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Life’s mileposts always make an indelible impression. Although it’s been a number of years, I remember losing my virginity quite clearly. Amy was a lot of fun to be with. We’d been on a few dates and were “going steady.” She’d asked me to come out to her house Saturday and go for a swim. I arrived shortly after lunch. Her parents lived in the country on one of the back roads. The corn was high this time in August and the house and yard were surrounded by walls of green stalks.

I parked back beyond the garage on the gravel “visitor” parking area and Amy came skipping out to meet me. She gave me a kiss and I was a little surprised because she was usually shy especially when her parents were around.

That turned out to be the key. Her parents weren’t around. They had gone shopping and wouldn’t be back until evening.

I grabbed my towel and suit and followed her towards the house. The pool in the back yard looked inviting.

“So where do I change?”

“Change? What’s the matter? Shy? Come on in with me if you dare!”

I was speechless. As I watched she was unbuttoning her blouse. She turned away and trotted to the pool taking off her clothes as she went. “Chicken!” she shot back at me over her shoulder as she went.

Chicken? Hardly. I ran to the side of the pool as she was balancing on one leg pulling off her shorts. Her naked back side was almost within reach, but she dived into the pool before I could catch her.

“Come on get your clothes off. The water’s great!”

I’d gotten glimpses of her naked body as she’d undressed and I could see her long legs move in the water as she treaded water. Two quick strokes and she was hanging on the side of the pool waiting for me.

Chicken? Hardly, but why was it hard to get started? She was watching as I started to fumble with my shirt. My hands were shaking so badly I could hardly undo the buttons. I had never been naked with a girl before and now and Amy was watching, waiting for me to undress.

“Come on! Get going.” That last was accompanied with a splash of water then another. She was determined to soak me.

That did it. I ripped off my clothes and dove for the water. The water was colder than I expected and it startled me. However, I was also startled by the liquid sucking turbulence around my cock as I entered the water. I’d never been skinny dipping before and was not aware of how sensuous it was to move through the water naked. Coasting to the opposite side of the pool, I pulled myself to the surface.

I was highly aware of my own nakedness as well as Amy’s, but she swam up to me as if nothing was different, splashed me in the face, then tried to duck me. A wrestling match followed. She was smaller than I was, but her lean frame was well muscled. Trying to hold on to her slick body was almost impossible and we both wriggled in and out of each other’s grasp a number of times.

At first I tried to think of how erotic it was to have our bodies rubbing together. Surprisingly it rapidly became very normal and ordinary to be horsing around naked. Earlier that afternoon I could have become erect just imagining seeing Amy’s bare breasts. Now they were casually displayed and I found I quickly felt very normal to be able to see and touch them in the course of our horse play.

Finally we were both breathless and we stopped tussling for a moment. I kept my arms around her because I didn’t trust her not to duck me again just as I tried to relax. Besides, it kept me in contact with her naked body. She turned her face towards me and suddenly we were kissing. Her lips were moist and tasted a little of the pool water. Quickly the kiss became warmer as our tongues became involved.

As we broke the kiss, we found ourselves breathing hard. “Let’s get out of the pool and lay in illegal bahis the sun a while,” she suggested.

Amy was up the side of the pool and out of the water like an otter. She turned and knelt by the side of the pool and held out her hand. I was once again very aware of the situation. My cock was erect and straining from the kiss, and while we’d been wrestling, touching, and looking at each other’s naked bodies for some time, I was self consciously embarrassed by my arousal.

I took her hand and climbed out a little more clumsily, careful of the ridged yet sensitive projection at the center of my body. Amy took no notice of my condition and walked to the nearby deck and spread several pads from the lounges out on the surface of the deck. She came bouncing back to me, quite literally, with her trim breasts and staring nipples keeping time with her prancing steps. Taking my arm she led me to the mats and told me to lay down. She reached for the suntan lotion while I knelt on the mats. I would have been much more comfortable lying on my back, but I modestly lay on my stomach, carefully arranging myself to me as comfortable as possible.

“You need lotion,” she announce. “You haven’t been out in the sun much this summer.”

Too true. “The drug store keeps me too busy during the day.”

“Don’t I know. I’m glad you could get off this afternoon.” She had started applying lotion to my back, rubbing it in, and massaging my muscles at the same time.

I grunted in acknowledgment as her strokes became more vigorous pushing on my back and forcing air out of my lungs. Next she shifted to my feet and legs. As she worked, I began to relax. At first all I could feel was my hard cock under my body, but I rapidly relaxed as her hands deftly stroked and kneaded my muscles. My mind began to drift.

When she started rubbing lotion into my buttocks, my attention quickly refocused on her hands.

“Yes, I’ve got to put some lotion here too. After all, I can’t let these cute buns get burned.”

Cute buns? That was a new thought for me.

She gave my ass a playful slap. “Now, turn over. I need to do the other side.”

My erection had retreated noticeably and I was more comfortable now in rearranging my self on the mats. She started in on my chest and now I could watch her body as she rubbed mine. Her breast swayed gently as she rubbed the lotion in, the nipples were still erect from the cool water. As her hands neared my stomach, I grew more aware of her body and I could feel my cock begin to respond. However, she went from my stomach to my legs and my cock gave a twitch of unrequited anticipation.

She giggled. “Don’t worry. I’ll get there so hold your horses. Or whatever.”

The wait was almost too much. She gradually worked her way up from my toes and as she passed my knees, my cock was staining, hardly.noticing the pull of gravity.

Finally at the top of my thighs, she pulled her hands away, picked up the bottle of suntan lotion and began to dribble drops of oil on my turgid organ. With her finger she lightly rubbed the droplets around then suddenly she slid her hand around my cock and stroked me vigorously.

The stimulation was too much for me. My climax erupted after fewer than half a dozen strokes and my body spasmed and strained to lift itself off the mats as my cock exploded in orgasm.

After the initial burst, her hand slowed and allowed me full resolution as I gasped for breath. She leaned over and kissed me tenderly as I lay almost stunned.

“Oh, Amy. That was wonderful,” I managed after several long moments as my cock continued to twitch occasionally.

“Good. I’m glad you liked it.” She was busy now with a towel wiping the spurts of cum off my body where they had sprayed. “Here, relax while I fix you illegal bahis siteleri up.”

She finished with the towel, then she started in again with the lotion repairing the damage the towel and my orgasm had done to the coating on my body.

Finally,laying aside the towel and the bottle she patted my side. “My turn. I need some lotion too.”

Needless to say I was eager to repay the favor, too eager perhaps. She insisted I start with her back and spend time massaging the lotion into her skin. It didn’t take long before I fell into the rhythm of the massage and began to enjoy the feel of my hands moving over her body. I found myself becoming fascinated with the texture of her skin and the muscles of her body. My massaging rapidly became an exploration of her body.

When I reached her buttocks, she moaned in appreciation, and I became more focused on the sensual nature of what I was doing. My hands cupped the cheeks of her ass and delved into the cleft between them. Amy began to sigh with pleasure. I began trying to accommodate my stroking to the pace of her arousal and as she began to respond, I was surprised to find my cock becoming stiff once again.

She finally drew her legs up and rolled over. “Now, this side. Remember you have to do all of me. I don’t want to get a sun burn.”

Now that my initial overheated excitement had been satisfied, I was able to plot a more refined strategy for her arousal. I began with her feet, focusing first on her toes, rubbing over them, between them, and then gently squeezing and tugging. Then I began rubbing her arch and heel using a little more pressure to manipulate the muscles.

Every time I entered a new area, I had to stop and add a little more lotion before I continued. I oiled her legs and began to work, first on her lower legs moving up to her thighs. Her legs began to part as I got nearer and nearer to her sex. Amy was lost in the sensation, but I was in no hurry. I had seen pictures of female genitals, but now I had a chance to observe one first hand. It was fascinating.

Amy was starting to make little noises in time with my strokes as my hands moved higher on her legs. I was in control now and I did not yield to her urgings upwards to the join of her legs. Instead, I left her thighs and started on her shoulders. She gave a huff of disappointment, but opened her eyes and watched as I began dribbling oil on her chest, concentrating some of the drops onto her nipples.

Her sigh was long as I settled in to rub her breasts. They were not large but felt wonderfully soft and pliable under my oil-slicked caresses. The nipples were hard little nubs that caught at my fingers. Gently I tugged one and she gasped. Before I could put too much tension on it, my fingers slipped on and it fell back into place.

“Ooo, do that again,” she panted.

Only to happy to oblige, I began a little game with her titties, stretching them out a little by pulling on the nipples and letting my fingers slip off unexpectedly. I varied the game a little by stopping from time to time to rub oil into her stomach and sides. Several time I brushed the hairs on her pubic mound letting my finger stray between the lips before I returned to her nipples.

“Oh, you’ve got to make me cum!” she exclaimed and pushed my right hand between her splayed legs. Her muscles were taut and her nipples cast sharp little shadows.

Slowly I moved my fingers up between her legs and let them trail through the curly nest of hair.

“Here, right here.” She impatiently guided my fingers to her clit. “Rub me there. Come on, make me come!”

I rubbed my finger rapidly back and forth across her clit and I could see her begin to tense. Shifting lower, I pushed my finger into her vagina and stroked it several times. Amy “Ahhed,” canlı bahis siteleri in surprise, but I quickly returned to her clit. Even more rapidly I vibrated my finger back and forth across her clit and her body began to vibrate along with it. Suddenly she gasped and clutch at me and I could feel her clit pulsing under my finger.

More slowly now, I continued to lightly rub her clit as her orgasm peaked and then subsided. Her breathing began to slow and she twined her slippery arms around me.

“Oh, lover, that was great. I thought you were going to make me explode!”

“I’ve never done that before. Did I do it right?”

“Oh, god, you are one hell of a quick study! That was right on the button.” She giggled at that and squeezed me tighter. “Hold me close.”

That was not very easy. While she was laying on her back and I was leaning over on top of her, we were both covered in suntan oil and our bodies were extremely slippery. I let my body slide a little more and realized that it felt good to be rubbing my oily body across hers. Inspired, I picked up the bottle of oil again and squired more onto Amy.

“Gee, don’t you think that’s about enough?” she asked as I slid my chest across her body.

“What do you think? Feel good?”

She didn’t reply but she began to pull and push and suddenly we were wrestling again. We rolled around on the mats some, but neither of us could get a grip on the other. Then again, that wasn’t the point. The sensations caused by our bodies slipping across each other were wonderfully arousing. My erect cock was alternately trapped and pressed between our bodies, then stroked by Amy’s slippery skin as we tussled.

My whole body was aroused, almost as if I myself was nothing but a giant penis. I couldn’t get enough of the sensations generated by our rubbing bodies. Our rubbing got more intense and our bodies rolled and rubbed every which way trying to experience as much of the sensations as possible.

As good as my cock felt rubbing across her body, suddenly I felt it push into something much warmer which surrounded my cock with sensation. I thrust more in response to the sensation and realized I was thrusting up into Amy’s cunt. Our arms and legs were still tangled, but cock was fully lodged inside her.

I gasped in joy and slowly retreated, relishing the sensation of my erect penis inside her cunt. Once again I thrust forward and we were now both gasping. The rest of our bodies were still moving and the sensations continued, but we both rapidly became focused on the feelings where our bodies joined.

More and more quickly I stoked inside her and Amy rose to match my tempo. Although I had cum only recently, I found myself rising quickly once more to orgasm.

We were both crying and gasping as our bodies strained together. Finally I heard Amy cry out like she had before and that pushed me over the edge. Our explosions were sudden and together.

Long after the initial peak, I continued to thrust as our orgasms slowly resolved into a lazy languor of sensations. With each stroke we would shift our bodies enjoying the full sensations of moving our oiled bodies together. I don’t know how long we lay together like that, but when we finally separated, my cock was once again relaxed. I began to pull back out of her cunt and Amy flexed the muscles in her groin, squeezing against my cock and forcing pushing it the rest of the way out.

Slowly we began to clean each other of the sweat and oil that had accumulated. We weren’t in any hurry, and we delighted in exploring each other’s bodies. At one point Amy got some cold drinks. I followed her naked body into the house and delighted with the idea that we were naked together in the same house.

The rest of the afternoon, we talked about nothing in general, swam occasionally, and laughed a lot. Once more, late in the afternoon, we made slow love under a shade tree behind the house near the corn field. Only with reluctance did we both get dressed afterward. Then it was time to say good bye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32