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Much is made about the risks of developing online friendships and how meetings between those who have only typed to each other are usually disappointing. Obviously, considering that vast number of people using this type of communication medium, there must be exceptions to that rule. This is just such an exception.


Cameron had enjoyed getting to know ladies online for a couple of years. He had developed several close friends but felt certain that there was value in keeping such friendships, in part, in his fantasy life and not allowing himself the luxury of actually meeting someone whom he’d “met” online in person. At 6’4″, he was a successful professional with a large frame which he kept solid primarily through powerswimming and two days a week in the weight room. His real life social life was quite active, enough so as to be the envy of several of his peers, especially the married ones. Still, when not dating someone seriously, he spent a couple of hours late at night sharpening his seduction skills and knowledge of the female mind (especially sexual mind) by online exploration.

There had been two exceptions to his rule about not meeting someone from online, one ending before it started when the lady on the other side of the internet ended up being someone different (and 100 lbs larger) than the photo of “herself” which she’d shared, and the other ending up in a very enjoyable weekend fling followed by a realization by both that, outside of sex, they didn’t really like one another.

Cameron’s work often took him to other major cities for several days at a time when negotiating financial agreements. It was during the evening of these long stretches that he did most of his online exploring. One project required him to return to NYC for what appeared to be a several day stretch. No stranger to NY, Cameron was looking forward to spending some time catching up with many of his friends there. This trip was also timely for him, as he’d recently ended a relationship with someone who was growing a bit too needy, too demanding of his time.

After checking into the Marriott Marquis, Cameron began to call a few of his friends. Much to his disappointment, most were themselves traveling or on vacation. This was shaping up to be quite a long week. Unable to sleep, he logged on to see if any of his online friends were around. Fortunately for him, an online friend, Lacey, messaged him almost immediately. As they were chatting, a couple of other friends came online and Cameron settled down into a normal evening on the road.

Soon, Cameron mentioned to Lacey that he was in NY. After a bit of a pause, Lacey reminded Cameron that she lived on Long Island, less than an hour away. Both of them danced around the fact that they were so close, having shared many online intimacies for nearly a year. It dawned on Cameron that they had a mutual friend, someone else with whom he’d had “played”, who lived somewhere in NY. Casually mentioning this to Lacey, she confirmed that Gina lived in NY, and that she and Lacey had often talked of meeting each other. Perhaps it was the early hour, or the fact that they were both a bit aroused, but soon they were talking about whether they’d all like to just meet. . nothing expected . . while Cameron was in NY.

Cam and Lacey danced around this topic for nearly an hour before Lacey offered to call Gina, admitting that she did have Gina’s telephone number, to see if they’d like to all meet. Before long, Gina was also online – and Cameron quickly assumed that Lacey had called her well before bringing the topic up to him. Though each had shared fantasies and illegal bahis desires with the other, the three had never shared such intimacies online as a group – let alone contemplate the opportunity to meet, to see where all this might lead.

None of them brought up sex or even the idea of what might happen when they met, though it was on their minds. Cameron suggested that, since he had a suite on the business level of the hotel and that there would be fewer questions for either Gina or Lacey to answer were neighbors to notice, that perhaps the best place to meet was at a restaurant near Times Square. Finally, a restaurant was selected. Though all three had exchanged pictures online in the past, they did so again, confirming what they would wear the next evening for dinner.

Cameron could hardly focus on work the next day. He wasn’t clear how the evening might go. He knew that Gina was single, likely not involved, and roughly his age. Lacey, with a few years more experience than Cameron, had sparked his imagination many times. She knew he had had some experiences with older ladies, something he loved that might have stemmed from an experience Cameron had when he was a teen.

He fought arousal all day, finally feigning an emergency at his office back home to leave the meeting and get ready for that evening. Leaving his hotel for the short cab ride to the restaurant in Tribeca, all he could think about was the discussions he’d had with both these very sensually minded women.

Walking into the restaurant, he recognized Lacey immediately. She was far more sensual sitting there at the bar than her photos, and her voice made his blood jump. A beautiful brunette, his eyes were drawn to her lips, and the comments she’d made about what she enjoyed doing with them. Introducing himself, she smiled past him to a tallish blonde walking up behind him. Gina had met Lacey earlier and had a chance to get to know one another for a few minutes earlier. Gina very playfully put an arm around both of them, everyone smiling, so much unspoken in the air.

They sat there and had a drink while awaiting their table. Each openly enjoying the look of the others, even sexual innuendos were left alone for now. Once at the table, though, the atmosphere changed. Forced to sit very close together, Cameron between them, a couple of drinks in each of them, they all grew comfortable with the reality that all three of them were growing aroused, were attracted to the others in the group.

They ordered dinner, then had to lean very close to hear each other in the crowded small restaurant. Casually, Cameron reached over and placed his hand on Lacey’s knee, bare as her skirt rode to mid thigh. When her response was to press her leg a bit more firmly against his, he slid his hand ever so slowly up the inside of her thigh, to the edge of the fabric, then even higher. Gina, perhaps sensing the look of arousal in Lacey’s eyes or just noticing that Cam’s hand was under the table, grabbed Cameron mid thigh, squeezing playfully. Like Lacey, Cameron responded by spreading his thighs wider, encouraging Gina.

Within minutes, only Lacey and Gina were able to take a drink, as Cameron’s hands were slowly exploring each of them – their respective left and right hands locked together as they found him very hard. After a few minutes of mutual touching, everyone surprised at their own boldness, Cameron – barely able to breath, asked if room service might be a better dinner option. With Cameron’s fingers gently pressing against each of their panties, Gina and Lacey’s eyes locked, and they agreed. Cameron quickly tossed cash on the table and illegal bahis siteleri they walked out to grab a cab.

Once in the cab, Cameron immediately leaned over and kissed Lacey boldly, taking her body in his arms, not caring that the cabbie or those in other vehicles could see this embrace. Their tongues explored each others mouths, their hands wandered each others bodies, until both were aroused and wanting this to go further. Breaking that kiss, Cameron turned to Gina and took her in his arms, again kissing her fully, though this time keeping one of Lacey’s hands in his own, pulling her over towards their embrace. Soon all three were touching one another over clothing, through clothing, kissing . . so much so that they barely noticed when the cab arrived at the hotel.

After paying the cabbie, Cameron put an arm around both Gina and Lacey, guiding them into the lobby and into an elevator. Though a few other guests also entered the elevator, Cameron could not stop his hands from caressing to lovely asses. With most guests having their backs to the three of them, Lacey braved reaching over to grab Cameron’s crotch, squeezing his cock and keeping her hand there until they arrived at their floor.

They arrived at Cameron’s suite, all three nearly silly with arousal from the risks already taken, each fully aware of what lay ahead. As soon as they were in the front room of the suite, the door shut, each became a little more tense, no one certain of how to proceed, but each wanting to begin. Gina grew bold first, winking as she reached for the first button of her blouse, unbuttoning it. Lacey quickly reached over to undo the next few buttons of Gina’s blouse, their standing very close together while Cameron watched. The two ladies tentatively removed each others tops, then embraced, holding a long much-anticipated kiss. Cameron, barely able to contain himself, moved closer and began to rub both their bare backs, his hands eventually slipping to and unfastening the clasps of their bras. Wordlessly, each slipped out of her bra and embraced again, as Cameron backed away, watching. When their desire for each other grew too strong, they began to undress each other, Gina’s skirt, then Lacey’s – hands, mouths, bodies wrapping as one.

Meanwhile, Cameron began to unbutton his own dress shirt. “Stop” Lacey warned, when she caught this out of the corner of her eye. “Let us do that” a nearly naked Gina whispered, as they both moved toward Cameron, unbuttoning his shirt, his pants, exposing his chest and thighs nearly simultaneously. He barely had time to run his hands across the bare skin of his new friends before they’d pushed his boxer briefs off his hips, exposing the cock they’d both been thinking about all day. Rather than instantly kneeling, they toyed with him, their hands entwined in each others as they stroked, caressed .. kissing him, and each other . . three new lovers learning, sensing, wanting.

Cameron could barely control his reaction to these women. He loved being naked before them, but was eager to see them fully nude as well. He attempting to push their panties off, one with each hand, but was failing miserably. This got the ladies to giggling, which made Cameron laugh. “Here, lets try this”, he said as he then knelt, facing first Lacey, slipping her panties off her hips, and kissing her fully against her pubic bone, knowing she’d be wet, but not knowing that she’d be so recently trimmed. He then turned, slipping Gina’s thong off her hips, exposing a fully shaved young woman. Kissing her similarly, he cupped each of their bare asses in his hands and slowly kissed up their bodies. They just canlı bahis siteleri watched, arms around each other, as his mouth went from one hip to the next, each belly button, nibbling a bit on each breast – then standing, kissing each of them on the lips before moving upright, where he towered over them.

Cameron then took charge. “Gina”, he took her face in his hands, “we both met through you, so you will become our focus first.” Enlisting Lacey’s help, they guided Gina from the living area, strewn with clothing, into the bedroom – where the blinds were open fully. Placing her on the bed, both Lacey and Cameron began to run their hands over her body, kissing her skin, finding every possible way to arouse her. Soon both were kissing her breasts while Lacey slowly slipped her fingers into Gina. Gina was moaning, reaching for both of them – and eventually pulled Lacey up to her mouth to kiss her. Cameron took that opportunity to begin kissing lower, down her stomach, and as Gina kissed her way down Lacey’s body, Cameron settled in between Gina’s thighs. Lacey grabbed the headboard and lifted her body upward, parting her thighs and settling onto Gina’s face while Cameron’s tongue slowly fucked her.

Gina began to buck involuntarily as Cameron used his teeth to tease her clit, then sliding his tongue deep into her, one damp finger playing lower, under her. Lacey begged Gina to make her cum while touching herself, watching Gina’s tongue explore in the way only another woman would understand. Soon they were both thrashing in climax, and Cameron took that opportunity to push his finger against, into, Gina’s ass. Rather than resist, she threw her legs up and out, giving in, letting go, nearly soaking Cameron’s face.

By now, nothing seemed off limits or strange about this situation. Lacey, still out of breath, jumped off Gina’s tongue and nearly dove down the bed at Cameron, kissing him, tasting Gina. It took Gina a few more moments to gather herself. By the time she had, Lacey and Cameron were lying at the foot of the bed, kissing passionate, half trying to fuck. “Oh no you don’t, not let” as Gina pulled their hips apart. She shocked both Cameron and her self by instantly taking his cock deep in her mouth, feeling every bit the slut as she sucked him – and ran her hand over the still sensitive clif of Lacey’s that she’d just enjoyed. Lacey eventually worked her way down to where both ladies were kissing each other, with Cameron’s cockhead sharing the space with their lips, their tongues.

Each time they got him close to climax, they would back off, keeping Cameron aroused, but a bit frustrated. Gina urged Lacey to mount Cameron, then she herself straddled his face backwards, the two of them kissing as they felt Cameron’s cock and tongue respectively. Again, before he could cum, the stopped, exchanging places. Then they stopped for what seemed to be the 10th time to Cameron, he caught them exchange a look. Later he would realize that they’d had a discussion about this prior to his joining them. They both slid down between his legs, stroking his cock, licking his balls, teasing his ass, but neither sucking on his cockhead, until they finally let him cum. The experience nearly caused him to blackout. When he did return to a state of awareness – both of the ladies were licking his cum off his stomach, his thighs.

While he recovered, Gina and Lacey touched one another, kissing, slowly making love to each other. Cameron watched, fascinated. Their pace was languid, patient, sensual. Each took the time to find what particular aroused the other until both had enjoyed several climaxes. When each was nearly spent, Cameron took them both in his arms and held them, friends, lovers – a special bond. They fell asleep like this, Cameron holding them both, Lacey and Gina wrapped into each other.

At least until 3 am . . ..

DallasJackson © 2004

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