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All character’s fictional and are of 18 years of age.


Claire was relaxing on her big, comfy bed. Curled up in her silky cover to hide her naked, voluptuous and curvaceous body. She was well-endowed with J Cup breasts and a fine ass. She was wrapped around a big pillow under her covers. Soon the alarm went off, She groaned and looked to the clock. It read 6:00 A.M. She groaned once more and hid under the pillow as the alarm continued to go off. After a few minutes of reluctance, she moved to it and hit the snooze button. Claire got up and slid out of the covers, she beautiful and ample body open to the world of her room.

“Fucking school….” It was obvious she wasn’t to thrilled to go to school as she walked to her cloths at the corner of her room. She grabbed some hot topic pants and a black Hellsing anime T-shirt. She walked over to her dresser, grabbing her fingerless gloves and her spiked collar as she walked out into the hall to her bathroom. It was early enough the no one was up to she her walked naked in the hall. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. She turned and looked to the mirror to see her shoulder length, dark purple hair all messed up. She laughed a little bit from looking like a sex head. She started the shower as she thought about it for a minute, she read the stories on the internet, she saw a few pornos here and there, but she was still a virgin. She had so many chances to lose it, but she didn’t due to not feeling right about the person. She shook her head as she got into the shower. She didn’t need to think about it, all in due time. She was shampooing her hair as there was a slam on the door. Claire growled out loudly “Fuck you Rob! I’m in here, I’ll take my time!”

“We don’t have all day Claire! Hurry up!” Called her brother Rob, he was an ass to her at times, but he was a cool brother, always took care of her. He saved her from getting raped by a drunk jock last year. This thought made Claire smile as she ran her hands over her body to wash it. She turned off the shower and hopped out. She quickly dried off and dressed. As soon as she opened the door, Rob slid passed her to get in “Kiss, kiss, little sis!”

He always did that to annoy her, or once annoyed her, now it just amused her and she wondered how he’d take it if she did kiss him. Claire laughed at the thought for a bit before moving on, she grabbed her bag and tench coat. She walked out to her car, it was a beautiful, metallic black 69 Dodge Charger. It was a gifted from her uncle Joe. She cherished it with every second due to the fact he passed away. She pulled out of the drive way and drove down the road to school, her dreaded prison.


It was lunchtime as she sat with her casino oyna friends. Rebecca, her busty, voluptuous, carefree, bisexual bestfriend. Rebecca had a nice bust of her own, double G Cups. Kevin was the best, guy, friend. He was a man with a good toned body with waist length black hair and bright blue eyes. He was a carefree person himself, more of a class comedian. Not a clown, a comedian. A clown will do random shit and get laughs, the comedian is the one who made him do it. Jeremy, on the other hand, was the clown that came with the comedian. Kevin and Jeremy were brothers without being blood related. Claire smiled at watching Jeremy dancing on the table where they at to ‘I’m too sexy’. Rebecca got out some twenties and waved them “Take it off baby, whoo!”

Jeremy laughed and winked “Later, I’ll give you a personal one.” Rebecca and Jeremy were basically friends with benefits. He jumped off the table and hugged Rebecca.

Claire laughed a bit “You guys are just too cute, why you aren’t together, I just don’t know. You two are perfect for each other.”

Kevinlooked to her and tilted his head “What about you? You are single, don’t you have anyone in mind for yourself?” The other two agreed and sat down, all inquired if she found anyone.

“No…. I haven’t, I want to find just the right guy” She smiled at Kevin, she liked him. More than liked, she dreamed about him every night. When she clung to a pillow, it was Kevin she was holding in her mind.

“I wish you the best, I want you to have a guy that will treat you right” He smiled back, he looked after Claire like her brother Rob did. He was like her guardian.

“Well, I’ll find someone, on another subject. You guys wanna come to my place tonight” Claire asked them.

“I’m sorry…” Jeremy shook his head “Dinner thing with the parents….”

“Me either, my grandma is flying in from Florida” Rebecca sighed “I wish I could.”

“I will though” Kevin smiled “I got nothing stopping me what so ever.”

Claire smiled warmly “Okay, then just me and Kevin. We’ll have fun, don’t worry about that…” She blushed in her mind, she was gonna finally be alone with Kevin. It seemed like a miracle.


Claire had pulled up into her drive way, noticing that it was empty. The parents were still at work, but Rob was gone. Must be with his girlfriend. She looked behind her to see Kevin’s Camaro pull up next to her house. Claire started to feel giddy as she walked to her door and unlocked it. Kevin was following her into her house. Kevin walked over to her couch and flopped himself down on it. Claire smirked and walked over to him, then got on him her legs on either side of him, looking into his eyes “Kevin…”

He smiled and placed his slot oyna hands on her side “I know Claire… I know…” He leaned up and pressed his lips softly against hers. Claire kissed him back and blushed, this was what she wanted for so long. She pressed against him and purred softly. He wrapped his arms around her and got up, holding her in his arms. He carried her back to her room and laid her on her bed. This felt all to much like a dream that Claire always had, yet here it was, it was happening. She moaned softly to as he kissed her neck. She tugged at his shirt and Kevin pulled it off of him. She felt his chest with her soft fingertips and bit her bottom lip lightly. Kevin smiled to her and slid his hand under her shirt, resting his hand on her soft stomach. She blushed and nodded. He then lifted her shirt, kissing her stomach and upward as it was revealed. She squirmed a bit and blushed more, soon the shirt went over her breasts since she never wore a bra. Claire’s nipples were already perky and hard from anticipation. He eyed her magnificent breasts, he moved down to him and kissed them softly, slowly moving to her nipple. Once there, he sucked, teethed and lapped at them. She let out a soft moan “Oh Kevin….”

He moved to her other nipple and did the same, Claire moaned out more and felt herself get wet. Which caused her to squirm more. He moved up, kissing her breasts to her neck and up to her soft lips. She opened her mouth to him, Kevin took the invite and slid his tongue into her mouth. Hers greeted his and massaged it lovingly and tasted him. It tasted like euphoria. Claire moved her hands down his chest and to his pants, unbuttoning them and tugging them down. Kevin helped her again and got them off. They broke their kiss and Claire looked down to see the bulge in his boxers. It was big, she blushed and looked back to him “You are so big…”

He just smiled and moved down to her waist. She blushed brighter as he unbuttoned her pants, she never wore panties either. So the pants was all that was keeping her from being completely naked to the eyes of the one she cared for. He slowly pulled them down and off of her, tossing them aside. Now she was completely nude to Kevin, he could see every inch of her body. Kevin took in every detail, her soft dark purple hair, her bright blue eyes, her lush, soft skin, her ample bust, and her pink, wet, entrance. She squirmed and blushed hotly under his gaze. He moved down and kissed her belly, and moved lower slowly. He spread her legs and kissed her wet pussy. She moaned softly and placed her hands on his head, running finger’s through his hair. Kevin spread her legs a bit more and lapped at her wetness, licking it all up. She moaned out louder and bucked into his mouth “Oh Kevin!”

He slowly slide his tongue canlı casino siteleri into her, tasting her walls. Claire moaned even louder and bucked a bit more at the feeling. Kevin lapped more and more, tasting every inch of her. She squirmed more and moaned, her climax built up till she couldn’t hand it. She came hard, overflowing into his mouth. He moved up to her mouth and kissed her deeply, she moaned and kissed him back. She tasted herself in his mouth. Claire moved her hands to his boxers and tugged at them. He moved up so she could take them off of him, she did so slowly, watching his massive erection come into view. She was amazed at his size of nine and a half inches, as squirmed at the thought of it in her. He smiled to her and spread her legs again “Are you ready?”

Claire just nodded and looked into his eyes “I’ve wanted you to take it for so long… I’m glad you finally can…” She smiled.

“I’m glad you want and are letting me… I’m honored…” He smiled back to her and kissed her again. He rubbed the head of his dick against her entrance, he was as hard as he could possibly be as he rubbed her pink, shaved pussy. Claire moaned out and got wetter in anticipation. He finally slid in slowly, an inch at a time, once he reach the barrier, he pushed a little harder. The barrier broke and she bled a bit, Claire winced and whimpered in pain. Kevin slowly moved in rhythm into her, the pain inside her started to fade as the pleasure started to flow into her, killing the pain all together. Claire wrapped her arms around him and held on tightly as he thrusted more and more into her, reaching as deep as he could. “Claire… you are…so….tight…ah…”

“Kevin…Kevin…oh god…Kevin…” She moaned out as she tightened around his member. Kevin moaned out as well and thrusted more into her, his tension building to it’s max. Claire let another orgasm go as he moved deep inside her. He closed his eyes as he tensed more to his climax.

“I’m gonna cum Claire… Oh god… I’m gonna…” He thrusted more into her, his thrusts getting more power to them. Claire tightened around him again and her climax started back up quickly.

“Together….please…together…” She moaned out loudly as she bucked into him. Her limit being pushed to the edge. Kevin’s was almost broken as he thrusted more into her in his strong motion. Claire came hard once more and Kevin followed after, filling her with his hot load, it overflowed her and dripped out. He laid on her and panted, Claire was recovering, breathing heavily. Claire petted Kevin’s head softly and smiled “That was amazing Kevin…”

“It was… It was indeed Claire…” He smiled back to her, he moved back up and kissed her. Then laying back on her, he closed his eyes and relaxed, slowly drifting off. Claire just smiled more and petted him softly.

She finally got her dream to come true, and it was all it was meant to be and more. She held him close to her as she drifted as well. Her dreams letting her think to the future with Kevin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32