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Peter’s boots crunched in last night’s rare snowfall as he made his way towards the hotel. His breath billowed out before him in white puffs. He was in high spirits today, enjoying the time away from the office and the crisp, sunny December morning. There was another reason entirely for the gleam in his eye and the wry smile that found its way onto his face, but he did his best to push that aside for the time being.

The smile that graced his face as he made his way into the lobby reflected a deep fondness. This was one of his favorite accounts. The old hotel was a true testament to good taste and class, decorated in burgundy velvets, gold brocades and twinkling white lights. Soft strains of music greeted him: classical renditions of Christmas carols. The air carried a distinct holiday scent that emanated from the full Scotch Pine that nearly brushed the ceiling in the center of the lobby and the evergreen boughs draped across the mantle and reception desk.

“Hello Colonel!” he greeted the stately gentleman behind the desk.

“Why, hello young Peter!” the older man beamed. “I’m delighted to see you today! I’ve made notes of some extras I’d like to see added to the database.” Pulling a pair of half framed spectacles from his breast pocket, he deftly drew out a glowing screen and keyboard from beneath the solid wooden countertop. His fingers moved slowly and deliberately. Peter moved behind the counter, scanning the lists and notes, chuckling to himself. The Colonel had come a long ways since he’d first been introduced to a computerized system and had indeed been the key element in honing the entire front desk duties into a neatly organized and highly functional protocol.

The two men had hashed out the details and were now caught up in some casual but clever banter, not really noticing as the maid strode into the Lobby from the West wing. She paused, smiling widely at the pair with their heads together sharing a chuckle at some pattern or other they’d found in the booking data.

“Hording the Whiz-Kid again, are you, Colonel?” she chided, placing one fist on her hip.

“Not at all, my Dear! As a matter of fact we were just waiting for you to make an appearance.”

“What an understatement that was,” Peter thought to himself, drinking in the woman in front of him. She looked largely as she always did. A rather short woman in a black maid’s uniform, dark hair done up in a bun, brown eyes casino oyna twinkling with intelligence and some degree of mischief. Winter found her in high-heeled lace up boots that ended just above her ankles. For the holidays, she had apparently added a black velvet choker decorated with a small sprig on the left side (mistletoe?).

“Come along then,” she said smiling, “We’ve got our own work to do.”

“Sorry, Colonel,” Peter shrugged, “I guess you’ve been outranked.”

The older man chuckled and nodded. “Precisely right, young Peter! And you’d better make it snappy! That is certainly one woman who you should not keep waiting!”

Peter rounded the desk and headed down the hall after the maid who was already a good 10 paces ahead. His eyes tracked the movement of her hips, ran over the curve of her calves, traced over the back seams of her sheer black stockings until they disappeared beneath her swaying hem. He jogged a couple of steps as he saw her turn sharply to her left, unlocking the door and moving inside.

No sooner was he in the room; than she let the door swing shut and rounded on him. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she moved forward, almost stalking him. Both her palms pressed against his chest, propelling him backwards, her long nails just short of biting in. The backs of his knees caught the edge of the mattress and he hit the bed hard. She was on top of him just as fast, legs straddling him, lips pressing to his, tongue darting into his mouth for a long, deep kiss.

His mind reeled. She smelled good. She tasted good. His hands slid up and down her sexy, warm, nylon-clad thighs. Oh my God she felt good! One hand continued to caress her legs, fingers tracing the seams upwards; the other cupped the back of her neck as he hungrily returned her kisses. She responded by growling, her tongue writhing and chasing his, her hips wriggling and grinding into him. He moaned, breaking the kiss, both palms now resting on her lacy stocking tops.

“Oh Brenda!” he gasped. She always seemed to keep him so off-balance. His heart was pounding in his chest. His blue eyes searched her brown ones. His cock jerked in his jeans, straining and throbbing.

“I’ve missed you.” Her voice was soft and low. She leaned forward again, the tip of her tongue slowly tracing his lips. His eyes closed, his hips bucking up beneath her, his hands gripping her thighs. “Mmmmmm and I so love to see you…wanting…” slot oyna she purred.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a pair of long black gloves and slowly slid them on. Her satin-clad hands ran up her own tummy, cupping her heavy breasts. Smiling at him, she reached into her square neckline and let them tumble free. Peter wasted no time in trapping one of her large brown nipples in his mouth, tongue circling; lashing over the tip, trapping it against his teeth. His hands still spanning her thighs, he squeezed, rocking her on him. She picked up the rhythm easily, her warm silk panties brushing back and forth over his aching bulge.

Her fingers slipped under his sweater and t-shirt, sliding up his belly, up his chest, the smooth material gliding over his skin. Arching beneath her he groaned as her thumbs began working his own nipples over. She urged his sweater higher, trapping his arms over his head, taking advantage of his outstretched position to rub and caress his exposed skin. He felt a tug on his belt and his eyes flew open.

“Oh God, Baby, Yes!”

He watched intently as she eased his belt open, undid the button at his waist; unzipped his jeans. Those wonderful gloved hands were rubbing his belly, thumbs dipping into his pubic patch. She slid off of him, tugging his jeans and boxers off at once, slowly, knowing full well she was driving him insane, the material forcing his cock down, dragging over it. Smiling wide, she watched as his cock popped free, rearing up.

Eyes glued to her hands, he shuddered as the shiny black fingers curled around his shaft, squeezing and stroking. His cock oozed precum, darkening the material on her fingers and he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Wrapping his arm around her, he pulled her up on the bed and stood, kicking the tangle of clothing off his ankles. He positioned her carefully onto her knees; head cradled on her folded arms, ass high, and slowly lifted her skirt. A sigh of pure appreciation escaped him. Her sheer black stockings hugged her thighs so nicely: the black ribbon of her garter just dimpling the flesh. Her black panties had pulled up tight into her pussy, setting off the creamy globes of her ass.

Growling with need, he dragged his rock hard cock against her leg, feeling the nylon slide across it, leaving a dark, wet trail behind. Moving up over her skin, he moaned out loud, watching a shiny trail appear against canlı casino siteleri her thigh in his wake. The swollen head on his cock nudged her center, causing her to gasp and shudder. He slid up and down the slippery material, smiling to himself as he felt her own wetness soaking through.

Grabbing the top of her panties, he pulled them tighter still and drove his raging erection between her thighs. It was all he could do to keep from losing it right there. His engorged member lodged tightly between her soft warm thighs, sliding against her silky stockings. He paused, taking a deep breath, then began to fuck her thighs in earnest, ramming between them, tugging up on her panties with every stroke. She cried out, the material further parting her sex, pressing into and rubbing against her swollen clit.

“Oh my God! Oh my God Peter!” She was rocking on her knees, opposing him, meeting his hard thrusts, driving him closer and closer to the brink. His fingers curled harder around the elastic band at her waist, ripping it, shredding her delicate under things and tossing them away. His thumbs parted her outer lips, exposing her wet, pink core. Taking aim he drove his cock home, deep into her molten sex in one hard thrust. His hands took hold of her garters, pulling her into him: onto him, over and over, impaling her on himself, stabbing into her.

He sensed rather than felt her body tense and begin to tremble almost violently. She was ranting, raving, calling out to him. Leaning over her back, he thrust himself into her hard, one hand reaching around to pinch a nipple. She wailed. Her inner muscles clamped down on him, spasming, milking his swelling manhood. Gritting his teeth against his own eruption, he fought the rising tide until it was just too sweet. He pulled back fast, back arching, hips thrusting forward and sent stream after stream of hot white cum to land against her upturned ass and nylon encased thighs.

Moaning, panting, he collapsed over her back, wrapping his arms around her and pulling them both to their sides. She snuggled closer into his embrace, whimpering quietly in satisfaction. He rocked her in his arms, murmuring soft and low; his heart still beating wildly in his chest.

“Peter?” Her voice was soft, almost distant.

“Yes, Lover?”

“The new chamber maids seem unable to grasp the system we have set up for supplies and inventory, I’m afraid it’s going to have to be simplified…”

He chuckled, leaning over to nuzzle into her neck, kissing it softly. “Well then, I think maybe we should block off some time for that at the end of next week?”

“Perfect.” She replied with a sleepy, lopsided smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32