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OK folks, this was written for a special pervert friend. The problem is its almost not reposting to Literotica as almost no one bothers to vote and comment. Authors are motivated by comments & good ratings. Motivate me!

I’ve got some great ideas for a sequel. Do my readers want that?

My recently new girlfriend Marie & I decided for the Fourth this year we’d stay in, swim, barbecue, and ignore everyone else.

Marie and I for together about 6 weeks ago. Very short platinum bob spiky hair caught my attention, but her pert D cups and spankable ass made me fall in lust.

We met at the park while we were both getting in open air workouts. We laughed over some squirrels fucking and wound up grabbing an after workout Starbucks.

She drank the most obscene coffee beverage I’d ever seen. An iced eight shot espresso. It explained why she was wearing a weight vest

that morning!

We had been having sex for about three weeks at this point. You know,where the relationship was new, and there’s lots of missionary & lights off. The night before we’d sixtynined for the first time, and her trimmed pussy tasted like heaven to me.

She gave a daily sedate blowjob, nothing fancy, but we’d had a good,satisfying time together. I was still looking forward to getting wilder in the coming days

Anyway, Marie had just pulled her lithe, tanned self from my pool(which is the main reason I bought this shit box fixer upper). There’s something incredibly erotic about watching a beautiful woman pull herself out of a pool.

She stood before me, water sheeting off her in her electric blue bikini. The coconut oil we’d slathered on left the water rolling off and leaving an oily sheen. I was transfixed.

She looked at me and gave a wicked smile. She then began to dance erotically to the music we’d been mostly ignoring. “Porn Star Dancing” was on, and it seemed highly appropriate.

I’d never seen anyone move like that outside a strip club. My cock rose like the Independence Day flag in my board shorts.

All of a sudden, her bikini tip flew off to land at my feet. I don’t know if she snapped it off at me, or her thrusting tits exploded out, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but I was drooling at her magnificent pair.

She grabbed the coconut oil, and began to grease her abundant tit flesh. I stumble/fell to a pool lounger, unable to stand as my cock took over my blood supply.

She began to speak softly over the music. “Baby, the nightly grope has been nice, but I need…more. I need that hard meat of yours in my

back yard.”

I gulped, and damn near messed my board shorts. If never seen anything that erotic in my life – and anal! I loved anal from afar for years. I’d watched porn, read the porn mags, and even tried to finger my own knot once. But never had my meat split the cheeks.

Marie came closer & slunk onto the lounger with me, and we began to kiss & bite. It was the hottest kiss I’d ever had, and the best thing

that ever happened to me clothed.

We stood up and shucked our pool wear. Marie grabbed the coconut oil and began to oil what had formerly been covered, namely my ass.

I did the same for her. I then laid her down on the lounger, eager to eat that sweet pussy. I gaped for a moment – the previous night’s

curls were gone!

“Like it baby?” She spoke with heavily lidded eyes. “I needed a trim anyway for this suit, but with way you love going downtown, I figured

you’d enjoy the easy access.”

I nodded my head numbly, unable to speak to this vision of lust before me. I dropped to my knees on a convenient towel and ate the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen.

She was well juiced, and had the perfect dusky lips & a deep pink crease. I dug in, and enjoyed myself. I pulled out all the tricks I hadn’t used yet. I hummed, I fingered her, I traced the alphabet on her swollen clit.

She went from pulling my ears further in to pushing me away after her third or fourth screaming orgasm. She looked flushed, and said “Stop baby! Too sensitive! Damn you’re quite the cooze hound for my shaved goodies, aren’t you?” She just grinned and shook her beautiful head.

She stood up & pushed me down, and gave me voracious head, gently tonguing under the head while sucking hard. After güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about 5 minutes of

me trying not to cream her mouth, she pulled off me with a pop.

“That’s enough of that, baby. I just want you hard enough to plunge my ass.” She purred.

She stuck out her hand and I lifted off the lounge. She lay down doggie, and I was dumbstruck again by the perfection of that ass. “You gonna fuck it, or gawk at it?” she asked good naturedly.

Instead I went with option three. I couched behind are, and plunged my tongue into her crinkled perfection. She shrieked in surprise, and

then began to purr like a very happy kitty. “Yes, baby. You’re my dirty boy, aren’t you? Eat my ass baby. You’re going to make me never leave if you keep doing that for me!”

I began to gently finger her pussy at the same time, pinching that fat clitoris. It drove her swiftly over the cliff. She stretched out like

a cat, face down, ass up in erotic splendor.

I lubed my fingers with the coconut oil, and gently inserted two fingers into her gently grasping rectum. As she pushed back into me, I

squirmed in a third digit, and she cooed appreciatively.

I applied some coconut oil to my straining cock, and knelt behind her. I grasped her hip with one hand, and my hard meat with the other. I thrust forward gently, and her ass bloomed open like a flower, accepting me into her well lubed passage.

It was like being in a velvet vise. It was crushing hard, and I pulled back for my first stroke. I thrust back into heaven.

I pumped her rump lovingly, until she begged me to slam it hard. I rose up above her, grabbed her hips, and drove it home. She began to yowl like a cat on the back fence, until she came with a shuddering groan, spraying pussy juice under her.

She pulled forward, pulling my still hard rod out. I was simply unable to cum in her tightly crushing bum.

She stood an chuckled. “Baby, you and me are going to be doing that LOTS more. But right now, lay down on that lounge for me.”

I did as she bade me, and she pulled my legs, tilting my pelvis up. She began to lave my my freshly fucked cockhead. güvenilir bahis şirketleri The only thought in

my lust befuddled brain was “Fuck, ATM too? Is it too soon to


I felt a finger approaching my tight exit. She began to stroke it with a lotion covered finger. She raised her eyebrows, let my cock slip

from her ruby lips and asked simply, “Do you trust me?”

Unable to speak from the erotic tableau in front of me, I simply nodded. She vacuumed in my raging knob, and lovingly tongued under the head. At the same time, her well manicured finger slid to its base in my virgin hole.

I surged upwards, and would have choked her had she not anticipated my buck up. It felt amazing. My own exploration was nothing compared to this. I just sunk back, and relaxed into my feelings concentrating on nothing but bliss.

A few minutes later, the finger was withdrawn. A moment later, something clearly larger was knocking at my door. “Relax for me baby. I know you’re gonna love this.”

I felt something larger slide into my well greased chute, and almost came as it glided gently over my prostate.

She looked at me with a lusty grin, “Ok?” I nodded my assent, and she began to tongue my precum dripping cockhead.

She then raised her mouth off me. “Hold my head, baby. Fuck my mouth like my ass, and use me!”

I reluctantly held her head lightly. She bobbed a few times, and rose off again. “Baby, I’m serious. I can’t suck you deep as I want. Force my head down on it”

I grabbed her head again, and she began to bob. I guided her head, afraid to force her down & gag her.

She withdrew whatever was in my ass, and pushed it back hard. In shock, I forced her down deep by reflex. She gargled on my cock, and began to fuck me deep and hard in my ass.

After what I was told was a few seconds, but felt like an eternity in heaven, my tortured balls released their creamy goodness, directly

into my blessed lady’s spasming throat.

After cumming, I released my lusty gal’s head, and she withdrew they toy from my ass. Toy was right. It was a pool missle my nephew dived for. It was a lurid pink, with black tiger stripes, about 7 inches long & and inch and a half wide.

I still felt my ass gape open. I leaned over, and gave Marie a deep tongue kiss, tasting the bitter remnants of my own cream in her mouth.

After I just looked at her, covered in sweat & lube, and grinned.

“When’s round two?” I asked with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32