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I consider myself a successful call girl. I am able to demand a hundred dollars an hour, which many men are willing to pay.

I do not have a pimp but worked out of Starlight Escort Agency that handles a large stable of whores for all occasions. The agency skims fifty percent off the customers’ hourly rate but I get to keep one hundred percent of the “extras”.

Starlight’s rate only covered me getting naked and perhaps letting the customer jerk off while watching me masturbate. Any contact was “extra”.

I only do out calls. The agency supplied a car and driver to pick me up and take me to the John’s place where he waits and drives me home again.

Of course most clients wanted more than to just look so I usually got at least an extra fifty for a blow job or maybe a hundred for a piece of ass.

I have a favorite driver, Chad. Chad drives cab and I asked for him if he is available. Chad is not a bad looking young guy and I often tip him by gobbling his cock.

Century 21 is a forty-two story apartment and office complex in the heart of downtown. I have done a few calls there; several of the tenants are well to do men without partners. This client had been specific; he wanted a bisexual blonde with large breasts. As I filled his requirements I was given the call.

I buzzed the security code I was given and the lobby door clicked unlocked. The elevator silently whisked me up to the twentieth floor.

A surprisingly handsome middle age man garbed in a smoking jacket and silk ascot answered Apartment 2005.

Tom Ion introduced himself as a stockbroker employed by a local prestigious firm. By the looks of his apartment he was doing quite well.

Ion casino siteleri said he wanted a girl to make up a threesome with him and his wife. He said his wife was waiting in the bath and I should go and join her.

Sam Ion was in the large jet stream tub engulfed in billows of suds. She was a pretty petite woman with dark hair cut into a Paige-Boy and slender breast what I could see of them.

Sam made eye contact with me as her husband introduced us. I could see the lust in her eyes.

“Why don’t you join her?” Ion said.

Tom watched intently as I disrobed to join his wife in her bath. I could tell he was impressed with my breasts as I removed my bra and then peeled off my panties.

Carefully I stepped naked into the tub opposite his wife.

Tom begins washing me, running his soap-covered hand over my bare breasts. I leaned forward and kissed his wife.

Sam welcomed my kiss; her tongue intertwining with mine while her husband kneaded my breasts like lumps of bread dough. My hand found Sam’s vagina under the water.

She was shaven and tight. Garently I worked two fingers into her waiting lips. She moaned softly as I began working her.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom.” Ion said seeing his wife’s acceptance of me.

Hand in hand Sam and I went naked to the waiting bed. It was a large king-size bed covered with a billowy white duvet and a multitude of pillows.

We jumped on the bed and began kissing and playing again while Tom hurriedly got undressed.

Sam was a little bundle of passion. No sooner had we hit the bed than she was suckling on my breasts. Her pouty lips swallowed my nipples as her hand caressed my slot oyna fleshy mounds.

While his wife was enjoying my tits Tom joined us on the bed.

“I want you to go down on her.” He said.

He lay his wife back and spread her legs.

Sam’s open pussy was so inviting. Dewdrops of glistening juice glimmered on her pink tissue. I buried my face in her womanhood.

Sam moaned softly as my tongue quickly found her swollen clitoris. She tasted wonderful, the sharp relish of her female musk. I never tired of eating a sweet clean pussy fresh from the bath.

Whilst I was bent over servicing his wife I felt Tom positioning himself behind me. He nuzzled his cockhead between my labia and pushed. My cunt accepted his erection as my tongue manipulated Sam’s sensitive clit.

Tom began fucking me while gazing into the eyes of his squirming wife. I was the catalyst joining man and wife.

Both Sam and Tom orgasm together. Sam whimpering as her husband emptied his ball into me.

When Tom withdrew his spent cock from within me his wife rushed to clean it off in her mouth.

I joined Sam licking and sucking her husband’s cock until it was restored to its full glory.

“I want to fuck you ass while Sam licks my balls.” Tom ordered.

Fucking my ass is usually very expensive but the thought of his pretty wife licking his nuts while his cock slid in and out of my dirt chute turned me on.

Once again I raised my ass in the air and offered it to Tom.

Sam positioned her head beneath my crotch as her husband’s cock entered my tight anus. A quick stab and sharp pain and he was in me.

I could feel Sam’s hot breath on my cunt a Tom’s canlı casino siteleri pole slid in and out of me. Sam was busy licking her husband’s swinging ball sack as he corn-holed me. Tom had a firm grip on my hips as he pounded my ass with his battering ram. I knew when her husband cum a rived of his sperm would run down my crotch into Sam’s waiting mouth.

I felt the warm sensation of Tom’s sperm flooding my intestines. I knew in moments Sam would be drinking her husband’s cum as it dripped from my asshole.

“Lick her clean!” Tom ordered his wife as his cock popped out of my asshole.

Sam was on me like a dog, her tongue licking and swirling around the rim of my stretched sphincter collecting every trace of Tom’s sperm.

Tom grabbed his wife and stuck his cock into her mouth. The cock had just come out of my dirt chute. Sam gagged but regained control and sucked n the filthy cock as if it were coated with honey.

Sam had turned into a cum hungry skank. When she had Tom’s cock as clean as a whistle she continued sucking in hopes of getting another mouthful of cum from him.

“Join her.” Tom ordered.

Once again we were both sucking and licking Tom’s cock back to life. From mouth to mouth Tom grew harder and harder. Before long he was hard enough to penetrate a pussy once more.

This time as Tom lay on his back I straddled his resurrected cock and lowered myself down onto it. Sam mounted his face smothering him with her cunt.

With Tom now our prisoner I ground my cunt from side to side as I slid up and down on his pole. I could hear weird muffled noises from Tom as his wife scrubbed his face with her juicy cunt. I took his load enjoying my own sweet orgasm.

The three of us played for almost three hours while Chad sat waiting in the car.

“Have a good session?” Chad asked when I returned.

“It was interesting.” I smiled as I went down on his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32