,” I heard him snicker, followed by some lips smacking and light moaning. I was imagining that he must have been naked, or at least nothing below the waist, and Caitlin probably was still just topless, with her slacks on. She doesn’t nomally wear anything other than low-rider jeans, short skirts or tight shorts, but for her date she said she needed to look “fancy.” Woman’s dress slacks with a blouse was, to her, dressing for the ball.

The loud, sloppy kissing continued on the bed above me a little bit, with Caitlyn’s subtle moaning growing until it was a full state of humming. “Mmm uhhh mmmm ummmm,” like that. Then the grunting began; hers. “Uh fucking god,” I heard her say hoarse and anxious, “oh god Daddy, I’m so hot for you Daddy.” The bed was rolling a little, moving up and down in slow motions; I was imagining he was rubbing her pussy or something, or maybe had his hand inside her pants. But she explained it a moment later. “Daddy, take off my fucking pants now, Daddy.”

I could tell he was still fighting his better judgment; I guess it was one thing to cum in her mouth, but to get her nude too would guarantee fucking, and maybe that was a line he didn’t want to cross. “I don’t know, baby,” he grunted. It broke my heart because I didn’t want Caitlyn to be disappointed or left wanting; she was so excited for this date, when I was shaving her pussy and giving her a shower after supper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32