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Carrie woke up that morning, it was a new day, and she new it would be a great one at that. There was the family dinner at 12. Then she would go shopping with her best friend at around 2. And then she would go party up a storm with her brother, her boyfriend, and some other friends at Neptune, a club that had recently opened. And she would for the first time be able to buy drinks legally. Yes today was Carrie’s 21st birthday, and she was looking forward to what life would bring her from here on in.

Carrie had been blessed with physical beauty, standing 5’10, with her all natural 28/36c/32 measurements, emerald eyes and blonde hair, a bubbly personality and the fact that she was witty, it was easy to see why she was a natural hit with all around her. She had complete school and college and was now working at an ad agency. But while her family thought she was an angel, when they weren’t around she displayed few angelic qualities. She was by no means a tramp or an alcoholic, but she did love guys and girls, and she enjoyed partying with them, together with a good few drinks. Her brother, Jono was as much of a party freak as Carrie, and the fact that their parents could afford to provide them with lavish lifestyles, help them support this habit.

Carrie got up out of bed, wearing her small teddy that she always wore to bed, and went to go wash up, in the bathroom that she and her sister shared. It was between their rooms’ and had inter-leading doors to their respective rooms. While she was washing her face, she was dancing to her favorite song on the radio. This was leading her firm breasts to do a dance of their own, which for some reason always turned her on. After cleansing her face she brushed her teeth, through on some sweats and went downstairs for breakfast.

Mom, Jean, was preparing breakfast, while her dad, Chris, was reading the morning paper. Jessica, Carrie’s 18 year old sister was feeding the dog. She was growing to be a stunner just as her Carrie was, although her breasts were only a B cup, Carrie thought casino siteleri they were perfect breasts. She had secret desire to one day feel them. She had gotten close recently, but at the last moment hesitated. Jess had asked Carrie how a breast examination should be done, and Carrie was about to show her, when she realized that even though she truly wanted to feel those beauties in her hands, she was sure Jess would object to her sister fondling her, and Carrie could not trust herself not to fondle her sister. She had for a very long time now harbored secret desires, and Jess was one of those. She had even wanked herself off at night thinking of Jess.

Even now while watching he the dog paw at Jess, Carrie could feel a damp spot developing in her thong. Even though she knew it was wrong, she could not help herself. Jean asked Carrie to lay the table for breakfast and this offered her the distraction she needed. The family sat down to breakfast, bacon, sausages, egg, and cereal. Jess went around the table pouring juice for everyone. She was wearing a tight halter neck top and denim shorts. The top looked two sizes too small, and all this did was accentuate her breasts. Her body was toned and tanned, and her legs were perfect. As she poured juice for Jono, she leaned down a little further than was necessary, and displayed her cleavage for Carrie who was sitting opposite him. Chris and Jean sat at the ends of the table with Carrie and Jess sharing the one side. As she poured Jono’s juice she looked up at Carrie with a mischievous smile, or was that only Carrie’s imagination. She came around the table, and sat next to her sister. She poured juice for Carrie and herself, and then started eating her breakfast. Even though she had a good appetite, Jess never seemed to put on weight. Carrie admired this. During breakfast the family made light banter, the mood was cheerful, and once everyone was done with breakfast, the sisters volunteered to clean up. They packed the dishes in the dishwasher, cleared the table, and then Carrie excused slot oyna herself, saying that she needed to get ready for the family lunch.

However, there was still plenty of time. It was only 9:30 and it would take her no more than an hour to get ready. She entered her room, locked her door, and lay on her bed. She started thinking about Jess. Her breasts in that top. Her toned legs. What lay hidden in her denim shorts. The last time Carrie had seen Jess naked, Jess had been about eight. And in the ten years that had followed, Jess had truly become a beautiful young lady. Carrie knew that she lusted after Jess, and at times she was sure that Jess wanted the same, but she could not be sure.

Carrie suddenly realized that through all her thoughts, she had started pinching her nipples and her right hand had found its way into her sweatpants and was stroking her bald pussy. She was wet, wetter than she had been for some time, and though she was still technically a virgin, she had fingered her pussy enough to know that she was building towards a big orgasm. She closed her eyes and began slow stroking her pussy. She was safe in the knowledge that her bedroom door was locked, and no-one could disturb her, so she removed her sweats and lay in her thong and bra on her bed. She removed her dolphin vibe from her bedside drawer. She began licking and sucking it to get it wet then turned it on. Slowly she began to trace the dolphin down her body. Starting at her breasts, she let the dolphin vibrate against her nipples which sent tiny jolts up and down her spine, but ended in her now drenched pussy. Her bra had a clasp in front, which she quickly undid, freeing her breasts, her breathing got slightly shallower. The dolphin up against her now naked breasts was making her delirious. All the while her right hand was stroking her pussy, often brushing up against her swollen clit, and dipping into her cavern, sending waves of pleasure crashing over her. She was beginning to moan, and was enjoying the sheer immorality of her thoughts. In her canlı casino siteleri mind she was imagining her sister, lying next to her, her fingers in her pussy. She wondered if Jess shaved, waxed, or was hairy. Was her pussy hair the same lustrous brown as her head hair? What did Jess’s pussy taste like. Without realizing it, she began to moan Jess’s name. “Jess. Jess. Fuck that pussy. Put your fingers deep into your pussy!” She was pretty quiet, but as her own orgasm continued to build, her moaning got louder. She could feel Jess’s fingers running all over her body, sensed Jess’s tongue licking her pussy, her lips sucking her clit.

Carrie took her vibe and inserted just the tip into her pussy. She was not planning on breaking her cherry. That was reserved for her boyfriend, for tonight, her present to him. Thing is he didn’t even know he was her boyfriend, or what she had planned for tonight. The shaft rotated inside her and the dolphin was humming against her sensitive clit. He hips began bucking as she got ever closer to her orgasm, and she could swear that this was gonna be the biggest of her life, so far. “Jess, please eat your sisters pussy. Yes, little sister. Eat my cum, Jess, Jess.” She started writhing about uncontrollably on her bed, all the while pinching her nipples, and feeling he clit throb.

And then it hit her, and hit her hard. “Yes Jess, yes. Fuck me with your tongue. Sweet Jesus. Fuck me. Jess. Jess. JESSICAAAAAAA. Oh my god. Yes, fuck me little sister. Yes yes yes. I love feeling your tongue in my pussy. I’m coming. I’m coming. Jessicaaaaaaa, I’m coming. Oh my gosh. Oh my god …” Carrie started coming off her climax, her eyes glazed, her pussy and nipples engorged, swollen and red. Her heart beating fast, sweat glistening on her body, and her bedding coated in her own juices.

She had experienced one of the most intense climaxes ever, and she was thankful that her sister had brought it on, even though she was nowhere nearby.

Carrie closed her eyes, smiled, and whispered, “thank you Jess. Thank you for making me cum harder than ever before. Thank you, Jess. Thank you, Jess. I love you …”

“I love you too, Carrie. But why all the thank yous?” is all Carrie heard from her bathroom …


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32