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This is the sequel to Cinema Groping – leads to the seduction of my wife which was posted recently in Loving Wives.

It’s probably not essential but if you haven’t already done so it may be better to read that story first as I hope you will derive more enjoyment from this tale if you know what happened to begin with.

Finally, whilst I am happy to receive good or bad comments about my stories please take this in the vein in which it is intended. Luedon finally gets it. I just wish some of you others who persist in posting negative comments would too. It is not meant to depict a real life situation or to be a tale about morality or standards to live your life by. It is purely a bit of fun. So lighten up!


ps Spoiler alert – For those of you who complained about my characters; be warned. This story contains graphic scenes about women with big tits and a man with a big, fat cock!


Chapter 1

My name is Cedric Hall. I am fifty eight years of age, single, never been married and to my knowledge have no children. I’m sure if I did I would have found out by now as I am a reasonably wealthy man. I have my own successful business; play no sports, never have; have no hobbies to speak of and have no close friends. I drink occasionally, have never smoked in my life and rarely find the need to swear.

Very commendable I hear you say. But before you get too impressed about my apparently clean living lifestyle, I do have one vice and surprise surprise; it’s sex.

Well, not actually the act of sex but more the pre sex groping and fondling. As much as I would like to fuck women I rarely get the chance these days unless I pay for it, which I won’t. But that’s fine because I actually derive a lot of pleasure from the groping, so much so that I guess you could say it’s my sport or my hobby. Whatever it is, it could be deemed that I have a fetish when it comes to my desire for the opposite sex.

That great tome of information and knowledge, The Oxford Dictionary explains a fetish as being a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing or part of the body, etc. Other equally illustrious sources give greater detail or cover a wider range of possible explanations but to me they all hint at being about something specific.

My fetish is more broad ranging and simplistic than that. I have a thing about women’s bodies and the way they display their curves with the clothes they wear. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say but to me it is. Once I see the right package of body and clothing my urges are almost uncontrollable as I go all out to get my hands on the woman in question. And if by some miracle a sexual act happens at the end of it, then so much the better.

In my opinion there’s nothing kinky about my obsession, in fact I suppose it’s quite mundane and if looking at every single part of a woman’s body and the clothing that displays it and then wanting to touch it intimately can be defined as a fetish then that suits me just fine.

Because I love to do all of those things! I actually get a buzz out of the adrenaline surge as the excitement of contact grows. But it’s not without it’s dangers. Will she let me touch her or will she kick off? Will the husband catch me at it and if so will he kick seven bells of shit out of me?

But either way it doesn’t matter. I just can’t get enough of it; so much so that it’s like a drug. If I don’t get a regular fix, I’m sure I would fall apart. Of course I struggle because of my looks and body shape so I have to go to great lengths to satisfy my urges.

I was always an awkward, stocky kid when younger and found it hard to find a girl to go out with me. I had the odd date or two but generally girls gave me a wide berth. The upshot was that after leaving school and going to university, instead of going to mad parties and sowing my wild oats I studied hard and graduated near the top of my class. Even in the holiday breaks I interned at a variety of top flight institutions, adding credibility and gravitas to my CV, which I was sure would help me find a good job later.

Entering the workplace after graduation I was still pretty much shunned by the female population as a whole so I concentrated on working hard, gaining valuable experience, which proved to be a great help when I eventually started my own company.

It was a success and as a result I became fairly wealthy. The upshot of all this was that apparently I was now desirable to women. Well my money certainly was! My newly revealed wealth seemed to spark a bit of interest in me from certain gold-diggers but I knew what they wanted and skilfully avoided any kind of meaningful, long term relationship with any of them. Except of course for the sex.

They offered it to me on a plate so I took full advantage. It would have been rude not to especially when they went to so much effort to look as sexy as possible; hoping illegal bahis no doubt to first entrap me into marriage and then divorce me for the big pay off later. But it did teach me a lot about how to satisfy a woman. It wasn’t all about ramming a big cock into their pussy’s again and again until they came. And I was told on more than one occasion that I was amply endowed down below. Who knew? But I was no fool and could even afford to be picky in my choices. I began to realise that the girl had to have a certain shape to her body to spark my interest in the first place.

And that was how my fetish started. Over time it has evolved and changed as I have fine tuned and added fresh requirements to my ideal female smorgasbord.

Now I could ramble on for hours sharing with you every minute detail of what it is that excites me so and what the main qualities are that I look for in a woman but why go to all that trouble.

My fetish is simple.

I like boobs and the bigger the better. I just love to grope and fondle them, to sink my fingers into the soft but firm flesh, to squeeze and massage them, to revel in the feel of the heaviness of them, to run my hands over the whole vast expanse of them. However they must always be firm as well as large. It must be a cup size C or above but only so long as there is no discernible sag if and when I get to remove the bra. I hate really floppy boobs and will quickly lose interest if gravity takes over and they drop down towards my victim’s waist when released from their confinement.

But as good as they are in the flesh it is the first sight of them that intrigues me the most. Nothing gets my juices flowing more than the sight of two big mammaries jutting out proudly from a woman’s chest, showcased to their fullest potential and brazenly displayed in all their glory for all to see especially when highlighted by a tight fitting top with a lacy bra sometimes clearly visible through the fabric. I love to see those large mounds jiggle up and down when she walks and if there is abundant cleavage on display, so much the better. God I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

Just as an aside for a moment there is one thing though that has always puzzled me about women and their breasts. It goes without saying that I’m glad they do but why is that women wear tight fitting clothes to showcase their bodies, especially their tits and then get all irritated and sniffy when a man takes more than a passing interest in them? What the hell do they expect! They display their boobs to all and sundry, sometimes showing vast amounts of bare flesh and enticingly deep cleavages and then wonder why we drool all over them. Talk to the face not the boobs they say. Yeah, like that’s going to happen when you’re purposefully displaying so much tit flesh!

Answers on a postcard please ladies!

Anyway back to the business in hand. Whilst my main fetish is boobs I also prefer women to have a bit of an hourglass shape to their bodies so slender waists and wide hips together with full, round peachy bums and shapely legs is always a welcome sight. It’s not quite as important as the boobs but I do like to look at a nice pair of legs especially when topped off with a full and curvy ass.

And lets not forget the footwear. High heels are de rigueur and the higher the better. For men lusting after women, they must be the best invention since sliced bread. I just love the way a pair of heels can make a woman’s legs so much more appealing especially when wearing them makes their bums stick out even more. God now I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

As for their clothing, I like anything that fits their body like a glove. So clingy tee shirts and sweaters, tight fitting blouses and dresses and skinny jeans are a must. In closing, sexy lingerie; if I get that far to see it; is not a mandatory requirement but always a welcome addition.

So there we have it. My fetish deconstructed. For the rest of it, I’d long ago given up on the idea of marriage and a family. To be honest I wasn’t that fussed and it just meant I could devote all my spare time to my fetish.

Chapter 2

These days my target of choice is married women and preferably those in their mid to late thirties. Over time I’ve found that these are the most likely to let me cop a feel. I suppose it’s because most of them are married or in long term relationships. Kids have invariably taken their toll by killing off most of the passion in the relationship and perhaps the proverbial seven year itch of boredom and staleness has crept into their lives. Whatever the reason they just seem more susceptible then most other age groups to some titillation.

I tend to target these women at public events mainly; you know things like cinemas, or concerts or even sporting events and it adds spice to the evening to grope them whilst they are sitting or standing next to their husband or boyfriend. I never cease to be amazed at how many let themselves be touched illegal bahis siteleri intimately by me without making a scene or trying to stop me. Failing that, as a last resort there is always the train or the bus to fall back on. But it’s not so easy and never as satisfying so I rarely bother. Plus there’s no easy escape route from a moving vehicle if it all goes pear shaped!

I usually know within the first few minutes if I’m gong to enjoy any form of success. The first touch takes them by surprise and takes a while for it to register, so much so that it is usually dismissed as accidental contact. With the second touch they realise it perhaps wasn’t an accident but their brain struggles to compute that someone would have the audacity to touch their breasts especially when they are accompanied by their husband or boyfriend. The third touch can be the key. This time they pretty much know what is happening and it’s how they react from now on that often determines the outcome. An irritated shrug off is a good indicator that it will not turn out well although occasionally this can be misleading. The fourth touch is the most dangerous and will usually suggest the likely result. Things are definitely looking up if she hasn’t made some show of resistance by now but it’s usually a fifth or sixth touch that guarantees my success. Over time I’ve found a lot of women can get turned on by the most outrageous of actions. It’s just a case of finding the right woman and sometimes persistence pays off.

Of course my ultimate aim is to isolate them from their partner at some point so I can perform acts of a sexual nature on them, or them on me. Either way it doesn’t matter. This is much harder to achieve but I guess my success rate is around six or seven percent or maybe a touch higher. Not a bad return for my efforts. After all, I only invest my time. I’m not wining and dining them so no money is spent trying to woo them out of their bra and panties!

Anyway, this particular night I was trolling the local cinema, looking for that certain opportunity. They were showing a film with an 18 rating that was deemed by the critics to be extremely steamy and very risqué, almost borderline pornographic. There had been some furore in the local press about it prior to it’s showing with some saying it should be re-classified as R18 therefore prohibiting it’s release into the mainstream cinema chains.

The controversy raged on for a couple of weeks and gave the film loads of free publicity but in the end the original rating had stood. It was an adaptation of an equally successful and explicit book. For me this type of film was manna from heaven. Women seem unable to resist rubbish like this. For that’s what it was; crap!

But I didn’t care. Wives and girlfriends throughout the land must be starved of titillation if they found this drivel exciting. But hey, who was I to argue. It just gave me an opportunity to satiate my sick obsession.

I spotted her as soon as she came into the cinema. She was the sort of woman I’ve taken a real fancy to of late. She looked to be around her mid thirties, not beautiful but pretty in a momsy sort of way. I think the American’s refer to them as Soccer Mom’s or MILF’s. Not sure which but it doesn’t matter. She stood in the queue for tickets with her husband and I brazenly checked her out.

I started at her feet. Bare legged she was wearing a high heel open toed sandal, which certainly enhanced the curvature of her shapely calves. Her skirt was shortish, about mid thigh length. It was loose fitting but still moulded itself around her ass, nicely displaying her succulent full ass cheeks. The skirt would definitely ride up higher and expose more of her extremely shapely thighs when she sat down. So far so good. It was a promising start.

I cocked my head a bit to assess the overall package down below one more time before moving on to her top half. Yeah, her legs and ass were definitely very nice indeed. Satisfied so far, my view drifted up until I reached her breasts.

My cock stood rigidly to attention to salute them. Superb! There was no other word that could do those babies justice. Her blouse was stretched across them, the buttons struggling to keep from popping, the material gaping due to the immense strain caused by the size of her tits. Her slender build meant that she had to be at least a double D cup or maybe even; god help me; a double E cup! I exhaled deeply and licked my lips.

Finally dragging my eyes away from her colossal melons I reached her face. Reasonably attractive had been my initial thought and this second look confirmed that. Nice brown eyes and pouty kissable lips, painted with a bright red lip gloss. She had honey blonde hair, probably dyed, with a nice modern stylish cut that just brushed across the top of her shoulders.

She was a nicely put together package. Overall, marks out of ten; she was about an eight and a half or borderline nine!

She was oblivious to my gaze but canlı bahis siteleri when I looked up and noticed her husband staring back at me, I quickly turned away and slowly melted back into the crowd. But I made sure I never lost sight of them. The husband was very touchy feely towards his wife. She on the other hand seemed almost immune to his attentions. My over active imagination began to run riot. Did the fact that she made no attempt to reciprocate his warmth mean that it was an act he performed all the time and was one that she was comfortable with, or was it something altogether more sinister? A problem in their marriage perhaps? Was she bored with him and if so would she be susceptible to my ministrations?

I wandered around the rather crowded foyer taking in the shape of my target’s body, inspecting it from every available angle. There was no doubt about it, she was the fulfillment of every part of my fetish!

A few minutes later and I watched as they joined the queue to get into the theatre showing the chick flick. Initially I hung back but suddenly realised they had changed direction and were actually going to pass quite close by me. The crush of people surrounding us gave me my chance. As she went by I managed to cop a feel of her ass. Her ass cheeks were every bit as good as I had hoped for. Firm and full and round. Delightful. There was no sign of a reaction from her and as the line stalled for a moment due to the press of people, so I copped another slightly longer feel before moving away to enable me to tag where they went to sit.

I waited a while to let them settle down before going to join them but was startled when the husband came back along the row of seats just as I got past the fat foursome sat at the end. He ignored me and I took my seat close to my goal.

When she eventually turned to look at the minor contretemps caused by her husband at the end of our row of seats I managed to speak to her. I told her in a roundabout way that she had nice tits along with a brief description of what I would like to do to them. Of course I was using generalities. I wasn’t going to show my hand too soon. She got the gist though and made a big show of being horrified at my words and even put her hands over the front of her blouse to cover up her large breasts. But she wasn’t fooling me. She made no attempt to move her seat and even in the dim light I could see she was flustered. With a few choice coarse words I knew I’d got her aroused already. She just didn’t know it yet. It was most definitely a promising start.

I heard part of the ruckus that developed when her husband eventually came back. It would have been hard not too. He then disappeared for a while. Forgetting about him I kept looking at my goal and let me tell you, it was worth looking at.

As the film quickly heated up so did she. I could already see her large breasts beginning to move as her chest heaved up and down from the building excitement in her body. It was strange as she seemed to push her chest forward in quite a pronounced fashion as the action on screen grew ever more lewd. Whatever the reason, it was okay by me.

When it became clear that hubby wasn’t coming back anytime soon I moved seats and sat down next to her. She made no effort to tell me I should move because I was sitting in her husband’s spot, in fact she barely glanced in my direction. Hah, maybe she even thought I was her husband!

She knew I wasn’t when I put my large mitt of a hand on her knee. She removed it. I put it back. She removed it again. I put it back. We played this cat and mouse game for ages. Her mouth kept saying no but in my mind her body was telling me yes. Besides, she had smooth legs.

Persistence is the key to success so it took me a while but I finally got my hand up under her skirt and eventually reached my goal. Her pussy was dripping wet and I told her so. She mumbled her denial but parted her legs a little bit more for me. She was really worked up by this stage, due in part to the ever increasing erotic scenes in the film and even though I had my fingers around her mound by now, I sensed it was time to move onto my favourite body part.

Her tits were even better than I could have imagined and after overcoming her initial resistance I worked on them for quite a while. They were every bit as delightful as I had hoped for.

Opening her blouse was a challenge worthy of being included in a TV game show but it was worth it in the end, although she did make some half hearted attempts to stop me. When I put my hands onto her bra clad breasts she complained that my fingers were cold. I thought it was hilarious that she was more concerned about the warmth of my fingers than the fact a strange man was groping her. All the same, I extracted them and blew on my hand to warm them up.

Returning to her breasts, I put them inside her bra. It was a tight squeeze to get my hand in as her tits filled it out more than admirably. Her flesh was firm but soft to the touch. There wasn’t a lot of wriggle room but I could feel her nipple was already erect and when I twiddled with it for a bit it soon became rock hard. Same as my cock. It was throbbing fit to bust inside my trousers. It was time to release the monster!

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